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Joseyphina's World

Joseyphina's World

By Josephine Amoako

Storytelling and inspiration-filled podcast for the young at heart!
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What ‘I Love You’ sounds like on an average day

Joseyphina's WorldDec 04, 2023

What ‘I Love You’ sounds like on an average day
Dec 04, 202302:23
2023 Wrapped: A Journey Through Mixed Emotions
Dec 02, 202302:07
What makes you unique?
Nov 30, 202301:53
What Makes Me Smile
Nov 27, 202303:22
About my blood donor…
Nov 17, 202302:40
My History, Her Future
Nov 13, 202312:58
In Love With A Church Boy
Nov 08, 202306:13
Shoes Tell Stories Too
Nov 03, 202301:22
Growing Old, Staying Young

Growing Old, Staying Young

Growing and aging may be inevitable but how do you keep yourself young at heart?

This episode can also be found as a blog post here:

Oct 30, 202303:35
The Mother I Hope To Be
Oct 26, 202302:52
When An Echo Is Your Only Companion
Oct 21, 202302:13
Water to Wine – My Life
Oct 21, 202303:60
How I see Days as People 
Oct 17, 202303:28
Turning 40: Mid-life Crisis and Cougaring
Oct 10, 202305:02
Know Thyself: Feeling Out of Place
Oct 09, 202302:49
You Are Loved
Oct 03, 202301:30
From Panic to Peace: Don't Forget to Breathe!
Sep 20, 202303:27
Legally Married, Physically Single
Aug 29, 202304:24
Am I Certain? Absolutely!
Jul 27, 202303:29
How far? A note to my older self
Jul 08, 202302:35
I wish I could do more of…
Jun 24, 202302:33
Saying Yes and No
Jun 20, 202302:34
What ‘I Love You’ sounds like on an average day
Jun 17, 202302:07
This flame is not going out!
Jun 14, 202301:60
The Boss ‘Rub Off’ You May Have Not Realized Yet…
May 13, 202302:55
Tribute to my one and only
May 10, 202304:22
When the safe haven gets broken
May 06, 202303:01
Walk out the anger
May 03, 202302:02
What To Do When Threatened By A Flash Forward? 
May 02, 202309:35
Apr 27, 202305:00
A play fight gone wrong
Apr 18, 202304:32
Life & Its Lemons

Life & Its Lemons

Life happens. When it deals you a card, you've got no choice but to play. It's all a matter of perspective.

Voice recording by @aphua_larbi. Thanks for lending your amazing voice once again, dearie!

Apr 13, 202305:04
Stuck Between Not Alive And Not Dead
Apr 06, 202306:48
To dear five-year old me
Apr 03, 202302:20
Smell me a memory
Mar 31, 202302:19
Of Vines, Branches & Sticks
Mar 21, 202305:41
The Aftermath of  being an Ex to Suicide
Mar 14, 202307:12
When The Past Comes Back Haunting
Mar 07, 202308:12
Five Minutes Too Costly
Feb 27, 202312:44
A tweet of fate
Feb 22, 202307:40
Pandemic Lockdown: A boy toy’s dilemma
Feb 21, 202308:11
Lost Love Between Daddy and Daughter 
Feb 09, 202303:10
I’m a ‘Crazy Christian’
Feb 07, 202303:15
When Your Husband says, ‘Call Me Daddy’
Jan 31, 202303:58
Choristically Incorrect 
Jan 17, 202308:46
Thriving this year: Climb and Maintain
Jan 04, 202302:06
FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals: Football gods played their cards and a GOAT’s dream fulfilled
Dec 19, 202202:53
CR7 & ManUtd: A Not-So-Happy Ending
Nov 25, 202203:25