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The Open Bedroom Podcast

The Open Bedroom Podcast

By Jennifer Kaylo

The Open Bedroom Podcast is hosted by Jennifer Kaylo. A Dog Mom. Human Boy Mom. Life partner to Scott. Multi-million dollar revenue generator. Podcast host. Certified sex and relationship coach specializing in helping couples open their relationships, conscious uncoupling, and online dating in open relationships. Common themes include open relationships, swinging, polyamory, online dating and Tinder, and sex.
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#45: Tinder: Training Human Disposability with Scott Fisher

The Open Bedroom PodcastMay 30, 2022

EP#112: What It's Like Having an FMF Threesome

EP#112: What It's Like Having an FMF Threesome

This week I'm talking (in graphic detail) about what it's like to have an FMF threesome.

Warning: This is an episode for adults.

  1. The FMF Dynamic: In my open relationship, I've found the FMF dynamic (female-male-female) to be a fascinating exploration of intimacy. It's a dance of energy, attention, and touch, where everyone feels included and cherished.

  2. The Importance of Consent and Communication: Open relationships thrive on clear communication and consent. It's crucial to be mindful of each other's comfort levels and to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  3. The Joy of Sharing: I've discovered that sharing my partner with others is not just exciting, but also a way to explore different angles and experiences that may not be possible in a one-on-one setting.

  4. The Aftercare Experience: After an intimate encounter, the importance of aftercare cannot be overstated. It's a heavenly experience that involves snuggling, cuddling, and discussing future encounters to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

  5. Coaching: If you're experiencing any challenges in your open relationship, I'm here to help. My coaching sessions are affordable and designed to help you navigate the complexities of open relationships.

Remember, the goal of open relationships is to bring partners closer together, not drive them apart. With guidance, they can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and sexually satisfying.

Link to mirror mentioned:

Coaching with Jen:

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Dec 03, 202326:10
EP#111: Redefining Separation: A Journey of Conscious Uncoupling

EP#111: Redefining Separation: A Journey of Conscious Uncoupling

This is a podcast episode that I recorded recently with Rachel Maine on her podcast Owning Your Sexual Self.

Conscious Uncoupling is a journey of self-discovery, self-preservation, and setting boundaries.

It's about recognizing the expiration date of a relationship and navigating the aftermath in a way that prioritizes your well-being.

It's a reminder that the end of a relationship can be the start of a new chapter, and that love can take many forms.

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Nov 27, 202334:01
EP#110: Jen Turns 40!

EP#110: Jen Turns 40!

This week I get you all to myself... YUM!

I'm getting raw about my most profound lessons, ideas, and curiosities that have shaped my journey as I turn 40. I hope these nuggets of wisdom will spark your curiosity and inspire you to join me on my podcast.

  1. The Power of Self-Discovery: My 20s were a whirlwind of self-discovery, from figuring out who I was to navigating marriage, motherhood, and a career. But it was the courage to leave an unfulfilling marriage that truly marked my journey towards self-realization.

  2. Embracing Entrepreneurship: My 30s were transformative. I ventured into entrepreneurship, starting my own business, Growth Spurt Sales and Marketing. I made over $3 million dollars. My ultimate goal? To empower mothers to leave their cubicles, work from home, and enjoy the freedom to spend quality time with their children.

  3. The Joy of Flexibility: My business has allowed me to work from various locations around the world, from Hawaii to Ireland. The joy of not having to wake up to an alarm clock is priceless. And yes, I do schedule massages on Monday mornings to celebrate my achievements!

  4. The Importance of Self-Care: As an entrepreneur, I've learned that self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity. It's during these moments of relaxation that I generate my best business ideas.

  5. Navigating Relationships: My journey through my 30s also involved navigating the complexities of relationships. From realizing the need for sexual exploration in my marriage to embracing the fluidity of relationships, it's been a rollercoaster ride.

  6. The Value of Authenticity: As I step into my 40s, I've learned the importance of being true to oneself. By simply being myself, I attract clients who want to work with me and individuals who want to be my friend.

  7. Embracing Change: As I look towards the future, I'm ready to embrace the changes that come with my children growing up and the challenges of becoming an empty nester.

I hope these insights have piqued your interest. If you'd like to hear more about my journey and the lessons I've learned along the way, I invite you to tune into the Open Bedroom podcast. Don't forget to subscribe, write a review, and share it with your friends. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Growth Spurt Sales and Marketing

Bricks and Clicks Podcast

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Nov 19, 202336:32
EP#109: Adults-Only Resorts: A Candid Chat with Justin Skaggs

EP#109: Adults-Only Resorts: A Candid Chat with Justin Skaggs

Ever wondered what it’s like at an adults-only resort?

I’m talking with Justin Skaggs, the leader of my Ethical Non-Monogamy group, On The Border, and he’s spilling the beans.

  1. A Peek into Hedonism Resort: Justin shared his recent experience at Hedonism resort during "bi week". This isn't your typical resort getaway. It's a place where people from all walks of life, including bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian, and straight individuals, come together to engage in a variety of activities, from motor bunny testing to BDSM classes.

  2. Nudity, Consent, and Comfort: Contrary to popular belief, adults-only resorts aren't just about nudity. Yes, there are areas where nudity is allowed, but there are also 'prude' sections where clothing is required. The key takeaway? Consent is crucial and everyone can choose their comfort level.

  3. A Home Away from Home: Many guests refer to the resort as "home" because it provides a sense of acceptance and allows them to be their authentic selves. It's a place where deep connections and friendships are formed, and where physical appearances take a backseat to meaningful conversations.

  4. The Significance of 'Bi Week': Justin emphasized that "bi week" was even more accepting and inclusive than regular weeks at the resort. It provided a safe and celebratory environment for bisexual men, a group that often lacks spaces to be themselves.

  5. Creating Safe Spaces: We discussed the importance of creating safe and accepting spaces for bisexual men and the challenges they face in being open about their sexuality. We also touched on the role women can play in encouraging acceptance of bisexual men.

  6. Upcoming Events: If you're intrigued by our conversation, you might want to check out the upcoming Miss No Swimsuit competition at Hedonism resort. More details can be found on Tom's Trips.

I want to thank Justin for his openness and for sharing his experiences. If you're curious to learn more, I encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode.

Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring

Tom's Trips


OTB's FB Group

Nov 12, 202337:03
EP#108: What is Swinging?
Nov 05, 202315:17
EP#107: Postpartum Intimacy: How to Reconnect with Coach Brianna Carey

EP#107: Postpartum Intimacy: How to Reconnect with Coach Brianna Carey

I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into a topic that's often left unspoken - postpartum intimacy and relationship dynamics. Our guest, Brianna Carey, owner of Intimacy Evolution, shares her personal journey and professional insights on this matter.

The Postpartum Intimacy Challenge: After childbirth, many women struggle to reconnect with their bodies and sexuality. Brianna story is a testament to this, as she experienced physical pain and emotional guilt when trying to resume her intimate life.

