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Julio Carlos Talks (A Lot)

Julio Carlos Talks (A Lot)

By Julio Carlos

An indie, no-fuzz, educational, explicit, fun, politically incorrect podcast about art, history, society, relationships, mental health and personal development, with short and to the point episodes with regular support to indie-writers.

If you are looking to relax while listening to content that makes you wonder and think, this is for you.

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Garkain By Anna J Walner

Julio Carlos Talks (A Lot)Jul 13, 2021

The Importance of Self-Editing for Writers
Oct 27, 202204:41
Distancing - In Sanity (WIP)

Distancing - In Sanity (WIP)

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More short-stories from the book "In Sanity"

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Sep 12, 202202:11
Snowflake Readers

Snowflake Readers

What should a writer do when encountering entitled snowflake readers? A simple and quick guide to deal with their shit.

- The Tweet of reference

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Sep 09, 202206:17
0.99, or 3.99? To price, or not to price?
Aug 30, 202205:31
Reflections on sexual harassment as a man
Jul 25, 202211:46
Mental Health Martial Arts
Jul 04, 202203:30
Trigger Warnings & Indie Books.

Trigger Warnings & Indie Books.

Should books have trigger warnings? This is THE question. Do they really matter? Find out the pros and the cons of Trigger Warnings on Indie Books and much, much more.  Cheers!

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May 21, 202213:28
Teach your mistakes to your kids first (Microsode)
Apr 23, 202200:56
Generational Wealth
Apr 22, 202203:40
Bone-breaking Poetry!
Apr 14, 202204:08
Season TWO intro.

Season TWO intro.

Welcome to the second season of Julio Carlos Talks (a LOT). 

So, this is about the intro and what you should expect from the next episodes of this renewed podcast. 

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Apr 10, 202203:32
B-Files by Steven LaFlamme

B-Files by Steven LaFlamme

Before we start to talk about this very well drawn comic book, that leaves you asking too many questions, we, impressed with the quality of the work, HAD to ask more about the author, and we are glad we did.

Steven LaFlamme, the author:

Wrote, directed, and produced “Cigarettes & Superheroes”, a top five finalist in Kevin Smith’s Moviesaskew Film Festival. His other short film, “The Birthday Card” won numerous awards more than 2 million views, and his other short film “My Dad (a true story)” was a hit at The Indie Filmmaker’s Co-op of Ottawa film premier! His screenplay BABY ON BOARD came 4th out of 4500 entries at the Houston International Film Festival in Texas.

And to top all of this, THIS very comic is an adaptation of the award winning TV Pilot with the same name, “B-Files”, that is already a success, hitting 11 sales on the first week of publishing on Amazon. Ok, this might not seem like much, but, when you take into account that the vast majority of self-published books struggle to reach 100 sales in an entire year, you can see how and why this is a major sign about the quality of this comic.

You don’t have to think, or doubt about why it was an instant hit, because in the first frame you see clearly why this comic book is AWESOME!

The illustrator, Azi Satria, made a very good job on this comic!

The first frames give you the idea of the style of the illustrator, and what comes in mind when we look at the work is: Uncluttered.

Yes, the drawing style is as clear as crystal but the details are so subtle that you have to look with focused antention to notice. THAT’S how you know that the illustrator is good.

Full review here 

Graphics Score: 8.2/10 Pilot Story Score: 8.0/10 Get your story at Amazon
Mar 10, 202209:55
I’ll take my chances by Gary Turner

I’ll take my chances by Gary Turner

” He felt the turmoil of a world gone mad, of ordinary men killing one another simply because they wore different colored clothing. “

The author, Gary Turner, in the introduction, clearly states that the book, although fiction, is based on real people, which many, their names are kept real, and the life aspects of many of them are also put in the book.

Historical notes, family heritage and lineage are put in the book, as warned, along with elements of the World War.

We can see the love and admiration the author had towards his grandpa and he was his hero, and still is, something touching and rare to see in a book. Nice.

A fast, clean narrative welcomes us to the story and to the North-American Indian Community, our MC being “Walking Thunder”.

Without sensationalism, the author creates many little side-plots of each character as the story goes and we get a taste of wars, drug gangs, murders, family issues, sea toil and opportunities that will change lives, dangers and… vomit, hahahahhahahhahaha. There is so much told, so many sceneries, experiences and characters with depth that you can see it before your eyes.

It’s awesome to read a description about the Indian people and their ways, the names in their Native language, the meanings, the names of the places and why are they called so, their functions and how the people saw it and why they were used for ceremonies. As one will realize all the events, places and time periods are based on true United States, and World History, which makes the book feel real.

The hunting setting that fills the first scenes of the book are sharp and filled with necessary details of the hunt, showing the prowess, knowledge and rituals of the Indians.

There is a sense of thriller in the air, an anxious atmosphere of incoming trouble and it’s nice to feel this without the writer hinting much.

The balance of the narrative and opinions of the author in the voices and minds of the characters, is rather impressive. As the way things went, the reader could have expect a heated opinion from the characters, and the setting that our main character is put allows such heated narrative, and yet, the writer chose to keep it logical, firm and focused. Impressive. The unbiased relay of the facts that are now history is one thing, but to show it from the much ignored perspective of the Indians, is the surprise that makes this book wonderful, although there is much more to this book as we will discover.

The author can use his narrative and description prowess to create strong emotions and relay them to the reader without going into much details. He uses the essentials, and with them is able to create a gripping and relatable scenery for the reader.

Book Score: 9.5/10 Get yours at Author’s Page // Barnes&Noble// Google Books // Apple Books// Amazon
Mar 10, 202204:37
Five Happy Choices Journal by Kristina Rienzi

Five Happy Choices Journal by Kristina Rienzi

Five happy choices is about the practice of happiness and how we can integrate it in our daily lives. But, before we start to talk about happiness, we have to ask ourselves: What IS happiness?

Well, let´s start with what isn’t. Happiness isn’t an event, a happening, a thing that falls from the sky or has dollar bills attached to it. No. Happiness is a choice, a choice that you can make, an easy choice that you can and should make. A choice that Kristina Rienzi helps you with on her book that serves as the basis of this practical journal. Although you don’t have to read that book to understand this practical monthly guide, you can read it here.

The conversational tone of the book is uttermost friendly and open, inviting, casual and clear. Very nice!

Authenticity and spontaneity are, in this simple guide, crucial to success, and the author makes it easy and fun to make the exercises.

Kristina Rienzi focuses on four distinctive actions as the foundation of the book and the exercises for you to develop the habits that will make you happier. This is important to keep in mind. Our habits and the thought processes that we choose on a daily basis influence our feelings, and so, how satisfying our lives are be. With this 4 week schedule of lessons and exercises, one can start to cultivate the seeds of happiness.

Book Score: 9.0/10

Get the book here

Mar 10, 202203:05
Drifters by V. S. Holmes

Drifters by V. S. Holmes

After the ending of the previous book, ‘Travelers‘, that hit our hearts, left us confused and eager to know more, V. S. Holmes comes back to the story without fan-fair, and what we mean by this is that the author throws memories of the deaths on the first book, the conflicts inside Nel and her duties as a teacher to the reader with full force.

The author can make and does an excellent job when it comes to portraying emotions and making the reader connect with the characters and their feelings.

The atmosphere of the book changes with dynamism and when many characters are in the same scene, we can feel the conflicts of interest between them and how differently they manage situations. Impressive!

OK!!! You won’t have to wait long for the book to go full-gear thriller and mystery as the “what-the-hell is happening here?!” factor hits the fan. Is someone is trying to frame Nel, or did she kill the victim without being there?

