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By Jessica Gershman

So you’ve spent years making snacks and scheduling what? Momma, you deserve all the love and attention you have been giving away to others for years. Host jessica nicole, yogi, chef, and self love advocate will interview guests and challenge what self love looks like for women everywhere.
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Just a sneak peek of Season 2

Mom, SLOW DOWN!Feb 09, 2021

Just a sneak peek of Season 2

Just a sneak peek of Season 2

I feel so honored to have connected with Yoga Alliance and their Unity in Yoga Podcast.  Here a little sneak peek at what Season 2 will look like! Calling out to mom's everywhere to unite and connect through experience, love, and growth.  Follow me on social 



Feb 09, 202106:23
Disordered eating or eating disorder with specialist, Kate Fisch LCSW

Disordered eating or eating disorder with specialist, Kate Fisch LCSW

One of our basic necessities is food, and today we’re diving into this topic with our guest, Kate
Fisch, who is a licensed social worker, practicing psychotherapist, and eating disorder
specialist. Many of us have some quantifiable eating disorder pattern, whether it is binge eating,
restricting, or starting to label food as “good” or “bad”. Kate has dedicated her career to eating
disorders and helping women everywhere overcome patterns of disordered eating. In this
episode, Jessica and Kate talk about how our relationship with food tends to overflow to all
other areas of our lives and how, as women, our conversations often center around what we eat
and what we do to lose weight. After touching on the difference between anorexia and bulimia
and when these disorders are more likely to show up, Kate explains why distinguishing between
“sometimes” and “all the time” foods is a helpful way to encourage healthy eating while also
avoiding turning it into an obsession. After all, all foods should be permitted! Tuning in, listeners
will also hear about modeling a healthy relationship with food as a parent, what we can do to
help our kids build a positive body and self-image, the need for more education and support for
patients and their families, and Kate’s Eating Recovery Academy.
Key Points From This Episode:
• Understanding that, while food is a source of pleasure, it cannot be your only source.
• How our relationship with food tends to spill over into other areas of our lives.
• The biological and genetic differences between anorexia and bulimia.
• The times in a person’s life when they are most prone to developing an eating disorder.
• Jessica talks about her response when her daughter recently said she was on a diet.
• The problem with labeling food as “good” and “bad” and feeling guilt around it.
• Why it is helpful to think instead about “sometimes” foods and “all the time” foods.
• Educating children about a healthy relationship with food by explaining its different purposes.
• The shocking prevalence of disordered eating and people’s obsession with food.
• How the patriarchy is perpetuated when women fight amongst each other.
• Remembering that there is no perfect parent – strive for being a good enough parent.
• Learn about Kate’s platform for educating other therapists about treating eating disorders.
• The lack of support and education for people with eating disorders and their families.
• Advice for how parents can model a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.
Jan 19, 202129:37
Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

 Show Notes.

The mind and the body are not separate entities, even if they are so often treated as such. Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what’s known as the mind-body connection. Today’s guest is Heidi Straub, Founder and Chief Insight Officer of Health InSight. Health InSight is about helping others transform their lives and achieve their dreams. Life is a rocky road with many bumps and bruises along the way and, even after overcoming the resulting injuries, it may be surprising to find that the wounds are still there. Unknowingly, they can weigh people down and hold them back. Heidi hopes to help people get “unstuck” by nurturing the mind-body connection, tapping into the subconscious mind, and doing emotional release work and rapid resolution therapy. In this episode, she talks about resolving trauma, using the muscle testing approach, and speaking the language of the subconscious mind. We also dive into creating new neural pathways, how Heidi empowers her clients and introduces them to a new way of thinking about healing. During our conversation, she also shares some incredible testimonials from her clients, asserts the importance of acknowledging the weight of emotional baggage, and how she receives energy from her work without taking on her clients’ pain. So make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

• How Heidi came up with the titles she has given herself, chief insight officer.

• Heidi shares a bit about her background and what she does to help people get unstuck today.

• No one gets through life without experiencing pain – it’s part of the human condition.

• Uppercase-T Traumas are recognized, but lowercase-t traumas aren’t always acknowledged.

• Resolving trauma doesn’t have to be painful – Heidi explains that we don’t have to relive it.

• Heidi’s techniques all revolve around the subconscious mind and helping people tap into it.

• The two approaches Heidi uses – emotional release work and rapid resolution therapy.

• Creating new neural pathways, clearing energy, and shifting our ways of thinking.