The Healing Journey: Brianna discovered she had scar tissue and vaginismus, leading to her pain. She embarked on a healing journey, using pelvic floor therapy and vibration therapy to reprogram her body to associate pleasure instead of pain.

The Power of Patience: Brianna emphasizes the importance of taking things slow, removing pressure, and focusing on pleasure rather than penetrative sex. She also highlights the impact of breastfeeding on arousal and lubrication, suggesting scheduling intimate moments and gradually building up desire.

The Role of Pelvic Floor Therapy: Pelvic floor therapists specialize in addressing issues related to the pelvic floor, such as painful sex or complications after surgeries. Brianna dispels the misconception that incontinence is always caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, noting that tightness can also be a factor.

Support for Postpartum Dads: The first year after childbirth is often the toughest on a relationship. Brianna and her partner, Mark, aim to help couples repair their relationship quickly by creating a strong foundation of communication. They emphasize the importance of offering support and community for both men and women.

I hope these insights spark your curiosity and encourage you to listen to the full episode. Brianna's story is a testament to the power of resilience, self-discovery, and open communication.

Remember, it's okay to take your time, to seek help, and to communicate openly with your partner. You're not alone in this journey.

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Oct 30, 202340:16
EP#106: What is Polyamory?

EP#106: What is Polyamory?

This week is a solo episode, where I discuss “What is Polyamory?”.

Polyamory Defined: Polyamory as a heart-centered approach to relationships, where the focus is on building deep, meaningful connections with multiple partners. It's not just about sex; it's about love, connection, and emotional intimacy.

Polyamory vs. Swinging: I explore the difference between polyamory and swinging. While the former prioritizes emotional and intellectual connections, the latter is more about transactional sex with less emphasis on personal connections.

Types of Polyamory: There are various forms of polyamory, including poly fidelity, solo poly, hierarchical polyamory, non-hierarchical polyamory, throuples, and kitchen table polyamory. Each type offers a unique dynamic, catering to different needs and preferences.

Parallel Polyamory: I introduce the concept of parallel polyamory, where multiple relationships operate independently, allowing for distinct relationships to coexist without merging.

My Personal Journey: I share my personal journey with polyamory. My partner, Scott, and I are in a hierarchical throuple and practice kitchen table polyamory. My story is a testament to the fact that polyamory can be a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle when navigated with respect, honesty, and open communication.

Free Guides: I offer two free guides - one on how to open up a relationship and another on the different types of polyamory. These resources are invaluable for anyone considering an open relationship.

The world of polyamory is as diverse as it is beautiful. It's all about understanding what kind of open relationship you want and having open, honest conversations with your partners.

Explore the world of polyamory with an open mind. You never know, you might discover something new about yourself and your relationships.

FREE Opening Your Relationship Guide

FREE Type of Polyamory Guide

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Oct 23, 202319:04
EP#105: TikTok’s The Bratty Cat Shares His Story on Polyamory & Kink

EP#105: TikTok’s The Bratty Cat Shares His Story on Polyamory & Kink

I had the pleasure of hosting Kevin, also known as The Bratty Cat on TikTok. Kevin is not just an amazing human and one of my favorite TikTokers, but also a member of the kink community, non-monogamous, has 4 partners, and 4 cats.

We covered so many subjects, I’m going to add them below along with clickable timestamps:

The journey in the kink and polyamorous communities [00:01:16] Kevin discusses his experiences in the kink and polyamorous communities, including his transition from swinging to polyamory and his interest in BDSM.

The concept of a masochistic bratty submissive [00:04:35] Kevin explains the three components of being a masochistic bratty submissive: masochism, brattiness, and submission.

Understanding the dynamics of being a brat and a brat tamer [00:06:27] Kevin delves into the unique relationship between a brat and a brat tamer, discussing how brats challenge authority and how brat tamers handle and guide them.

Negotiating Boundaries and Consent [00:09:10] Discussion about negotiating boundaries and consent in the kink community, including the inevitability of crossing lines and the need for communication and resolution.

Types of Punishments in BDSM [00:10:11] Explanation of the two types of punishments in BDSM, including punishment for wrongdoing and punishment as a means to control bratty behavior.

Managing Multiple Partners in Polyamory [00:12:34] Insight into the speaker's experience of managing multiple partners, including the unique circumstances of each relationship and the challenges of balancing time and communication.

Reluctance to Ask for Sex [00:17:40] Kevin discusses his struggle with asking for sex and the fear of coming off as sexually aggressive.

Difficulty Vocalizing Desires [00:19:27] Kevin talks about the challenge of vocalizing his desires as a submissive and the importance of explicit communication.

Repression and Inability to Communicate Desires [00:22:04] The host shares her observations of women's repression and inability to vocalize desires during sexual encounters, emphasizing the need for empowerment and communication.

Hierarchy: Definition and Misconceptions [00:27:04] Kevin explains his definition of hierarchy and why he believes everyone should work towards being non-hierarchical.

Descriptive Hierarchy vs. Actual Hierarchy [00:27:44] Kevin clarifies the difference between descriptive hierarchy (shared finances, living arrangements, etc.) and actual hierarchy (power dynamics and decision-making).

Non-Hierarchical Relationships and Embracing Change [00:29:43] Kevin discusses non-hierarchical relationships, where feelings and emotions are allowed to shift and change, and opens up about the possibility of drifting apart from his long-term partner.

The journey of finding new partners [00:36:24] The host discusses how letting go of a previous partner led to finding a new partner and the positive experiences that came with it.

Polyamory and multiple partners [00:37:58] The guest explains the concept of polyamory and talks about his partner's other partners, including a nearby partner and a long-distance partner.

Jealousy and the fluidity of relationships [00:39:15] The guest discusses his experience with jealousy in relationships and emphasizes the importance of recognizing that love doesn't last forever and that partners are autonomous.

STI Testing Best Practices [00:46:35] The guest discusses general best practices for STI testing, including how often to get tested and what factors to consider.

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Oct 16, 202355:05
EP#104: Feeling Grounded in Partnership with Jake Voss

EP#104: Feeling Grounded in Partnership with Jake Voss

Today, I'm excited to welcome back Jake Voss , a returning guest from EP#76: Men: Decoding the Dating Mystery with Jake Voss is a divorced father of two, working in the education space, and a men's fashion consultant.

Since we last spoke, he's found his life partner Liza, and since we recorded this podcast they've now married!

Feeling Grounded in Partnership [00:02:19]
Jennifer and Jake discuss their personal experiences and offer advice on feeling grounded in a partnership.

Rediscovering Myself [00:05:45]
Jake talks about how he rediscovered himself and reconnected with his partner, leading to a grounded and fulfilling relationship.

Taking the First Step [00:09:08]
Jake emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and readiness before taking the first step towards finding a life partner.

Reflecting on your readiness for a committed relationship [00:10:31]
Discussing the importance of being accountable and ready for a committed relationship before expecting the same from a potential partner.

