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Money Confident Podcast with Jillian Todd

Money Confident Podcast with Jillian Todd

By Jillian Todd

Ready to get Money Confident? Virtual CFO and Financial Coach Jillian Todd is on a mission to help creatives feel empowered with their money.⁣

Together, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back, build new positive habits, and create a custom financial plan to achieve those big dreams on your heart.

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E5: Money Confident Successes

Money Confident Podcast with Jillian ToddMay 18, 2021

E5: Money Confident Successes
May 18, 202117:14
E4: How to Map Cash Flow as a Creative Biz
Apr 13, 202118:21
E3: What’s a Creative CFO?
Mar 30, 202118:32
Ep 2: Growing and Paying a Team as a Creative Biz!
Feb 16, 202116:43
Welcome to Money Confident Season 2!
Feb 02, 202115:03
Episode 36: Farewell Episode: Season One Wrapup
Sep 22, 202003:22
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Sep 17, 202033:19
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Sep 15, 202015:42
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Sep 10, 202023:14
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Sep 08, 202019:41
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Sep 03, 202036:57
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Sep 01, 202011:46
Episode 29: 100% Creative with Jen Madigan
Aug 27, 202026:12
Episode 28: Budgeting as a Creative
Aug 25, 202018:45
Episode 27: Living Your Truth with Fenyx Blue

Episode 27: Living Your Truth with Fenyx Blue

Today’s guest is the incredible and inspiring Fenyx Blue!

BLUE:  Bold, Loving, Unapologetic, and Evolving are words to describe author, teacher, coach, and mentor, Ms. Fenyx Blue. Blue has penned an inspirational children's book, Worth the Weight: A Rare Gem, a motivational poetry collection entitled The Blue Ink Movement, and a Young Adult novel called Who Failed Johnny? in order to empower her squad of readers.  Blue lovingly refers to her squad as neighbors on her YouTube channel Fenyx Blue Ink because she believes we are all connected in some way.

In order to help destroy negativity and promote positivity, Blue speaks to audiences about their purpose and power. With the help of her extended family and friend network, her self-published books will touch many lives this year.

Fenyx Blue hopes to continue to coach other authors through their indie author journey and to help them to become published authors, too.  Her goal is to transform into the best version of herself as she helps others to transform their destinies. Ms. Blue is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and loves to travel, learn, grow a garden, and read.

Tune into an awesome conversation about starting before you’re ready, trusting your intuition, and so much more.

Connect with Fenyx!


Instagram: @FenyxBlueInk

Facebook: FenyxBlueInk Blue Writers Block

YouTube: FenyxBlueInk

Aug 20, 202020:16
Episode 26: How to Stick To the Plan
Aug 18, 202014:47
Episode 25: Showing Up and Having Fun with Keren Treviño
Aug 13, 202021:49
Episode 24: Saving for Retirement as a Creative
Aug 11, 202022:06
Episode 23: Tackling Student Loans with Meagan Landress

Episode 23: Tackling Student Loans with Meagan Landress

Got student loans? Today’s podcast is one you don’t want to miss!

I invited my friend and student loan expert Meagan to talk all about your loans, repayment strategy, and how to create a strategy so you can stop stressing every time you check your loan balance!

Meagan’s interest in finance started as a Junior in high school while working as a bookkeeper for a fitness facility in her hometown. This role steered her towards studying finance in college at The Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, where she began her career in personal finance while interning for a boutique financial planning firm in Atlanta.Meagan studied and learned the intricacies of personal financial planning for individuals and families to achieve their short, intermediate, and long-term financial goals.

An issue Meagan consistently ran into with her clients was not having the proper education and training to advise on how to navigate their student loan debt, nor the platform to be able to properly service these clients. Meagan started her own practice- Financial Coach Meagan- in March of 2017 with the desire to specifically specialize in helping people begin their financial planning journey with student loan debt in the mix. Meagan was the first person in Georgia to acquire her CSLP® designation, as a Certified Student Loan ProfessionalTM. Her specialized education around student loan debt allows her to guide borrowers through informed repayment decisions, taking into account their full financial situation and financial goals.

Outside the office, Meagan serves as Treasurer of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) as well as President & CEO of the non-profit organization Power Suit Project, Inc. Meagan enjoys cooking, reading, and strength training; when she is not working or volunteering, you can often find her in the gym or cheering for the Atlanta Braves.

Connect with Meagan!

On Instagram: @financialcoachmeagan


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May 19, 202017:40
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May 19, 202004:55