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Moments of ImpartED Joy

Moments of ImpartED Joy

By Jillian DuBois

Welcome to the little space of ImpartED Joy where the mission is simply to grow positivity within the field of education.
Joy is a discipline. It takes cultivation + a positive mindset to grow and thrive.

A part of the Teach Better Podcast Network.

Start your day with a few moments of JOY to initiate, instill, + infuse it forward to others.

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digital habits + disturbing dreams

Moments of ImpartED JoyApr 02, 2023

digital habits + disturbing dreams

digital habits + disturbing dreams

Social media has become a prevalent part of our lives, and for many of us, it's hard to imagine a day without scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. 

But have you ever considered how social media might be affecting your sleep?

For the past few months, I have been disturbed, like REALLY DISTURBED, by crazy + vivid dreams. I often wake from them and have trouble falling back to sleep - usually in fear that the certifiably insane dreams would continue.

There is growing evidence that social media use before bedtime can disrupt our sleeping patterns. 

Research has shown that the blue light emitted by our electronic devices can suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. 

As a result, using social media before bed can make it harder for us to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. That’s part of it.

But I believe there is more to the story.

Apr 02, 202305:38
a mindset shift + an attitude adjustment

a mindset shift + an attitude adjustment

a story to share - getting past the overwhelm + anxiety to see a fresh perspective.

moving beyond fear + expectations to a space of generous grace + positivity.

Mar 20, 202305:45
the broken inspiration of a mosaic

the broken inspiration of a mosaic

Mosaic patterns.

An art form.

They are all around us.

We may recognize them.

We may unconsciously neglect them.

But they are there, waiting to be discovered.

For me, patterns are expressions of comfort + contentment.

It’s like an organic discipline that just falls into place without much effort.

We strive to teach others to discover them.

Our students, our children, our friends + family.

The wonderful thing about a mosaic is that there is no template.

No step-by-step guide of specific instructions to follow.

Just curiosity + creativity.

It shapes the mind through original arrangements of sights + sound.

Consider patterns you’ve noticed around you.

There’s a meditative rhythm of a mosaic that beats softly as designs come to life anytime and anywhere.

Our lives are that composite mosaic.

A work of art created by imperfect pieces that are carefully fit together.

Made from the broken and irregular.

Some pieces sharp, others smooth.

They can shine brilliantly or remain dull.

A beautiful representation of our lives.

As the pieces are arranged, the mosaic becomes bigger.


More complex.

The pieces are empowered to tell a story and evolve with change.

They unveil a transformation that establishes joy.

Joy cultivated from heartache.

Joy refined from grief.

Joy enlightened from havoc.

Joy refreshed from having loved.

Joy inspired from strength gained.

What does such a mosaic require?

It’s different for each one of us.

That’s the beauty of it.

It’s nothing you can force or demand something from.

You trust the process that encompasses every part of who you are.

Commit to initiate a fresh breath with gratitude and begin to assemble the pieces as you see them fit.

Nothing will be wasted.

Construct your collage with patience, grace, and forgiveness.

Then take a step back and look at the orchestration before you.

A bird’s eye view, so to speak.

It won’t appear as a complicated mess.

It will continue to develop your voice as you move toward dreams with passion and purpose.

Pick up the pieces and compose a mosaic of joy.

Feb 13, 202304:54
delivering joy with authenticity - feat. Craig Shapiro

delivering joy with authenticity - feat. Craig Shapiro

this episode highlights another one of my favorite humans who leads by example.

my dear friend, Craig Shapiro.

Craig is a Health and Physical Education Teacher/Coach/Trainer and positivity provider going on 33+ years from Southampton, Pennsylvania.

wellness expert, specializing in strength, nutrition, and mindset shifting.

author of the upcoming book: Dream Big - stories and strategies for a successful classroom.

you may know him simply by the nickname ‘Shap’.

he is a beacon of joy and brings a flood of positivity wherever he goes.

we met a few years ago through the #teachpos Twitter chat that he hosts weekly each Sunday at 7:30pm EST (insert shameless plug here, because you will not find a better space to gain new friends!) and I have followed him ever since.

if I had to describe him in just a few words on a list - a ‘SHAP-LIST’ actually (that’s what he’s fabulously known for by his friends) it would be:





and Loyal

this unedited, authentic monologue is genuinely a picture of WHO he is to so many of us who know + love him.

lessons from Shap...

being genuine + real is of great importance and has a huge impact.

kindness, empathy, and choosing words wisely.

giving a smile, a handshake, and being willing to help.

accept compliments without excusing them.

taking the most out of life, making the lives of others better, and always looking at the bright side.

embrace your influence. YOU make a difference.

connect with Craig here:

Twitter: @Shapiro_wths AND @Positively_well

TikTok: Chatting with Shap @cmsdreambig

Instagram: @wtcccoach


Dec 31, 202206:18
doesn't get much better than this

doesn't get much better than this

spent the past week in a city that i had never visited before.

cincinnati, OH. half of the time for work, but then three days of exploring by myself.

i am NOT one who normally is all about being alone + seeking adventure.

but. this was my time. to step out of my comfort zone + embrace something new.

