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Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

By John Duffin

Welcome to Your Message Received!
Deliver your intended message OUT LOUD! Join celebrated Broadcast Sales Veteran/Current Voiceover Pro, John Duffin-as he leads you on a journey to help you excel in business communications-by effectively using your voice! It's all you-at your best! John's close to 30 years of experience in Broadcast Sales-combined with real time Voiceover tips and techniques... will quickly enable you to Find Your Business Voice.
Develop and enhance your business relationships, escalate your performance, and exceed your goals!
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Make sure your voice gets heard- Tommy Kenyon

Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice! Dec 09, 2023

Make sure your voice gets heard- Tommy Kenyon
Dec 09, 202355:43
Rockstar Resilience Walking triumphantly through the struggle-Sandra Lee

Rockstar Resilience Walking triumphantly through the struggle-Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee is a resilient rock star, and all-star, in every sense of the world. "RISE-ing" from the depths of addiction and despair, Sandra has rallied to become a published author, public speaker, program and avid content creator, and founder of a charitable foundation. I have had the privilege of knowing Sandra, as a proud member of Dave Scatchard's "All Star Coaching" High Performance network. Sandra's story is riveting, and also triumphant! Give a watch and you'll likely R.I.S.E. as a result!

Nov 28, 202353:47
Purpose, pulse- where urgency meets opportunity. Scott Einbinder
Nov 21, 202301:09:23
Affirmations and solutions for women to support divorced women. Katie Jordan
Nov 14, 202357:03
Build, excel, share, serve... Chris Eischen
Nov 06, 202301:06:34
"Mr. Walk it off" Failing Hard/ Shutting Down Negative Self-Talk James Butz
Oct 27, 202301:00:39
Super | excellent | wonderful success w/ Nick Mershon
Oct 18, 202357:28
Heal your body, speak your truth- w/ Dr. Josh Handt

Heal your body, speak your truth- w/ Dr. Josh Handt

When I got to speak with Dr. Josh Handt, it was a great reminder of the fun that we have had as a proud alum of the Charlie Engle Ultra Running crew. For the last two years, Josh and I were part of an incredible crew of people who have support the Penguin Movement for Recovery Event (that's how Josh and I met.)

In addition to being peak physical condition, Josh is abundantly clear in specific ways to optimize wellness.

Josh is a chiropractor who focuses on addressing the underlying causes of various health issues, such as headaches, back pain, TMJ, neck pain, pregnancy, pediatrics, and athletic performance and recovery.

Dr. Handt is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with clients, whether they are individuals, families, sports teams, or companies/organizations. Josh's goal is to enhance overall health and performance for his clients.

Josh was just honored with the prestigious Life U Lasting Purpose blazer. Josh gets to share this honor with his parents

Dr. Handt describes himself as a husband, brother, son, and visionary- and has a passion for making positive change and impact. I would also add brave, with conviction and a willingness to take the road less travelled. Not all of Josh's opinions and findings are mainstream. What I truly admire about Josh is his willingness to explain, to back his findings with experience and research, and to never tell clients what to do.

Josh Handt is affiliated with The New York Chiropractic Life Center as a partner. I am a massive fan of Josh, and I loved our conversation. Enjoy!

Oct 06, 202301:00:29
Lead with your smile- service is exceptional when you're fully authentic- with Michael Ray

Lead with your smile- service is exceptional when you're fully authentic- with Michael Ray

During this episode, we delve into the importance of embracing tragedy and allowing the critical importance of carrying the energy of family members to carry us forward. Michael Ray's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the potential for positive change in the face of adversity. His genuine and compassionate nature shines through in every encounter, making him one of the most authentic individuals you will ever meet.
I have the pleasure of speaking with Michael Ray, the founder of Smile Project Louisville. This incredible organization aims to positively impact attitudes and behaviors by spreading smiles to strangers. Michael's journey to creating Smile Project Louisville has been filled with numerous challenges and life-altering experiences.As the oldest of seven siblings, Michael has witnessed the ups and downs that life can throw at us. After spending more than two decades in the tumultuous mortgage industry, he faced the devastating loss of a child, the daily struggles of raising a non-verbal special needs daughter, and ultimately, a divorce. These hardships tested Michael's strength and resilience, but they also ignited a deep desire within him to inspire others through small acts of kindness.Taking a leap of faith, Michael turned his once-dreamt desire into reality with the creation of Smile Project Louisville. What initially started as random encounters with strangers in a fast-food restaurant has now evolved into a global movement. Michael documents his daily encounters with total strangers on various social media platforms, attracting an active following from all corners of the world. His genuine and heartfelt interactions have garnered attention from numerous podcasts, news stories, radio stations, and he has even begun venturing into public speaking.During this episode, we delve into the importance of embracing tragedy and allowing the memories of lost family members to carry us forward. Michael's journey is a testament to the power of resilience. and the potential for positive change in the face of adversity. His genuine and compassionate nature shines through in every encounter, making him one of the most authentic individuals you will ever meet.Join us as we explore Michael Ray's inspiring journey and learn how one person's small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect that resonates with people all over the world.
To learn more about Michael Ray's Smile Project Louisville, and ways you can support the movement, check out the links below.
Sep 26, 202353:53
Power Moves Only- Build a business and life blueprint that connects, elevates and inspires/ Josh Buchter and Bethany Williams

Power Moves Only- Build a business and life blueprint that connects, elevates and inspires/ Josh Buchter and Bethany Williams

Sep 18, 202301:01:42
WHY Culture matters in today's corporate landscape? w/ Jay Doran

