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Journeys to Belonging

Journeys to Belonging

By Ilene Winokur

Journeys to Belonging is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Ilene Winokur. Join Ilene and her guests as they share their experiences about finding a sense of belonging and offer advice about how to create a sense of belonging in their personal and professional lives. I also explore my guest's passion projects and what motivates them.
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Episode 96 with guest Donnie Winokur

Journeys to BelongingApr 20, 2022

Episode 99 with guest Tu Vuong
Aug 03, 202231:48
Episode 98 with guest Faye Lawand

Episode 98 with guest Faye Lawand

Faye Lawand is known as New Zealand’s Trusted Internal Conflict Resolution Expert and coach for burnt-out (or nearly burnt-out) professionals. Her method brings back life’s ease and excitement for the professional who's had it (almost) burned out, by harnessing the magic of the subconscious mind and nervous system to banish chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Faye was born into chaos and strife in the Middle East, burned out 3 times in a row, and battled with chronic conditions most of her life. But when the traditional solutions of prescription medication and Tall Therapy failed her, she sought out her own. After 15 years of research & training, she founded The Tiredness Solution™ - an integrative 9-step formula that’s helped her clients and students kick the tiredness and overwhelm and finally feel like themselves again, by dispelling the internal conflicts rooted in the nervous system and subconscious mind.

And now, her mission is to help burnt-out (or nearly burnt-out) professionals find wellbeing as well, because she firmly believes that when we’re all living the life we want, we can build a kinder, happier world.

Faye is proud to call New Zealand home where she lives with her husband. She is a global citizen who has lived in 13 countries, speaks 4 languages and is passionate about all aspects of health and wellbeing. When she’s not coaching or training, Faye enjoys cooking, yoga, and loves spending time in the beautiful outdoors in New Zealand.


Facebook: @fayelawand

Facebook group: nervous system wellness tribe

LinkedIn: @FayeLawand

IG: @fayelawand

May 25, 202243:43
Episode 97 Teacher Appreciation All Year
May 06, 202228:26
Episode 96 with guest Donnie Winokur
Apr 20, 202241:39
Episode 95 with guest Mike Crabtree
Apr 06, 202246:27
Episode 94 with guest Meagan Pollock
Mar 23, 202250:57
Episode 93 with guest Jillian Dubois
Mar 09, 202235:50
Episode 92 with guest Hind Elyas

Episode 92 with guest Hind Elyas

Hind works as an English Instructor at the Leading National Academy, Niagara College in Saudi Arabia, The Leading National Academy (LNA). She is heavily involved in PD and her current roles include the IATEFL Global Issue, Issues Month Coordinator, the Incoming Chair of the TESOL International Professional Development Professional Council, and the Executive Secretary at Africa ELTA.  

Hind is also a Womentorship in ELT committee member, which is the most recent TESOL International Professional Learning Network.  She is a founding member of the English Language Testing Society (ELTS) and her main areas of interest include testing, curriculum development, and student engagement.  Her most recent achievements were being selected as a 2021 TESOL International Leadership Mentoring Program Award recipient and a TESOL International Convention  Ambassador.

Facebook: Hind Elkhatim Elyas

LinkedIn: Hind Elkhatim Elyas

Feb 23, 202235:03
Episode 91 A Good Ancestor
Feb 16, 202219:56
Episode 90 with guest Rabia Khokhar
Feb 02, 202233:16
Episode 89 with guest Eva Al Qallaf

Episode 89 with guest Eva Al Qallaf

Eva Al Qallaf is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator of young children. She came to Kuwait in 1988 and, after beginning her family, found a passion for working in the education sector. Eva’s 20-year employment history includes teaching at some of the leading private schools as well as positions in Pre-K, KG1, and KG2 at a local American school in which she spent 15 years. After achieving her NVQ certificate in the U.K., Eva was able to assume the roles of both teacher and team leader for various grade levels. In addition, she has also participated in accreditation, professional development, mentoring, curriculum modification, and various other administrative procedures.

Eva’s enthusiasm for education led her to Kuwait University, where she accepted a position teaching English in the Community Service program, which she did for six years. In 2013 Eva decided on a career shift and joined Specialized Solutions, a private company providing professional development for teachers and support for parents of young children. In 2017 she completed the STEP Leader Training Program in San Diego, California.