Being who you want to attract [00:11:42]
Emphasizing the need to be honest about what you want and to align your actions with the type of partnership you desire.

Reflecting on the type of people you attract [00:12:48]
Examining patterns in the kind of partners one attracts and reflecting on the reasons behind these patterns.

The importance of honest communication [00:20:17]
Early on in a relationship, it is important to communicate your desires and the direction you are heading. Keep checking in and be mindful that as you get to know each other, what you say about yourself may change.

Keeping people around and being open-minded [00:21:56]
Instead of quickly moving on from potential partners, be open to the possibility that the person who can be an amazing life partner may not fit the "perfect" physical attributes. Learn to dig in and give people a chance.

Teachability and growth in relationships [00:27:50]
People can learn and grow in relationships. Instead of seeking someone who already fits a specific mold, be open to teaching and learning together. Communicate your desires early and revisit them multiple times.

Sharing desires and kinks [00:30:27]
The importance of openly communicating desires and interests early in a relationship to avoid compromising oneself or the relationship.

Establishing communication practices [00:31:48]
The need to establish safe spaces for open communication and exploration as individuals and as a couple, allowing for growth and evolution in the relationship.

Scheduling fun and exploration [00:33:07]
The significance of scheduling activities and experiences that are new and exciting as a couple to keep the relationship evolving and maintain a sense of curiosity and intimacy.

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Oct 08, 202338:18
EP#103: How to Have 3-Hour, Gourmet Sex With Your Partner
Oct 01, 202340:39
EP#102: Empowered Sexuality with Coach Serena Rose

EP#102: Empowered Sexuality with Coach Serena Rose

Today I have the incredible Serena Rose, a sex and relationship coach on to talk with us about sexual empowerment The Topic of Empowered Sexuality [00:01:38] Introduction to the topic of empowered sexuality and the questions and curiosity surrounding it. Understanding Empowered Sexuality [00:09:14] Exploring the concept of empowered sexuality, its connection to personal growth and self-awareness, and the importance of knowing oneself in order to show up powerfully in relationships. Empowered Sexuality and Traumatic Experiences [00:12:18] Serena discusses how she was taught from a young age that sex is wrong due to traumatic experiences and how it affected her journey towards empowered sexuality. Unlearning Shame and Connecting to the Body [00:13:23] Serena shares her experiences of embracing her sexuality and learning to connect with her body through personal development and exploring kink. Understanding Sexual Needs in Relationships [00:15:36] Jen and Serena discuss the importance of understanding each other's sexual needs in relationships and the lack of knowledge and communication that can arise, even in long-term partnerships. The journey to empowered sexuality [00:25:05] Serena discusses her journey in finding empowerment in her own sexuality and shedding protective layers. Practicing empowered sexuality [00:26:00] Serena shares a practice of being present, curious, and in tune with your body to cultivate the ability to be turned on by life. The evolution of empowered sexuality [00:28:23] Serena reflects on how her empowered sexuality has changed throughout her divorce and subsequent relationships, and the importance of emotional availability and safety. Choosing to be Yourself [00:39:04] Serena discusses the importance of being comfortable and confident in your own center, even when triggering others, and honoring their feelings without muting or changing who you are. Showing Up as Your True Self [00:40:12] Serena emphasizes the need to consistently show up as your authentic self, even if others may not understand or relate to the changes you've made, using her own experience of switching careers as an example. Empowerment through Consistency [00:41:29] Serena shares a personal story of how consistently saying no to smoking cannabis empowered her to make choices aligned with her spiritual journey, despite initial confusion and judgment from friends. - Connect with Serena: - Connect with Jen: - This podcast is sponsored by my Patreon. 7 day free trial: *** This episode is sponsored by my "After Dark" Patreon: Please subscribe to the podcast! Spotify: iTunes: Leave me a voice message!: YouTube: @theopenbedroompodcast Jen's Links:

Sep 25, 202347:18
EP#101: How to Make it Safe for Men to Have Vulnerable Conversations with Shana James

EP#101: How to Make it Safe for Men to Have Vulnerable Conversations with Shana James

Shana James is a coach, author, and podcaster who has been working with men for the past 20 years. 

Shana shares her experiences and insights on creating safe spaces for men to have vulnerable conversations, feel their feelings, and work through their problems. 

She discusses her shift in perspective on men and emphasizes the importance of looking “underneath the surface” and assuming the best in men. 

Want more from your man? Shana also provides practical advice on how women can create safe spaces for men to open up and explores the importance of open communication in relationships

The underbelly of men [00:00:52]

Shana shares her experiences of working with men and seeing their vulnerability and desire for connection.

Seeing men differently [00:01:58]

Shana discusses why she sees men differently and how her perspective allows her to have positive experiences with men.

Experiencing vulnerability in men [00:04:47]

Shana talks about an exercise where men express their emotions and she witnesses their deep longing for love and connection.

The importance of holding space for men [00:09:00]

Women often aren't taught how to hold space for men, and men are taught not to express. Creating safe spaces for vulnerable conversations.

Building safety and intimacy in relationships [00:10:59]

When women feel empowered and don't need a man to be a certain way for them to feel good about themselves, relationships become stronger and more loving.

Advice on holding space for men [00:12:09]

A practice for women to hold space for their partners by asking open-ended questions and creating a safe environment for vulnerability and emotional expression.

The importance of vulnerable conversations [00:19:06]

Discussion on the significance of having open and honest conversations about desires and fears in a relationship.

Creating a safe space for communication [00:20:00]

Exploration of the need for non-judgmental and compassionate communication to foster a safe environment for sharing.

Venting and making requests [00:21:22]

Advice on the importance of conscious venting and transitioning into making requests to empower oneself and improve the relationship dynamic.

The importance of conscious connection in relationships [00:29:30]

Discussion on how most people struggle with vulnerability and checking in with their partner's needs.

The power of presence in a relationship [00:30:14]

Sharing a personal experience of feeling more connected and present with a partner during a dinner date.

Encouraging appreciation and support in relationships [00:31:27]

Exploring how expressing gratitude and appreciation can encourage more positive behavior in a partner.

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Sep 17, 202334:54
Ep#100: Celebration + Moving to a New Country for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery with Tony & Cristina

Ep#100: Celebration + Moving to a New Country for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery with Tony & Cristina

I'm thrilled to share with you the 100th episode of our podcast!

It's been an incredible journey, and I couldn't have done it without your support. To celebrate this milestone, I invited back two of our favorite guests & my friends, Tony and Cristina, for a deep dive into their lives beyond the usual topics.

Here's a sneak peek into what we discussed:

Previous Tony & Cristina Episodes of The Open Bedroom:

Episode 42: Open Relationships 101: Discussion about the basics of open relationships and terminology.

Episode 48: Open Relationships Part Two: Exploration of how to ask for an open relationship and the next steps if the partner says yes or no.

Episode 56: Sexcapades: Sharing of favorite sex stories, including both enjoyable and awkward experiences in the lifestyle.