WHY Culture matters in today's corporate landscape? w/ Jay Doran

Sep 15, 202301:11:29
PlayFaster-Maximizing results when lives are on the line- Richard Negrin DEP

PlayFaster-Maximizing results when lives are on the line- Richard Negrin DEP

In this podcast, I get the privilege of interviewing Rich Negrin- PA Secretary of Environmental Protection. Some of the many topics that we get to cover include environmental justice, surviving family trauma, team culture, public safety, climate change, the critical need for service in the public sector, leadership, being fully engaged, and the fundamental rights required of Article 1 Section 127.  The deeply personal nature of Rich’s expertise and stories clearly illuminate the importance of these issues.  Richard Negrin – the first Latino ever to be Secretary of Environmental Protection – most recently served as the Vice President of Regulatory Policy and Strategy and head of external affairs at Commonwealth Edison, where he led the development of clean energy regulatory policies and strategies. At ComEd, Negrin led efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, spur the adoption of electric vehicles, and increase energy efficiency. Rich is a champion advocate, who has channeled personal tragedy and family loss, and allowed those brutal experiences to fuel the critical importance of helping others. Check out Rich’s description and comparison of the Navy Seals mantra of being in service to others, and you’ll understand.  While certain tragedies are illuminated- such as the Plum, PA recent home explosions… it’s the solutions provided to the survivors and residents… as well as the humanity displayed by Rich and Team DEP… that you’ll remember so vividly. This is a powerful episode of survival, resilience, and service… all clearly embodied by TEAM DEP Secretary Richard Negrin. To learn more about Rich and the work of PA’s DEP, check out the links below.ín-36b8147/ Instagram @richnegrin
Sep 05, 202301:20:22
Jul 27, 202349:12
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Corey Dissin
Jul 17, 202301:12:00
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Gabriel German
Jul 10, 202354:02
YMR Podcast w/ Greg DeShields
Jun 30, 202358:53
YMR Podcast Episode w/ Emilio DiCicco

YMR Podcast Episode w/ Emilio DiCicco

When it comes to authenticity, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more authentic than DiCicco Brothers’ Emilio DiCicco. Here’s one of the big-time Partners of the “DiCicco Sells” Real Estate Team. Emilio and I both get to tug onto our Philadelphia roots, but this convo covers WAY more than just Philly! It’s easy for me to say that I am friends with Emilio, it would be impossible not to be… as Emilio’s humor, energy, and kindness will quickly impact you too. Emilio’s vision, intelligence, creativity and hustle are equally important- and those traits also allow me to respect Emilio at the highest level. In a highly competitive Real Estate landscape, Emilio uses his authenticity to his distinct advantage to get optimal results. Emilio communication skills cover all levels, and Emilio literally, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to do the job. We go deep on this episode- as we cover family, roots, success hacks, strengths of fostering relationships to win at business. We timed this episode well, as Emilio (along with brother Anthony, who we also just featured), has just joined Keller Williams in Doylestown/ New Hope. As you enjoy this episode, stick around for the laughs… and pay attention to the convo as authenticity takes a front seat. I strongly recommend following Emilio DiCicco- one of my favorite follows on social media. Here are a couple of additional links to keep following Emilio DiCicco- but only AFTER you enjoy this Podcast!


Jun 09, 202301:16:41
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Anthony DiCicco

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Anthony DiCicco

Real Estate Powerhouse Anthony DiCicco is not the typical "chatty type", but make no mistake... Anthony's success is framed by superior communications. I loved getting the chance to get to know Anthony, and our guest shares a ton! Through it all, the recurring theme is how Anthony keeps his success...rooted in the family! We go all the way back to Anthony's automotive days (as this Philadelphia native draws from his family roots.) The experience, tips, and tactics shared are relevant to any profession- and have really translated to Anthony DiCicco's Real Estate success. When Anthony shares that he has only been a full- time Real Estate agent since 2019, I was blown away by his explosive success in such a short window of time. While our guest shares that he hates change, significant change has taken place (both professionally and personally.) There's a new Real Estate team that has formed... and again it begins as a family affair. After 20 years, Anthony DiCicco has formed the DiCicco Sells Team, Brokered at Keller Williams Doylestown/ New Hope. To learn more, and to reach Anthony DiCicco, simply click the link below. ENJOY the episode!

May 29, 202357:13


When Lance Bachmann says “Let’s f-in grow!”, he ain’t kidding. My guest on the Podcast is a serial success story, and a must follow. From Lance’s Philly roots, to becoming a massive success story, Lance still keeps his family roots in Philadelphia.  While we focus on Lance’s documented and unprecedented growth, (fast tracking corporate success via AT&T/ Yellow Book) to forming and growing one of the Nation’s premier Digital Marketing companies; Lance’s early vision, conviction, and commitment to winning made the success story “book worthy.” The crazy part is that Lance is still clearly in acceleration- mode! Now- Bachmann has become a best-selling author (“All In”), international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner of multiple home service companies.  We go deep in this no-holds barred interview. We also focused on family, long-term relationships, benefits of wrestling, being a leader and developing leaders, and now helping others to grow.    When you want to learn more about Lance Bachmann, and you should, check out the link below.  Enjoy, and as Lance Bachmann says- often- Let's F-in Grow! Link to learn more about Lance Bachmann
May 19, 202341:23
YMR Podcast #75 w/ Katie Jordan Butterfly Tribe Blueprint

YMR Podcast #75 w/ Katie Jordan Butterfly Tribe Blueprint

So excited to return for Episode 75 of the Podcast. Joining me to celebrate is Entrepreneur, Coach, Newly Published Author, Mom, and All-Star High Performance Coaching colleague Katie Jordan!! Katie and I cover her "Arc to Authenticity", which began with being a people-pleaser (a label I know all too well.) After doing the work, Katie has evolved to become an independent and authentic blueprint for living! Katie's signature "butterfly" logo and name represent the evolution of helping women lead more full and complete lives!

