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Jedi Temple Archives Podcast

By Jedi Temple Archives Podcast

Join us as we delve into the Jedi Temple Archive and uncover incredible details about the planets, characters, and histories that make up the Star Wars universe. Listeners are encouraged to submit their own questions that will drive topics for future episodes as we uncover the deeper mysteries of the Force. We will also be scanning the HoloNet to bring you all the latest news.
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Episode XIX - Star Wars News from San Diego Comic Con and Rise of Skywalker Speculation

Jedi Temple Archives PodcastJul 24, 2019

Episode LXXVIII - Mount Tantiss

Episode LXXVIII - Mount Tantiss

Mount Tantiss...the Emperor's storehouse for his most prized possessions and the Imperial base for his most clandestine projects. Join Rob, Ro Gazga from the Scarif Scuttlebutt Podcast, and Pat from the ConverSWations podcast, as they dive into why this is such an important location to resurrect from the Expanded Universe...

Apr 12, 202359:11
Episode LXXVII - Mandalorians, Death Watch, and the Darksaber

Episode LXXVII - Mandalorians, Death Watch, and the Darksaber

Rob is joined by Charles and Pat from ConverSWations to dive into the ties that bind the Mandalorians and Death Watch to the Darksaber. Tune in to get all the backstory you'll need to fully enjoy the upcoming season of The Mandalorian!

Feb 02, 202344:07
Episode LXXVI - Saw Gerrera

Episode LXXVI - Saw Gerrera

With the impending release of Andor, we would be remiss in not taking a good look at the man who was arguably the father of the Rebel Alliance, Saw Gerrera. If you only know Saw from Rogue don't know him at all. Join us as we look at the character arc of a man who endured enormous personal loss to help free a Galaxy.

Sep 07, 202254:31
Episode LXXV - Kenobi Review - Part 2 - Return of the Chuckleheads

Episode LXXV - Kenobi Review - Part 2 - Return of the Chuckleheads

Rob is once again joined by Pat and Charles, from the ConverSWations Podcast, to break down their thoughts on Kenobi. Much like Episode 6 of this Disney+ series, we leave no stone unturned...or Force Levitated.

Jul 20, 202201:22:50
Episode LXXIV - Kenobi Review - Part 1 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugnaughty

Episode LXXIV - Kenobi Review - Part 1 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugnaughty

Tune in to part one of an epic converSWation between Rob and Pat and Charles, hosts of the ConverSWations podcast. We break down our thoughts and insights into the long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+.

Jul 11, 202201:21:02
Episode LXXIII - Jedi Master Quinlan Vos

Episode LXXIII - Jedi Master Quinlan Vos

Jedi Master, follower of The Path, and savior of #Grogu? Tune in this week to hear Rob and Charles from @swations podcast break down the backstory of this "throw-away" reference from #Kenobi Episode 3 and decide for yourself if this character will play a much larger role in the overall story of both this series and #Mandalorian Season 3!

Jun 08, 202258:08
Episode LXXII - Cal Kestis

Episode LXXII - Cal Kestis

On the 45th anniversary of the release of #StarWars, we dive into the lead character of the 2019 Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis. Jedi Padawan, Survivor of the Jedi Purge...and a possible surprise appearance in Kenobi or Mandalorian Season 3? Rob is joined by Ro, from the Scarif Podcast to break it all down.

May 26, 202247:52
Episode LXXI - Jedi Master Plo Koon

Episode LXXI - Jedi Master Plo Koon

Of all the Jedi Masters, Plo Koon distinguished himself through his wisdom, combat prowess, and skill in piloting starships. These qualities earned Master Plo a seat on the Jedi Council, as well as the respect of his Order. However, it was his compassion and caring for his troops that earned him their loyalty and set him above his peers as a crowning example of what a Jedi should be. Join Rob, with his special guests Pat and Charles, from the ConverSWations Podcast, as they explore this amazing character!

Feb 27, 202259:00
Episode LXX - Book of Boba Fett - Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Episode LXX - Book of Boba Fett - Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Join Rob and Tom as they break down episodes 3 & 4 of The Book of Boba Fett.

Feb 15, 202247:45
Episode LXIX - Book of Boba Fett - Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Episode LXIX - Book of Boba Fett - Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Tom is back in the co-pilot seat and all is right in the Universe as he and Rob break down and discuss the first two episodes of Book of Boba Fett. Join us and see what our thoughts were on these first two episodes and find out what deep cuts and Easter eggs we found in this new series!

Jan 07, 202201:17:20
Episode LXVIII - The Book of Boba Fett Preview with ConverSWations

Episode LXVIII - The Book of Boba Fett Preview with ConverSWations

Rob teams up with Pat and Charles from ConverSWations podcast to give a preview of what is to come with the upcoming Book of Boba Fett series on Disney+. Check it out and see what is revealed that you may not have known about from the pieces carved from the Original Trilogy and find out what characters the guys want to see show up in this new series!

