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I'm a film director and this podcast is my way of socialising.

I'm a film director and this podcast is my way of socialising.

By Juliane Block

I'm a film director. I love what I do. I love emotions. I struggle. I fail. I succeed. I love all of it, specifically all the people intersecting with my journey. After doing a few first episodes on my own, I thought it's much more engaging to remember the memorable moments with them together.

PS: I'm also a mom, a tattoo lover, a challenge seeker and I live in Germany... if you must know.
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Actor Kevin Leslie - interview

I'm a film director and this podcast is my way of socialising.Feb 27, 2021

Filmmaker Darcy Weir - interview
May 28, 202122:02
Storyboard artist Graham Wyn Jones - interview

Storyboard artist Graham Wyn Jones - interview

Today I’m talking to Graham Wyn Jones, a storyboard artist who has done huge blockbuster films, but also small, independent type of films, where he worked with only a small team. Listen to how he got into the industry and the joys of being a storyboard artist:

0:00 Graham Wyn Jones 0:52 The journey from merchant seaman to storyboard artist 6:44 Working on Hollywood blockbuster movies & the time it takes to get there 9:49 The storyboarding workflow 11:35 The skillset of a good storyboard artist 15:16 Different languages on set 16:42 Concept artist, storyboard artist, digital or pencil & paper

Connect with Graham:

About Graham:

"Drawing storyboards is a richly rewarding experience for me. I visualise the written word from the script into cinematic storyboards. It is above all a communication tool of the Director`s vision for the production in terms of realising the narrative, composition/framing, lenses, lighting, stunts and vfx requirements. The drawings freeze lines, shapes light and visualises what the script can't describe in words."

GRAHAM WYN JONES B.A. (HONS) is an award-winning free-lance storyboard artist with 23 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked the full spectrum of the media, from major Hollywood studios such as Marvel & Disney, to low-budget independent films, high-end TV drama, commercials, games, music, corporate, documentaries and 4D animation. Graham has been invited to teach Art & Design, illustration, MA Media studies across the UK in his downtime.

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