Your timing is perfect for listening to this episode, as Katie is about to be a first-time published author. Talk about spreading your wings!! Here's a little preview of the upcoming book (now available to pre-order.)

"Are you a woman who dreams of starting your own business but unsure of where to begin?

Do you feel like you've hit a roadblock in your current venture and need some inspiration to push through? Look no further than Start Up or Start Over. Just Start."

Written by Katie Jordan alongside 13 other successful women entrepreneurs, this book offers insights, strategies, and stories that will motivate and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. From the initial ideation phase to navigating growth and expansion, these women have been there and done that. They share their successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way.

Here are a few ways to learn more about KATIE JORDAN

Book Pre-Order and Website Link

Social Media

Apr 21, 202350:56


When my guest, Fernando Mendez, says “just put a microphone in front of me and I’m ready to talk” he’s not kidding. I’ve had the privilege of knowing (and respectfully listening to) Fernando for many years. Fernando is a News and Political expert, covering World News for decades. Fernando has been a respected multi- cultural journalist, columnist, and talk-show host. You may have read Fernando’s perspectives in Print (El Tiempo Latino/Latin Times, El Sol Latino Newspaper), watched Fernando on Television (“En Portada,” on Telemundo), heard Fernando’s voice on NFL Films, or networked with Fernando (via Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican Cultural Center.) Most recently, Fernando Mendez is currently found on USALA Media- hosting is Current Events/ Political Talk Show “Compass”, where I have been lucky to be a guest.

What impresses me most, and what you will hear during our interview: is that Fernando is never afraid to share what matters to him, regardless of how controversial that opinion happens to be. Fernando is passionate, educated, and a great listen! I would highly recommend you give a listen to our new episode. Enjoy!

Feb 17, 202357:05


Recently featured as a “Renaissance Man” by William & Mary Alumni Magazine, Steve Tang has been a respected executive and thought leader for many years. Dr Stephen Tang is the author of A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership for the Next Normal due in 2023. Steve's op-ed pieces have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Morning Call (Allentown, PA). He is a frequent speaker and commentator on leadership, business, public policy, public health, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We covered a LOT of ground on this episode. From the importance of protecting immigrants- check out the section where Steve describes his parents escaping China during World War 2. Steve's accomplishments are important and many. The decades long relationship with Lehigh University, led to one of Lehigh’s greatest startup successes—OraSure Technologies. It began in 1982 when Steve rented a one-bedroom apartment... to 40 years later, after Steve finished eleven years of service to OraSure Technologies. During that time, Steve got to be OraSure’s landlord, Chairman, then CEO. 

And finally: unprecedented. In the past year, OraSure went from a company that made 80 million tests for HIV and HCV in its past 20 years to a company that now can make 100 million tests for COVID-19, HIV, and HCV every year! 

It was really important to me to hear from Steve regarding communications, not just from Public Speaking, but also building and leading teams. So much has changed (perhaps permanently) when the business world shut down during COVID. Steve's unmatched communications style is galvanizing, and so important to share- regarding authenticity and driving results.  

Lastly, and certainly important to me, Steve is married to one of my all-time favorite people... Philly News Legend and Leadership Coach Jill Chernekoff. To learn more about Steve Tang, check out the links below.

Jan 24, 202351:60


What happens when two successful family members join forces to collaborate on something very exciting? We are about to find out as "America's Commercial Actor" Scott Parkin, joins forces with artist, actor, visionary Miranda Parkin. Miranda and Scott (father-daughter duo), have created an adult-animatic pilot, "The Comet Casino"- along with Ed Yeager. Based on both of their track records, we need to be paying attention to this launch.   

Over more than two years, Scott + Miranda have maintained solo careers, while creating a truly authentic pilot, from scratch. When you listen to Scott and Miranda, yeah... you'll laugh a lot. You'll also hear how this road has hardly been easy-with family challenges only being one of the hurdles they have successfully crossed.   Get an early front-seat preview to what may become the next animated classic. In fact, STICK AROUND to the end of this episode to get a sneak peak at this killer creation. If I were you, I'd "place your bets" on The Comet Casino. 

When you want to learn more, check out these links below.

Jan 11, 202351:25
YMR Podcast Episode 2023 w/Shelly Shell Williams

YMR Podcast Episode 2023 w/Shelly Shell Williams

I am so excited to kick off the New Year with an outstanding guest! Shelly Shell Williams, is a Media Consultant affectionately referred to as Philly’s Oprah. She climbed the corporate ladder from Intern to Executive Producer of Urban X-pressions, the longest-running video show in the Delaware Valley. When you follow Social Media, you HAVE to know Shelly Shell... especially when Shelly just completed "30 interviews in 30 DAYS!" 

I am lucky to have previously worked with WGTW-TV in Philadelphia. Shelly Shell Williams is the former Executive Assistant and Mentee of the late Dorothy E. Brunson: the first African American woman to own a Radio and TV Station. Shelly Shell Williams is a multi-award-winning producer and 3X Billboard Award Winning Executive Producer. For me, WGTW-TV 48 allowed me incredible opportunities to experience the BEST of Broadcast Media, and some the most challenging aspects of earning my Broadcast Media chops at a start-up Television Station in Philadelphia. 