If it was her, why is she receiving cryptic texts from the Institute telling her to keep running from the cops? Are they trying to help? If so, how? Where’s Lin and does she has something to do with this whole situation? Is she going to come back to Nel? Is she going to save her? Is she even trying to help? There’s a lot for us to discover in this book, and all while trying to keep pace with our awesome MC. Anything is possible at this point, and with this book.

The tense humor and sarcasm are very present in this book, to relieve the high level of thriller in the book. That, and to relief the level of Nel’s anger, that we finally get to see in full throttle.

The coping mechanism that Nel uses when it comes to Mickey is understandable, sometimes funny, but it makes us raise questions. Is Mickey really dead, or is it Nel’s imagination? We will see.

Book score: 9.0/10 Get this fantastic book here and now
Mar 10, 202204:37
My Pursuit of Beauty by Vince Spinnato

My Pursuit of Beauty by Vince Spinnato

Humor is an always present aspect of this book, from the first words of the author to the last, growing as the book goes. The titles of the chapters themselves are funny, intriguing and show a lot about the sense of humor of the author. You will have so much fun reading this, but the first story of the book is… crashing. A little sensitive to Americans, Sep. 11, is told from a weird and spooky perspective. But this story will not be the only one relating planes and weird things, in the US or Canada.

This book is very well narrated, we have to say this. The way Vince writes, shows not only understanding on how to pass on the message to the reader, but clearness on what to say and why. Excellently done in this aspect. The book feels light and uncluttered.

There is so much drama in the narration, and ohhh the humor ! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAHAA, “My Louis! My Louis!” hahahaahhahahahaha, this book is so awesome, Vince is so awesome, hahahahahahahahah, LOVE IT! And oh, go do a blood sugar test before you read this because you might get diabetes, this is SOO SWEET at times, like, super cute, and clueless. Hahahahahhahaha.

We love the honesty of the author and the way he expresses himself, without fear of judgment and keeping his own ground. Another curious and stark thing is that the author looks at his past self with understanding and … face palms. His dreams and aspirations as a child and how he grew up watching the glam TV shows, and how they influenced him was laid with precision. There wasn’t any beating around the bush, but there was honesty, the feeling of wonder that was well conveyed to the reader. We can feel and see it all, understand and connect to the Vince in our own personal ways.

Book score: 9.8/10 Get your book on Barnes&Noble // Audible // Amazon // Author Page
Mar 10, 202206:09
The Rython Kingdom by Mandy Eve-Barnett

The Rython Kingdom by Mandy Eve-Barnett

First impressions are crucial, and Mandy Eve-Barnett makes a damn good first impression on readers on this book! The author has an intricate, but not too complex, style of narrative and she uses words that force the imagery of the period and setting of her story. In less that three sentences, you are aware and set on the scenario that she is trying to convey. Excellent!

“.… Guillem had been admired for his prowess in battle, but now he was even more revered as a troubadour. His tales of battles and faraway lands held audiences spell bound as he punctuated them with displays of swordsmanship and the exhibiting of combat scars. “

Words are so locked in place that it seems like the author took time to choose each word that is on the novella, trapping the readers in the grand grandeur of Guillem, the knight and troubadour, which fame is unmatched. The author, makes Guillem the center of attention, but there are layers of reality behind him. the character isn’t exaggerated in any aspect and the intricate narrative along the many details help in giving him a solid built.

There is poetic detail to the scenery and the narrative, but nothing that is too embellished. We understood that the author wanted to convey a certain period, and use that to create medieval contrasts that the story demanded.

Mystery and plots were laid without fan-fare, raising many questions on the back of our heads . Not long after the book starts, we have the story of Lord Elros, and the gift he received from the Griffon to save his kingdom from the witch Malgraf.

Book score: 8.6/10 Grab your book on Smashwords // Amazon // Barnes&Noble // Kobo // Google Books
Mar 10, 202206:04
Keeper of the Jewel by Richard H. Stephens

Keeper of the Jewel by Richard H. Stephens

From what we understand on the first pages and the titles of the chapters, – and all the mentions of them – , there will be a LOT of dragons, hahhahahahah. This is an Epic Fantasy book, and a massive adventure, so everyone that loves dragons, elves, fire, – and Skyrim -, hop on! There is even a chapter called “DragonBorn”.

A very cool detail that we noticed, is that the chapters are titled on a Victorian/Gothic font, which adds to the atmosphere! Awesome!

Given that this is the fourth book of the Soul’s Forge Universe, but the first in the Highcliff Guardian’s Series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

Starting with intrigue, family recollections and rivalry between Khae and her older brother, the books shows promises of being complex and with many enticing details. Why does the Queen want her brother dead, and what did he do to deserve it? Is he as malevolent as the thoughts of the Queen imply? Is she overreacting?

There is a clear confrontation of interests between Khae and her brother, because of Elven law and the different ways they think about the dragon race, and humans. This, creates an atmosphere of tension between the two, to the point that the death of the other is sought.

Sensing the dangers that her older brother Orlythe, presents to the community of Dragons, Khae Wys, The Queen is worried about the future of the beasts. That, and the fact that her castle and realm are being threatened by a strange malevolent force that she discovers in the most unpredictable way is enough to grip us to the book. What creature is this that has this warrior like Queen scared out of her wits?

Orlythe, the Duke, is set as the evil brother, and it fits. In allegiance with the human wizard Afara Maral, that is more powerful than the elves wizards, Orlythe stands against the ways of her younger sister, Khae, and the question is raised in us readers: “After all the reasons mentioned when it comes to Orlythe, is he wrong to have such a position?”

A malignant forces are threatening the Kingdom of Elves, trying to attack the Royal family and steal the magic of the dragons, but this force, this, presence is unheard of and its power is dreadful with proportions unknown.

Book Score: 8.4/10 Get your book at: Apple Books// Overdrive// Amazon
Mar 10, 202203:44
Angle of Death by William Gensburger

Angle of Death by William Gensburger

William Gensburger introduces the second chapter of the Mackenzie Michaels Mystery Series by reinforcing in our minds what’s the series is about and what to expect from this second book, ‘Angle of Death,’ enhancing our curiosity enough for us to turn the pages faster, and read the first scene that is very well written. William doesn’t just re-introduce us to the main characters, but to a possible victim, or witness of a crime, or even a person about to discover the corpse… No hints given until… it happens. A delightful way to start a mystery.

William Gensburger increases his attention to the details when it comes to imagery, pulling the reader in and keeping them there until the full point of the scene is made. Not only that, but there are many scenes based on logic and fact and common sense. Simple things that reveal the sheer amount of research put into this book make it worth every second. The direction of the wind at the beach, the effect of the plane’s altitude, chloroform action time are all things one doesn’t read often. It was important William put in such details. Points like this make the book much more believable, professional and valuable. This is where you notice the mastery of the craft. Love it!

The regular, easy going narrative makes this book easy to enjoy. William lets the case develop as he presents new characters, settings and other details, and in detail, gives the reader a solid view of things.

Full review here

Book Score: 8.7/10 Get the book on Amazon Other awesome books by William Gensburger
Feb 14, 202205:57
Civility at work by Lewena Bayer

Civility at work by Lewena Bayer

Many of us spend our lives working hard to learn skills that will be valuable, and demanded on the workplace. Yet, we neglect essential soft skills, seen as “nice to have“, such as Civility. It should be a no-brainer, the fact that employers should treat their employees well. Respect the fact that they are working, and that they are people with needs as well. But, this is not the case in our day-to-day lives, now is it?
Dr. Lewena Bayer’s surprising, and much needed book explains the high need of civility in our lives, starting from our workplaces.