Eva’s insight into the emotional and developmental needs of children, as well as parents, has been fostered by more than 20 years of teaching experience in Kuwait. By facilitating parenting courses she has come to understand the needs of parents in raising children and how to support those needs. She says: “Life is a never-ending education; every day provides an opportunity to learn something new.”

About Parentool:

After many years of working with parents and students at schools, we realized that the emphasis is almost solely on students, while parents are the most neglected part of the equation. But effective parenting needs to be learned too. Established in 2018, Parentool evolved from Parenting Step by Step in response to strong demand for practical support for parents. We understand that the experience of caring for young children, especially for first-time parents, can sometimes be overwhelming.

With Parentool you’re not alone with your problems and concerns. We concentrate solely on supporting parents. We don’t judge or criticize. We communicate and collaborate. Under the guidance of our educational consultant, the STEP program provides you with hands-on, practical problem-solving skills that make parenting more successful and less stressful.

You’ll get an added boost by interacting and sharing your experiences with like-minded parents in a relaxed setting during our learning sessions

IG: @parentoolkw

Jan 19, 202249:24
Episode 88 with guest Patty Marotte aka Spice Coach

Episode 88 with guest Patty Marotte aka Spice Coach

Patty Marotte grew up in California and now resides in Kuwait with her husband, who she met while in college, and four children. She comes from a multicultural background from parents of mixed ethnicity and feels like she belongs to four cultures. Patty loves spices and healing with foods. She is a Lupus warrior and a cooking fanatic. Patty shares her journey to belonging, including self-belonging, in this episode and how she has overcome an autoimmune disease by healing through a healthy diet and her faith. 


Jan 05, 202257:41
New Year Special episode

New Year Special episode

In this episode, Dr. Ilene shares her ups and downs and how sometimes she's not ok. And when she's not ok, how she reflects on her feelings and asks why she feels that way. That's true self-care. She also shares some awesome moments from the past week and her #oneword2022.

Twitter: @IleneWinokur

IG: @ilenewinokur


Facebook: Ilene Winokur

Jan 01, 202215:29
Episode 86 with guest Christa Campsall

Episode 86 with guest Christa Campsall

Christa Campsall has vast K12 experience as a Classroom Teacher, Learning Integration Support Teacher in Special Education, and Teacher-Leader of School-based Teams. Christa currently enjoys engaging with educators in the global community as a professional development facilitator, online instructor, mentor, peer, and author.   

Throughout her career, Christa witnessed dramatic successes as she educated learners to uncover their own innate wisdom, well-being, and resilience. Based on these successes, Christa answered the National Resilience Resource Center (NRRC) call for a Global Principle-Based K12 Curriculum.   

With a team of education experts filled with goodwill and grounded in the 3 Principles, Christa created "My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World." This vital,  comprehensive, story-based curriculum is aligned with educational competencies and guidelines for academic credit at the Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary Levels. Along with the focus on sharing knowledge and language development, it promotes experiential learning with a variety of related fun-filled activities.   

"My Guide Inside" Learner Books and Teacher Manuals are available worldwide and have been disseminated in over 20 countries in paperback and e-book formats. Due to the goodwill of expert educators, multiple translations are becoming available.

Christa is a Ambassador. The "My Guide Inside" Innovation was successful in making it to the second of three levels of the HundrED/LEGO SEL Innovation Spotlight! What an honor! Christa and her collaboratorss are launching a free online introductory training (thanks to the goodwill of "Feel the Vibe" out of the US.)

Twitter: @myguideinside




Link to My Guide Inside books:

National Reslience Center

Dec 22, 202151:50
Episode 85: Self-Belonging for Children-We Must Start Early
Dec 15, 202137:57
Episode 84 F.L.Y. then S.O.A.R.

Episode 84 F.L.Y. then S.O.A.R.

EduMatch blog post: Self-belonging for Educators 



APPRECIATE yourself and make sure you're hanging out with others who appreciate you without judgment

REACH out to ensure we leave our mark on the world with our legacy

Self-discovery is your first step to self-belonging once you embrace yourself, the good and the not so good. By first loving yourself, (wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug!) you are in the present and noticing yourself. You’re noting what talents you have, your ability to navigate the world and work, your resilience in the face of obstacles, and the care, empathy, and compassion that’s built into everything you do. After all, teachers can’t survive without it. This might take some time, but once you start listing it all, your heart will swell with a sense of self-accomplishment.