Growing the non-monogamous tribe [00:12:57] Discussion on the challenges of finding like-minded people in a small town and the potential for building a community through education and events.

Building a community through vacations [00:13:31] Exploring the idea of planning vacations to connect with other non-monogamous individuals and couples in different locations.

Exploring tantra, plant medicine, and holding space for couples [00:15:19] Tony and Christina discuss their journey of exploring tantra, sacred sexuality, plant medicine, and holding therapeutic space for couples using MDMA in Mexico.

The challenges of open relationships in Mexico [00:25:00] Discussion on the barriers and challenges faced by adults in open relationships and the importance of reintroducing play and fun into relationships.

Creating a ceremonial space for MDMA therapy [00:25:50] Explanation of the process of creating a ceremonial setting for MDMA therapy, including sage, incense, and setting intentions.

Moving to a new country and culture [00:36:09] Tony discusses how moving out of his hometown was a catalyst for stepping into his power and shedding old versions of himself.

Feeling at home in Mexico [00:41:06] Christina talks about how going back to Mexico allowed her to connect with her roots and feel a sense of ease and belonging.

Building a home in Toto Santos [00:42:28] Tony and Christina share their plans to buy land and build a forever home in Toto Santos, while also traveling and growing their businesses and community.

Finding mentors and asking questions [00:46:30] Discussion on finding mentors and seeking advice from people who are already doing what you want to do in life.

Stepping into purpose and power [00:48:27] Exploring the broader aspects of life beyond open relationships, including being a nomad, moving to Mexico, and discovering personal purpose and power.

Sharing more of our story [00:49:19] The importance of sharing more about themselves beyond being open relationship coaches and their plans to build a sex-positive and BDSM community.

This episode is a celebration of not just the podcast, but also the journey of personal growth, exploration, and embracing one's true self. I hope you find it as enlightening and inspiring as I did.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here's to the next 100 episodes.

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Netflix Show: How to Change Your Mind

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Sep 10, 202345:58
EP#99: Breaking the Rules: A Candid Conversation on Dating, Relationships, and Openness with Cashelle Kali

EP#99: Breaking the Rules: A Candid Conversation on Dating, Relationships, and Openness with Cashelle Kali

Today we have Cashelle Kali, a guest who is in an open relationship and known for breaking rules in various aspects of her life. 

She discusses the outdated thinking around dating and relationships, and Cashelle shares her perspective on the subject. 

She talks about her unconventional lifestyle, her belief in individual sovereignty, and her experiences with dating multiple people.

We also touch on topics such as sleeping in separate bedrooms, the healing benefits of cuddle tribes, and navigating relationships as a mother.

Cashelle emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication in all types of relationships. 

The episode concludes with Cashelle offering advice on communicating needs and desires without blame, and Jen expressing gratitude for her insights and growth.

Reference to Jojo’s Episode #80

Cashelle’s Skincare Line:

Follow Cashelle:

Key Timestamps:

The energy of breaking the rules [00:03:02]

Cashelle discusses the idea of breaking societal rules and imposing rules on her own sovereignty in dating and relationships.

Letting go of labels and expectations [00:04:11]

Cashelle talks about the importance of letting go of the need for labels and expectations in relationships and embracing growth and learning.

Intimacy without sex and redefining relationships [00:09:31]

Cashelle explains her relationship with her female partner, which is intimate and seen as a partnership, but without a sexual component. She also discusses the difference between best friends and intimate partners.

The trend of sleeping in different rooms [00:12:07]

Discussion about the trend of younger couples choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms and questioning the happiness and desire to be with their partner.

Meeting touch needs without sex [00:13:13]

Exploration of how the guest discovered a new type of relationship where her touch needs were met without the expectation of sex, leading to increased creativity and income.

Openness about dating and relationships with children [00:14:44]

Conversation about Cashelle approach to discussing dating, multiple partners, and honesty with her teenage daughter, as well as conditioning her to make her own rules in relationships.

The importance of deep connective communication [00:24:03]

Jen discusses the importance of deep connective communication and the need to find friends who can fulfill that role.

Joining a cuddle puddle club without discussing with partners [00:24:42]

Cashelle mentions joining a cuddle puddle club without discussing it with their partners, which may lead to broken agreements.

How to communicate needs and seek help from others [00:26:10]

Cashelle provides a simple statement to communicate unmet communication needs and asks for help from others in meeting those needs.

Sep 03, 202330:32
EP#98: Vulva Mapping with Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown

EP#98: Vulva Mapping with Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown

This week on the podcast I have SEXperts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown as we discuss the fascinating concept of vulva mapping and the importance of understanding and embracing one's own body for pleasurable experiences.

Leah’s specialty is in Tantra Yoga, Positive Psychology, and a myriad of somatic therapies.

Dr. Willow specializes in Taoist sexology, acupuncture, and functional medicine.

Understanding Vulva Mapping

A practice that involves understanding the different parts and erogenous zones of the vulva, such as the clitoris and vestibular bulbs. Many people are unaware of these structures, and we encourage listeners to explore and appreciate their own bodies.

Leah and Dr. Willow stressed the importance of feeling secure and connected with one's body and sexuality. They acknowledged that societal pressures and insecurities can hinder this process, but also highlighted the healing potential of embracing and witnessing one's own beauty.

Practical Advice for Vulva Mapping

Setting up a sacred space with candles and music, using a mirror to observe changes in color and shape, and using lubrication for enhanced pleasure are all components of Vulva Mapping. 

We delve into the anatomy of the vulva, discussing the various parts and emphasizing that there is more to it than what people traditionally thought. Leah and Dr. Willow explain that vulva owners have as much erectile tissue as men, and encouraged vulva owners to imagine the same level of arousal and pleasure. They highlighted the importance of allowing blood to flow and noticing changes in color and swelling.

Appreciating the Natural Beauty of the Vulva

Leah suggested taking a private picture of the vulva to appreciate its natural beauty and uniqueness. She addresses the asymmetry of the labia and compares them to the asymmetry of breasts, emphasizing that it is normal and should not be judged.

Vulva Mapping Introduction [00:00:44] * Leah and Willow discuss the importance of understanding the vulva and its anatomy for pleasurable experiences. Exploring the Vulva [00:02:11] * Leah explains that the vulva has erectile tissues and discusses the importance of pleasuring the outer surface layer. Creating a Sacred Space [00:06:54] * Willow suggests setting up a sacred space with candles and music, using a mirror to witness the changes in the vulva during arousal. Vulva Anatomy and Arousal [00:10:16] Explanation of the erectile tissue in the vulva, the importance of blood flow, and the range of swelling and color changes. Embracing Asymmetry and Body Judgments [00:12:11] Discussion on the natural asymmetry of vulvas and the need to stop judging and comparing one's own body. Exploring the Clitoris and Sensitivity [00:19:08] Explanation of the clitoral hood, the potential issue of lichen sclerosis, and the invitation to explore sensitivity and access points on the clitoris. Vulva Mapping and Arousal Expansion [00:21:06] Leah and Willow discuss the importance of understanding one's own vulva and how to explore and expand arousal through vulva mapping. Yoni Witnessing and Sacred Space [00:22:53] They explain the concept of yoni witnessing, which involves creating a sacred space to explore and appreciate the beauty and changes of the vulva. Rewiring Neural Pathways and Mind-Body Connection [00:27:20] Leah and Willow talk about rewiring neural pathways to enhance arousal and pleasure, and the importance of the mind-body connection in experiencing heightened sensations.