Some would ask: “Why would we want to be civil with one another at work? Is there such a need?” or even, “Aren’t people are getting paid to do their tasks right?“”

You only need to think about your usual workday to get the answers to these questions. Most of us have experienced unfair or rude treatment by an employer and felt our morale drop.

This book not only about civility per se, but it’s about:

The forms of uncivility at work, and how they affect the workplace The effects of uncivility at work to employees and how it affects company performance The roots of stress at work and how it uncivility is the origin of such stress How can civility can help increase moral, mental health and performance of employees How can individuals and companies apply civility at work and the benefits

That, and much more!

This book is great! It makes us think twice upon subjects that we take for granted and see as unimportant, but that will drive our long-term success. Who would’ve known that knowing how to be civil with other people greases your way up and adds to the workplace’s well-being?

The issue of uncivility is addressed with data and logic, not neglecting the current social conditions such as COVID. With solid research and experience based knowledge, Dr. Lewena Bayer, gives tools to be civil at work and make a better work-environment. She also calls to attention damage that lack of civility does to mental health, by referring to research in the field:

“The Center for Disease Control states that adult depression, largely attributed to stress at work—which in turn is largely attributed to incivility—will rank second only to ischemic heart disease as the leading cause of workplace disability in 2020. If this statistic in and of itself does not present a strong business case for civility at work, I do not know what does.”

An interesting explanation is made between depression, stress, self-preservation and uncivility at work.  

Full review here

Cover Score: 8.5/10 Book Score: 9.0/10 Get your book on Amazon // Word Book Stores // Overdrive

Feb 10, 202206:08
Travelers by V. S. Holmes

Travelers by V. S. Holmes

~~The narrative is impressive and steady and the story engaging at once. Given the cover, and the fact that the book is Sci-fi, we get anxious to see what marvelous science fiction is going go happen, because we are introduced to an archaeology site digging, which, has, per our experience in Sci-fi, good basis to discover mysteries of ancient societies, or…. aliens. But the writer, V. S Holmes, knows her craft, her story and characters and where she wants the readers at all times. Lovely.

The description of things in the book are as necessary. Characters make great first impressions and the connections explained with simplicity. V. S. Holmes uses the background of the characters to add layers of mystery and keep readers focused. The author, gives us bits and pieces of information about them while moving the plot with purpose.

The antagonists, presented not long after the book starts add a layer of curiosity to the reading experience. Albeit all the mystery and conflicts, V. S. Holmes doesn’t give time to readers to think or guess. The narrative flows and the story moves with a jogging pace as more mystery plots appear on the story. A nice trick to keep readers interested.

We have a strange excavation site facing a group of local rebels trying to protect something. But given that the site is new, the questions are: What are they trying to protect in that site? And why?

Archaeology is fun after all, or at least the author makes a pretty damn job of making it fun.

One of the MCs, Mickey, is very interesting. His gentle personality and a approach to things brings a much needed layer to the book, adding depth to it. Given that he acts as a mentor and friend to Nel, they make a perfect contrast and add depth to the book with their dynamic. Comical and wise, he enlightens the story and brings about the many shades of Nel. Nice!

Full review here

Book Score: 8.6/10 Get your Book on Author’s Site/ Overdrive / Barnes&Noble/ Booktopia Au / Audible / Amazon

Feb 10, 202205:21
A Demon's Trade by Kathrin Hutson

A Demon's Trade by Kathrin Hutson

Kahtrin Hutson starts the book strong, with a powerful MC and a statement that creates intrigue in the reader, like “Who is Kali Sullivan, why does she have such effect on men?” , “Is she human, a witch, or another type of magical creature?” and showing us an important part of the MC’s personality: she is as focused as she is fierce! And this is only the beginning.

That’s why we are total fans of Kathrin Huston! Her writing is feisty in all the right ways, and we love the characters she creates. From the start, we know that this book, and series, will be an adventure, and as we read, it keeps getting better.

The details are very well put and integrated in the fast-paced narrative in a way that doesn’t stop the flow of reading, keeping the book gripping as the story grows. Waves of mystery, action, suspense and emotional twists are sent to the reader without any signs of stopping.

With dark magic dripping from the pages told with healthy doses of dark humor, we cannot help losing ourselves in this story.

Kathrin Hutson can make her protagonists strong and believable without making them the center of “all strength”. Many of the villains and secondary characters are strong and menacing, but there are some “bold and dumb” characters that put a contrast to the story.

The build of the main character is natural badass, pure determination and sheer power, sure, but it wasn’t inherited from her folks, specially her very despicable father from hell. She trained for years to reach the current amount of knowledge, strength and magical prowess to earn the reputation she has. But even so our MC still has some major flaws and weaknesses, and not only from her human side. The fact that the artifacts she collects test every ounce of her and make her “lose it”, sometimes quite easily, are great details to read. Impressive from Kathrin Hutson.

The always present action, the original, immersive, with scenes will force a cinematic imagery on our heads. Fantastic. There isn’t only physical and magical altercations, well, there are a lot of that, almost every other page, but there is also stark emotional tension, personal tension, rising from unspoken inner-issues of our main characters that surface and create tension between them and all of the processes feel real, as there is trauma, miscommunication, misunderstandings, shouting and secrets kept between the parts, and thank god, little to no romance, although… one can assume that there is implied romantic tension, which makes this book even more original. Love it!

Full review here

Book Score: 8.9/10 Buy it on Amazon
Feb 10, 202204:33
School Shooter by Thorsten Nesch

School Shooter by Thorsten Nesch

Thorsten Nesch, is one of the coolest writers we’ve had on our blog, “Grolar”, was one of the most original books last year, and he’s back with: “School Shooter“. Yes, you can bet that this will be a great book. Why do we say this? Because, Thorsten Nesch is one of those writers that packs his books with original, wild, unexpected plots AND valuable content with depth.

With a surprising start, Thorsten Nesch catches our attention and kicks the plot onwards with our main character. The narrative of Thorsten Nesch moves from 1st to 3rd person perspective with ease, and we don’t notice until we stop to think about what happened. This fluid shift and the simple description of the scenarios create a cinematic feel to the reading experience.

Readers will love how fast the book moves and the feeling of progress you will get when the chapters speed by due to the narrative of Thorsten Nesch. He made the book easy to read, enhancing our urge to reading more, and faster, which is exactly what he wants, because the tension rises by the paragraph. Very nice.

The emotions, perceptions, motivations and internal struggles of characters have depth and add weight to the story. It’s amazing how easy Thorsten Nesch can make the book interesting by showing what characters are thinking and feeling in that split second, and explain their background with so few words!

The characters’ unique approaches to the situation of crisis feels real. This allows us readers to identify more with one character or the other. The author also uses characters to show stark emotional differences between genres. It’s interesting to see how he can do it with subtlety and make it believable and clear.

Full review here. 

Book score: 8.4/10 Get it on Amazon – // Audibe // Author Site // Kobo
Feb 01, 202205:56
Hidden Enemy by JP McLean

Hidden Enemy by JP McLean

Finally we get to review the second book of JP McLean’s “The Gift Legacy” Series, and continue to enjoy this FANTASTIC and magical adventure. If you haven’t read the first book, Secret Sky, do yourself a favor and DO IT. Secret Sky one of the most original, mysterious and magical paranormal romances ever! – Other fantastic books by JP McLean here – SO! We get are back with amazing characters like Avery, and Emelynn , our MC, as the second book starts off with a thrilling scene and heart-pumping narration! OHHHHH YEEEEEAHHHH! JP McLean knows how to grip us at once and make us curious in the first scenes. Awesome!