Next, give yourself the opportunity to grow. We’re not perfect and no one should expect us to be, including ourselves. We have many chances to improve, fill in the gaps, learn more. Take advantage of those opportunities. Join an organization that supports your interests as I did with ISTE. I wanted to know more about edtech and network with others who had the same interests. I’m a member of TESOL International and on the leadership team of the refugee concerns interest section. I have an amazing online PLN that supports my growth every day. You can too!

Appreciate and embrace your true, authentic self. Acknowledge that you’re on a journey to discover yourself and find people who support you on your journey without judgment. I have a wonderful support network that includes a few people who make me feel good about myself and will listen when I don’t feel so great. They listen for understanding and not for responding. They value me and validate my feelings and are willing to let me know if I’m making missteps.

Then, reach out to others and find your niche. What are you passionate about? How will you leave your mark on the world and make it a better place than you found it? What will your legacy be? Becoming a good ancestor is your way to give back to your community, local and global. Use your superpowers to benefit others. Talk about feeling empowered! My legacy is mentoring and coaching refugee teachers and leaders around the globe. What will yours be?

Twitter: @IleneWinokur

IG: @ilenewinokur

Dec 09, 202118:42
Episode 83: Polyvagal Theory and Self-Belonging
Nov 30, 202140:36
Episode 82 with guest Steve Sostak
Nov 17, 202144:35
Episode 81 with guest Haider Al Mosawi
Nov 10, 202145:24
Episode 80 with host Ilene Winokur - Journey to Belonging: Pathways to Well-Being

Episode 80 with host Ilene Winokur - Journey to Belonging: Pathways to Well-Being

Thank you for listening! Resources from today's episode can be found on my website. 

My new book, Journey to Belonging: Pathways to Well-Being is available at

Noa Daniel's BOBs

Twitter: @IleneWinokur

IG: @ilenewinokur

FB: IleneWinokur

Nov 03, 202129:28
Episode 79 with guest Kate Leeming

Episode 79 with guest Kate Leeming

As an explorer/adventurer, Kate Leeming has cycled a distance greater than twice around the world at the Equator. On August 16th, 2010 she became the first person to cycle an unbroken line from Africa’s most westerly to its most easterly points; from Pointe des Almadies, Senegal to Cape Hafun, Puntland, Somalia.

Cycling 22,040 km over ten months, Kate’s Breaking the Cycle in Africa Expedition was not only a physical quest but an odyssey to highlight the development needs and activities of war-torn and poverty-stricken nations.

Cycling through twenty countries, Kate aimed to find out what is being done to give a ‘leg up’ rather than a ‘hand out’ – to shine a positive light on the issues, cultures, and geography of Africa.

In June 2019, Kate completed another original expedition when she became the first person to cycle the entire Namibian coastline, a 1621km sand cycling expedition from the mouth of the Kunene River on the Angolan border to the Orange River mouth on the South African border.

Read more about Kate's work here.

Belouga channel:

Twitter and IG: leeming_kate


Lights of Ladakh expedition

Her books and videos

Oct 27, 202150:27
Episode 78 with guest Evo Hannan
Oct 06, 202141:34
Episode 77 with guest Ken Shelton
Sep 29, 202148:38
Episode 76 with guest Michelle Macumber
Sep 22, 202147:48
Episode 75 with guest Donna Guerin
Sep 15, 202133:23
Episode 74 with guest Anna Dyagileva
Sep 08, 202136:30
Episode 73: The 6Cs of Global Competencies
Sep 01, 202124:54
Episode 72 with Ron Nober and Joe DePaulo
Aug 25, 202154:54
Episode 71: Modeling Student Well-Being Through Teacher Well-Being

Episode 71: Modeling Student Well-Being Through Teacher Well-Being

In a recent article published by Edutopia, authors Nina Portugal and Malia Tayabas-Kim note, "the foundation of learning and growth is belonging, safety, and trust not just for our students, but for adults too." On today's episode, the host of Journeys to Belonging, Dr. Ilene Winokur, discusses the main points from the article and explains how we can model these strategies at teacher PD and use them in our classrooms with our students. More importantly, focusing on teacher well-being, supports their ability to create healthy relationships with students for them to thrive. 