Shelly is one of the most transparent and engaging media personalities that you'll ever encounter. Shelly Shell Williams literally puts all of her personal and professional journeys online for the world to see, to have fun, and to learn. 

Shelly Williams has interviewed countless celebrities and influential people, including Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Kirk Franklin, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Boris Kodjoe, Musiq, Mary Mary, Meagan Good, Richard Roundtree, Marlon Wayans, Kangol Kid, DJ Kool, Method Man, Red Man, Steve Harvey, Terry Crews, Vivica A. Fox, Glenn Lundy, Angela Pipersburgh, Melinda Emerson, "SmallBizLady," Dr. Cheryl Wood and so many more.

Williams uses her extensive experience as a Producer, Media Consultant, Marketing Coordinator, Speaker, Course Creator, Content/Newspaper Writer, and Social Media Strategist to educate and train entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainment professionals through group coaching, live workshops, and online courses. Williams teaches her clients how to utilize the power of media to market and grow their businesses. 

Such a fun episode! When you need to reach out to Shelley, here are just a couple of ways. 



Jan 05, 202359:15


We close out 2022 with a great finale! Brenden Kumarasany is the founder of MasterTalk, where he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. I was lucky to meet Brenden at Brenden Burchard's HPX Conference in 2020, just prior to COVID locking events down.
As I learned in person, you will feel Brenden's energy and passion in helping others communicate and speak more effectively. Brenden himself, has overcome personal adversity, in order to become a keynote speaker and help others speak powerfully and authenticity, which always gets my attention. 

Brenden has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. When you want to learn more, check out the links below.

Dec 19, 202246:24
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Coach Joseph Turchi

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Coach Joseph Turchi

Inspiration comes from many places. When Coach Joe Turchi "Inspires Us", you would be wise to pay attention. Published Author (2x), Life Coach, Business Expert... Coach Joe heavily rely on "The Seven Laws and Principles that Govern Success." This also happens to be the Title of one of Coach Joe's books. Everything starts with awareness, and leads to results. From humble beginnings in South Philadelphia- Joe has manifested the life of his dreams (for himself and his family.) Coach Joe Turchi would love to do that for you as well. When you're ready, Coach Joe is ready for you. Listed below are ways to contact the Coach! 

Mobile Phone 267-249-5015



Dec 08, 202201:08:42


When you hear someone say that "Culture Matters"- would you want to know why? If you have a business- do you want to optimize meaning, purpose, revenue, and profitability? THAT is why Culture Matters! When someones coaches Senior Business Leaders how to get inside each individual's eco-system in which they practice culture in the workplace- you would probably want to learn from them... right?
When you combine business success, coaching excellence, and also being book smart (our guest has consumed close to 2,000 books) you get Jay Doran...CEO of Culture Matters, Host of the Culture Matters Podcast, Published Author "Thirty Days of Thought", and acclaimed Public Speaker...
We get to pull the curtain back on the consummate Interviewer. Jay's life lessons were not at all easy... I love watching Jay's evolution and also how Jay's evolution helps so many others.
Why is it so important to keep learning? Because it's incumbent on all of us to keep evolving. Listen to my conversation with Jay Doran... so that you'll optimize your communications. Buckle up and enjoy!
Nov 28, 202201:16:45
YMR Podcast Episode w/ Bryn Davis-Mice Media

YMR Podcast Episode w/ Bryn Davis-Mice Media

From Mickey Mouse to Mice Media! Do terms like NFT, Blockchain, Web3, freak you out? You're not alone. When you listen to my Podcast conversation with the Founder of Mice Media, Bryn Davis- his intentions to disrupt traditional media with this Community- based platform become extremely clear. Bryn has built first the Web3 Digital Media Network on Blockchain Technology. You'll see how Bryn has revolutionized the way that NFTs work (digital asset for membership) to create a digital army of 'holders' of MICE that shape, build, and have equity stake in the decentralized Digital Media Network.

Bryn has an extremely powerful story. Forging business savvy, starting from an internship with Disney... to launching regional (and eventually) a globally -sourced food company...Bryn Davis' path is clearly a road less travelled. 

Now, Bryn intends to disrupt conversation and reinvent Digital Media. You may not agree with the opinions in this conversation, or with the new Digital Network; but Bryn will clearly provide an opportunity for everyone's voice to be heard. 

Nov 17, 202201:16:58
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Dr Seema Bonney

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Dr Seema Bonney

YMR welcomes longevity specialist and functional medicine physician, Dr. Seema Bonney. It's impossible to fully authentic when something is holding you back, and people will hear that hesitation when you speak-you can't fully hide that lack of confidence. Dr. Bonney's focus is on helping her patients play offense not defense with their health. I work with Dr Bonney because I started to question the amount of "prescribed" medications in my medicine cabinet. 

Dr Bonney is not only acutely knowledgeable on the subject of integrative medicine (taking preventive, proactive steps to improve your health) but also walks the walk. Pay close attention when Dr Bonney discusses why she entered the field (after years in Emergency Medicine.) You may also love the ease of applying bio-hacks to your daily life (Dr Bonney takes the mystery and guesswork out of the term.) On a personal note, I just spent an extremely long evening in the ER- and the thanklessness  and frustration that comes from such a reactive situation serves as a painful reminder that being proactive with your health will positively help the way you speak, present, live your life. If you really want to optimize your communications, you'll consider optimizing your health. Give a listen to renowned expert Dr Seema Bonney, who believes that "Lifelong health & vitality is our birthright!" 

