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By Jay S

Learn about everything in the DIY community from giant robots to circuits to programming.
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V1.1 Thruster Duster

DIY JAYNKY to the MAXApr 13, 2020

E23 Jehu Garcia

E23 Jehu Garcia

Our conversation with Jehu Garcia. A truly inspirational self-taught DIYer who went from zero to performing an EV conversion and battery expert. Watch all his videos on his YouTube channel Jehugarcia.

Jul 11, 202001:05:30
E22 Statuesque Cyberdesk

E22 Statuesque Cyberdesk

Hear Sam's story on how he transformed a discord server into a cyber security company. 

Jul 05, 202046:44
V3.3 Game Dev DIYer

V3.3 Game Dev DIYer

On this episode we hear from a creator who is building and releasing his own game on steam.

-music by Scott Holmes

Jun 27, 202047:21
V3.2 Walking Robots

V3.2 Walking Robots

In this episode we talk to a panel of experts who a building walking robots to learn more about the fascinating world of bipedal bots.

Jun 23, 202047:50
V3.? Adapt, Survive, Overcome
Jun 13, 202047:03
V2.4 Automation Station
Jun 09, 202052:05
V2.3 Ecommerce Entrepreneur
May 30, 202039:50
May 23, 202036:36
V2.2 Mighty Megabots
May 17, 202056:37
V2.1 Printer Primer
May 11, 202038:43
V1.4 Dynamite Sattelite
May 02, 202043:28
V1.3 Substantial Financials
Apr 25, 202031:49
V1.2 Weather Wonderings
Apr 22, 202039:57
V1.1 Thruster Duster
Apr 13, 202043:29
V0.9 Story Time with Madbodger
Mar 31, 202041:10
V0.8 Starting Artist
Mar 16, 202038:20
V0.7 Happy Hammies
Mar 11, 202036:58
V0.6 Mech Maniac
Mar 01, 202001:02:51
V0.5 Neural Nuances
Feb 24, 202039:10
V0.4 Pool Party
Feb 24, 202046:27
V0.3 Tube Tenacity
Feb 09, 202030:14
V0.2 Solar Controller
Feb 02, 202040:51
V0.1 8 Bit Baron
Jan 27, 202033:29