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Against All Odds - John A. Brink

Against All Odds - John A. Brink

By John Brink

This interview series with Veronica Beltran and John Brink goes over each chapter of his book and dives deeper into some of the situations that occured. This is the perfect companion to the book and is available for free through all podcast platforms.
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Chapter 9: Renovate Yourself

Against All Odds - John A. BrinkMar 11, 2021

Chapter 9: Renovate Yourself

Chapter 9: Renovate Yourself

John speaks with Veronica about his discovery of ADHD and the book "Driven to Distraction". Once he realized he also had ADHD at the age of 58, it changed his perception of why he behaved the way he did and how he used his ADHD as an asset instead of a liability. 

How could ADHD be a superpower for John? He reveals how he became more knowledgable about it and how he learned to work with it. A very facinating way of looking at the ADHD personality traits.   

Dealing with PTSD is also a huge issue for many people and John discusses his ways of dealing with it after having survived World War II.   

Attitude, Passion, and Work Ethic are the keys to Success.   

Against All Odds is scheduled for release on March 12, 2021, both in hard copy and audiobook format.  For more information, visit

Mar 11, 202128:47
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Chapter 2: Hanging the Wallpaper

Chapter 2: Hanging the Wallpaper

Hanging the Wallpaper means that you are planning far enough in advance for what you want to do that you are already hanging the wallpaper in your head before you've even purchased your property. 

Feb 24, 202117:21
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