To learn more about Dr Seema Bonney... Go to

Nov 04, 202247:04
YMR Podcast Interview w/ CHADD LEVINE The Superstar Lender

YMR Podcast Interview w/ CHADD LEVINE The Superstar Lender

Real Estate Expert, Financial Guru, Content Creator, Coach, Family Man, Social Media Program Host, Entrepreneur Chadd Levine joins me. You want to learn how to move forward, faster? Do you want to learn from a wildly relatable business leader? I have the good fortune of knowing my friend, Chadd Levine, on many levels. It's important to pay attention to people who see things before you do... that have the vision and business savvy to push people past their fears. This guy has been an entrepreneur since being a kid- learning the pharmacy business before expanding into several business specialities. I find it amazing when someone calls themselves a "late starter" at 25! What I know, and you'll learn quickly, as you listen to my conversation with this "Superstar" is that he is certainly resourceful. 

While Chadd comes off as easy, with a great laugh and the ability to make anyone feel better... there is always strategy and learned expertise behind the motivation.  Did you know that Chadd and I host a weekly Facebook Program called "Your Monday Motivation"?  Well, you do now!  Do you need a well- intentioned kick in the "arse" to get rolling? Then look no further than the man with the "Superstar Mentality" Chadd Levine... he's the real deal.

When you want to know where to find Chadd Levine- here are a few places to start. Enjoy!

Oct 24, 202201:04:32
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Nick Lalwani CBI

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Nick Lalwani CBI

When you visit Nick Lalwani's Company Website or Social Pages,, and you certainly should, you'll see these three words...

CEO| Speaker| Visionary- and I'd wholeheartedly agree. 

After getting the privilege of interviewing this highly innovative, and wildly creative business leader...I'd add a few more descriptive terms...

Passion/ Intensity/ Energy (and that barely scratches the surface.) 

You would never know when reading, listening to, or seeking creative expertise from Nick- that the fire and energy that you feel didn't always come easy. Nick's skill set began with old-school Gateway Computers and has evolved to cutting-edge technology. 

Nick Lalwani also continues to reinvent himself as Public Speaker (I've had the good fortune of hearing Nick command and galvanize a room- on his FIRST Public Speaking appearance!) I easily predict there will be plenty more opportunities for us to hear Nick Lalwani speak.  

I'm lucky in the sense that I know Nick Lalwani through our mutual friend and colleague, Josh Buchter (Philadelphia AND Bucks County Real Producers Magazine and Events.) Here's how you can get to better know Nick Lalwani.

Oct 14, 202249:18
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Hilary Phelps

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Hilary Phelps

When Hilary Phelps says, "and we're the lucky ones"... one could guess that it's because of Hilary's distinguished Public Relations career, or career in TV, or being part of an extremely accomplished family, or that Hilary is a gifted athlete... The fact is, it's way more than that. Hilary Phelps is indeed all of the things I just described... with a ton of accomplishments... but it's the "day at a time" survival of Hilary's recovery from alcohol and drugs/ and the relaunch of Hilary's life to which we are referring. 

I had the great, good fortune of meeting Hilary at The Penguin-Movement for Recovery 30 HOUR Run (Movement event)- supporting the Ashley Treatment Centers in MD. We both know Charlie Engle, for different reasons. Hilary was going to cover the event that featured Charlie's 30 Year Anniversary from Addiction/ Alcoholism. What we both found was that the highly memorable, and life changing weekend; had this incredible and indescribable power that bound many of the attendees to each other. There is an incredible energy that comes from Hilary that is so unique, so palpable, and so necessary- that you just cannot help but to be drawn by Hilary. 

I'm honored that Hilary chose to interview with me on the program. There are so many incredible takeaways from listening to Hilary Phelps- one of them being an in credible sense of joy that you'll feel. Give a listen to Hilary, and you'll be one of the lucky ones too. When you want to learn more about Hilary Phelps, here are several ways below. Enjoy!

Sep 16, 202201:01:17
YMR Podcast Interview with "The Dream Team I" Bruno and Stacie Marcinkowski

YMR Podcast Interview with "The Dream Team I" Bruno and Stacie Marcinkowski

Big dreams, mobile, fluid, and a savage life, while being true to you... seem unattainable to you? I really think you should listen to our new Episode. Real Estate success stories Bruno and Stacie Marcinkowski exemplify the old adage, that talent and hard work lead to success! Bruno and Stacie, part of the HomeSmart Realty Group, came from humble beginnings and close family roots! You think you're too old, success is out of reach, pay attention to Bruno and Stacie. 

Their story is uplifting, insprirational, and also a reminder that we really have no limits- when pursuing our dreams. Bruno and Stacie launched their relationship and their business partnership later in life. The key for them (and for us) is to align with the RIGHT people, the RIGHT team! There is also the recurring theme of being true to themselves... their beliefs, their core values, their creativity, their energy... and SHARING all of it. You'll see that the more you share of yourself (as evidenced by the complete transparency of Bruno and Stacie) the more power and energy you receive. 

Listen in as Bruno and Stacie share the keys to their tremendously successful careers in Real Estate- multiple states, massive referral network... as well as their secrets to building a substantial network of friends and their ideal blended family. One of my favorite parts of the conversation refers to using all five of our senses! It's not just business, there is a LOT of pleasure to gained by following these two Rock-Stars!

