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By Julie Watson

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” —Maya Angelou.
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Roofie gone wrong

Julie-NotedOct 14, 2021

Airbnb Stories: Running a 420 friendly Airbnb
Nov 15, 202103:27
I’m sorry- am I being too loud?
Nov 04, 202102:03
Roofie gone wrong
Oct 14, 202104:14
Car2Go is now a no go
Sep 26, 202102:47
Crying at the Louvre
Aug 02, 202103:47
Ride Shares – Adventurous or Risky Business ??
Jun 14, 202103:05
Covert Operation = Get Nieces back
Apr 28, 202106:24
3 thousand dollars & Karma
Apr 28, 202107:09
Life is more fun with friends and if they don’t show up….
Apr 26, 202106:18
Dealing Blackjack in Las Vegas
Apr 12, 202109:22
#first tattoo
Apr 12, 202106:59
I’m sorry, you must have me mistaken…
Apr 11, 202106:13
I don’t remember what it’s like-
Apr 11, 202102:05
There is no such thing as (mostly) vegan
Apr 11, 202103:56
The Best Things To Do In Portland Oregon
Apr 11, 202106:41
Calm Down
Apr 08, 202106:23
Tips for stress free selling on apps like OfferUp and Letgo.
Apr 07, 202102:52
Providence Bridge Pedal- Cheaters Never Prosper
Apr 07, 202106:02
My favorite Vegan Cookbook. You will hardly notice the vegan part :)
Apr 06, 202102:49
5 Top Things Airbnb Guests Should Do
Apr 06, 202102:24
Airbnb: Drinking with the Russian Guest – Part 3 The End.
Apr 01, 202103:31
Go to Crater Lake if you can
Mar 23, 202103:46
Airbnb: Getting Harassed by a Russian Guest Part 2- Twitter
Mar 23, 202106:30
Airbnb: Getting Harassed by a Russian Guest: Part 1
Mar 23, 202104:47
Most embarrassing moment ever!
Mar 22, 202105:46
Airbnb: I don’t recommend hosting anyone other than the person in the profile.
Mar 21, 202103:09
Airbnb Observation: I’ve decided if you do not like these signs then you do not like communication.
Mar 21, 202101:32
Airbnb: I am a host not a 24 hour concierge desk
Mar 21, 202103:30
Portland, OR is the biggest DIY town I ever met.
Mar 21, 202102:28
Airbnb: Why pick a place thats details don’t fit the best into your travel plans?
Mar 21, 202102:54
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe- off to Austin TX I go.
Mar 21, 202105:28
Airbnb: Please don’t ask me about the money I make from hosting.
Mar 21, 202102:59
Camping Chairs and other people
Mar 20, 202102:39
Where are you from? not an easy question for me.
Mar 20, 202102:04
When your biological mother is terrible and it’s Mother’s Day.
Mar 20, 202102:44
I’ve never been skinny dipping and before I die, I would like to.
Mar 20, 202106:06
“It’s a great day for chili”
Mar 20, 202106:14
Airbnb: Superhosts don’t always make Superguests
Mar 19, 202105:16
No-one really likes “every” type of music.
Mar 19, 202101:40
“Nice” is in the eye of the beholder.
Mar 19, 202103:30
Stop thinking with your penis and be my friend.
Mar 19, 202103:20
Unisex Sizing- what does that mean?
Mar 19, 202101:26
Vacation Alone? Yes Please
Mar 19, 202104:27
Bucket List Hot Air Balloon Ride was dumb.
Mar 19, 202103:12
4 guys & a raft to the rescue
Mar 18, 202103:37
Pantomiming tampon in Rome
Mar 18, 202101:57
Your Unsolicited Advice
Mar 18, 202106:37
Airbnb: Sex with guests
Mar 18, 202104:57
Dirty Jokes – 10 easy ones to remember
Mar 18, 202102:11
I ❤ you Herinal
Mar 18, 202100:58
The Sounds of Fucking
Mar 18, 202107:03
Airbnb: “Airbnb is for little people”
Mar 18, 202103:27
Airbnb: The Hosts feeling matter too.
Mar 18, 202101:47
Airbnb: Private Room does not guarantee a lock on the door.
Mar 18, 202102:18
Airbnb Lesson for the Week: Bad Communication will get you nowhere.
Mar 18, 202101:42
Airbnb Lesson for the week: If you lie about reading the house rules, show up and violate them, then your stay with me will come to an end.
Mar 18, 202104:01
Airbnb: No Good Deed Goes Unpunshined
Mar 18, 202103:08
Airbnb Lessons are Really Life Lessons
Mar 18, 202101:19
Airbnb: Dear International Travelers
Mar 18, 202102:28
Airbnb: The Downside to Hosting
Mar 18, 202102:16
Airbnb: Repeat Guests are the Best !!!!!!!
Mar 18, 202101:52
Airbnb: Guests who cancel their reservation can still leave a review. How is that reasonable?
Mar 18, 202103:10
Airbnb: The Bright Side
Mar 18, 202102:36
Airbnb Hell: The Worst Guest I’ve Had To Date.
Mar 18, 202105:17
Airbnb: These are my House Rules. Do you think they are reasonable?
Mar 18, 202103:11
Airbnb Lesson for the week: When asking for already provided information – expect to be pointed in that direction.
Mar 18, 202101:35
Airbnb Lesson for the week: Never communicate outside of Airbnb
Mar 18, 202100:00
1st time to Airbnb- Here is your to do checklist.
Mar 18, 202101:50
Airbnb: What is the reason guests use host’s personal things without asking?
Mar 17, 202103:53
Airbnb: Respect the Check Out Time!
Mar 17, 202102:01
Airbnb Lesson for the week: If you don’t know- ask.
Mar 17, 202101:35
It was 1986- the year I got in trouble for my 6th grade poem.
Mar 17, 202100:27
3 Top Things Airbnb Hosts Should Do
Mar 17, 202102:01
Airbnb: Location the category that isn’t fair to hosts for guests to grade.
Mar 17, 202101:35
Which type of Airbnb is right for you? Shared Room or Private Room or Entire Place.
Mar 17, 202101:42
Staying at an Airbnb? Don’t Make the Bed When Checking Out.
Mar 17, 202101:05