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Ask Me If I'm A Tree

Ask Me If I'm A Tree

By Jeff Butcher

Have you ever daydreamed? I do All the time, and maybe it's time we talked about living the dream!
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Episode 10 "talking about speaking?"

Ask Me If I'm A TreeOct 03, 2022

Episode 10 "talking about speaking?"
Oct 03, 202236:55
EP 9 "will the rhythm get you?"

EP 9 "will the rhythm get you?"

Give it up for this week's guest Skip Sams! From addiction to Canada and back, helping people find their space and preforming selves again.  We talk dream concerts and Shakespeare on the beach? Also, William hung is the guy from American Idle i couldn't remember!

Check out Skip at the links Below!

Sep 26, 202234:10
Episode 8

Episode 8

All the way from Greece and many points around the world!  Jeff and Austin talk everything from Olive oil to Doner Kababs!  Private jets and even a little planning to help earth make good use of the desert!  Best laid plans sometimes happen in Anime!


Austin has a compelling story of tech entrepreneurship, and a technical understanding of HR, Leadership, building a culture and other related fields. So he is good for many types of interview styles and can talk about varied topics.

The software he built is called Humanagement ( It’s purpose is to Help CEO's Managers, and HR have an easy and more enjoyable time managing employees.

2016 HR Exec At Halloween Theme Park

2017 Worked in HR and IT at Startup (5 Employee) Re Investment Company

2018 Promoted To Senior over HR IT Sales & Marketing

2019 Inc 500 company In US

2020 Inc 500 Company In US (2 years in a row)

2020 Started running a team to build custom software in company

2021 Inc 500 Company In US (3 years in a row)

2021 Started Building Humanagement In my Free Time (got 5 companies as early adopters)

2022 Left Corporate Job but stayed as a contractor building Custom Software for Old Employer

2022 Launched

2022 Became a "Digital Nomad". Living 6 months in Europe 1 country per month while launching software

Sep 21, 202234:07
Episode 7
Sep 19, 202231:20
Episode 6
Sep 12, 202233:02
Episode 5
Sep 12, 202232:05
Episode 4
Sep 08, 202234:36
Episode 2

Episode 2

Allyn Reid is this week's special guest to dare to dream!  Wait to you hear the jaw dropping revelation about WINSTON.  WOW!  Imagine a world where you could see how your soul is aligned and how it would benefit you!  Added bonus we might throw and underground cave rave!  Who knows!  Skies the limit...or the roof in an underground scenario, but you get the idea! Check her out! Connect at the links below her bio!

Bio: Currently:

Editor & Host, WooManity, a leadership development hub.

I'm on a mission to build soul literacy in humanity.

Passionate about books, beauty and impact. Possesses a curiosity about the origin of ideas, the motivations of people and sensibilities of cultures. Enjoys assisting others in reaching their full potential and being an amplifier to their missions. If you've got a rocket, I can create the foundation you can launch from and land on. Maintenance is not really my thing. Strategy, visioneering work and growing creatively is my sweet spot.

Past Lives:

First Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010.

Producer, Wishman, a movie about the life of the Make-A-Wish founder.

Founder, Secret Knock Conference, a Forbes Must-Attend event for Entrepreneurs.

Affectionately referred by friends as Dr. Fury. I collect friends with superpowers.

I can easily be found wherever there are great minds around.

Want to connect? Drop me a line using the "Email me" above or through one of the social networks below. I look forward to hearing from you!



Sep 06, 202232:57
Episode 3

Episode 3

Tyler Canning joins me for a party in Dubai.  Well, we get there eventually.  A boxer a motivational speaker and someone who wants to give back to the community.  It's like if Rocky was a real person.  A great guy with a great mission and a hell of a left hook!  Check out his website at the link below his BIO!

As a young kid, I struggled with my anger and my mindset. I remember the time of wanting more for my life. I remember when I was entitled and blamed everyone for my problems. Furthermore, I felt like I wasn’t able to achieve anything in school and everything that I did. Likewise, I wanted more. Not only that, but I was locked up in a boy's home for boys and spent my 16th birthday locked up. Furthermore, I remember my mother telling me as I was leaving in cuffs. Tyler, I will always pick your stepfather over you. That stuck with me for a long time. I was angry. Then I met my coach, Mike champion. He showed me how to believe in myself. He showed me how to think. Furthermore, he showed me how to let go of the past. I still remember the day I got out of my boy's school; I went straight to the gym. I went from no motivation to going to the national championships in one year. Then to winning a national golden gloves title. I even went on to fighting on HBO boxing on TV. I went from not being fulfilled in my life to coaching and teaching people all over the world. I’m showing people how to change their mindset and becoming high achieving versions of themselves. If my story has caught your attention. If you want to speak with me. I’m giving free complementary calls for my first sessions. Please feel free to send me a message, let’s chat!

Sep 06, 202236:30
Episode 1
Sep 06, 202234:11
Trailer...What you're in for!

Trailer...What you're in for!

Weekly episodes were we:  

It's an interview podcast with the focus on our Daydreams.

You bought a car and dream of suping it up.

You got your first headshots back and the sky is the limit!

You wrote a book and dream of the day it becomes a movie!

You started a podcast and knew you'd be the next Joe Rogan.

You wanted to start flipping houses and become a real estate mogul, pan for gold, buy a plane, you get the idea!

It will be an experience.

Let's begin the adventure!

Aug 26, 202200:25