Dec 02, 202203:07
intentional appreciation through joyful leadership - joshua stamper

intentional appreciation through joyful leadership - joshua stamper

To meet someone who has inspired you to cultivate, grow, and thrive is nothing short of amazing. So when I had the opportunity to join up with other passionate educators + leaders in OH for TeachBetter22 Conference, I may have been the first one to register, seriously.

There was not one ounce of me that didn’t squeal with delight when we came together and saw each other face to face.

So many of us who had built personal relationships, through social media platforms, mind you - it’s not impossible, connected on a much deeper level that left us woven together even stronger.

If I had to narrow our relationships/friendships down to one word….it would be AUTHENTIC.

Joshua Stamper is one of those. My goodness, when we saw each other, it was like a joyful reunion! It felt like we had known each other and everyone else for YEARS.

So…this leads me to introduce my next special guest.

I want to hear what others say about giving + receiving joy and love.

While this is not a live conversation, it is a reflective narrative from the heart.

This episode I am stepping aside and you will hear from this dear friend.

Joshua Stamper is the Training and Development Specialist for the Teach Better Team and manages the Teach Better Podcast Network. He lives in Frisco, Texas with his precious wife and children.

Prior to Joshua's current position, he was a middle school Administrator, classroom art educator, and athletic coach.

In addition to being on the Teach Better Team, Joshua is the author of Aspire to Lead, podcaster, leadership coach, and education presenter.

I hope you truly hear the heart behind Joshua’s message…his leadership style, and the way he uses love languages to reach those who need support + encouragement.

Connect with Joshua HERE:

Oct 22, 202207:42
open the lid + apply the paint

open the lid + apply the paint

knowledge is great.
knowledge is something we all need.
but we can't just leave it there without applying it in some form.
love, joy, peace, patience...all great things we KNOW about.
but why are we slow to apply them?
let's think about how we can truly reframe our intentions.
Sep 21, 202204:21
uplift with atomic interactions - livia chan
Aug 28, 202206:28
oh, i'm a quitter, alright

oh, i'm a quitter, alright

I’m a quitter. And I’m really ok with that label. In May, I walked out of my classroom for the last time, said goodbye to my friends, and left the profession of teaching after 20+ years. It was an emotional choice, but there was something inside of me that just knew it was the right time + space to give myself a new adventure. I wasn’t upset, disillusioned, or exhausted - actually, it was the opposite, I was finding that I had more to create + inspire in other areas by using God-given gifts to exercise.

We’ve all heard phrases like “don’t give up” or “never give in”

We’ve even chanted song lyrics like “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you are never gonna keep me down” by Chumbawamba.

We’re human, we’re supposed to glorify the tough fighter within us that parallels success with sticking to a plan no matter what. Honestly, that does not motivate me to reach any of my personal or professional goals, it actually sounds exhausting.

But what happens if we simply want to take the option to quit? Isn’t that ok?

Quit is not an unhealthy word. It’s not like resigning, retiring, stepping down, giving notice…those sound better.

I believe that knowing when to quit, and doing it more often, is an effective way to improve the balance of our personal lives + professional lives.

Aug 21, 202208:38
my trash to martin's treasure

my trash to martin's treasure

discounting the gifts + talents we have been given harms our self-confidence and value.

shift your mindset towards the positive. 

take it from me, i learned quite the lesson after finding myself wanting to discard a creative piece and would have missed an opportunity to bring someone else joy.

Jul 27, 202208:24
recovering + redefining the rules

recovering + redefining the rules

I was raised from a young age that it was best to stay within the firm boundaries of the rules that were laid out for me. 

And I pretty much complied. 

I did not want to risk losing the respect or love of my family, so I set up some pretty unrealistic expectations for myself as I grew older. Those led to creating unhealthy habits that ruptured into pathways of anxiety and stress.

Let me be completely clear in saying that I am the only one who created those expectations.

After years of putting myself through adverse emotional conditions, I decided it was time to reposition myself to accept peace and grace through flexible rules that would not dictate my success. 

It’s not a perfect blueprint, but it is one that is fluid and can be adjusted to meet the standards that I desire for my life.