Dec 27, 202136:48
Episode LXVII - Scarif
Aug 03, 202140:59
Episode LXVI - Order 66
Jul 15, 202145:08
Episode LXV - Return of the JTA - Rogue One
May 04, 202158:49
Episode LXIV - Star Wars Holiday Special Revisited with Gordon Smuder
Dec 25, 202051:21
Episode LXIII - Mandalorian S2 - Cloning, Dark Troopers, and Ahsoka Tano
Dec 04, 202001:27:19
Episode LXII - Mandalorian S2 Deep Dive on Chapters 9 Thru 11 and Skywalker Legacy Saber Review
Nov 19, 202001:26:23
Episode LXI - The Millennium Falcon
Oct 19, 202045:17
Episode LX - Sabine Wren - Spectre 5 and Mandalorian S2 Speculation
Oct 06, 202054:02
Episode LIX - CC-2224 - Commander Cody and our Mandalorian S2 Trailer Review
Sep 17, 202001:03:07
Episode LVIII - Jedi Master Kit Fisto
Sep 03, 202036:37
Episode LVII - General Grievous and our ScarifCon 2020 Review
Aug 06, 202031:00
Episode LVI - Apprenticing Ahsoka to Anakin: Yoda's Greatest Failure...and Success
Jul 09, 202050:39
Episode LV - The Battle Beyond the Stars - Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica
Jun 25, 202040:05
Episode LIV - Yoda's Failure of the Jedi and Redemption in Empire Strikes Back
Jun 09, 202054:57
Episode LIII - Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary - The Star Wars Sequel that Almost Wasn't
May 28, 202001:21:38
Episode LII - Clone Wars Season 7 Wrap-up - Ahsoka's Victory in Defeat
May 13, 202056:50
Episode LI: Twilight of the Jedi: Order 66 and the Clone Wars Finale
Apr 29, 202001:21:33
Episode L - Bo Katan Kryze and the Nite Owls: Prelude to the Siege of Mandalore
Apr 16, 202043:43
Episode XLIX - The Pyke Syndicate: Star Wars Spicelords
Apr 02, 202038:20
Episode XLVIII - The Clone Wars - Season 7 - The Bad Batch Story Arc Review
Mar 26, 202001:04:46
Episode XLVII - The Knights of Ren - With Special Guest Todd Hoffman from WSTR Media
Mar 18, 202001:08:16
Episode XLVI - Maul - Part I (The Clone Wars Era)
Mar 11, 202050:53
Episode XLV - Temples of the Jedi - With Special Guest Lecturer Dr. Sunny Ravencourt
Mar 03, 202001:01:20
Episode XLIV - Clone Wars: Season 7 - The Final Season Preview Show
Feb 19, 202047:57
Episode XLIII - Fan Service, the Other 4-Letter Word - Part II of our Mega Crossover Episode with Scarif Podcast
Feb 11, 202001:18:30
Episode XLII - The Mandalorian: Season 1 Review with ConverSWations
Feb 05, 202001:46:18
Episode XLI - This is the Way...Becoming a Mando with the Mandalorian Mercs and Tra'cor Clan
Jan 27, 202047:50
Episode XL - Interview with ILM Senior Artist Yoshi Vu - The Making of The Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker
Jan 22, 202001:01:13
Episode XXXIX - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Savi's Workshop, and The Droid Depot Reviews
Jan 16, 202002:22:47
Episode XXXVIII - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance - Full Details and Review
Jan 08, 202001:25:59
Episode XXXVII - Celebrating a Star Wars Christmas: The 'Christmas In The Stars' Album
Dec 24, 201944:43
Episode XXXVI - The 'Not So Special' Star Wars Holiday Special and our Jedi: Fallen Order / Vader Immortal Reviews
Dec 10, 201952:18
Episode XXXV - Why You NEED to Watch Star Wars: Rebels...
Nov 26, 201954:01
Episode XXXIV - Dominic Pace - Bounty Hunter - The Mandalorian
Nov 12, 201941:36
Episode XXXIII - The 501st Legion - Bad Guys Doing Good

Episode XXXIII - The 501st Legion - Bad Guys Doing Good

This week we cross into enemy territory as we host special guest Todd Hoffman from WSTRmedia: Galactic Public Access ( and talk about the 501st Legion ( known as Vader's Fist.

This Star Wars fan organization, founded back in 1997 by Albin Johnson, has long been known for two things: their high standards for screen-accurate uniforms and their unflagging work on behalf of the charities that they donate their time and efforts to.

Join us as we learn all about what the 501st is all about and how YOU can engage them...either as a fan with an interest in joining the Legion or someone wanting to engage their services. This will be a day long remembered...

Special thanks to Todd for offering his time and expertise for this episode. Please check out his podcast and all the awesome content they have for your listening enjoyment!

We are also grateful for our sponsor, Lucas Family Travel ( and our Patreon supporters, namely Tony O. of the Disney Discussion Podcast!

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Nov 06, 201901:01:23
Episode XXXII - Why You NEED to Watch the Clone Wars...
Oct 30, 201944:57
Episode XXXI - The Rise of Skywalker - Final Trailer Breakdown!
Oct 23, 201901:00:46
Episode XXX - Our Top 5 Funniest Star Wars Moments
Oct 17, 201959:31
Episode XXIX - Madam Jocasta Nu - Chief Librarian of the Jedi Temple Archives
Oct 08, 201954:00