It's a charmed life, a great life and I am proud to present to you... Bruno and Stacie Marcinkowski. To learn more, or to contact The Dream Team 1

Aug 29, 202201:03:15


You serve your Country- you Lead in the military (THREE tours in Afghanistan)- you better speak clearly. Problem may become, when you return home, you lose your voice... lose your purpose... pick up some addictive habits. My guest, Sean MacMillen, endured all of this, and a lot more- on his road to redemption. I had the privilege of meeting Sean at a spectacular Ultra running event, honoring our mutual friend Charlie Engle. I really had no idea going in that the bond that was formed among this group of "crazy" passionate endurance runners, would be so powerful. 

Sean's story is one of success, endurance, resilience, humor, and tragedy. The key to all of this- at least when I listened to Sean- is to literally keep moving a step at a time... a day at a time. Sean and I have sobriety in common, and that bond enabled us to connect. I remember when I spoke with Charlie Engle, a week prior to the incredible event supporting the Ashley Treatment Center in MD. Charlie said to me that Sean would be a great guest for my Podcast. Now I know that Charlie's right. 

This is a powerful episode with some really difficult topics covered. I also think you'll be quite grateful to hear from Sean MacMillen, who has survived and thrived under incredible circumstances. Give a listen and I strongly believe you'll are glad you did.

When you want to learn more about Sean MacMillen, click the links below.

Aug 19, 202257:46
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Kelly Thrush

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Kelly Thrush

When I first met my guest recently, at a life--changing event at the Ashley Addiction Center in Maryland, I saw a guy who was literally the picture of health. He was also crazy enough to run for 30 CONSECUTIVE HOURS! Little did I know that Kelly Thrush had such a spectacularly harrowing story to tell. From the literal jaws of death, body shutting down, acute and near-fatal alcoholism and addiction... to redemption, recovery, ultra fitness and plant-based health... this guy completed the 30 consecutive hours. All of this was to support our mutual friend, and fellow past Podcast guest, "Running Man" Charlie Engle. What I wasn't counting on was the fierce sense of true connection, common ground and incredible sense of gratitude that I would feel towards Kelly. 

The longer I spent with Kelly, on that eventful weekend at Havre de Grace, Maryland- the more I knew I had to share Kelly Thrush's story. 

How and why do you recover as a transplant survivor, how do you change and live a life of power & service, why is plant- based eating so important? How did this guy come back from the dead and fully appreciate his true-love, who stood by Kelly's side the entire time? You'll have to listen to find out these answers! 

I'm honored to share Kelly Thrush with you. Kelly's story, and our newfound friendship, has altered the way that I think. You never know when a jolt of energy will arrive in your path- you just need to be ready when that energy arrives. When you want to learn more about Kelly, here's where to find him. Enjoy!

Email address

Rim 2 Rim hike for The Launch Pad Teen Center.

Aug 12, 202201:10:58
YMR Podcast Interview w/ PJ and Chris Cline

YMR Podcast Interview w/ PJ and Chris Cline

So, wanna get away? You remember that campaign? I'll bet you remember how good it felt. How many times have you thought, I'm outta here! You might have actually done it for a day, a week, maybe two. But to quit two jobs, sell your home and all of your possessions! That's different, right? Today, you'll meet two people who did exactly that! Launched new careers, left the safety net of their home, possessions, and surroundings- and started anew! Meet PJ & Chris Cline. Give a listen if you want to get the inside scoop as to how to properly plan spontaneous decisions. As you'll learn there is definitely a method to the "madness", as spontaneity is not reckless. You'll learn that by making some reasonable concessions, you can also make your dreams come true. 

As self-proclaimed “untethered travelers”, they are currently living their dream of exploring the world in search of the perfect place to call home. Celebrating their One Year Anniversary of full-time travel, Chris and PJ’s odyssey has been an action-packed adventure that has taken them to eight countries and 27 towns.

Christopher is a writer and actor by trade. He writes high-quality creative messaging for all media. He also acts as an on-camera spokesperson to impactfully deliver his client’s messages in video, voiceover and live presentations.

PJ is often described as “a human spark plug” because of the energy she brings to every project that she pursues. She’s a three-time award-winning speaker with an extensive background in advertising sales and marketing consulting.

I lived vicariously through this episode, as I have lived in one central area my entire life. You can know, that PJ & Chris have created a dream life, and this host has definitely not ruled out packing a bag to join them.  

As active members of Toastmasters International and certified public speaking coaches, Chris and PJ offer customized online training sessions that are designed to help people from all walks of life greatly improve their speaking and presentation skills.

To learn more about Chris and PJ Cline, check out their social links.Enjoy and consider taking the leap too!!

Jul 29, 202253:01
YMR Podcast Interview with Andrew Mann
Jul 15, 202255:16
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Avi Cohen

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Avi Cohen

Have you had to face roadblocks like language barriers, moving to a new country, financial hardships: yet somehow, you were destined for more… you had to keep going? On the surface, you see the wildly charismatic President and Co-Founder of City Wide Realty and Partner at Keller Williams Philadelphia. I previously had the pleasure of watching Avi receive a coveted Real Producers Award in Philadelphia. Avi gave a riveting acceptance speech and had several high-powered Realtors in tears. After that powerful speech, I knew I had to bring Avi Cohen to my listeners.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Avi Cohen multiple times to conduct this interview. Avi Cohen is an energy dynamo. Serial communicator, family driven, visionary, multiple paths of success… all true. But you need to know, Avi’s superpowers are that he listens, and is relentlessly determined. Wait until you hear about how Avi manifested opportunity with the Real Estate market crashed in 2008. Coming to the United States as an immigrant, with no money- Avi listened to his family and also followed his own vision to create City Wide Realty and Partner with Keller Williams Philadelphia. The successful blueprint now crosses multiple states, with more to come soon!