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Aug 27, 202332:40
EP#97: Exploring Non-Monogamy: A Conversation with TikTok Star Danielle from Openly Committed

EP#97: Exploring Non-Monogamy: A Conversation with TikTok Star Danielle from Openly Committed

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Danielle from Openly Committed, a TikTok star with over 133K followers and over 2 million likes, where she shares her experiences and insights about non-monogamous relationships.

As a wife and mother, Danielle is just like any other person you might meet. However, her journey from a small town in Texas to England, where she currently resides, and her 13-year-long non-monogamous relationship with her British husband and unique storytelling ability make Danielle fascinating to follow.

The Journey to Non-Monogamy

Danielle and her husband decided to explore non-monogamy early in their dating phase. They began creating content about a year and a half ago to provide examples of healthy non-monogamous relationships, as they found limited resources when they started their journey. Danielle's husband initially appeared in their content but later decided to step back due to the negative comments they received. Despite this, Danielle continues to create content and engage with people who ask genuine questions about non-monogamy.

The Growing Interest in Open Relationships

We attributed the growing interest in open relationships to two main factors. Firstly, the increasing conversations around gender fluidity and the exploration of sexuality, particularly among younger generations like Gen Z. Secondly, the idea of a global consciousness that is becoming more accepting and open-minded. We compared the perception of open relationships to the legalization of gay marriage, which was once viewed as bizarre but is now widely accepted.

Danielle's Personal Journey with Non-Monogamy

Danielle shared her personal journey with non-monogamy, explaining how it evolved over time. After becoming parents, she and her husband realized they had been monogamous for about a year and decided to explore polyamory. Danielle described her experience with polyamory, stating that she’d had multiple boyfriends whom she cared about deeply. Currently, she and her husband are more open to meeting new people and having casual connections.

Dealing with Jealousy

When asked about jealousy, Danielle acknowledged that she experiences it, but believes that the positive emotions and experiences that come with non-monogamy outweigh the negative ones. She emphasized that insecurities and jealousy are personal issues that individuals need to address themselves. Communication with her partner is crucial in navigating jealousy, as they can provide support and understanding.

The Impact of Hate Comments

Danielle also discussed her experience with hate comments and the polarizing nature of viral content. She reflected on her first viral video, acknowledging that it may have come across as fake and insecure. She receives hate comments suggesting that a woman cannot possibly want to share her husband or be in an open relationship for herself. Danielle attributes the polarizing nature of her content to the extreme opposing views on monogamy and non-monogamy.

A Couples Guide to Opening Up

To help couples navigate non-monogamy, Danielle has created a course called "A Couples Guide to Opening Up". The course combines advice from over 20 successful open couples with her own recommendations and stories, providing a one-hour guide for couples looking to navigate non-monogamy.

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Aug 20, 202355:24
EP#96: Long Term Monogamy & Passion: Is it Possible? With Coach Dora Bradford

EP#96: Long Term Monogamy & Passion: Is it Possible? With Coach Dora Bradford

I'm thrilled to introduce you to a dear friend and colleague, Dora Bradford. Dora is a women's healthcare provider and an intimacy coach who has been working as a nurse practitioner for almost three decades. We're going to delve into the topic of monogamy and passion in relationships, a subject that is close to my heart. The Journey to Intimacy Coaching Dora and I met during our training as sex and love coaches and quickly formed a strong bond. Dora, a divorced woman with two adult children, was inspired to transition into intimacy coaching after witnessing the struggles of women who were hesitant to discuss their intimacy issues with their partners. Monogamy and Passion: Can They Coexist? As someone who has been in two monogamous marriages that lacked passion, I've often wondered if marriage and passion are synonymous. Can they coexist? Dora believes they can. She shares her perspective on creating a sensual and intimate experience with a partner, emphasizing the importance of touch. Not necessarily sexual, but caressing and being slow and methodical in exploring each other's bodies. Creating a Sensual Experience Dora mentions a book that suggests using eyelashes to caress a partner's body, creating a fine and sensual touch. I can relate to this, as my therapist once suggested various ways to make love throughout the day, such as doing household chores, picking kids up from school, grabbing the groceries, or giving a massage. Dora suggests feeding your partner delicious snacks and creating a sensory experience with mood lighting, music, and scents. We both agree that planning and prioritizing intimate moments is crucial to avoid falling into a rut in a relationship. Finding Time for Intimacy We also discuss creative ideas for finding time for intimacy in busy schedules. Suggestions include scheduling intimate time, getting a babysitter or asking family members for help with childcare, booking a hotel room, or taking advantage of opportunities when the kids are at school. The Frequency of Sex in Relationships The frequency of sex in relationships can vary greatly from person to person. Some women go months without sex, while others have sex multiple times a day. Communication and Compromise Dora emphasizes the importance of communication and finding a compromise that satisfies both partners' needs. Even if gourmet sex isn't possible multiple times a week, couples can still engage in spontaneous and unplanned intimate moments. Reigniting a Sex Life Finally, we discuss how to reignite a sex life when a couple has fallen into the rut of living like roommates. Dora suggests hugging, holding each other, and engaging in eye gazing to gradually reconnect and create a sense of safety. I hope you found this conversation as enlightening as I did. Remember, it's crucial to make time for intimacy and prioritize it despite the demands of daily life.  If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, write a review, and share the podcast with your friends.  Your support through my Patreon account helps keep this podcast going.  Connect with Dora: Instagram: Facebook: Group Coaching Program: Website: Connect with Jen: Leave me a voice message that I can share on future episodes: ⁠⁠ This podcast is sponsored by my Patreon: Shop sex toys ⁠HERE⁠! $10 OFF ADULT TOYS & LUBE: Use JENK at Checkout. Follow Jen:
Aug 13, 202335:40
EP#95: Women: How to be Amazing at Sex

EP#95: Women: How to be Amazing at Sex

I'm Jennifer Kaylo, your host at the Open Bedroom Podcast. Ladies, I hope these nuggets will inspire you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and sexual empowerment.

1. The Power of Self-Exploration: My journey to loving my body, embracing my curves, and accepting my post-pregnancy changes has been transformative. I encourage you to start with body mapping to learn what your body likes.

2. Communication with partners is key. Knowing your own body and what brings pleasure can enhance sexual experiences with partners. Explore your bodies, become familiar with what brings you to orgasm.

3. Toys, Tools, and Techniques: From the toys to everyday objects, we explore different tools for pleasure. I also share some of my favorite apps like Guided by Glow and Bellesa for mental stimulation.

