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Inspiritment from Jo Koepke

Inspiritment from Jo Koepke

By Jodi Koepke

Inspiration and encouragement for your journey through life, leadership and stepping up.
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The Gift of Limits and Celebrating 4 years of 'Stepping Up In Leadership'

Inspiritment from Jo KoepkeJun 27, 2023

The Gift of Limits and Celebrating 4 years of 'Stepping Up In Leadership'

The Gift of Limits and Celebrating 4 years of 'Stepping Up In Leadership'

The gift of limits is a theme that keeps coming up for me. I re-recorded some thoughts on the gift of limits that I originally shared on the podcast last year. This concept has been so helpful in my life when I remember to apply it!

I am also celebrating 4 years since the first print copy of my book 'Stepping Up In Leadership' arrived.

If you want to get your hands on a copy:

In print- my website or other online book retailers

ebook- your usual ebook retailer

audiobook- most audiobook retailers- not on Audible unfortunately

Jun 27, 202308:22
Productivity, rest and the gift of limits
Jun 19, 202305:53
Adjusting routines and rhythms
Jun 05, 202309:15
In the midst of transition

In the midst of transition

A season of transition brings up so many thoughts and emotions to process. We need self-compassion and intentional choices to navigate this season well. I am processing some of this outloud with you in this episode and share some questions I am asking myself.

May 22, 202308:18
From a season of waiting to a season of transition
May 09, 202309:42
Unravelling and beginning again
Feb 14, 202307:35
2022 Midyear Review- your invitation

2022 Midyear Review- your invitation

We're just past the halfway point of the year. I share some thoughts on how I have been reviewing my year so far, the internal journey I'm currently on and what my next steps are. You are invited to listen in and then do a midyear review for yourself.

Jul 07, 202215:38
The gift of limits

The gift of limits

Originally an essay for the Kinwomen blog, I explore what I've realised about my view of limits recently and the shift I am trying to bring in my thinking and actions. Listen in.

Apr 28, 202207:57
To the women who have gone before me

To the women who have gone before me

I am so grateful for those women in history whose courage and lives made my current life possible. This is a letter of thanks.

Mar 31, 202204:56
Wrestling with feelings of failure
Feb 24, 202206:50
My focus for 2022
Jan 27, 202210:39
Leading yourself well at the start of a new year
Jan 13, 202252:57
End of year reflections
Nov 25, 202113:35
How I'm dealing with discouragement

How I'm dealing with discouragement

The dominant emotion I have been navigating this year is discouragement. I know I’m not alone in that. I share a few points that have been helping me move forward.

Oct 28, 202110:09
What would I change about 'Stepping Up In Leadership'?
Aug 26, 202107:12
My favourite things this winter
Jul 29, 202113:09
A much needed midyear reset
Jun 24, 202105:19
What I've learned from audiobooks this year
May 27, 202108:18
Becoming the mother I want to be for my daughter
Apr 29, 202107:21
Leading yourself well as a parent
Apr 08, 202131:44
When stress sneaks up on you
Mar 25, 202108:22
Leading yourself well in tough times- guest James Bryant
Mar 11, 202144:11
Do you need to work on flexibility or letting go of control?
Feb 18, 202105:47
Pursuing 'who' not 'what' this year

Pursuing 'who' not 'what' this year

Anyone else found reflection and goal setting particularly difficult in the midst of ongoing uncertainty? In this episode, I share my one-word focus for 2021 as well as some thoughts on pursuing who we are becoming more than what we achieve.

Written version and links available here:

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Jan 21, 202105:53
Tips for those wanting to explore being a writer

Tips for those wanting to explore being a writer

I have a guest this week, Mary Kate Brown. We talk briefly about our writing journeys and she shares her best advice for those just starting out in this journey. She also has offered a generous one-on-one coaching call FOR FREE for you to explore your next steps as a writer.

