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The Corrigan Encore

The Corrigan Encore

By John Corrigan

A podcast about life as seen by John Corrigan. I have been taught to observe and enjoy life by two wonderful parents. I want to share my observations with anyone willing to listen or read. Joining me as my co-host is the talented, albeit vocal Ben Palladino.

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Social Capital or Episode 7

The Corrigan EncoreJun 01, 2022

Meet Sasha Episode 10

Meet Sasha Episode 10

John interviews a comic book nerd

Jul 29, 202258:31
Episode 9 or the episode where John meets a bear

Episode 9 or the episode where John meets a bear

In this episode, I interview Josh War Bear. Josh is a Leather worker, Illustrator, props designer, swordsmith, and 

Concept Artist
Creative Consultant
Sword Maker
Prop Maker
Graphic designer
Creature Actor

Learn more about him at This interview was a blast! and its a long one. 

Jul 01, 202201:11:31
What has Bryan been doing or Episode 8
Jun 15, 202201:09:58
Social Capital or Episode 7

Social Capital or Episode 7

IN this episode I discuss what social capital means. 

Jun 01, 202227:16
The Art episode or Episode 6
May 24, 202239:02
Flexibility or Episode 5

Flexibility or Episode 5

This is the episode that almost didn't happen! Thanks for your patience my two listeners we have had so many difficulties however hard times reveals character and we have character for miles! I do believe this is one of my greatest interviews ever though. So there is that. I hope you can enjoy. 

Apr 14, 202215:14
Use your Imagination or Episode 4
Apr 06, 202251:47
Listen to the Universe or Episode 3
Mar 30, 202201:06:04
The Politics and Religion episode or Episode 2
Mar 23, 202201:13:15
The creativity Episode or Episode 1
Mar 16, 202256:13