The ever-inviting narrative of JP McLean makes this book easy and pleasant without ever taking out the underlying tension. We, readers, get lost on the story quickly and continue to enjoy this second book as if we were reading the first book five minutes ago. This, because JP McLean moves on with the second book and gives discreet recaps.

As we read, we can see that there are possible conflicts brewing that if not handled well by our main character, things will get complicated and catastrophic real fast. This is great because it adds another layer of expectation and curiosity to the book. Nice! Possibilities and betrayal are woven in the background due to conflict of interests between powerful parts and the covey. The mystery of Emelynn father re-appears and we know that from the previous book that he may be related to Jolene! But in what way? Will our suspicions be confirmed this time? Because it seems like it’s a pivotal piece between the mysteries that we are seeing develop.

Full review here

Book Score: 9.3/10 Get your book on Author’s Page// Kobo // Amazon // Barne’s&Noble // Scribd // Bol Other Fantastic books by JP McLean
Feb 01, 202205:54
Fright Nights, Big City By Mark Leslie

Fright Nights, Big City By Mark Leslie

Fright nights, Big City” takes off with energy and a quick recap of the last book’s, “Fear and Longing in Los Angeles“, main events.
Although this is a paranormal comedy romance, Mark Leslie grips us into our seats with a suspense-inducing first scene that promises trouble and lots of awkward moments for our main character and Alex. A perfect start, to say the least. New characters, new problems, new powers, old enemies will be back and memories of love will mix the air with this furry adventure.

The emotional tension is doubled down this time along with the romantic part of the book. Expect LOADS of romance from this book and Mark will not disappoint. Michael, tells that he is over Gail, the constant comparisons between her and Alex as the plot progresses leaves serious doubts to that, but is it enough for us to keep our hopes up? Will they somehow get back together?

Awkward tension, sex, genuine love, confusion, hurt feelings, surprises, more sex, more hurt feelings, tears, and, drama. Oh, the drama is thick and surprising, but not so much to be unpleasant, so if you like it, grab some popcorn and buckle up! That, with the BIG surprise that Mark Leslie put when it comes to Gail that will leave you floored. Perfect timing.

This part of the series resonates with readers in funny ways. So, we have the “normal” or “not-werewolfy” state of Michael, that can’t read emotions. This makes him “unsee” obvious clues about the women he loves, Gail, and Lex, Michael’s new girlfriend. What happens is that, male readers will feel the confusion of Michael and female readers will relate to the annoyance of Gail and Lex.

Another GREAT and original thing that Mark Leslie did was to take whole new approach to the love-triangle dynamics. The route that Mark took made the book even more interesting and surprising. Points to Mark for dogging the cliché bullet.
We also loved his approach on the emotions of our MC, and the fact he displayed them quite often was refreshing.

Full review here

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Feb 01, 202205:39
Shapers of Worlds Vol. II by Edward Willet

Shapers of Worlds Vol. II by Edward Willet

All the Authors in this anthology were featured in the Aurora Award-winning Podcast, “The World Shapers”.

This anthology has sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and very good ones too. In the first story, we have Shadow Sight by Kelly Armstrong. A story about a girl, walking on a path, alone, while admiring The Shadow Moon overtake the Moon. On a dangerous first mission she can’t fail, this girl is determined to secure her place in her family’s clan. Little does she know that a terrible truth hides behind her family, a truth that might costs her life. A magical curse, or a gift that forces you to choose righteousness?

Order Here

This short is the perfect beginning for this Anthology, as it makes wonder, think and become eager for more.

The second story, “Ghost and Fox” by Marie Brennan, is a complex, swift and mysterious story about a girl who died, or didn’t, and lived again.

Told quite fast, this short offers a lot to the imagination and commands attention in every word, thanks to the mysterious setting. Very well thought out with a novella-worth of implications and events told in less than 2k words. Uttermost impressive! This story will linger in our minds long after we finish reading it, and make us come back to it to relive it. Excellent!

“LETTERS FROM AN IMPRISONED WIZARD TO A YOUNG QUEEN, AND ASSOCIATED EXPLICATORY CORRESPONDENCE” By Garth Nix, the third story, is a total gem! Not only there’s drama, hyperbole, tension but there’s also a soft humor mixed in the thrilling nature of it. This fantasy story with a subtle romantic plot, stirred in a temporal misunderstanding, is refreshing. There are creatures that will make you laugh, a powerful wizard with crazy ire that is out of place, and a clueless Queen with her life at risk. Entertaining from beginning to end.

This is one of those collections that we would pay $50 for the paperback. The editor, Edward Willett , made a fabulous job in “collecting” these “cabinets of curiosity”.

Full review here

Cover Score: 8.7/10 Book Score: 9.4/10 Get your book using this Universal Link // Author’s Page // ShadowPaw Press
Feb 01, 202205:28
"Overcomer - A Journey Through Mental Health" by Victor J Clark

"Overcomer - A Journey Through Mental Health" by Victor J Clark

Overcomer – A Journey Through Mental Health” by Victor J Clark is a powerful mental health guide written to help the reader deal both with mental illness and the inner struggles that one might have, explain the many aspects of mental health and educate the reader about the several hidden aspects of it, directing one into discovering his own inner self.

Right in the introduction of this book, you realize that Victor J Clark is talking from deep experience on the subject, and has gone through the battle for his own mental health, through inner analysis and is fit to provide guide or direction to help others in their own journeys.

There is an interesting and much ignored, or not talked about enough, perspective when it comes to mental health, that has roots at our early age, which causes most to ignore these problems due to their inability to understand, or reflect upon them in those tender ages and live with them as if they were normal and healthy.

Poignant and straightforward phraseology is used with vigor and purpose, which lets us know that this isn’t a simple, politically correct, cookie-cutter book on self-help, something that is most welcomed to our blog.

Victor J Clark
“We struggle with figuring out who we truly are and why we feel like an empty shell of ourselves. We are bombarded with self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-depreciation and become so self-absorbed in the cesspool of apathetic mindless behavior.”

The author doesn’t prescribe easy solutions, or one-size-fits-all advice, but lets you know what he learned, what he observed and how he dealt with the whole situation, allowing space for the reader to let itself see him or herself in the narrative, in the events and learn the lessons on the many chapters that this book presents.

“Following these guidelines will only be the beginning of dealing with mental health struggles, but not the solution. The solution lies in each one of us.”´- Victor J Clark

There is clarity on the approach of Victor J Clark, and he quickly and skilfully captures the reader, not with miraculous promises, but with understanding and compassion.

“What is mental health? What comes to mind when you think about this topic? Why does it seem so taboo when it’s brought up as a topic of discussion? We feel as though we are going to be looked at differently, as though we’re psychotic, emotionally unstable, or mentally weak or can’t handle the pressures of life. “ - Victor J Clark

Full review here -

Cover Score: 8.7/10

Book Score: 8.0/10

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Jan 03, 202205:29
“How to Record and Publish Your Own Audiobook” By Jennifer Lieberman

“How to Record and Publish Your Own Audiobook” By Jennifer Lieberman

Audiobooks are one of the most popular forms of experiencing a book, one of the most accessed and bought formats of books because of the convenience that they allow readers to have.

Why would you want to make your own audiobook? Well, many reasons: to increase your book sales, to give a more personal feeling to your book to readers, or simply to have fun narrating your own story, or someone else´s, and this book shows you just that!

Jennifer Lieberman, author of “The Year of the WHAT?!“, is one of our favorite writers because she knows how to talk to the reader through her easy to understand narrative and this book is no different. Organized in a very simple and practical way, this short guide is a solid crash-course for all of those who want to make their own audiobook but have no clue whatsoever on where to start.

