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Liberty Relearned

Liberty Relearned

By JP Mac

To engage in civil, enlightened discussion as to what political direction is best for the U.S. from the conservative, libertarian point of view.

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You be the judge.

Liberty RelearnedJun 28, 2021

Liberty Relearned Podcast: Resist the Dystopia

Liberty Relearned Podcast: Resist the Dystopia

Finally, we have an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Despite what you may have heard, and what the media tell you, there is plenty of evidence of Biden family corruption that could be used against Joe Biden in an impeachment trial. Now the Republicans have to be smart, disciplined, and put together a case as prosecuting attorneys would in a criminal case.

This week, we do a proper Dystopic Journal segment featuring Orwell's 1984.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever” --George Orwell, 1984

Every year since those words were written, we've been inching closer to that dystopia. Now, we are almost there. If the world of 1984 was still on the horizon in 1949 when it was published, that world is now within shouting distance. The naked authoritarianism, abandonment of liberalism, the surveillance state, the mutilation of the English language for purposes of gaining power are already here.

It seems the more control the left has gained over our popular culture, academia, and the news media, the faster we seem to be hurtling toward this dystopian future. The only thing that seems to slow it down is the active, not passive, active resistance to it by a great number of people.

Sep 18, 202356:53
Liberals, the Left, and libertarians, oh my!