While I’m excited that Avi agreed to my first face to face (in person) interview, I’m even more excited to share Avi’s incredible vision. Give a listen and when you want to learn more from Avi (Residential, Commercial, Investment, Property Management, multi- family Real Estate) or if you’re a Realtor and want to meet Avi… here are a few ways to reach him. Enjoy!



Jun 25, 202247:52


Having the guts to take risks sure ain’t easy. While most of us want to do different things, live other places, live a big life…Ian McKee has done it. Relocate to embody the Disney culture, move to chase a work dream, follow his intuition, all done. To quote Ian “you don’t have to live where you live. If you want to change your situation, just do it!” You’ll be highly inspired by a guy who is intensely driven, honors his family and isn’t afraid to freely share the significance of his faith, while fully embracing the importance of service. High Flyin’ Money Man Ian McKee from GoMagnum Loans joins me on this new Podcast.

Early during the conversation, Ian explains that at 27, he has his “hat on right.” I think you’ll be inclined to agree when you hear the episode. Oh, you’ll want to listen closely to learn the top three most important core values acquired at Disney…and why they’ll matter to you professionally and personally.

From the business-side, Ian is Mortgage Loan Originator for both home Purchases and Refinancing. With his commitment to excellence and vast mortgage knowledge he is able to put his clients at ease throughout the entire lending process.

It’s important for me to showcase, and share, unique people who are successful- and will help others level up as well. Add the fuel of Ian’s electric energy and his commitment to constantly learn and grow, and you’ve got just a few reasons why you need to know Ian McKee. I had a blast recording this episode. I think you love this!

Here are a few ways to follow and learn more about Ian.


Sr. Account Executive

GoMagnum Loans

Follow on Social..

Champion Chat Podcast-

Instagram @mortgage_champion



May 27, 202252:02
YMR Podcast Interview Josh Buchter Wolf of Broad Street

YMR Podcast Interview Josh Buchter Wolf of Broad Street

How do you cultivate an exclusive environment, while also being all about inclusivity? You’re about to find out when you listen to my conversation with “The Wolf of Broad Street”, Josh Buchter. Josh is the Publisher of Real Producers Magazine Philadelphia and Real Producers Magazine Bucks County. When you need to cater to an elite group of business partners and make them want to be with you… then talk to and learn from Josh Buchter. I can tell you first-hand, that I’ve never met anyone who knows how to draw (and hold onto) a crowd, quite like Josh.

We talk about traveling abroad at a young age, and fully grasping attention to detail. I had to learn more about Josh, after I received an opportunity to participate in one of Real Producers Philadelphia’s signature events- The Great Producers Awards Gala. I can tell you that the energy, passion, heart, and standard of excellence was second to none. Listen in as we uncover how this power group started, overcoming initial resistance and building an incredibly receptive power community that keeps growing. Hence, the motto… Power Moves Only

What is Real Producers Philadelphia you ask? Their mission is to connect top-producing real estate agents and affiliates in Philadelphia County (and also Bucks County) through their monthly high-quality trade publication, mastermind & social events, and online community. This publication is mailed for free to the top 500 agents in the market. Its contents are 100% ABOUT the community, FOR the community and BY the community.

Lastly, and very importantly to me… I now get to call Josh my friend. Don’t miss this inside look into the heart of a Wolf… of Broad Street and beyond!

Here are a few ways to reach Josh Buchter.

On Instagram…




On Facebook

Josh Buchter

Philadelphia REAL Producers Magazine

May 21, 202248:08
YMR Podcast Interview Voiceover Pam Wood

YMR Podcast Interview Voiceover Pam Wood

Storytelling is such an important skillset for business, for life. Compelling storytellers are also riveting artists. To me, listening to a powerful story told by a skilled storyteller changes my mood and helps me to laser focus on the matter at hand. 

Voiceover Pam Wood has become a specialist in narrating Audio Books. Prior to playing full-out in the Audio Book space, Pam was formerly in the broadcasting field, and later moved into the corporate and non-profit arenas. Now Pam is back in the voiceover and storytelling space, and has become rejuvenated with as much enthusiasm and joy for the work.

Listen in as Pam shares secrets of not just the power of voice mastery, but also how her passion of ballroom dance classes enhances her storytelling. Here's how to find Voiceover Pam Wood, to learn more.

May 13, 202256:20
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Chad Nachsin + Emilio DiCicco

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Chad Nachsin + Emilio DiCicco

Raw, edgy, hardcore, funny, engaging, profane... How do you describe kind? In what I call "Hardcore Kind" Mortgage Guy Chad Nachsin and Realtor Emilio DiCicco redefine kind as they "Blow Up' Their Brand!" You will have some fun listening to these two Social Media dynamos. Business gets personal, and also gets social when these guys speak. Honest, to the point, fiercely loyal... with a ton of talent and heart... you'll see why keeping business in the family truly matters.  

"Emilio DiCicco is a Real Estate Agent member of the Award winning Bograd Team RE/MAX ELITE. Premier Listing Agent Servicing Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Bucks County. I bring the supply to the demand. 

Chad Nachsin is Mortgage, money. The “Be Kind” Guy from Concord Home Mortgage- in Chadds Ford, PA. 

You'll learn why it's so important to craft, promote and tell consistently powerful and unique messages- funny as hell too (and more than just a little in your face.) Do you want to learn how to "Blow up your brand" and still "Be kind" about it... then listen to Chad Nachsin and Emilio DiCicco. This episode was originally published in video format. Here's your chance to listen. Fun episode IMHO.

Check them out on the regular with these links below.