A great thing about this book is Jennifer’s approach to it. Jennifer clearly knows how writers think and the insecurities that most writers have when it comes to their own works and their own abilities, and she approaches this book not only conversationally but also in a motivating way, pushing the target reader’s back in order for them to try it out while she goes with them through the simplified 7 step process of making the audiobook, and that is super cool.

This step-by-step guide can be read in less than 30min, but it wasn’t designed, or written just to read, as you will see.

Jennifer doesn’t sugarcoat it when she talks about how long the process might take and that we have to be patient on ourselves and fight our own self-doubt. She doesn’t promise a one-step-miracle guide, but she does show us what we need to do, and tells this from her own experience and not because she read it somewhere else.

She warns about the preparation needed to record an audiobook, how to prep our voice, and she remind us how important and lengthy this will be into itself.
Vocal exercises for at least a month, before start recording. Yes, she tells us that and explains why, and for those who never recorded an audiobook, we had no clue that this was “a thing”, and this speaks volumes.

Full written review -

Cover Score: 7.0/10
Book score: 9.5/10 Get your copy on Amazon
Dec 30, 202105:29
"Remember, No Matter What; CHIN UP, TITS OUT" by Miranda Oh

"Remember, No Matter What; CHIN UP, TITS OUT" by Miranda Oh

What would was the first thought that crossed your mind when you read the part: “Chin Up, Tits Out” ? …. That’s exactly why we loved this book from the first moment. The image of determination and self-confidence in women.

The introduction to the book is funny, not on the usual way, but it’s totally a surprise and it intrigues readers, mostly because we want to know why did Miranda Oh, chose such events involving… a monkey, hahahahahahhaha.

After all the monkey business is done, the book carries on with ease and quite fast and we are presented with a bright red scene that sets the tone for the entire book and sets the foundation to the main message that the writer is trying to send to us, already explaining by a mention of what the title means and confirming our suspicions of what the book is about, and we love it!

So, we have an extremely self-conscious adult woman with low self-esteem, and panic attacks, that is focused on having financial success, working with her entrepreneurial mother and learning the ropes as she goes and has adventures both business adventures and love adventures. It’s very cool and the fact there is a constant tug-of-war between her financial wants and her relationship after she meets with Riaan on a carnival fare.

The humour is outstanding in the narrative and there are lots of swearing in the book, which makes things even more funny, and more relatable, specially when Miranda is telling the thoughts she had and reactions she had to things. There is also humour when it comes to describing events and actions, specially on her part and the fact that the humour was well put and exaggerated makes the fact that she was very insecure more relatable to the target readers and more acceptable as well. Very nicely done by Miranda Oh.

It’s admirable, fun and exciting to see that her mother is so cool and supportive, and… has super powers of premonition that, work! Impressive.

It’s very nice to see such amazing examples of parenting, from both her entrepreneurial mother that has quite successful ventures and from the father that is a very patient and attentive man. It’s nice to see a cohesive family, where family members support each other and have each other’s backs no matter what, even when it comes to the “gangster” brother.

The fast pace of this book makes it even more engaging as this love story progresses, the “living young wild and free” attitude that everything is possible makes itself more solid after the turn of each page. As readers, we don’t expect it to end, and it seems like there is no going down from this crazy ride of love and possibilities! It’s super nice.

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Dec 29, 202104:21
“Paradise Road” by Marilyn Kriete

“Paradise Road” by Marilyn Kriete

We are presented with a determined author, that tells us how she might rather die trying than to quit or not have it, that had to endure her mother as her sworn enemy for no apparent reason and had the courage to carve a path to herself through little secrets, friendships, escapades that latter escalated into runaways. It’s admirable to see that although Marilyn Kriete, at the time, didn’t have the means of escaping the parental control, or dictatorship regime, she never lost the drive to get out of her house and live her life for herself and taste what was purposefully forbidden and straight out denied to her in order to make her suffer, it seems.

The war between Marilyn and her mother was… ugly, and with one-sided wins, the mother’s, as the author struggled to keep her morale, and many times her dignity, under the cold stare and ruling of a detached, angry, unstable and miserable mother. It’s telling to see how parents can fall into the trap of vengeance and punishment, “retribution”, to their innocent children for crimes the parents themselves made, as if that would make them happy in the end. Here we have a stark, example of this, as we get a feeling that her mother would much rather see her child as miserable as her, than to see her succeed or acknowledge her hard-earned triumphs.

It’s fascinating how easy it is the read this memoir, the narrative just flows as Marilyn tells about her friendships and the wild adventures of exploring basements, the occult, rivers and creeks, as both herself and her friends wanted to grow up as fast as possible and become “admirable and beautiful”, with such adventures somehow, and funnily enough, turning into the pursuit of LSD and acid. LOL.

The rawness of the despair and pain is coarse to our hearts as we are told about the family conflicts and the choices her parents made and how it affected her and the whole family dynamics, ripping holes into everyone, and although, as a child, a 13 year-old, she knew very well to discern what was happening and why, which makes us take a deep breath and ponder upon our present and future responsibilities as parents and how our choices, many times selfish, might affect our family members. Very nice.

With a healthy, quite light, dose of sarcasm the stories flow and keep a smile on your face, when the atmosphere is light enough, and the fact that you rise and fall with the mood of the book is a sure telling sign of how engaging this memoir is.

The awfully hard-truths are told all of a sudden, with no previous warning whatsoever and the violent, unseen shifts scattered on the book makes us grip our hearts and think of how illusions can break away so quickly, making this book a powerful roller-coaster of emotions.

Another very cool thing about this memoir is that it is constantly changing. There are so many episodes of so many “adventures” that readers will be constantly amazed and entertained by it. 

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Cover Score: 9.5/10 Book Score: 8.0/10 Grab your book at  The Author’s site // Amazon // Barnes&Noble

Dec 27, 202107:10
“The Reefs of Time” by Jeffrey A Carver

“The Reefs of Time” by Jeffrey A Carver

Given that this is the fifth chapter of the series, a good, simple, up to the point re-cap is given with all the information that we might need in order to understand what has happened in the previous books, and we are ready to start rolling.

The scientific aspect of the book is very well put and attention is paid to the details, with reference to stars that actually exist, and bodies in space such as meteor belts, planets and even the constitution of such planets, which is awesome and gives another layer of believability to the whole book.

The narration is perfect, with a great pace, and the introduction of the actual story is very well made, making us, the readers become engaged with the plot and the characters with ease, even if we haven’t read the previous four book. The imagery on this great book is suggestive, being accurately descriptive but leaving room for the reader to take its own conclusions and put much of its own imagination on the book as the story develops with its consistent, deliberate pace.

The emotion of the characters is very well displayed in the interactions that occur, and the author can and does show the inner struggles of characters with ease that makes us readers understand, relate and feel the weight of such pains and joys, the doubts and fears in our own selves which makes the whole book even more intriguing.

It’s surprising to see how well Jeffrey A. Carter manages to make realistic interactions between characters according to their moods, and how natural the whole thing feels. It seems like the characters had a will of their own. Not only that but the internal thinking processes of the characters were also very well put and it helped in making the story more believable. We have curious characters, like god-like entities with extreme powers, others with extreme knowledge, but are not at all perfect, and although present many incredible traits, still have basic flaws such as uncertainties, fears and trauma.

There are some moments that you relate to the apprehension of the characters, like when they are trying to decide whether to enter a portal, accept a crazy mission, leave their friends behind  or just be projected through space and time and risk their own deaths in the process, and if they survive such experience, to fight the deadliest force in the universe, in its purest form.