Remember, the key to a great sex life is curiosity and experimentation. Jen’s “Mr Yellow” referenced in this episode.

4. Resources for Learning: I recommend various resources, including books and courses, to help you on your journey of sexual discovery. Knowledge is power.

5. Being a Love Leader: I introduce the concept of being a love leader in your relationships and sex life. It's ok to take the lead and be proactive in planning activities and experiences. I hope these topics have sparked your curiosity and entice you to join us in this episode of The Open Bedroom Podcast. Remember, you're not alone on this journey of self-discovery. Let's learn, grow, and evolve together. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and leave a review to support the podcast. Your support means the world to me. Jen Leave me a voice message that I can share on future episodes: This podcast is sponsored by my PatreonShop sex toys HERE! $10 OFF ADULT TOYS & LUBE: Use JENK at Checkout. Erotic Blueprint Quiz

Watch EP#94: Men: How to Be Amazing in Bed Next!

Aug 06, 202348:44
NEW Podcast name + Thank You Listeners + Upcoming Brand New Podcast Launch Teaser
Aug 04, 202314:39
EP#94: Men: How to be Amazing at Sex with Scott & Jen
Jul 30, 202339:52
EP#93: Pu$$Y Power with Ellie Berland
Jul 23, 202347:13
EP#92: Our Girlfriend Shares Her Experience As a Unicorn
Jul 16, 202329:17
Ep#91: Sex Ed Censorship: Where to Find Amazing How-To Videos with Whitni Miller

Ep#91: Sex Ed Censorship: Where to Find Amazing How-To Videos with Whitni Miller

Meet the amazing Whitni Miller, queer sex educator, intimacy coach, & TikTok star. 

Whitney's knowledge and expertise in sex ed shines through as she discusses the importance of understanding both the biological and psychological aspects of sex. 

One thing that impressed me was how Whitni manages to deliver her content in a way that never feels uncomfortable or overly sexual. 

Her calm and safe manner of delivery stems from her background in yoga and working in stressful environments. 

It's truly refreshing to see someone who can make such sensitive topics approachable and educational.

Whitni opens up about her experiences with censorship on popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Her accounts have been shut down, and she's had to resort to using coded language and emojis to avoid detection. 

Talk about a frustrating battle when most of our audiences are on these major platforms.

Luckily, Whitni found her safe place on Patreon, where she can provide more explicit and uncensored content. 

Her Patreon content includes props and demonstrations, making the information more accessible to her neurodivergent audience. 

I’m one of Whitni’s Patreon members, and I cannot recommend her content enough. It’s so educational, and I’ve learned so much.

I hope you enjoy

This podcast is sponsored by my After Dark Patreon account:

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Jul 09, 202319:57
EP#90: Part II: Sex After The Storm: How to Leverage Difficult Conversations to Bring You Even Closer to Your Partner with Coach Brian Jenkins
Jul 05, 202333:43
EP#90: Part I: Sex After The Storm: How to Leverage Difficult Conversations to Bring You Even Closer to Your Partner with Coach Brian Jenkins
Jul 02, 202316:55
EP#89 PART 2: Shifting Desires in Intimacy with Andre Lazarus and Susannah Rose
Jun 28, 202323:44
EP#89 PART 1: Shifting Desires in Intimacy with Andre Lazarus and Susanna Rose

EP#89 PART 1: Shifting Desires in Intimacy with Andre Lazarus and Susanna Rose

Have you ever wondered how an open relationship works?

In this podcast, Andre and Suzanna share their journey from being in the military to their current work in s/xual healing and teaching. They discuss their open relationship and the course they created together, "Open to More," which helps others explore non-traditional relationship dynamics.

The most valuable lesson from this conversation is the importance of authentic communication in relationships and the need to reassess and renegotiate dynamics as individuals grow and change. They also mention the significance of maintaining little moments of connection to keep the relationship fresh.

Andre and Suzanna emphasize the importance of giving oneself permission to think differently and explore non-traditional paths in life.

They share their experiences with open relationships and shifting desires, and how they discovered what works for them. They also talk about the challenges they faced and the importance of communicating with their partners.

Suzanna shares her discovery of being multi-s/xual and how she enjoys watching Andre with other people. Overall, this podcast is a great reminder that relationships are not one-size-fits-all and that it's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

This podcast is sponsored by:

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Jun 25, 202327:28
EP#88: BJ Episode with Coach Lindsey Hall is on Patreon + Group Coaching Course + Updates from Jen

EP#88: BJ Episode with Coach Lindsey Hall is on Patreon + Group Coaching Course + Updates from Jen

This week's podcast episode is an update from me on: 1. Where the heck is Ep#88 on BJ's with Coach Lindsey Hall? 2. Patreon for Spicy & Uncensored Content Like: My Night in a Dungeon with a DomInatrix Tri-blended Org@sms S/x Talks with Sierra An@linguis + An@l Hygiene 3Somes How Wax Play $5/mo at: 3. My Group Coaching Program: How to Open Your Relationship 4 weeks 5 couples (or singles) $111 We start the first full week of July and will meet in the evening. All calls will be recorded & able to be replayed. > Sign up by emailing me at 4. 5 Ways to Help Support This Show: Subscribe Rate Review Tell Your Friends $5/mo. on Spotify or Patreon Want to hear or learn something specific? Email me at and I'll do my best to create it. Content will live over on Patreon. Thanks so much for supporting me weekly! I want to continue to produce this show for you. XO, Jen
Jun 21, 202317:51
EP#87: Polyamory: Building a Polycule with the Poly Power Couple

EP#87: Polyamory: Building a Polycule with the Poly Power Couple

Today I have Ryan and Megan on the show, hosts of the @thepolypowercouple podcast.

They’ve been married over a decade and have kids and jobs… normal stuff. 

We talk about the day that Megan asked Ryan to open up their relationship in the midst of Covid, and how their relationship has become polyamorous. 

They share the building of their polycule, and talk about Ryan’s “comet relationship”.

We also talk about what it’s like to come out to your family as Open, and how to navigate everyone’s feelings about it all.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we three did recording it!

Find Ryan and Megan:




TikTok: @ThePolyPowerCouple

Show Sponsor:
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Jun 11, 202344:14
EP#86 Intentional Intimacy with Charlie McConnell
Jun 04, 202333:50
Ep#85: Sex Addiction or Sexual Blueprint?: Understanding Sexual Needs in Relationships

Ep#85: Sex Addiction or Sexual Blueprint?: Understanding Sexual Needs in Relationships

Recently I went to my partner Scott and began a conversation where I stated that there were two times in my life that my cup had felt "overflowing". Both involved opening my relationship and having additional partner play.

Now - feeling full or even almost full in our love and sexual lives is a fantastic thing. 

I understand most people don't even get to that point of fulfillment.

As someone that believes that it is possible to live a life completely overflowing in abundance, I feel that relates to the love and sex and relationship parts of my life, too.