• Why guilt doesn’t make us better decision-makers and how we can create a paradigm shift.

• What Heidi’s clients seek her out for and what her clientele demographic looks like.

• What Heidi finds so amazing about the work she does is how it empowers her clients.

• The interconnectedness of our body, mind, spirit, soul, and consciousness.

• A new way of thinking – healing doesn’t have to be a long, painful, difficult process.

• The history of rapid resolution therapy and how Heidi came across it in the first place.

• Some rapid resolution therapy testimonials that stand out to Heidi, both physical and mental.

• The most frequent feedback Heidi gets from clients after a session is that they feel light.

• Just because emotional baggage is invisible doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

• Being a good mom isn’t being selfish – it’s showing our kids how important self-love is.

• The thoughts we think have such a powerful influence on our lives, says Heidi.

• How Heidi takes care of herself – she doesn’t go into her work with clients as an empath.

• Heidi talks about the importance of maintaining energy in resonance.

• It all goes back to being clear and present so we can have connection, which is the most important thing for human beings.

Jan 05, 202101:01:36
What does 2021 have in store? Let’s check in with the universe to see what 2021 has to offer?

What does 2021 have in store? Let’s check in with the universe to see what 2021 has to offer?

Episode 11: Show Notes.
Welcome back to the Mom, Slow Down! Podcast. I think we are all in agreement that we are
ready to say, “Goodbye!” to 2020 and a happy, warm “Hello!” to 2021. And hopefully, it will be a
far better predicament for 2021 than it has been for all of us suffering through this last year. For
today’s episode, I thought I would bring back my friend, Corey Sleet, just to provide some
laughter. During this episode we talk about Horoscopes for 2021, we tackle love predictions, our
highs and lows for the year, and also just a bit of comic relief! So whether you just need a little
distraction from your daily “new normal”, you want to hear all about our hair goals, or even just
to get some new inspiration for your family life, definitely stay tuned for today’s episode!
Key Points From This Episode:
• We discuss our Peeks and Pits: Highest highs, and lowest lows.
• What women do with a man that has a booty.
• Corey’s 2021 Horoscope; Corey is a Libra.
• Corey shares his future plans as he prepares to move to the suburbs.
• Our love predictions for 2021 — what does this year have in store?.
• Some advice we’d come across this year that we wanted to share.
• Jessica’s 2021 Horoscope; Jessica is a Cancer.
“The best advice I got, you can DM me for a more detailed explanation, but the long and the
short of it is — The truth ALWAYS comes out. And I’ve thought about that through this political
climate, through work, through relationships with my family, through my friends, clients, and it’s
so true!” — @coreysleet [0:00] 22:40
Dec 29, 202027:21
Dating in your 40s can be tricky to navigate but learn how self love can make you a better dater

Dating in your 40s can be tricky to navigate but learn how self love can make you a better dater

Dating with Courtney Wild
Episode 10: Show Notes.
The pandemic has put a lot of strain on relationships, and we know many people who have cho-
sen to part ways with their partners. Dating looks completely different now, and if you are enter-
ing the dating world once again, it’s best to have your wits about you. Today's guest, Courtney
Wild, brow artist to the stars and Jessica’s good friend, joins us today to share her dating in-
sights. Of course, no conversation on modern relationships can happen without talking about
dating apps, so Courtney gives us the low-down on what's out there and how to avoid acci-
dentally swiping past the love of your life. We also touch on dating as you get older, where
Courtney shares why her 20s were filled with fleeting, ultimately empty relationships. Seeing as
these are formative years in your adulthood, you are still getting to know yourself, which is why
relationships can be so hard. When you are fearful and insecure, it is hard to act from a place of
love. While external relationships are important, nothing holds more weight than the relationship
you have with yourself, and we talk about why you should consider dating yourself before get-
ting back out there. There is no right or wrong way to re-enter the turbulent world of dating. Just
remember to go in with an open mind and heart, and practice a whole lot of self-love along the
Key Points From This Episode:
• The benefits of doing home brow visits during the pandemic for Courtney.
• Dating apps and the confusion that comes with which way to swipe.
• Courtney’s recent breakup and how she used the opportunity to ‘date herself’ again.
• Some of the different dating apps that are available.
• Dating in your 20s versus in your 30s – You know yourself better as you get older.
• The biggest lesson Courtney learned about dating: Come into relationships whole.
• In the moments you are alone, you learn the most about yourself.
• Why Courtney stayed in her relationship for so much longer than she should have.
• Presence and mindfulness and how this helps you find happiness in the current moment.
• How busyness distracts us and helps us avoid the sometimes hurtful truth.
• Why Courtney writes down what makes her happy and refers back to it in hard times.
• Courtney’s hilarious one-night stand story, right after her divorce finalization.
• How to approach dating after a divorce – Go in with an open mind and heart and have fun.
• Differences between dating in the Midwest and LA.
• The importance of meeting your needs yourself before you expect someone else to.
• Self-care and self-love look differently for everyone, so find what works for you!
© Mom, Slow Down! 2020
Dec 15, 202039:57
Marriage isn’t easy and 2020 was especially tough. Join jessica and her husband of 13 years a