Mysterious conflicts and interests of the major ruling groups set the tone of many things, and the destines of our friends in this story, and it seems that they are being either manipulated all the way through, or there is in fact a disagreement that is creating factions of thought in the upper levels of the planet’s government, causing several complications on the common mission they are sending our team on.

The mystery and the amount of secrets inside the book is enticing, with questions growing and answers that take time to appear, as our characters try to work around the reason why are they being sent to several deadly missions and yet, ...

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Cover Score: 8.7/10 Book score: 8.5/10 Get your copy at  Amazon // Barnes&Noble // Google Play
Dec 27, 202104:39
“Jackrabbit Jingle Balls” by Ann Charles

“Jackrabbit Jingle Balls” by Ann Charles

Well, what can one say about such a suggestive title, hahahahaahaha, in this jolly, happy season? Hahahahahahahaha, and do pay attention to the titles because they are a big part of the story and of the feeling of the whole book and, I assure you, that it’s something you don’t want to miss, specially if Christmas is your favourite holiday season, and/or you love Christmas movies. Nice.

Ann Charles packs some serious, priceless humour, both in the titles of her collections and in the narrative and a very pleasant read awaits us on this short-story, part of the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series

Crazy skeleton illustrations, and warnings, welcome you to this read and it’s hilarious, so prepare for the illogically quirky and funny narrative and descriptions of Ann Charles, hahahahaha. We will tell you this: the phrase “what the hell?” will be constantly on the back of your mind, and the smile on your face will stay for so long that it will start to hurt. Hahahaahahahaha, oh man this is funny!

So, this book, this chapter of the series, focuses on the theme of divorce and marital issues, mixed with an insanely crazy, odd and humorous family dynamics with some thriller and suspense spice. We have the mother, Deborah, going through the divorce and re-marrying processes, while her daughters are getting married, pregnant or even avoiding commitment like the devil avoids holy water, and the fact that it starts with all of them having a “belated bachelorette” celebration at a strip club, does not help to decrease the weirdness of the story, specially when there are grinches and santa’s all around.

Curious is how Ann Charles made de dynamics of these women and you can clearly see what is happening as mother and daughters take “sweet jabs” at each other, challenge each other to drink themselves to forgetfulness, or a comma, and then… bind themselves with and ride their mother like a bull? Yes, this is the vein of weirdness and humour on this book, and it’s gold, I tell ya. Be prepared for puns, analogies and words combinations like “booger sugar”, “moneymakers”,  and “Pregosaurus Rex” for reasons that logic cannot explain.

Things only get wilder as the pages grow and the other characters start to get some action going in the book as well, and by action I mean conflicts with exes, – Ex-husbands, Ex-wives and Ex-Boyfriends – and secrets being tossed to the wall like spaghetti while some loudmouths run away from them as fast as they can, lol. Everyone has a place and a deep hand inside the chaos of this delightful story that guarantees laughter at every other paragraph.

Written review -

Book cover: 8.7/10 Book score: 8.5/10 Available at Author’s Page// Amazon// Barnes&Noble
Dec 27, 202106:42
"Jailed" by Robert P. French

"Jailed" by Robert P. French

High tension, jail-style high tension, gives us a heart-stopping introduction to the 7th book in the Cal Rogan Mystery series, as we are presented to a 6 feet tall man with a gang that wants a piece of Micah, but doesn’t get it because he is friends with another gang leader that is as muscled as one can be and he is standing right beside him, which almost causes a violent altercation. Why does the giant want a piece of Micah, if he is jus a skinny kid that has never seen jail in his life? We are yet to find out because apparently, Micah, was wrongfully convicted and is doing jail in one of the harshest prison facilities in Canada, and the whole situation looks like a set-up.

Rogan, a private investigator, a retired private investigator that is trying to live his life as a professor in an University may be his only hope out of this situation, but how can he prove him innocent if all evidences are against him?

We have a very interesting set-up for a mystery novel with an inviting narrative told with confidence. The plot develops with ease even with all the minute details the writer puts and calls our attention to in order to understand certain implications that might hinder events or be used later on in the story.

A curious thing: our main character, Detective Rogan, has in hand an “unwanted” proposal that if he accepts, may risk the life of the man he is trying to prove innocent making every move count as time works against him.

There are some incredibly smooth characters, like Jim Garry and Ellie, that we start loving right away, and it seems like the author took great care for us to love Jim even more after every word he speaks. Really cool, and when you add that to the interaction of the characters in the whole story, the way it all feels effortless and real, – the relationship between Ellie, Sam and Cal; the relationship and interactions between Cal and his ex-wife, his business partners, with all the tension and joy between – makes this mystery romance much more enjoyable.

Full review here -

Cover Score: 8.5/10 Book Score: 8.8/10 Get your book on Amazon // Reedsy // Author’s Page
Dec 27, 202103:39
"How to control your alcohol consumption" by Jason Newman

"How to control your alcohol consumption" by Jason Newman

Remember that quote that goes something like: “After you read a book, you will not see the world the say way again” ? Yeah… this is one of those books, a total mind-opener!

Most of us have seen, witnessed, the damage that a drunk or alcoholic person can do, both to itself, be it in a moment, over the years, physically and mentally  and to others, and all of us have in way or the other heard the gruesome stories, from close friends, relatives of the damage that a drunk can make to its closest relatives.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous, addictive substances in nature, but unlike other drugs, it’s not as regulated, and worse, the level of education related to drinks is almost negligible, so, coming across and a book that teaches people how to drink without overdoing it and becoming dependent of this type of drug is a very good thing, and much needed, both for heavy drinkers, drunks, and people that are starting to drink or are worried that they are becoming dependent of it, and knowing that the author himself was a heavy drinker, adds many points to this book.

Right off the bat we are faced with facts, presented in a solid, well-researched manner in a well organized book, that makes it easy to read. Loved the Seneca quote in the begining as he is yes, one of the most accurate philosophers that ever lived and a great stoic, the choice of words and the theme shows that the writer is serious about self-control, as stoics are. Very nice.

The writer does present the facts, to engage the target reader right away and force it into thinking long and hard about drinking and its consequences by showing the disastrous effects, both economical and personal, in their lives and in society, but also at the same time giving incentives to the target reader to be honest about the topic and letting know that people will be supportive about it, help and understand them, something that is crucial.

A VERY cool thing about this excellently researched little book is that the author lets us know facts that we thought we knew about alcohol and drinks, such as the measurements of a drink as per alcohol percentage, and how these little hidden facts completely change the dynamics of the talk around alcohol consumption.

Did you know that you can spend more than 1K USD buy buying really cheap bear within a year? Cheap beer! Imagine standard quality beer. Facts like these are all over this book, which makes it even more interesting if you are like me that has some heavy drinking friends

Full review here-

Book Score: 9.1/10 Get your copy on Amazon- US // UK // AU – // Audiobook!

Dec 14, 202105:17
"Reboots - Undead can dance" by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin

"Reboots - Undead can dance" by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin

We like this book, we like this book a LOT! And here’s why:

The narrative is conversational and FULL of humor, dark humor and sarcasm! LOVE IT. The description of the Fangs, the Weres, and the Reboots, –Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies – is a new take on things, THAT’s for sure. SCI-FI! We got interstellar travel, tech and more tech! The setting.

OK, before I explain the fourth aspect, I want to tell you that you will be nothing but impressed on these two authors and the AMAZING job they did in this book, and here’s why I’m saying this:

In LESS than TWO pages, they put us, the readers, in line with the ENTIRE hierarchical, technological and societal structure of things, effortlessly. Like, you GET IT from the first try and start to understand from how things are going in here that this book promises LOTS of surprises. THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!  Top stuff right here, no doubt.

