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Journal Heaux — The Journaling Stan

Journal Heaux — The Journaling Stan

By Journal Heaux — The Journaling Stan

The Journal Heaux — The Journaling Stan podcast highlights the power of a journaling practices. Its host, Tiffy, invites other wellness-centric individuals to participate in insightful conversations that center internal exploration, growth, mental wellness, self-awareness, spirituality, and beyond. You'll hear individual stories and dive into topics that explore the mechanics of a journaling practice. If you value mental wellness and personal evolution, this is the show for you. Choose a topic and enjoy. Happy Journaling!
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So You're Stuck

Journal Heaux — The Journaling StanApr 07, 2023

So You're Stuck

So You're Stuck

You are in front of your journal, ready to go. You decided that you have something you want to say today. Maybe you decided you're not doing much right now and you haven't journaled in a while.

You go get your journal. Open it up. And you're stuck. You don't know what to write. You don't know where to begin. All you know is that you wanted to produce an entry today. What's going on?

Apr 07, 202312:03
S2E4 - Journaling Nuggets of Wisdom with Hayley Curtis
Jan 14, 202345:15
S2E3 - Creative Legacy Journaling with Jennie Joy Journals
Oct 31, 202226:05
S2E2 - Emotion Literacy, Language, & Journaling with Pamela Sackett
Oct 21, 202201:05:05
S2E1 - Journaling for Stress Management With Madam Uplift
Oct 14, 202231:36
Introducing Season 2

Introducing Season 2

What changes can you expect from Journal Heaux Season 2? 

New Voices  New Seasonal Format

There's so much that you can learn from others' journaling practices and their stories. I've invited other journalers and wellness enthusiasts onto the podcast for some insightful conversation. 

Oct 14, 202200:48
My Gratitude Journaling Story (Kept me out of depression)

My Gratitude Journaling Story (Kept me out of depression)

Thank you for listening to my story. 

My goal is to inspire you to start gratitude journaling or to pick up that old gratitude journal that you haven't touched in a while. In my story, you'll see what the benefits of gratitude journaling are. It helps you see the glass half full, it makes you more optimistic, it trains your mind to be open for goodness, and it can keep you from sinking into an internal low, all while leaving space for you to feel your other feelings. 

This is not toxic positivity, it's creating additional space for goodness... And you might just be motivated by your own resilience...

Sep 15, 202215:45
Let's Talk Guided Journals With Shawnti "Journal Bae" Refuge
Jul 29, 202228:01
Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude Journaling (My Story)

Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude Journaling (My Story)

You've heard that gratitude journaling is a good practice for your mental health. (Mainly because it helps to lift your mood). But there's more to it than that. In this episode, you'll get to hear my story and the unexpected benefits I received from gratitude journaling. If you needed a sign to start gratitude journaling (or start again), this is it. 

Jul 13, 202218:26
To Keep Journaling, You Have To Love It

To Keep Journaling, You Have To Love It

If you can't seem to stick with journaling, this is the episode for you.

The secret is simple - you have to love it. In this episode, I give you some things you can do to make journaling enjoyable so you can keep up with your practice — you don't need any convincing to do something you love. 

Jul 05, 202217:11
Keeping Multiple Journals

Keeping Multiple Journals

Do you keep multiple journals? I do! 

I thought of it as a bad thing at first, but I've learned it's common.

In this episode, I talk about what journals I keep and why I have more than one. If you've considered getting another journal for a separate purpose, this might be your sign to do it. 

Jul 04, 202215:38
Your Life IS Worth Writing (Journaling & Social Media)

Your Life IS Worth Writing (Journaling & Social Media)

Social media.... We love it and hate it. 

If it's affecting your life, it's affecting your journal.

Your life IS worth writing, even if it wouldn't get that 'double-tap'. 

I'd like to take a moment to speak about this, and give a tip you can try to combat the issue.

The goal is for you to value real meaning over aesthetics....

Jun 19, 202216:60
Journal Hurdles (Perfectionism & Not Appreciating Your Life)

Journal Hurdles (Perfectionism & Not Appreciating Your Life)

So many of us journalers run into mindset based journaling hurdles. My goal is to help you feel empowered to open the journal, write, and let everything else go.

Let yourself be imperfect!

Jun 12, 202215:14
For me, It's Not "Just Journaling".

For me, It's Not "Just Journaling".

Journaling is a very simple thing to do — in term of what it literally is. It's just writing about your emotions, mood, goals, what you've learned, etc. But you gain sooo much from it. Like many others, I've gained from journaling in a way I didn't expect... So it's hard to reduce journaling to "just journaling". It's a practice, similar to meditating. There is no cap to the benefits you can get from journaling.
Jun 10, 202215:60