May 07, 202201:05:22
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Ashley Abdullah

YMR Podcast Interview w/ Ashley Abdullah

Energy infusion... the kind of energy the causes you to feel better and do way more (and who doesn't need more than that!!) is delivered to the highest levels from our special guest. Those who are truly positive (but not pollyanna), smiling, engaging, technically brilliant and capable of crafting and presenting a story with passion and talent...are always in high demand. When I had the pleasure to connect with Ashley Abdullah, all of those traits are readily on display. You can also know that Ashley Abdullah is a risk taker, highly motivated and driven to succeed- and plays against type to forge an incredibly unique business leader. Ashley is not like most people that you encounter, and that's a good thing! 

Ashley Abdullah is a marketing executive with 15 years of experience in broadcast media and building brands - ranging from primetime television shows, Netflix series, sports, news, and entertainment properties, product extensions, and live events. 

We get personal with shared work and life experiences (we both proudly worked at Univision Communications together for years.) You'll learn that being different is a high compliment (and also you'll be reminded that taking the road less travelled is not easy.) 

Ashley is New Jersey native and proud alumna of Rowan University, Ashley relocated to Miami in 2013 and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. 

In 2021, she launched Eden Park Media and joined the ranks of the Great Resignation to focus on creating content to elevate the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Family, achievement, shining the spotlight on those often overlooked- all done with a remarkable sense of purpose and joy- those are just a few words to describe my friend Ashley Abdullah. When Ashley says to reach out and connect on LinkedIn, she means it. See the link below. Enjoy!

Apr 29, 202255:35
YMR Interview Kenny Paul Feel Good AF
Apr 22, 202252:19
YMR Podcast Episode #50 w/ Michael Prince

YMR Podcast Episode #50 w/ Michael Prince

There are those who aspire to be at the forefront of change, and then there are those who take the leap and lead the charge. Real Estate Agent and Team Leader, Entrepreneur, Musician, Devoted Family-Man, and friend Michael Prince joins me to help me celebrate the FIFTIETH Episode of the Podcast When Michael Prince speaks, leads, or sings... his message resonates loud and clear. Michael has recently celebrated 20 years of living in Philadelphia- as he is a South Carolina native. The people in Philly are the lucky ones as we get the privilege of feeding off Michael's incredible energy. As Michael so beautifully puts it, when things go awry... the family just pulls together. I'm honored to be Michael's friend, and I'm equally honored to take part in this awesome conversation. I'm sure you'll enjoy listening this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it. To learn more about Michael, check out the following links.

Apr 08, 202258:02
YMR Podcast Interview with Katie Chonacas

YMR Podcast Interview with Katie Chonacas

I truly believe in the power of energy... to heal, to ignite, to transform, to share, to carry us through pivotal moments in our lives. When you listen to Katie Chonacas, you will feel that energy. You want to express yourself, and you're not sure how; you're afraid to take that leap of faith...then listen to Katie Chonacas. Listen to the part of Katie boarding a plan (as a teenager, and alone) to pursue her dreams... when you feel stuck pursuing your own dreams. This conversation will blow you away. KYRIAKI aka Katie Elizabeth Chonacas is a Greek American artist working in the entertainment industry for two decades. Katie is a multi-disciplinary artist who utilizes her voice to inspire change and transformation in people who want to make an impact on the world. 

For Katie Chonacas, popularly known by her stage name, Saint Kyriaki, art is as much the end product as the amount of effort that diligently goes into the creation process. Poet Saint Kyriaki, as she is referred to, breathes music, champions artistry and creativity with no holds barred.

Katie Chonacas took her interest in Greek Orthodox tradition a step further when she adopted the name Saint Kyriaki in honor of the great Greek martyr with the same name. Staying true to family while also becoming unapologetically unique, allow the positive energy of Kyriaki to transform you. Enjoy. 

To learn more about Katie Chonacas (Kyriaski)

Dreamland 1111 Album -

Dreamland 1111 Merch -

Saint Kyriaki - Miracles go to Marz (Official Music Video) -

Saint Kyriaki - Dreamland 1111 (Official Music Video) -

OpenSea NFT Artist: Chonacas SocialsWebsite:

Buy merch here:'s "A Lover's Fairytale" poetry book on LoveWebsite: https://www.aloversfairytale.comBuy the book:

Mar 11, 202245:38
YMR Podcast Interview with Paul Espinosa

YMR Podcast Interview with Paul Espinosa

You say a person can't change? Think again...This conversation will likely change your mind. Meet the former gang member who left prison behind, and made the powerfully brave decisions to completely reinvent himself. Paul Espinosa is an At-Risk Youth Speaker/ Compelling Storyteller... and also an actor. You will hear some stunningly transformative changes that have enabled Paul to leave the crime-ridden California gang and prison world, as well as use these life-changing experiences to help so many people. Paul has such a warm teaching nature, and yet you'll learn that speaking was extremely difficult for our guest. You'll also learn from Paul Espinosa, that it's truly what's inside you (and sometimes buried deeply inside of you) that ultimately represents the true you.

Paul and I met on Social Media, and I am so glad I know Paul. I'm truly excited to watch Paul's journey to becoming the consummate storyteller, championing those who need him desperately. I am proud of my friend Paul Espinosa and truly hope you listen and share this episode.

To follow Paul, here's a link and launch point.

Feb 25, 202258:19
YMR Podcast Interview with Nick Bonitatibus
Feb 19, 202259:56
YMR Podcast Interview with Chris Stevens
Feb 11, 202250:17
Feb 05, 202201:07:06