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Acephale: Horror Fiction

Acephale: Horror Fiction

By Jeffrey Walker

Stories of cosmic and existential horror. Written and performed by Jeffrey Walker.


Instagram: @acephalehorrorfiction

Twitter: @jeffwalkersdead


Cover art by Alex McGrath @fractaltaco
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Degradation Trip

Acephale: Horror FictionOct 26, 2022

Degradation Trip
Oct 26, 202241:37
Sep 24, 202235:10
It's Going to Get Worse
Aug 22, 202236:50
The Human Obscene
Jul 22, 202236:10
The Infernal Enigma
Jun 16, 202239:54
May 23, 202246:14
The Drawbridge Delusion
Apr 17, 202237:24
Demon in a Deerskin Hat
Mar 15, 202256:47
By the Throat
Jan 13, 202252:09
Everything Ends
Dec 04, 202139:06
The Unspeakable Feast
Oct 31, 202138:29
Sep 06, 202144:23
The Silent Wall
Aug 01, 202146:13
And Hell Followed With Him
Jun 24, 202136:13
May 27, 202155:58
Lunar Parallax
Apr 22, 202134:32
Stendhal Syndrome
Mar 16, 202138:29
Come and See
Jan 30, 202136:43


Solace is a cosmic horror audiobook available on Patreon. To get full access, go to

Nathan Merchant was having a normal day, ice fishing in the Wisconsin town of his alma mater. When he failed to return home, it was assumed that he had fallen through the ice and drowned. A year and a half later, though, when he wakes up in a park in Massachusetts, an uncanny mystery begins to unfold. Abel Kaufman, a burned out journalist, is sent to investigate. But his research soon takes him to a landscape of existential terror.

Dec 23, 202032:25
Dec 08, 202030:10
Temple of Teeth
Oct 30, 202034:52
On the Floor of the Ocean of Death
Oct 23, 202036:22
Sep 25, 202035:09
The Face of Another
Sep 06, 202031:08
Straw Dogs
Jul 24, 202034:41
The Echo House
Jun 30, 202038:41
Jun 04, 202034:39
The Edge of the World
May 14, 202034:00
Apr 16, 202033:12
The Devil's Reflection
Mar 14, 202039:07
Transmission Obscura
Feb 22, 202038:13
The Bungalow
Jan 14, 202031:04
The Rust Cycle Tetralogy

The Rust Cycle Tetralogy

A man searches for answers in an obscure book as he begins to lose touch with reality. (Re-recorded in 2022)

Dec 03, 201935:48