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New Perceptions

New Perceptions

By Journal Psychedelic Psychiatry LLC

The official podcast of the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry. Join us as we discuss with Clinicians, Advocates, and Policy Makers on the latest trends within the Psychedelics community.
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Author Interview: Gregory Jones, M.D

New PerceptionsJan 05, 2022

Author Interview: Gregory Jones, M.D
Jan 05, 202256:52
Author Interview: Scott Allen, M.D. and Rachel Allen, M.D
Jun 23, 202138:30
Author Interview: Megan Oxley, M.D.
Jun 09, 202119:09
Ethical Guidelines For Ketamine Clinicians
Apr 14, 202101:06:37
Author Interview: Sophie Adler M.Sc.
Mar 10, 202128:29
Author Interview: Medusa Warrior, M.Sc.
Feb 17, 202112:43
Author Interview: Ben Nissen, M.D. and Kelly Bisel, D.O.
Feb 03, 202127:15
Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy Model with Special Guest Saj Razvi
Oct 28, 202001:29:22
Psilocybin Stories with Special Guest Psil Silva
Oct 14, 202026:20
Novel Psychedelic Research and the Role of Common Factors in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy with Special Guest Natalie Gukasyan M.D.
Oct 01, 202048:35
Psychedelics from the Treatment of Complex Psychiatric Disorders to Self Transcendence and Everything in Between with Special Guest Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D.
Sep 17, 202001:12:11
Author Interview: John Jacob, M.D.
Sep 02, 202011:53
Mind Apps, Ideogens, and Multi-State Theory? The Future of Psychedelic Use with Special Guest Dr. Thomas Roberts
Aug 19, 202001:01:46
Article Summary: The Psychiatric Utility of MDMA by Mark Sundahl, MD
Aug 05, 202008:36
Author Interview: JP Martell, M.D.
Jul 22, 202012:44
Conducting Psychedelic Research from Psilocybin and MDMA to Ayahuasca with Special Guest Dr. Charles Grob
Jul 15, 202001:05:50
The Neuroscience Behind Psychedelics with Special Guest Dr. Josh Siegel.
Jul 08, 202038:28
Treatment-Resistant Depression: What is the role of Ketamine, DBS, VNS, TMS, and Psychedelics? Special Guest Dr. Scott Aaronson
Jun 24, 202059:12
Evolution of Depression Management: Where have we been? Where are we going? And what role will Psychedelics play? Special Guest Dr. Alan Schatzberg
Jun 17, 202050:30
Author Interview: Tyler Kjorvestad, M.D. and Joseph Pullara, M.D.
Jun 10, 202016:30
Ketamine Review: From the bench top to clinical practice with Special Guest Dr. Dennis Owens
May 27, 202052:23
Special Guest: Nick Gillespie on Psychedelics, Culture, Politics and more

Special Guest: Nick Gillespie on Psychedelics, Culture, Politics and more

Join Editor-in-Chief Dr. Tyler Kjorvestadof The Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry as he discusses Psychedelics, Culture, and Politics with Special Guest Nick Gillespie.

Nick Gillespie received his Ph.D. in English Literature from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1996. He is a libertarian journalist for Reason magazine where he has worked since 1993. He has previously served as the publication’s Editor-in-Chief from 2000-2008 and then transitioned to Editor-in-Chief of and Reason TV from 2008-2017. He currently serves as Editor-at-Large for Reason. He is the co-author with his Reason colleague Matt Welch of the book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America. His most recent work can be found at He can be heard on The Reason Roundtable podcast every Monday and he also hosts The Reason Interview podcast.

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May 20, 202001:03:01
Author Interview: Gershom Hernandez, M.D.
May 13, 202014:37
Author Interview: Adam Bertroche, D.O.
Apr 29, 202015:45
Author Interview: Rose Jade, B.S., J.D., M.S.W.
Apr 15, 202030:20
Journal Club: Psilocybin as Treatment for Anxiety & Depression in Terminal Cancer Patients
Apr 01, 202032:27
Author Interview: Tyler Kjorvestad, M.D.
Mar 18, 202019:36
Author Interview: Tyler Kjorvestad, M.D.
Mar 04, 202022:59
Author Interview: Gershom Hernandez, M.D.
Feb 19, 202025:48
Author Interview: Tony Ceman, M.D.
Feb 05, 202013:42
Author Interview: Tony Ceman, M.D.
Jan 22, 202014:33
Author Interview: Joe Pullara, M.D.
Jan 08, 202014:28
Is society ready for psychedelic based therapies?
Dec 11, 201930:23