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No One Should Own Your Tomorrow Except You

No One Should Own Your Tomorrow Except You

By John Frederick Furth

This is a series of podcasts that include interviews with people who have succeeded because they are leaders. Not because they have an important title but because they have the same power, foresight and commitment as the greatest CEOs and Presidents.

Some of them lead organizations - large and small. Some are the best in their field and others have pioneered new ideas. All of them are making the world a better place.

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To Be or Not To Be: A Leader's Choice

No One Should Own Your Tomorrow Except YouOct 08, 2021

Can You Hear me Now?

Can You Hear me Now?

My podcast from two weeks ago, “Creating a Space for Listening,” included tips, techniques and mindsets that master listeners use to:

  • Really hear what is being said to them.
  • Create a space for themselves to understand.
  • Recognize how their own personal filters and those of the speaker color what's being said.

This time Larry Reines and I discuss what it takes to become the kind of person everybody listens to – in 1-2-1 conversations, meetings and in groups. Among other things, we talk about...

  • Vocal techniques that will make your voice stronger and easier to hear.
  • How to know whether the person or persons you're talking with are actually listening.
  • Adjusting accordingly so you will not just be heard but also understood.
Dec 08, 202129:40
Create a Space for Listening

Create a Space for Listening

Listening goes well beyond simple hearing. It's about creating a space in your head to process what you hear and increase your understanding of what's being said. The very best listeners also take into account the person who is talking - how their perceptions, unconscious biases and personal agendas color what they tell you.

In this thought-provoking conversation John Furth and Larry Reines discuss:

  • What makes listening so difficult for most people.
  • Why the best leaders are also the best listeners.
  • Some experience-based tips to get your started on improving your listening skills.
Dec 01, 202129:54
When Vision and Values Collide With Diversity and Inclusion

When Vision and Values Collide With Diversity and Inclusion

In this timely interview, John Furth talked with Betty Ng, a noted expert and author on diversity and inclusion, you'll learn:

  • The real reason diversity and inclusion programs often fall short of expectations.
  • A four-step process that ensures success.
  • The best (and easiest) way to know if your efforts at building a unified company-wide culture are working.
Nov 17, 202129:44
Business Without Borders

Business Without Borders

My guest, Angela Snowball-Thompson, is a true believer in a global economy where there are as few barriers as possible for companies looking to establish themselves overseas.

But she also knows that the biggest threat to success abroad isn't taxes, tariffs and other protectionist measures of foreign governments. Rather, it is executives' often poor understanding of the differences in cultural, behavioral and communication styles and business norms.

Executives who make the effort, however, come closer to having a Business Without Borders.

Nov 12, 202129:16
Meditation for Business People: Clear Your Mind

Meditation for Business People: Clear Your Mind

Confused by the changes brought on by COVID? Trying to regain that mojo you once had? Are you finding that even the smallest decisions have gotten more difficult to make? 

Listen to and practice this first five-minute meditation. It's meant to clear your head, mute whatever inner dialogue you're having with yourself and prepare you for a day of action and results.

Nov 01, 202106:11
What a Leader Says Happens
Oct 23, 202129:48
To Be or Not To Be: A Leader's Choice
Oct 08, 202102:15