Book in a call:

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Strong, Brave, & Beautiful Book:

Find out more about Mary Kate: 

After overcoming numerous health challenges due to autoimmunity, Mary Kate is passionate about helping others find healing and wholeness. She leads an online group teaching the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet, and inspires others to incorporate simple, nourishing, real-food recipes in their own homes. Mary Kate and her husband Brian are high-school sweethearts who recently left their lifelong home in the Chicago suburbs for a rural property in Western Michigan. Together they homeschool their three daughters, and are making plans for turning their new property into a small-scale homestead. She is a contributor for the Kindred Mom Blog & Podcast, and she works on the growth team at hope*writers helping to champion the words of other writers. She writes online at, her work has been featured on The Mighty and Red Tricycle, and you can catch up with her on Instagram @mary.kate.brown

Jan 14, 202117:26
Acknowledge the progress- 2020 manifesto reflections
Nov 26, 202010:21
2020 Manifesto progress- failure or growth?

2020 Manifesto progress- failure or growth?

Reflecting on progress over a year always contains emotion. Add 2020 to that. The story I am telling myself is that I have failed to meet the goals I set and the manifesto I established. The critical part of me is loud in the background. So what is the truth?

Find reflection questions you can use in your own review of the year.

Written version and links to the original 2020 manifesto posts:

Nov 19, 202008:43
Ideas for an intentional and life-giving Advent 2020
Nov 12, 202008:28
Reflecting on 2020 and how I have grown
Nov 05, 202004:33
Remember that your people are essential to your journey
Oct 29, 202004:29
Invest in yourself as a leader (even if you don't think you are one.)
Oct 22, 202006:29
Ready to leap past excuses

Ready to leap past excuses

Hands up if you are a chronic excuse maker like I am. This is the part of self-leadership that I find needs the most work in my own life. Find out what is driving that and what I am doing to leap past the excuses.

Written version of this episode here:

Where are you on your self-leadership journey? Find out through this short quiz and get a suggested resource list specific to your stage:

Trying to figure out if you are a leader or just getting started on the journey? Feeling inadequate? I have a free webinar for you:

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Oct 15, 202004:55
Routines giving me life
Sep 24, 202005:49
Health reset without losing my mind
Sep 17, 202005:43
Letter from my heart to my daughter
Sep 10, 202004:48
Diving deep to find what I learned this winter

Diving deep to find what I learned this winter

Link to the blog post:

I sat down to write about what I learned this winter. This seasonal reflection has been a regular practice for me for the past few years, inspired by Emily Freeman. So why did this time feel so much harder?! I couldn’t think of a single thing I had learned or even what I had done for my birthday less than two months ago. I contemplated giving up and finding something else to write about. Do you ever want to move on quickly from discomfort too? I had a choice between pushing through to what was lying underneath or ignoring the issue entirely.

From the joy of comfy winter clothes to the reminder to 'plan, don't predict', I have a list of things I learned this winter.

What did you learn in the past three months?

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Sep 03, 202008:10
How I lead and work from home
Aug 27, 202008:33
My fears and hopes as I launch out
Aug 20, 202005:51
The end of an era: preparing to say goodbye
Aug 13, 202004:10
What I've learned since releasing my book
Aug 06, 202008:06
Making time for quiet and reflection in my life
Jul 30, 202005:02
My favourite things this winter (and what they reveal)
Jul 23, 202005:39
Making hard choices and saying no to good things.
Jul 02, 202004:45
Midyear reset
Jun 25, 202005:03
Grappling with imposter syndrome over this season

Grappling with imposter syndrome over this season

Do you find yourself dealing with a sense of inadequacy? Me too.

Find the written version of this post here:

Find my book Stepping Up In Leadership on my website here:

or on any online bookstore or ebook shop.

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Jun 18, 202003:46
Growth opportunities or challenges?
Jun 11, 202003:56
What I learned this Autumn (aka pandemic intensity)
Jun 04, 202006:34
How to build momentum in small pockets
May 28, 202006:20
Balancing work and motherhood
May 21, 202006:10
How to practise gratitude
May 14, 202004:10