The discussion did not go well, his feelings were (understandably) hurt, he felt no one could ever be enough for me, I'd never be satisfied... and seriously turned and looked at me with some concern and said:

"Do you think you might have a sex addiction?".

This is not the first time someone has asked me this.

As a society, we get REALLY uncomfortable around conversations about sex.

Lots of us walk around with trauma.

It's crunchy, and uncomfortable, and triggering.

AND... not everyone experiences high libido. It's foreign to them. They do not experience it in their bodies at all.

I came out of the womb with a high sex drive and always have been a sexual, embodied person.

So let's dive into the conversation of Sex Addition & Sexual Needs!



> Erotic Blueprint Quiz:

> I did a podcast episode on each of these Blueprints, and how Scott and I use them throughout each day to "feed" each other love and/or prime our partner for sex according to how they're wired for arousal.


Jen’s Blog Post:

May 28, 202323:31
EP#84: Exploring and Negotiating BD$M: Tips from Decade-Long K!nkster London Crave

EP#84: Exploring and Negotiating BD$M: Tips from Decade-Long K!nkster London Crave

If you're new to the world of BD$M, it's important to approach it with caution and care. K!nk educator London Crave shares her insights on how to explore BD$M in a safe and consensual manner.

5 Ways to Explore K!nk & Negotiate a Scene:

  1. Focus on what you do want to try: When negotiating boundaries, it's important to approach it from a positive perspective rather than a negative one. Instead of focusing on what you don't want, focus on what you do want to try. This approach can help narrow the playing field and make it easier to control the scene.

  2. Avoid negotiating mid-scene: Negotiating during a scene can be clouded by the rush of endorphins, adrenaline, and dopamine. It's best to stop the scene and negotiate before continuing, rather than trying to negotiate during the scene.

  3. Vet potential partners: Before engaging in pickup play, it's important to have a better understanding of how to vet and screen potential partners. The best place to find events and groups is FetL!fe, which is like a fet!sh Facebook. Attend meet and greets and get vetted before attending private events.

  4. Negotiate aftercare: Drop can occur after scenes, great s/x, or big events, and it is when the feel-good brain chemicals crash out, causing physical and mental effects. To deal with drop, it is essential to negotiate aftercare, which is how to take care of oneself and the people involved in the scene after it is over.

  5. Treat negotiations as a seduction: Negotiations can be playful, fun, and teasing. It's important to bring the same mood to the negotiations as you would to the scene itself. Negotiations do not have to be business-like or very thorough, but they should cover safety and boundaries.

Remember, exploring BD$M can be empowering and help individuals learn more about themselves. But always prioritize safety, consent, and communication.

About London:

London Crave (she/her) is a bis/xual, polyamorous k!nkster who has been active in the BD$M, non-monogamous, and s/x positive lifestyles for a decade. 

In that time, she has led 2 BD$M focused groups that held k!nk focused parties, movie nights, educational events, and other social activities.

She has presented classes and demos at various k!nk-focused events and dungeons in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and nationwide virtual events as well as the University or Arkansas, CAVU Center's Conference on Spirituality, S/xuality and Intimacy, and Konsplosion.

London is available for a variety of classes, panels, and discussion related to BD$M, ethical Non-Monogamy, s/x positivity, and s/xual expression and empowerment. She can be reached at for all inquiries.

- Jen's Podcast: ⁠⁠

- Coaching with Jen: ⁠⁠

- Support this podcast with a small monthly donation to help sustain future episodes.


May 22, 202350:06
EP#83: Make ADHD Your B!tch With BDSM with Wendy

EP#83: Make ADHD Your B!tch With BDSM with Wendy

Are you curious about BDSM and kink, but feel unsure about how it could fit into your life? In this podcast episode, Wendy, an orgasm and neuro pleasure coach, shares her insights on how BDSM can help people with ADHD release their excess energy and create a sense of safety in their bodies.
Wendy explains that people with ADHD often live with constant low-level anxiety and stress, which can cause dissociation between the body and mind. By engaging in consensual BDSM activities, individuals can create a container of safety, curiosity, and playfulness that allows them to explore their bodies in a new way.
But BDSM isn't just about physical pleasure. Wendy emphasizes the importance of communication, negotiation, and aftercare in creating a healthy and safe experience for all involved. By planning out scenes and being specific with instructions, individuals can build confidence and comfort in their BDSM practice.
Wendy also touches on the benefits of orgasm and how it can help release stored trauma in the body. She offers masterclasses and coaching services for individuals and couples, emphasizing that she can work with people of all backgrounds and interests.
So if you're curious about BDSM and how it could work for you, don't be afraid to explore in a safe and consensual way. As Wendy and the host suggest, creating safety in the body is key to healing and pleasure.
Jen's Podcast:
Coaching with Jen:
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May 14, 202337:47
EP#82: Conscious Kink with Ashley Garcia
May 07, 202345:44
EP#81: Anal 101: Taking it Slow, The Key to Enjoyable Anal Play with Sierra Bucher and Jennifer Ruscin

EP#81: Anal 101: Taking it Slow, The Key to Enjoyable Anal Play with Sierra Bucher and Jennifer Ruscin

Anal play is a topic that often comes with a lot of misconceptions and shame. However, it can be a pleasurable experience when done with the right mindset, communication, and preparation. Sierra Bucher shares her expertise on the subject and offers tips on how to make it a positive experience for both partners.The foundation of any sexual experiment is consent and communication. This is especially true when it comes to anal play. Sierra emphasizes the importance of discussing desires and boundaries with your partner before trying anything new. She suggests starting with external play and gradually working up to penetration with toys or butt plugs. Lubrication is crucial, and Sierra recommends using a thicker lubricant that stays in place, such as silicone or water-based lubricants.It's important to take time and be comfortable with anal play, as it can be a gradual and enjoyable experience. Sierra explains the physical benefits of butt play for vulva owners, describing how it can enhance pleasure during penetration. She also suggests using a clitoral toy to help relax and get in the mood.Overall, the key to making anal play a pleasurable experience is to approach it with an open and willing mindset, communicate with your partner, and take it slow. Sierra and Jen have recorded future episodes, focusing on female and male pleasure, so more to come in the next few weeks! ALSO: Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and questions with us below, as we aim to provide helpful and informative content.

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Apr 30, 202321:29
Ep#80: Breaking Societal Norms: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Conscious Uncoupling with Jojo Seamons

Ep#80: Breaking Societal Norms: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Conscious Uncoupling with Jojo Seamons

In this podcast episode, I interview Jojo Siemens, a Reiki master, energy worker, sound healer, and spiritual women's embodiment coach. 

Jojo and I discuss conscious uncoupling, divorce, religion, same-sex relationships, difficult family dynamics, and other related topics. 

Jojo shares her personal journey of self-discovery and how she helps women through sex and relationship coaching, as well as energy work. 

We also talk about the importance of self-discovery, vulnerability, and intentionality in relationships.

Jojo leads a guided meditation to help you connect with your emotions and release any stored energy. 



