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Liberty Relearned

Liberty Relearned

By JP Mac

To engage in civil, enlightened discussion as to what political direction is best for the U.S. from the conservative, libertarian point of view.

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Is America Free?

Liberty RelearnedJul 06, 2020

LR Podcast: The Neurotic Collectivists

LR Podcast: The Neurotic Collectivists

The government is bringing back central planning, you know, because it's worked so well every other time it's been tried. Not for nothing, but central planning is a feature of both fascism and communism. Just Sayn'.

The Biden regime continues to wage war on fossil fuels with its new proposed edicts regulating gas-powered furnaces. This will add to the cost of such items for what benefit and to whom? News item: The federal government plans to regulate nearly every appliance in your home from Just the News

This is further proof that you are not real to them, the collectivists. The true purpose of your sacrifice is to make neurotic collectivists feel good about themselves. Ayn Rand spoke at length about this mindset in her book “The Virtue of Selfishness.”

"The more neurotic he is or the more conscientious in the practice of altruism (and these two aspects of his psychology will act reciprocally to reinforce each other), the more he will tend to devise schemes 'for the good of mankind' or of 'society' or of 'the public' or of 'future generations'-- or of anything except actual human beings."- Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

Oct 02, 202337:47