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Midwest Law Talk with Joseph Wetch

Midwest Law Talk with Joseph Wetch

By Joseph Wetch

Are you ready to level up your legal knowledge and get some solid tips from an accomplished lawyer and his special guests? Look no further than Midwest Law Talk with Joseph Wetch! This podcast is your one-stop shop for all things law, from general legal information to in-depth discussions about pending legislation and relevant legal topics in the news. But don't let the subject matter scare you away – Midwest Law Talk is not your typical dry, boring legal podcast. Host Joseph Wetch brings a lively and entertaining approach to the table, making learning about the law fun and informative.
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How to choose a mediator with Jamie Johnson

Midwest Law Talk with Joseph Wetch May 01, 2023

Interview with Hennepin County Bar Assoc. President Nicole Kettwick
Aug 24, 202317:19
What Makes Mediation Effective
Jul 10, 202326:27
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara Interview
Jun 06, 202325:41
How to choose a mediator with Jamie Johnson

How to choose a mediator with Jamie Johnson

Lommen Abdo attorney James “Jamie” Johnson discusses how to choose a mediator when it is time to resolve a dispute. He dives into qualifications, aptitude and suitability of mediators for dispute resolution.

May 01, 202321:04
My Interview with US Attorney Mac Schneider
Apr 17, 202321:26
What is Mediation? Jamie Johnson explains.
Mar 27, 202321:08
Interview with Russell Schell
Dec 12, 202213:03
Attorney General Drew Wrigley
Dec 05, 202220:14
Thanksgiving Episode
Nov 22, 202206:56
Interview with Zac Paulson of TrueIT
Nov 21, 202210:03
Congressman Armstrong interview
Nov 01, 202220:32
Patents with Art Zito
Oct 17, 202213:42
Everything you want to know about Copyrights
Oct 10, 202209:34
IP down under!
Oct 03, 202220:10
Corporate formation with Austan Wellman
Sep 26, 202216:03
Virtual reality career choices
Sep 19, 202217:32
Aviation Law
Sep 12, 202225:08
ADC Energy-exciting developments in the energy space
Sep 05, 202220:17
Legal Q&A with Corey Herlickson
Aug 29, 202226:48
Why You Need a Trademark
Aug 22, 202218:17
Employment talk with Ben Thomas
Aug 15, 202216:46
 Charles Demakis on Estate Planning
Aug 01, 202216:57
What to do when the IRS comes knocking
Jul 18, 202217:24
What is Intellectual Property?
Jun 27, 202216:05
Meet a P.I!
Jun 20, 202215:10
 Using Insurance for Legal Protection
Jun 13, 202218:04
What’s it like to be a Judge?
Jun 06, 202219:11
Ask a criminal lawyer!
May 31, 202242:49
What Role Do CPA’s Play in Law Practice?
May 31, 202225:02
Lemon Law
May 31, 202204:59
Patent Litigation
May 30, 202207:20
May 27, 202210:04