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The Lightfoot Podcast

The Lightfoot Podcast

By Joe Lightfoot

Conversations that explore the many pathways towards a world more curious and kind.
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#34 Bruce Parry On Tribes, Consciousness, Connection & Plant Medicine

The Lightfoot PodcastNov 20, 2021

#34 Bruce Parry On Tribes, Consciousness, Connection & Plant Medicine

#34 Bruce Parry On Tribes, Consciousness, Connection & Plant Medicine

Bruce Parry is an explorer and documentary maker best known for his BBC series Tribe. He's also a really wise and lovely guy who in my opinion has one of the most interesting and inspiring messages out there. We trace his evolution from Christian military man to Rational Animist and explore the many lessons he learned from living with Indigenous peoples all over the world. We focus in on the key messages of his documentary Tawai, discuss the life changing impact of his encounter with the Penan people and and touch on how Bruce is attempting to embody such experiences in his life today.

Nov 20, 202101:17:27
#33 Scoutleader Wiley On Cultivating An Arcane Intellect Through Ritual Art
Nov 06, 202101:15:19
#32 Emil Ejner Friis On Obedience As Laughter & The New Sincerity
Oct 21, 202101:17:46
A Lightfoot Public Service Announcement

A Lightfoot Public Service Announcement

A little update from me.

Oct 12, 202102:38
#31 Justin Scott Campbell On New North Stars & The Promise Of Somatically Embodied Social Movements
Sep 23, 202102:13:39
#30 Stephanie Lepp On Atonement & Finding The Courage To Change Our Minds
Sep 09, 202101:22:54
#29 Helena Norberg-Hodge On Big Picture Activism & The Unifying Potential Of The Localisation Movement
Aug 24, 202101:15:04
#28 Jeremy Lent On Neo-Confucianism & The Philosophical Case For Integrating Science & Spirit
Aug 12, 202101:36:25
#27 Miriam Martineau On The Essence Of Communitas & The Mythic Journey From State To Stage
Jul 31, 202101:31:15
#26 Arran Rogerson On The Me I Cannot See & The Dream Of A Shadow Working Neotribe
Jul 19, 202101:31:28
#25 Brad Kershner On Transcending The Hidden Curriculum & Hope As Process
Jul 06, 202101:47:37
#24 Schuyler Brown On Coming Home To Ourselves & Leaning Into The Dark & Divine Masculine
Jun 26, 202101:20:46
#23 A.J. Bond On Cultivating Shame Breakthroughs & The Critical Importance Of Getting Discomfortable
Jun 15, 202102:14:55
#22 Alexander Beiner On How To Rebel Wisely, Fight For Each Other & Reorient The Psychedelic Juggernaut
Jun 08, 202101:24:25
#21 Tyson Yunkaporta On Telling It Like It Is & The Placeless Myth Of The Golden Goose

#21 Tyson Yunkaporta On Telling It Like It Is & The Placeless Myth Of The Golden Goose

Tyson and I go on a wild ride of a yarn. He opens up about his experience of the world as father of young kids and in demand intellectual. He also delivers a scathing and scintillating assessment of the many illusions and hypocrisies of the modern world before arriving at a number of challenging and profound conclusions for those of us identified as 'change makers'. Be warned, this episode doesn't pull any punches, it's raw, real, explicit and in your face hilarious. I hope you enjoy hearing about the true resting place of the Golden Goose's skull as much as I did.

May 29, 202101:21:10
#20 Daniel Görtz & The Fundamental Freedom Of Metamodern Friendship
May 20, 202102:47:01
#19 Lana Jelenjev on Pakikiramdam & Being The Pebble
May 10, 202101:25:46
#18 Sylvie Barbier On Life Itself & Learning To Grow Beyond Mothering
Apr 29, 202101:13:43
#17 Jeremy Johnson On The Shift From Planetary Crisis to Planetary Consciousness
Apr 21, 202101:57:59
#16 Richard D. Bartlett On Open Source Cults & The Hurt That Drive Us Towards Belonging
Apr 13, 202101:56:41
#15 Blox On Benevolent Dictatorship & The Unsung Realities of Founding A New Community

#15 Blox On Benevolent Dictatorship & The Unsung Realities of Founding A New Community

This week I'm joined by one of the most embodied humans I know, Blox. He is a highly accomplished acrobatics coach and one of the founders of Rebel Ridge which is a newly established community just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. He playfully describes it as a bunch of 'acrobats settling down to learn permaculture'. We delve into what it's really like to be the driving force behind a new community and explore complex realities of building and operating a residential co-living project for over 12 people on 18 acres of land, what many people feel is a kind of 'living the dream', but is it really? We also zoom right out to the macro and explore what it takes to move the culture to a more regenerative place. I feel there's lots to love about the way Blox moves through the world and lots to be learned from his journey over the last couple of years, I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Apr 06, 202101:37:23
#14 Stephen Reid On DAO's, Psychedelics & The Regenerative Renaissance
Mar 30, 202101:27:17
#13 David Sauvage & The Revolutionary Path Of Extreme Empathy
Mar 23, 202101:09:24
#12 Seishin & The Willow Monastic Academy
Mar 09, 202101:13:56
#11 Malcolm Ocean & The Non-Naive Trust Dance
Feb 19, 202101:25:51
#10 The Steward Speaks - Peter Limberg & The Stoa
Jan 20, 202101:24:10
#9 A World More Curious & Kind - Dr. Jason Fox & The Coterie
Jan 10, 202101:22:44
#8 Diana Nayeli Monsberger & Noden
Jan 03, 202101:30:09
#7 Joe & Sam Tell (Their) Tale Of Dok Rak

#7 Joe & Sam Tell (Their) Tale Of Dok Rak

My dear friend Sam joins me to tell the story of Dok Rak, a community and Proto-Collective in Chiang Mai that we've been a part of since 2016. We track its origins, peak moments of connection and near dissolution after the community went through a turbulent process of grappling with questions of racial justice. Strap in and buckle up, it's quite a ride.

Dec 26, 202001:31:15
#6 The Gathering Gurus - Gene Ellis, Jan Gerards & PYNK
Dec 20, 202001:31:01
#5 Contemplative Community - Daniel Thorson & The Monastic Academy
Nov 30, 202001:03:05
#4 Michel Bachmann & The Community Weavers Guild
Nov 23, 202055:44
#3 Nati Lombardo & The Enspiral Network
Nov 13, 202056:24
#2 Shubha Pradha & That Extra Step
Nov 09, 202002:07:11
#1 Tibet Sprague & The Tale Of The Terran Collective
Nov 07, 202001:26:32