Jun 17, 202205:40
uncertain moments of trust

uncertain moments of trust

do you know what i learned today? 

that we make an idol out of CERTAINTY. 

in addition, we chase after control, clarity, protection, + safety in all areas. 

we long for EXACT answers + for every detail of our lives to line up perfectly.

uncertainty + trust play a key role in developing our life's foundations.

yes, the ups + downs will always be there, sometimes very unexpected.

what I desire is ultimate HOPE + clarity for us all. 

a constant state of HOPE that permeates + saturates every area of uncertainty.

allowing our static souls to emerge with fresh confidence + expectation of what is to come.

May 09, 202206:19
stop performing on the stage

stop performing on the stage

no need to audition for your life.
Apr 09, 202202:58
groceries + gratitude

groceries + gratitude

look inward. pull ourselves together. own life’s circumstances.
Mar 11, 202205:36
the daily grind + small wins

the daily grind + small wins

how many wins do YOU celebrate each day?
Feb 21, 202204:59
i'm not a REAL writer

i'm not a REAL writer

common belief trap.

share your message.

that is what is REAL.

Feb 05, 202203:45
i may need a helmet.

i may need a helmet.

consider how you will leave each day as a better person…changing, evolving. with joy.
Feb 01, 202204:21
tally marks + oh my lanta

tally marks + oh my lanta

what awareness will you capture today as you look for intentional connections with your students + peers?

pause. seek. engage. with joy.

Jan 20, 202205:09
not ok is ok

not ok is ok

what threatens to steal your joy today?

Nov 29, 202104:14
1...2...3...eyes on me

1...2...3...eyes on me

uncomfortable with odd numbers.

take the 1...2...3...challenge.

Nov 08, 202104:51
no standard for different

no standard for different

no standard can be created for ‘different’. 

can we agree to concentrate on bravely choosing that different is better than good?

Oct 26, 202105:23
UTI, TMI, + a meteor shower of what-ifs

UTI, TMI, + a meteor shower of what-ifs

BONUS episode: Middle-of-the-Night Edition…a conversation with myself.
Jul 20, 202104:31
walking in the wilderness

walking in the wilderness

walking in the wilderness doesn’t have to be lonely.
Jul 17, 202105:03
decisions = responding or reacting

decisions = responding or reacting

you are not the only person impacted by your decisions.
Jun 30, 202104:32
make the memory

make the memory

capture it. write it down. let it become a treasure.
May 21, 202102:28
be more heart, less attack

be more heart, less attack

unpacking a few lyrics from storytellers needtobreathe + reflecting on the road to awesome.
May 10, 202102:26
stay weird

stay weird

share your unique individuality freely.
Apr 28, 202103:28
rethink forgiveness

rethink forgiveness

attitude is everything.
Apr 13, 202104:28
oops, i did it again

oops, i did it again

yep. comparison is the thief of joy.
Mar 16, 202102:54
lip balm + post-it notes

lip balm + post-it notes

what do you have an abundance of that you can share...
Mar 11, 202104:21
joy over the anxiety

joy over the anxiety

joy. is not happiness. it’s a cultivated disciple.
Feb 25, 202103:23
truth be told

truth be told

truth be told, we can trade our joy-debt in and seek to experience that internal hope that will bring us peace.

Feb 10, 202106:14
i’m fine. really.

i’m fine. really.

toxic words.

Feb 01, 202102:33


at all times. 

for all people.

Jan 20, 202102:13
what lies ahead

what lies ahead

‘not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear the path.’ -unknown

Dec 31, 202002:15
thirty-one more days

thirty-one more days

one month. 

2020 will be a memory. 

what will you come away with?

Dec 01, 202004:08
you just start

you just start

what can you do to see fresh HOPE?

Nov 17, 202002:44
what’s joy got to do with it

what’s joy got to do with it

what joy looks like for each of us may be very different. 

embrace that fact today.

Oct 29, 202003:26
season of waiting

season of waiting

Oct 14, 202002:10
right in front of us

right in front of us

a few moment of morning momentum
Sep 21, 202002:29
three trees

three trees

fourth day of school. 

it’s tiring. 

it’s hard. 

but there is JOY and hope.

Aug 17, 202003:23
love them well

love them well

what will your narrative with your students look like this year?

Aug 10, 202002:43
hope + joy for today

hope + joy for today

just a few moments to share how we can make an impact in our communities today as we plan to return to school.

Aug 03, 202003:03
new lens, bigger picture

new lens, bigger picture

how will you hold your NEW lens steady + optimally capture the next shot?

Jul 27, 202003:16
warm demanders

warm demanders

Be personal today as a warm demander. With intention + joy. #MondayMomentum

Jul 20, 202002:58
a joyful beginning.

a joyful beginning.

a simple introduction to my heart + voice. 

a space to share + instill joy in others.

share it.

infuse it.


Jul 14, 202002:58