So, the setting. We have a society that is advanced in tech and in time, is capable of advanced travel and has conquered several solar systems within the galaxy, and this society has the top of the food chain as Humans, called Norms, then Vampires, then Werewolves or Furs and other creatures, and then, on the bottom of the chain: Zombies.

So, a little detail about this book that is super cool. The authors didn’t try, or care to explain “how things happened” in the beginning of the book. They just set the whole plot of Fangs, Furs and Reboots as something normal, and we readers capture that early without need of explanations, but there are a lot of interesting possibilities about the past and how things came to be that the writers throw now and then, which makes us try to discover more and more by reading the book and whishing for a series explaining those “wars and events” that shaped the world on how it is, like between the “Norms” and the undead. THIS IS SO COOL!

What’s the level of humor this book is at? Well, let us just say that Zombies here are also called as “corpsicles“. Ok, not good enough for a joke? How about this : “Being Undead is totally rad unless you’re one of us. Vampires are strong and fast and persuasive. Werewolves are giant hairy woodchippers on legs” or… “What in the name of all things dark and pointy is this bastard?” and ” Most of them were tourists, often wearing outfits that would have made a stripper blush“.

The exaggeration and sarcasm is off the CHARTS!!!!!! OMG!!! The authors DID take their time in making these jokes, either that, or both are sarcasm grand-masters! HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHHAHAHAHH, lovely! Reading this book is such a pleasing experience, this book is so fun in itself, oh yes. This book feels like Tumblr.

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Nov 29, 202104:41
"Minor Assassin" by Jackiem Joyner

"Minor Assassin" by Jackiem Joyner

This book starts off with heavy scenes. I mean… HEAVY. No mercy for the main character, Jon, as he is forced to see his family being killed in front of his eyes, by a Chinese gang leader, inside his house after his parents returned home from a work assignment gone right, or wrong. After the cruel scenes, the trauma and the “helping escort” out to safety, there was only one path for Jon as an 8 year old: Vengeance. – And 20$ bills –

Jackiem Joyner doesn’t hold back in the descriptions of the graphic scenes of this action-packed book, be it in the fight scenes or in emotionally charged situations. The bloody and gruesome images that he is “forced” to write in order to send his message across and/or give a more substantial, impactful atmosphere to the book , specially when it comes to the human-trafficking, the killing and kidnaping of young girls, is one of the things that will mark every reader of this book. This book will make a difference in the world.

We loved the original plot idea, a kid-assassin on a mission to avenge his family, and apparently all the other characters, including our well written cops that partake in much of the action and make a great contribution to this story, are as surprised as readers will be with the whole concept of a child assassin, although, we readers have a much easier time adjusting towards this whole concept.

The reactions of Jon, both as he fights and how he perceives things are typical to an 8 year old and it makes the story so much believable, love it! Throughout most of the book, you feel like you are reading about a kid, and the narrator is really the kid that our MC is presented to be.

The narrative isn’t “stylish”at all, there’s no… “flash” or “glam” to it, but THAT helps you keep focused and intensely anxious about what’s going to happen next, given that this is a thriller with action. We love how the chapters progress in this book, it’s something very cool, they start, what needs to be told is told and they end, making the story move along. No ramble. No unnecessary clutter. No filler. THAT’s how you do it, and that’s how you keep readers TOTALLY engaged with your book. VERY NICE!

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Cover Score:  9.0/10 Book Score: 8.7/10 Get your book at Author’s site // Amazon
Nov 27, 202105:06
"White Lightning" by Melissa YI
Nov 27, 202104:25
"Enlightened Dog Training" by Jesse Sternberg

"Enlightened Dog Training" by Jesse Sternberg

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought: “Wow, so zen” ? Well, I’m sure that if you take a moment to replay all your memories about your favorite furry and barky pet, – and overlook all the chewing, barking and leaping around with what seems like an endless supply of energy– you will see that in fact, dogs ARE zen. Here’s why I’m saying this, and you as a dog owner will surely relate: Most times, when your dog was anxious, it was either because you, the owner, were anxious, or, they were afraid of something. After those two situations, most probably, your dog showed no worries whatsoever, am I right?

In this amazingly well written book, Enlightened Dog Training, you will find how your own body language affects the behavior of your dog and how changing it will help you get the results that you want from your pet, and how to “speak” to your dog. Yes, Jesse Sternberg will teach you how to speak to your dog. After you read and start practicing the teachings of Jesse , you will be able to do that, just like he does, and have the results that he has had, or much better results than that the average dog owner has in its daily life, for sure, and if you need any proof, there are case studies of people just like you and me, that tried and got their results almost instantly!

If you are thinking: “This is crazy, communicate with my dog with my body? That’s impossible”, well, I would invite you to re-consider this, because, in the “animal world” body language makes most of the communication process within individuals, and regardless if we are aware of it or not, our bodies are ALWAYS sending signals of what we are thinking, feeling and trying to say.

Jesse Sternberg
“It’s easier for a human to learn the Secret Language of Dogs than it is for dogs to learn English (or any other language). “

This book is very interesting, very interesting indeed because it talks both about we humans, in the sense of being ourselves and how we see things, and, how our dogs see things, and how they communicate. Dogs have a “secret language” and although we, as pet owners may know our pet’s moods, whims and wants most of the time, there is always something that we miss now and then, and the author Jesse Sternberg, explains the signals dogs send with certain behaviors and how to interpret them.

Mindfulness. This book also teaches mindfulness for us and how to control our behaviors, both to better communicate with our dogs, but also how to be better people, and to reach a higher, plainer level of consciousness. It’s almost as if you were becoming a stoic, hahahahaha, all put in such simple tones of narrative that make the reading process so easy and fun, it’s incredible!

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Book Score: 9.4/10 Buy your book on Simon&Schuster //Amazon // Barnes&Noble
Nov 20, 202103:24
"To Fight Fire with Sun" by D. A. Andrews

"To Fight Fire with Sun" by D. A. Andrews

This book has one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL COVERS we’ve EVER SEEN! OMG!!! This cover is breath-taking. Like, you don’t even have to read the book to start feeling it, just LOOK AT THE COVER! There is so much being said in it that you can take in the essence of the book, the combination of elements, the crown of thorns adorned with sunflowers, the Band-Aid, the vapor tears, the way the eyes are closed… it’s gorgeous! Maaaaaaaaaan…. this is something else. Like, truly something else. Just the cover, love the artwork, love it, love it, love it! We need more books with artworks like this, for real. Both the cover and illustrations, which are fantastic, are made by Roux™ .

“To Fight Fire with Sun” … a very interesting title indeed that provokes many thoughts, many ideas and leaves us curious to know why the choice of words, why the game of words… fighting fire with the Sun… hmm….. Davia Andrews, what do you had in mind when choosing this title? hahahahahahaha, nice. Very nice.

The dedication is very emotional and takes us aback once we realize that the book is dedicated to a friend that Davia Andrews lost, a very close friend and, her words profound with grief and hope, and we are put in the tone of which this book was written, because this is a revelation, about the things that the writer never said before, which makes this book extra special, so…

There is a clear and honest knowledge and understanding of what it means to live and the toll life demands from the living, and that we must deal with that the best way we can, which is something beautiful and pure. This also hints that we are going to enter a very wild, rough and special ride that is this book, To Fight Fire with Sun.