Marriage isn’t easy and 2020 was especially tough. Join jessica and her husband of 13 years a

Talking Marriage with Brad Gershman
Episode 09: Show Notes.
This year has had its fair share of challenges. We have been spending more time at home with
our families and significant others, getting in each other’s faces and spaces 24/7. Most of us
know someone who is going through a divorce or a separation or are confronted with difficulties
and stress in our own relationships. In this episode, Jessica interviews her husband Brad
Gershman to get his take on marriage and growth. Like any other couple, they have had their
ups and downs and continue to seek our therapy and professional help to grow individually but
as a couple. Brad talks about how he has changed and grown in their marriage and they share
what is important to each of them in a happy and successful marriage. The two talk about
finding their way around communication and vulnerability, the value of therapy, finding
happiness within yourself, and how yoga and transcendental meditation can transform your
relationships. Tune in to find out how three little words can change how you show up in your
engagement with your partner!
Key Points From This Episode:
• The story of how Jessica and Brad met and their first impressions of each another.
• The early challenges they faced with Jessica being young and an instant-stepmom.
• Why Jessica never wants to go back to being in her twenties!
• The difficulty of creating a harmonious partnership between two individuals.
• How our culture works against the commitment required to make a marriage last.
• Brad talks about how his views of a good marriage have shifted over the years.
• The value of having a therapist as a sounding board to bounce thoughts and feelings off from.
• Why we often find it easier to communicate with our friends than with our partner.
• The role that socialization and gender roles play in making men shy away from vulnerability.
• How you can practice MVE (mirror, validate, and empathy) to improve your relationships.
• The importance of being happy in yourself and not basing it on the approval of other people.
• Why you have to put yourself first before trying to please and take care of others.
• Brad shares what learning about and practicing transcendental meditation meant for him.
• The ways in which yoga and transcendental meditation can transform your relationships.
• The need for date nights to spend time with your partner and work on the relationship.
“What I’ve learned and what I feel is more important than anything is communicating.” — B
Dec 01, 202035:25
Jessica interviews Dr. Natalie Marshall, a women’s health expert to talk pelvic floor dysfunction.

Jessica interviews Dr. Natalie Marshall, a women’s health expert to talk pelvic floor dysfunction.

Episode 8: Show Notes. There are a host of pre- and postpartum issues that women do not need to keep up with. Peeing
when you sneeze or laugh, having a bulging belly two years after your baby was born, and
suffering from indigestion every week is not fun and games for anyone, and yet these problems
are so seldom talked about. The good news is that the body wants to be in perfect homeostasis
and balance, you just need to create the conditions for that to happen. Today we are thrilled to
have a doctor in the house! We are joined by Dr. Natalie Marshall, the owner of Vitalize Physical
Therapy in Westfield, Indiana, who talks to us about the important role that a healthy, well-
functioning pelvic floor plays in not just our bodies but our lives. Most of the time when patients
come in with complaints about going to the bathroom or having sex it is related to a
dysfunctional or tight pelvic floor. Dr. Marshall talks about our unhealthy habits of restricting our
diaphragms, not breathing into our bellies, doing Kegel exercises straight after childbirth, and
putting too much strain on ourselves when we should be taking it easy. Listeners can also look
forward to learning more about the condition called diastasis recti and how they can go about
releasing tension and trauma from their bodies.
Key Points From This Episode:
• The most common reasons why people decide to consult with a physical therapist.
• Learn what the pelvic floor is and why it plays such an important role in the body.
• Why sucking in your tummy and wearing waist trainers are bad for you.
• Helping women to get their bodies to work as they are meant to.
• The importance of teaching young girls that vulvas are beautiful but all different.
• Hear about all the problems that result from pelvic floor dysfunction and tightness.
• Why Kegels should be approached with the same care as any exercise.
• The lack of information about and support in dealing with postpartum issues.
• Why pregnancy and postpartum should not be periods of hard, high-impact training.
• Good reasons for seeing a physical therapist during pregnancy and before surgery.
• Everything you need to know about diastasis recti and its complications.
• Why the pelvic floor needs rehab after childbirth and how you can do it yourself.
• Learn how our intuition can be harnessed to release tension and trauma in the body.
“The pelvic floor is a set of muscles. It is three layers deep and they span from the pubic bone,
that hard bone in front, to the tailbone and back, which is the coccyx – the butt bone and across
to the sitz bones. It’s a ball of muscles that are basically the floor of your core. It is really
important.” — Dr. Natalie Marshall [0:01:05]MSD 08 Show Notes
© Mom, Slow Down! 2020 1.
Nov 17, 202029:11
Getting real with fitness trainer and beauty guru Michael Hoess and YouTube creator, Mykul Labs