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Apr 24, 202341:01
EP#79: Finding Sexual Empowerment & Creativity through Self Pleasure with actress Sayra Player & Jennifer Ruscin

EP#79: Finding Sexual Empowerment & Creativity through Self Pleasure with actress Sayra Player & Jennifer Ruscin

Sayra Player is the founder of Guided By Glow, the guided audio app designed to help users unlock their sexual power through meditative erotic stories. An artist and actress, Sayra is dedicated to creating playful, inspiring experiences and deeply believes in spiritual transformation through fine art. Sayra believes that sex is emotional, spiritual, and can be key to nurturing a deeper relationship with oneself. Through Guided by Glow, Sayra aims to contribute to a culture that fosters healthy sex lives by combining mindfulness with sensuality to honor the body’s needs without shame. Today we’re going to have a conversation about Sexual Empowerment and Creativity in Sex.

Get 1 month FREE using code: RUSCIN Resources and links: Guided by Glow’s website: YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: *** And if you don't want to miss any episodes month, subscribe to the podcast! Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Coaching with Jen:

Apr 17, 202353:49
EP#78: Midlife Misery to Midlife Magic with Shannon Hamaker
Apr 09, 202301:01:46
EP#77: How to Lovingly Break Up with Jennifer Ruscin

EP#77: How to Lovingly Break Up with Jennifer Ruscin

There is a better way to break up with people, and I'm committed to showing how it's possible with my own life.

After 2 ex-husbands and a full-time life partner that currently co-parent my boys with me, I've discovered how to coexist peacefully and lovingly with my current and past partners.

This takes a bit of rewiring and rethinking and reprogramming from what you see in society, and how you've been raised.

But it's time to do things differently.

Let's get to it!

Jen's Instagram:

Coaching with Jen:

FREE Opening Up Guide:

Apr 02, 202327:12
EP#76: Men: Decoding the Dating Mystery with Jake Voss

EP#76: Men: Decoding the Dating Mystery with Jake Voss

This week I have Jake Voss on the podcast. Jake is a fashion consultant, IT manager for a school system, boy dad, and lover of snowboarding.

Post-divorce, Jake has taken the time to figure out how to date well, and today he’s here to give men a guidebook on how to land dates.

Topics Covered:

  1. How to get mentally ready for a date

  2. How to be desirable online

  3. What to do on your date

  4. Look inward - what have you been doing that is NOT working?

  5. Care for yourself

  6. Be interesting

  7. Take great pictures

  8. Write a great profile

  9. Be honest in your DM’s

  10. Swipe right on women ONLY when you’re aligned

  11. How to open up the conversation about moving off the app and into a IRL date

  12. Meet up: Coffee or Happy Hour

Mar 27, 202301:01:02
EP#75: Aftercare Post-Sex: Creating an Intentional Practice

EP#75: Aftercare Post-Sex: Creating an Intentional Practice

At the beginning of this podcast I talk about how freaking sad my sex life was for the first two decades of my life. In this clip I share with you what it was like to have sex with Scott for the first time.

The amount of care and intention he put into setting a beautiful space, having everything prepared and ready for lovemaking.

THREE HOURS of that lovemaking, y’all. I bet I had 15 - 20 orgasms.

The reason that I share this with you is because this is what GROWN UP SEX is like.

If your sex consists of 10 - 20 minutes of penis in vagina, you’re fucking like a high schooler.

GRADUATELEVEL UP your sex game.

Add some sexy foreplay and some delicious aftercare.

And it’s the aftercare where Scott blew my fucking mind.

I’d never been treated with such love and care and respect.

I hope this podcast inspires you to longer, more fulfilling sex and aftercare!

Mar 19, 202330:52
EP#74: 64 First Dates with Talia Koren

EP#74: 64 First Dates with Talia Koren

Talia Koren is the podcast host of Dating Intentionally: and I’ve been fangirling over her content for months.

(Be sure and follow her on Instagram! It’s sooo good.)

On today’s show we talk about:

  • What dating is like in 2023
  • Why your strategy should be to “Go for Date #2”
  • Why dating apps are awesome

Talia’s Instagram:

Jen's Instagram:

Coaching with Jen:

FREE Opening Up Guide:

Mar 13, 202342:46
EP#73:  Dating For Newbies: Your First S*x Date with Jennifer Ruscin
Mar 05, 202317:21
Ep#72: Get Outta Your Head & Into Their Bed with Jo Leavitt

Ep#72: Get Outta Your Head & Into Their Bed with Jo Leavitt

The confident Swinger Jo Leavitt is back on the show this week with a brand new topic: Get Outta Your Head & Into Their Bed!

Jo and I recorded Ep#55: Swinging 101 where we cover what Swinging is, and how to get into it if you’re curious.

Today we have actionable steps for you to get from first connecting with other swingers online, to getting intimate with them in this 5 step process:

  1. Make the first move
  2. Feel your feelings
  3. Take action
  4. What to say
  5. How to prepare for play

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as Jo and I did recording it for you!




Feb 27, 202346:42
Ep#71: C0*k Worship 101 with Jennifer Ruscin
Feb 19, 202324:26
Ep#70: S*X Work 101 with Kiley
Feb 13, 202339:40
Ep#69: How to Keep Long Term Sex HOT with Scott & Jen
Feb 06, 202353:28
EP#68: Male Performance Issues with Keeley Rankin

EP#68: Male Performance Issues with Keeley Rankin

Keeley Rankin is a sex and relationship coach that specializes in male performance issues.

This episode is for the men!

Keeley’s (@keeleyrankinsexcoach) first experience with erectile issues happened back when she was 16, and it spurred a curiosity in her that has lasted throughout her lifetime.

Her passion to help men live their very best s/x life pours though her work, and especially this episode.

There are 3 different struggles that men have with their c0cks:

  1. Premature Ejaculation
  2. Delayed Ejaculation
  3. Erectile Dysfunction

Buckle in because this one is … ahem …. Juicy!




Jan 30, 202346:59
Ep#67: His Pleasure, Her Pleasure with Rachel Maine
Jan 22, 202338:42
Ep#66: How I Became an Erotic Author with Ruan Willow

Ep#66: How I Became an Erotic Author with Ruan Willow

@ruanwillowauthor is an erotic author & narrator who not only creates her own content, but also is the voice for lots of different vanilla & erotic authors too. This is the first interview I’ve done where we’ve hidden the guest’s face in order to help keep her anonymous. Ruan has a very public life as an author and narrator in the “vanilla” world that she is keeping separate from her s/xy erotic life, so we are preserving her anonymity. In this episode we talk about how she got into erotic writing, voiceover work, how erotic audiobooks are the modern day p0rn, and how to start your own creative writing career in this space! Link in bio to our podcast OR Resources: QuinnAudio Erotica: Instagram: Ruan’s Podcast: All of Ruan’s Audiobooks, Books, Articles, Voice for Hire Info: Jen’s Insta: https://
Jan 16, 202352:46