Wakelet collection

Ilene's website with more resources

Aug 04, 202120:09
An Asset-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning with Dr. Ilene Winokur
Jul 28, 202120:53
Episode 69 with guest Naomi Toland
Jul 21, 202139:09
Episode 68 with guest Dr. Kevin Leichtman
Jul 14, 202140:41
Episode 67 with guest Alice Aspinall

Episode 67 with guest Alice Aspinall

Jul 07, 202149:03
Episode 66 with guest Lise Farquhar

Episode 66 with guest Lise Farquhar

Lise Farquhar is a truly international teacher, having spent more than half of her life traveling and living across Canada and the globe. This experience has helped her discover the differences, but more importantly, the incredible similarities that exist across landscapes, communities and people around the world. Her current role is in the Visual Arts department at an International school in the United Arab Emirates and she sees herself as a facilitator of creativity.

Twitter: @L_Farquhar_IB

Jun 30, 202153:28
Episode 65 with guest Tia Luker-Putra
Jun 23, 202137:28
Episode 64 with guest Chey Cheney
Jun 16, 202141:54
Episode 63 with guest Pawan (Pav) Wander
Jun 09, 202154:25
Episode 62 with guest Saadia Qureshi
Jun 02, 202136:59
Episode 61 with guest Debbie Tannenbaum
May 26, 202138:02
Episode 60 with guest Douha Jemai
May 19, 202144:12
Episode 59 with guest Genein Letford

Episode 59 with guest Genein Letford

Genein Letford is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and global speaker on ‘Intercultural Creativity™’.  She is a leading voice on creating across cultural lines and she developed the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity framework for organizational success. As a TEDx speaker and top creativity trainer, she has inspired many educators and leaders to develop their creative abilities while establishing a climate of inclusion and belonging for their teams and classrooms. Pulling from her fifteen years of working with creative geniuses, her unique curriculum utilizes metaphorical strategies, heightened observation techniques, and the creative arts to reawaken intuitive thinking. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, LLC which trains leaders and educators on these essential skills and believes intercultural creative thinking is a critical skill for this future of work.

Social Media Links:



Genein's book:  From Debt to Destiny

Diversity Diamond

7 Gems

Her son's project:

Intercultural Development Process, Dr. Mitchell Hammer

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Leader's Brain by Dr. Michael Platt:

May 12, 202146:11
Episode 58 with guest Tisha Poncio
May 05, 202142:52
Episode 57 with guest George Couros pt 2
Apr 28, 202134:06
Episode 56 with guest George Couros pt 1
Apr 21, 202130:11
Episode 55 with guest Heidi Carr

Episode 55 with guest Heidi Carr

Heidi Carr is the ultimate professional example for our teachers, families, students, and community. She is an elementary educator and leader with the Clark County School District which is the fifth-largest school district in the United States.  She is currently in her 14th year of teaching and has taught 2nd - 5th grade. Heidi is a Nevada Department of Education, a Digital Engineer, and a facilitator for She is currently the president of CUE-Nevada. She is the founder of PLAYDATE Vegas and of EduNV on Voxer. Heidi is an innovator, a risk-taker, and is always willing to go the extra mile to meet her students’ needs. She is an advocate for all students. Heidi is dedicated to her students, school, and community. 

Twitter: carr_8

Voxer: carr_8

IG: @carrificclass

Check with Heidi about Battle Born Buddies and the Voxer Book study.

Apr 14, 202140:07
Episode 54 with guest Kellie Bahri pt. 2
Apr 07, 202127:36
Episode 53 with guest Kellie Bahri pt. 1

Episode 53 with guest Kellie Bahri pt. 1

Kellie Bahri is an elementary teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership. She is passionate about supporting learning through establishing strong connections and creating learning spaces that promote equity and inclusion. She is an Instructional Strategist, serves on the Instructional Leadership and School Improvement Team, is a Culturally Responsive Teacher, and a Sustainable Development Goals lead educator. In March she will release her first book from her children’s book series with Code Breaker Edu Publishing. 

She encourages you to connect with her on 

Twitter @kbahri5 

Instagram @kbahri6.

Mar 31, 202136:30
Episode 52 with guest Sherry McKay
Mar 24, 202146:24
Episode 51 with guest Farah Bishara
Mar 17, 202135:22
Episode 50 with guest Dana Fulwiler
Mar 10, 202148:13