Getting real with fitness trainer and beauty guru Michael Hoess and YouTube creator, Mykul Labs

Show Notes
Interview with Michael Hoess / Mykul Labs.
Show Notes.
Today we are joined by Jessica’s best friend Michael Hoess aka Mykul Labs, a fitness and
personal trainer since 2009 with a string of impressive certifications. He works at The Dailey
Method and all over Indianapolis and is also a beauty guru to be reckoned with – he knows
more about skincare than all of us combined! When it comes to fitness, Michael believes in
getting exposure to all five pillars of fitness to ensure optimal results and reduce the risk of
injury, so instead of sticking only to yoga or SoulCycling, he encourages women to do strength
training despite the common reservations they have about it. Working with predominantly
women in their late 20s to mid-40s, Michael understands the struggles especially mothers have
in keeping all the plates spinning, whether they have careers or are stay-at-home moms.
Regardless, he urges listeners to keep self-care a top priority because it is the old-but-true story
of taking care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else – and that hour you have for
a workout might just be the thing that keeps you sane! Tuning in, listeners will hear Michael
gush about J.Lo, his favorite skincare ingredients, 45-minute showers, and the soon-to-be-
released makeup range for men.
Key Points From This Episode:
• How Jessica met Michael, the types of classes he teaches, and who his typical clientele is.
• Hear how the stay-at-home-mom archetype informs Michael’s damn funny sense of humor!
• The five pillars of fitness and the importance of engaging in all modalities for optimal results.
• The myth of building muscle and why strength training is a crucial part of women’s fitness.
• Advice for working women and stay-at-home-moms who are busy and run on tight schedules.
• Modeling self-care to your children instead of getting caught in the selfless martyr stereotype.
• Learn about Michael’s interest in skincare and how he keeps his knowledge updated.
• The most important skincare ingredients that will keep you looking fabulous year-round.
• What Michael is planning to do with all the skincare knowledge he has gained online.
• Hear about the makeup that CVS is bringing to market for men and why this really matters.
• What Martha Stewart can teach us about creating an all-encompassing lifestyle brand.
• When Michael is launching his YouTube Channel and where you can hang out with him.
“If you are not getting more than just that one fitness modality, you are not going to see results
as well and you are also going to have a higher risk of injury from just working on one specific
type of fitness.” — Mykul Labs [0:05:58]
“SPF year-round is your most important ingredient because that is going to prevent aging more
than anything that you are going to have done anywhere.” — Mykul Labs [0:21:08].
Nov 03, 202035:57
Get the dirty details and love advice from veteran hairstylist, Corey Sleet

