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The EducationStrategy Podcast

The EducationStrategy Podcast

By Jeremy Divinity

Where we talk all things education and strategy!
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From Crisis Management to Strategic Planning

The EducationStrategy PodcastAug 01, 2021

From Crisis Management to Strategic Planning

From Crisis Management to Strategic Planning

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In this episode of EducationStrategy, hosts Jeremy Divinity speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Hunt and Annie Crangle from Friday, a multi-disciplinary firm at the intersection of education, economic opportunity, and community development, on the transformational power of strategic planning during a crisis. During their conversation, Dr. Hunt and Annie talk insights FORWARD, a recent strategic planning cohort for charter schools, the power of strategic planning during a crisis, and how incorporating student voice from an equity lens positively impacts the school planning processes. As transformational leaders for social justice, Dr. Hunt and Annie have utilized the strategic planning process to assist schools in creating more equitable school experiences while also equipping them to be advocates and activists in their communities. Listen to the episode to learn how Dr. Hunt and Annie are taking a culturally responsive approach to strategic planning to create more equitable school experiences for all students.

Key Ideas:

Equity and DEI as driving forces of school improvement Community responsiveness in the strategic planning process Transformational leadership and crafting a better vision for the future The prominent role of kids and families in the strategic plan Incorporating student voice for student-led school improvement Empower students through high expectations Building leadership capacity within students Crafting a visionary, nimble, and adaptive strategic plan


Annie Crangle, Partner, Friday

Dr. Jefferey Hunt, Advisor, Friday


Learn more about the work of Dr. Hunt and Annie Crangle of Friday by visiting their website.

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