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Evolv: Intuitive Grit

Evolv: Intuitive Grit

By JoAnna Smith, Counselor and Intuitive Coach

You can be Intuitive and have grit. JoAnna Smith, therapist/intuitive coach, shares about conscious living, trauma healing, intuition development, and all that weird "woo" stuff.

Helping to bridge 3D to 5D living. Check out my website for awoke folk at

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A Key to Intuition: The Body

Evolv: Intuitive GritJun 13, 2022

A Key to Intuition: The Body
Jun 13, 202235:40
Healing From Parental Narcissistic Abuse
May 24, 202126:45
Healing and Learning to Receive
Dec 13, 202020:21
The Systems Are Falling
Dec 07, 202028:17
The Body: Warehouse of trauma, emotions and heart resonance
Nov 17, 202025:51
Staying On The Higher Timeline
Nov 11, 202030:27
The New Mental Health
Nov 04, 202023:51
My encounter with Tall Greys
Oct 23, 202021:01
Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS)
Oct 16, 202024:45
Energy Update: Balls Out Woo
Oct 08, 202026:29
My leap across continents: Let the de-programming begin
Oct 01, 202021:17
Parents of Intuitive Children
Sep 25, 202030:01
Growing Up as Intuitive Children
Sep 21, 202021:01
Hacking Financial Abundance
Sep 17, 202016:11
Manifestation and How We Screw It Up
Sep 14, 202030:27
Trauma Truths
Sep 08, 202038:36
Spiritual Awakening: Am I batsh$t crazy?
Aug 24, 202040:19
Discernment--Your Emotional Compass
Aug 17, 202031:26
Life Purpose: This sh$t is HARD
Aug 11, 202028:43
Spiritual Bypassing: NOT real healing
Aug 04, 202028:34
Empathic Children
Jul 27, 202019:16
Empaths and Energy Vampires
Jul 21, 202022:47
Awake Therapist Gone Rogue
Jul 08, 202016:18