Get the dirty details and love advice from veteran hairstylist, Corey Sleet

Life As a Hairstylist During the Pandemic with Corey Sleet.
Episode 6: Show Notes.
Hair salons are some of the businesses that have been hit hardest during the pandemic and
with that in mind, Jessica sits down with her longtime hairstylist and amazing friend, Corey
Sleet! They have a relaxed conversation about careers, dating, hair, health, and everything in
between. Corey shares some thoughts on the roles of a hairstylist as a psychologist, creating a
judgment-free zone for clients, and why the people that cut your hair know everything! We get
more personal with Corey too, as he shares his experiences on the long and winding road of
dating, his love of his family and spending time with them, and the part that his faith plays in his
life. We even get to touch on some of the more difficult aspects of life in 2020, with Corey
reflecting on the ubiquity and divisiveness of political conversations, fear of the unknown, and
more. A strong theme that comes through during our conversation, and one that Corey
underlines, is the importance of vulnerability. We consider what it is like to date in your 40s,
what it means to try and remain connected and find love during the quarantine, and Corey's
belief in the power of therapy. So for all of this and a whole more realness, listen in with us!
Key Points From This Episode:
• Corey's career in hairstyling and the challenges he has experienced in the industry.
• Dating life, going out, and Corey's love language!
• Closure of business during quarantine, reopening, and new trends for the fall.
• Impossible requests, the art of saying no, and the lessons that Corey has learned.
• The role that talking and 'therapy' play in Corey's business.
• Why hairstylists know everything about everyone!
• The strength of Corey's faith and his favorite sermon about patience.
• Balancing career and family and the constraints of having children and pets.
• The power of word of mouth for Corey's business — fostering cheerleaders for your work!
• How to break up with your hairstylist; the dependable power of honesty.
• What Corey looks for in a woman: Vulnerability.
• A lifelong commitment to therapy as a better way to confront issues and stay healthy.
• Dating during the shutdown — Corey's experiences on FaceTime.
• The constant stress of 2020, hurricanes, fires, the pandemic, and politics.
• Political conversations and the definition of character we associate with allegiances.
• How Corey spends his downtime and the activities that fill his bucket!
• Physical fitness and health; the moment that Jessica motivated Corey to exercise more.
Oct 20, 202039:57
Listen as we explore the many benefits of yoga and two moms’ journey and transformation as new moms

Listen as we explore the many benefits of yoga and two moms’ journey and transformation as new moms

The Yoga Journey with Jessica Nicole and Christine Lolay.
Episode 05: Show Notes.
Today on the podcast, we talk about all things yoga: From the strength and flexibility benefits to
its ability to reduce stress and combat insomnia in the craziest time ever. Yet, for some reason,
many people are still resistant to and skeptical about yoga, and so was Jessica before she had
her first session, which radically changed her point of view. For her, one of the biggest benefits
of yoga is its ability to quiet down the seemingly endless mind chatter most of us struggle with –
the negative self-talk; the voice that makes you question your worth as a human being. But yoga
is not just about yourself and connecting with your body and spirituality. This practice connects
you to other human beings and the earth in surprising ways, creating an atmosphere of
empathy, community, and love. Later in the episode, Jessica talks to guest, Christine Lolay,
about the advantages of yoga and meditation for new and long-time moms. As listeners will
hear, babies’ nap times are great opportunities to sit down and become still – even just for five
or ten minutes. Christine shares how she brings nature into her meditation practice through a
tea ritual and how it has made her a more grounded, calm parent. If you have are still sitting on
the fence about yoga or meditation, this episode is sure to change your mind for good!
Key Points From This Episode:
• Jessica talks about her initial beliefs that yoga was too slow, boring, and not “hard” enough.
• Why Jessica describes her first-ever yoga class as a transformative experience.
• How yoga helped Jessica gain a better perspective and calm the relentless mental chatter.
• Find out how yoga serves your self-esteem, connection to people, and spirituality.
• How the practice connects you to your body and its relationship in space in new ways.
• Why coming onto your mat is like looking in the mirror and exploring yourself.
• A story about the importance of self-awareness and being mindful of others in your space.
• The power of the breath to keep us present and mindful and activate the body’s recovery.
• Employing meditation and systematic body relaxation techniques to treat insomnia.
• How yoga supports the respiratory and immune systems and a healthy lifestyle overall.
• The physical and mental flexibility that doing yoga can give you.
• Our guest shares how meditation helped her to cope with being a new mom in the pandemic.
• Christine’s ever-changing yoga practice and settling on one that involves bowls of tea.
• Big emotions are okay and the healing experience of expressing them in your practice.
• How yoga and meditation have made Christine a more grounded, calm parent.MSD 05 Show Notes
© Mom, Slow Down! 2020 1
Oct 06, 202036:03
The importance of girls trips...getting away is a crucial component to re-charging as a mom!

The importance of girls trips...getting away is a crucial component to re-charging as a mom!

