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The Visionista Podcast

The Visionista Podcast

By Jessica East

Join us for marketing, PR, branding, and business discussions the first Monday of the month.
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Succession Planning and Why You Need to do It

The Visionista Podcast May 03, 2021

Post-Covid Greatness

Post-Covid Greatness

If you're going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill

A global pandemic has forced us to re-think business, how we make and keep connections, as well as work-life balance. Join the Visionista and her guest, Brian Wallace, President and Founder of NowSourcing, as they chat about life, events, and business connections. If you've been wondering "what now?" don't miss this chat!

You do not need permission to be great.
Brian Wallace

Click here to connect with Brian on LinkedIn.

Nov 01, 202138:25
Keeping Great Employees
Oct 04, 202147:60
Preparing Your Business for Anything
Sep 06, 202101:02:47
The Importance of Keeping Your Word After the Hype has Passed
Aug 02, 202101:17:43
Soft Skillz
Jul 12, 202142:59
Succession Planning and Why You Need to do It
May 03, 202138:32
Prepping for Growth
Apr 05, 202153:24
Social Media: Letting Cooler Heads Prevail
Mar 08, 202150:15
Outsmarting Imposter Syndrome
Dec 14, 202048:50
The Importance of Branding
Nov 30, 202052:49
Becoming a Lady Leader
Nov 16, 202030:21
The Makings of a Great Leader
Nov 02, 202033:52
Non-Profits: Why Your Support Matters
Oct 19, 202018:31
Understanding Intellectual Property
Oct 05, 202045:26
The "Miranda" List
Sep 21, 202055:28
Working with Difficult People
Aug 24, 202042:28
Contract Law and Why You Need a Pro
Aug 10, 202046:30
Immediacy, Thoughtfulness and Choosing Your Words on Social
Jul 27, 202037:20
Avoiding Social (Media) Blunders
Jul 13, 202039:46
Social Media and Your Mental Health
Jun 29, 202037:34
Are You My Customer?

Are You My Customer?

Do you remember that children's book, "Are you my mother?" Yes. That one. One of my first rules of sales and marketing is know thy client. If you cast a net too wide, you're wasting time and money on people who have no interest in your goods or services. 

How do you find your best customer? Listen in while the Visionista and very special, Jack-of-all-things, Gerard McLean chat about how to find your folks.

Connect with Gerard on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jun 15, 202039:44
Back that Back-up
Jun 01, 202035:04
Cover your ASSets
May 18, 202043:52
When to Stay and When to Go
May 04, 202038:51
Lawyer Up!
Apr 20, 202028:30
You Betta Vote, Bish
Apr 06, 202031:52
Bob and Weave Like a Pro
Mar 23, 202052:01
Essentials when Starting a Business
Mar 09, 202030:40
Put Some Respect in Your Name
Feb 24, 202056:48
Working Through Fear
Feb 12, 202028:18
Why I Do What I Do.

Why I Do What I Do.

I get a lot of questions from parents who are nervous about what their kids will think if they start their own business. In this short session my kiddos tell you what they think of my business.

Feb 07, 202012:39