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By Jeff Hansen

RunFulfilled seeks to engage in discussion with runners, joggers, walkers and anyone who has ever felt the pull of the roads and trails to move their bodies in order to discover their spirits and settle into a fulfilling existence. I'm not as interested in the achievements of runners but rather their motivations.
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Dan Grip- FKTs and KOMs

RunFulfilledJun 09, 2021

Dan Grip- FKTs and KOMs

Dan Grip- FKTs and KOMs

Dan Grip shares his experiences running through 2020 and into 2021, pushing himself on trails at a level that is hard to comprehend for the average runner. While most of his runs were solo, many were with a tightknit group of veteran trail runners. In exploring new and familiar routes, Dan set a number of FKTs (Fastest Known Times). He sets big goals for himself and he puts in the work and training that those goals require.

You can follow Dan's workouts and running adventures on Strava:

Also of interest is the the site that tracks and catalogs the FKTs that are set by incredible athletes from around the world. Along with some of the biggest names in the world of ultra-running are a number of local runners. You can check out there performances here. The listings are based on the number of FKTs set and Dan's name appears on the 3rd page of 294. In short, his achievements are impressive!

Info on the WMAC's Grand Tree racing series where Dan cut his teeth can be found here.

Jun 09, 202125:42
Chase Fuller- Time to Fly

Chase Fuller- Time to Fly

Chase Fuller, perhaps the only person alive who discovered their love of running whilst going through basic training as a U.S. Marine, discusses his evolution as a runner and his ultimate landing as an Associate Manager for the extremely popular shoe brand HOKA ONE ONE.

As we talked about the future of running and the effects of the pandemic, quarantine and a year plus of social unrest, Chase states that he sees inclusivity as one of the most important areas that is, hopefully, being addressed within the running industry.

He also describes what he sees as a movement towards unnecessary profiteering within the world of racing as directors seek to reap the monetary rewards from the massive influx of new runners and race starved veterans eager to don their flats again.

Its an interview that left me with a lot to think about!

You can follow Chase and his running exploits on Strava:

For great information on Hoka One One and their innovative shoes, look here.

A great article on the drive to increase inclusivity in the world of trail running was published in Outside magazine last July and can be found here.

May 19, 202130:19
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RunFulfilled Trailer

RunFulfilled Trailer

Ever wonder what drives people to run? Maybe your spouse, co-worker, or your best friend has started running and just won't stop talking about it. Maybe you're already a runner and want to know a little bit more about your competition.

RunFulfilled aims to dig into the psyche of the average to the elite runner to find out what drives them...what internal voices push them out the door into adverse conditions to pound the pavement or trek through the woods. Are they running FROM something....or towards something? Probably both. Whatever it is its probably something we could all relate to and with a little, introspection, perhaps we can grow by listening to their stories.

It doesn't matter what your running accomplishments are on RunFulfilled. What matters is your motivation. What about the sport of running makes you feel fulfilled as a human being?

Dec 08, 202001:51