Episode 06: Show Notes.
Jessica is joined yet again by her BFF Micheal Hoess – but today they’re not discussing
makeup and skincare. These two have been on many trips together, from Cuba and Amsterdam
to Laguna Beach and Chicago, so few people can tell you more about the importance of having
girls’ trips and sharing the amazing experience of exploring new places. Every time they go
away together, they come back feeling refreshed but more than that, they realize how
necessary it is to make time for each other away from kids, husbands, and other adult
responsibilities. And, as you will hear, going away from your spouse or partner can also
reconnect you with yourself and your individuality – who we are as a person, away from your
“mommy” or “wife” status. In their conversation, they share how going away as friends allows
you to bond in a different way, why you should not only leave physically but mentally, and how
taking a break can restore your much-needed energy and connection with loved ones. Besides,
the saying that absence makes the heart go fonder is a thing! We need friends in our lives
because one person cannot fulfill all our needs and challenge us in all the ways we might need.
Whether it is to have authentic conversations, visit fancy resorts, or literally getting down and
dirty, trips with friends need to become part of your self-care routine!
Key Points From This Episode:
• The value of taking a break from your identity as a wife or mother for a few days.
• How girls’ trips are a super fast, thrilling way to bond with others in a new place.
• Getting away from your community and the same people you bump into at the grocery store.
• Long car rides are for authentic conversations and making quick memories and friends.
• The importance of recognizing when you need to practice self-love by taking a break.
• Why it might be more necessary for recovering perfectionists to leave town to unwind.
• Filling your tank with friendships rather than expecting your spouse to be your everything.
• Going away in body and mind to replenish yourself instead of feeling guilty for leaving.
• While it’s great to go away with your kids, it is typically not the bucket-filler you need.
• How taking a break from your family can actually help you get closer to them.
• Michael shares some memories of their trips and the joy of seeing Jessica in new contexts.
• How your friends have the ability to challenge and put you in uncomfortable situations!
• Adventures with bikes and the time they took a four-hour bike tour of Cuba.
“We are just all of a sudden becoming, morphing, into these human beings that we don’t get to
be and it is so important.” — Jessica Nicole [0:04:12]MSD 06 Show Notes
© Mom, Slow Down! 2020
Sep 22, 202025:20
Getting real on women’s health and bodies pre and post natal with a pilates expert.

Getting real on women’s health and bodies pre and post natal with a pilates expert.

Find more about Elizabeth and her online class schedule at
Show Notes.
Today on Mom, Slow Down!, we talk to seasoned pilates expert Elizabeth Heidari who is a
NASM and CES (corrective exercise specialty) personal trainer with PROnatal Fitness, TRX
Suspension, and Pilates Mat certifications. The former professional dancer and choreographer
has worked with crazy big names like Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and she joins us on the show
today to talk about how pregnancy and motherhood have changed her perspective on health
and fitness. A self-proclaimed Type A personality, Elizabeth has always been a go-getter who
battled to say no in her twenties. But now, as a mom of one, she has learned to be more gentle
with herself and embrace those off days, guilt-free. She talks about her passion for helping
especially postpartum women who tend to suffer in silence, getting fired up about the need to
dismantle the myth that we women simply have to accept the hands we are dealt after childbirth.
Regardless of how old your youngest baby is, you can always address the difficulties, whether it
is getting your abs or your energy back. Our guest also shares her personal experience of
pregnancy, what she would do differently with subsequent ones, and why it is important to enjoy
the process instead of wishing it over. We also talk about all-things-good like self-love, saying
no, and making those gut-based decisions. So be sure to tune in!
Key Points From This Episode:
• Hear why Elizabeth is a deserving badass who has worked with Madonna and Nikki Minaj.
• How motherhood changed her perspective on health and fitness for herself and her clients.
• Get a sense of the types of classes she teaches and the time slots she is looking at.
• Finding the balance between pushing your body and knowing when to listen and slow down.
• The types of clients she focuses on and the massive need for especially postpartum support.
• Dismantling the myth that women have to live with the problems they experience as mothers.
• The most common pre and postnatal issues that Elizabeth can help women with.
• Dealing with the overwhelming societal pressure to get back into shape after childbirth.
• Elizabeth talks about her experience of pregnancy, including getting on a train during labor!
• Hear what our guest would do differently if she was to have a second little one …
• The importance of enjoying the process of pregnancy and permitting yourself some time off.
• Finding ways to relax away from your digital devices, from reading to arranging flowers.
• Learning to say no to the non-essential and doing the gut-check before committing yourself.
• Advice to 25-year-old Elizabeth about hustling, being kind to yourself, and toxic relationships.
“I am very partial to women who are experiencing pregnancy or have experienced pregnancy
because I think there is a deficit in care postpartum. I feel like as trainers with prenatal andM
Sep 08, 202038:57
Back to school support with child psychologist and mindfulness coach Dr. Amy Rexroth
Aug 25, 202036:54