Love, gratitude, admiration, friendship, care… these are the feelings we are enveloped with as we, without even realizing, start to feel, as we connect with the words of the author, D. A. Andrews, and this even before we get into the first poem. THAT’S how strong the sincere words of this poetess are and how emotional this book is. Its atmosphere is heavy with charged positive feelings as she shares the acknowledgements and thanks. Beautiful

Book Score: 9.2/10 Get your copy at Amazon // Amplify BookStore
Nov 19, 202104:11
"Winston - The Well Dressed Wombat" By Jenna Greene

"Winston - The Well Dressed Wombat" By Jenna Greene

First impressions: Emily Zieroth made a fantastic job when it comes to the illustration for this children’s book. The artwork is clean and visually easy to intake, or in plain English: it looks nice and it’s simple.

Winston The Well-Dressed Wombat – formerly titled “Wiggers – The Well Dressed Wombat” – is a short and cute children’s book written in verse that tells the story about….. Winston, a fine dressed wombat, smiles, but the book is not about dressing up per se, but about character, values and generosity.

In the simple and effective rhymes of Jenna Greene, the little ones can easily get the story while being entertained by the very clear-cut and colorful illustrations on every other page, and they will get each little poem, that are no more than 5 verses long, and be delighted with the stories they tell.

I like Winston, he is a nice, stylish and kind wombat. He is a role model for kids, and if this becomes a hit, we will see a great deal of improvement in society, because this is the type of book our kids should be reading every day, and this is the type of books parents should be reading to theirs kids.

Ok. Let’s talk a little more about the amazing illustration by Emily Zieroth. The images are clearly made by an experienced and professional artist. Clearly, and I love how the color pallet and style is kept consistent as the story progresses. Another detail that we loved is how Emily kept the attention drawn to certain areas by making a light, semi-solid colorful background, as if a glow, around the place that she wants you to focus on. VERY nice detail.

The combination of the simply told story along with the solid, and colourful, eye-catching illustrations, made this book very enjoyable to read, and the content of it is very educational and fun. I can imagine myself as a kid wanting to be like Winston, the loving wombat that dresses well, heehehhe, truly inspiring.
This is a very nice pick for kids and I totally recommend this one, very well made.

Pros: Excellent illustrations that are not only simple, but also precise and very colorful and are able to tell a story just by themselves Excellent little poems that tell the story with easy rhymes Easy to read book Easy to get the point of the whole story Great moral ideals and incentives The poems weren’t long, at all, yet, each told the story needed Cons: None. Cover Score: 9.2/10 Illustrations Score: 9.8/10 Book Score: 9.0/10 Get your book on Author’s Site // Amazon // Barnes and Noble // Smashwords
Nov 17, 202104:25
The Nymphetamine Girls by Vanessa Morris

The Nymphetamine Girls by Vanessa Morris

“To all the women out there who have been told you’re not good enough. Fuck what they tell you! “

Yes, these are the wonderful, yes, wonderful words of dedication from the author to her readers and we think that dedications like this should be standard. This is POWERFUL!

For those who follow our reviews, thank you very much, you probably know that we love when authors go full berserk, and you might be imagining our smiles when we were reviewing this book. You’d totally right if you did, because we are excited to be reviewing this, hahahhaahhahah, and we are super excited for another reason… “The Nymphetamine Girls” is THE FIRST Erotica book being reviewed on our blog! OHHHHH YEAH, and we, apparently couldn’t have picked a better book to start with because the author, Vanessa Morris, goes FULL BLAST naughty on the first scene.

Yes, two sentences in and there are fingers caressing thighs and panties, nipples on the loose on public, sweet talk between two girl friends, Natalia and Lisette, that seem to want to fuck each other as much as they want to be fucked, so… Well, yeah! This is erotica, so… bring it on!

I love how the girls tease each other in public, in the view of everyone, testing each other, and their targets with blatant promiscuity, and how they get a kick out of it for doing it, they are truly slutty rich and spoiled girls that care to know or respect boundaries just for the pleasure kick that defiance and carnal gratification provides. *smiles*

Then we have a sense of the motivations of the girls: “Fame”, they want to be famous and powerful through their brand, while using their skills on social media. Why? For fun. I mean, they already have the money and the luxurious lifestyle, the drugs, the alcohol and the constant nudies, so they just want the fun and the excitement of being “watched” and approved by strangers.

Read Full Review here

Cover Score: 9.1/10 Book Score: 9.0/10 Get this AMAZING read on: Amazon // Barnes&Noble // Target // Bookamillion
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“Something In The Water – Drowning” by Dean Comyn

“Something In The Water – Drowning” by Dean Comyn

Ok! The mysterious nature of this book is impressive and the hold of the narrative on the first chapter even more so. By the second, the questions grow and keep growing as we are just given a whiff of what may possibly be happening, which makes this book gripping from the start!

We have some kind of very advanced governmental agency, the MCU2, with some serious tech and action power, trying to keep somebody safe, Dr. Veda, but right from the start we are bombarded with disappearances and even drugging, loss of data and we, the readers and the MCU2 know nothing of substance! This is how you start a book! Super cool by Dean Comyn.

The narrative is swift and the words run through the pages while you are being flooded with new info, and getting to know who is who and what is what, very slowly and steadily getting a clearer idea of what is in stake. That mysterious, and apparently humble scientist could be involved in something way bigger than first impressions give and there are people that want him, for reasons yet unknown, but surely not benign. Is he part of the whole plot? Is he a victim? Who is behind all of this and above all, where is Dr. Veda that seemed to disappear from thin air?

The MCU2 is a new  intelligence and crime investigation agency, MCU2 ,commanded by Wayne, Detective Chief Inspector John C. Wayne , that is faced with the choices of doing this by himself and his team or start pulling strings and risk reputation, legitimacy, and possibly the whole operation, because they are not yet…. “as operational” , and as “established” as other intelligence governmental units, which poses a problem in operations, although they have lots of authority and resources. So, a missing scientist, a hack on the systems of London’s surveillance systems, the mysterious Estonian beauty and girlfriend of the scientist are the clues that they have to work with.

If you like to read about special ops and intelligence agencies, I will tell you to not leave this one out of your list because there is so much detail about the inner-workings of the operations, the conflicts between agencies, the possible complications that bureaucracy might lead if DCI Wayne asks for help from MI5 or other agencies and how they are also somehow in the shadows of everything behind this, very close, and waiting to strike. You can actually feel the tension and the weight of making decisions on DCI Wayne as the book progresses, and we get to understand why he withholds so much from Burns, and even some of the big names on the team he assembled. It’s very nice.

We have a very detailed, thought-out and planned book, as the amount of little things around the story is huge, the tiny decisions, implications, thought-patterns, it all seems as if the writer wants the reader to focus intently on the book and imagine every single color and moment of action of the characters. Impressive.

Read full review here

Book Score: 8.8/10 Get your copy of this amazing book on Author’s Site // Abebooks // Amazon
Nov 13, 202105:39
The Best Laid Plans by Russell Govan

The Best Laid Plans by Russell Govan

A book that starts off in full swing, tension, contradiction, the sense of accomplishing a mission and doing what is right despite the instructed from our main character. Nice! Great openings mean that the writer knows what he/she is doing, and Russell Govan clearly knows his craft.

First impressions are crucial and in this point of view, Russell Govan captures our attention flawlessly and keeps it with the promise of rough action, that doesn’t take long to come with graphic details on a very well laid narrative, that will impresses the reader right away. Nothing far-fetched, nothing out of this world, but that’s exactly why we liked it so much, it feels real and although the narrative is fast, it gives you enough details with enough specificity, yet, enough simplicity for you to draw the images on your head. It’s AWESOME!

A thing that is very interesting and new to read, is that the narrator, our main character, is so conscious about his own flaws and short-comings that he expresses them naturally, which makes us much more invested in the book. It’s a very nice touch by Russell Govan when he made the book relate to the reader by making the main character more human and humane, a veeery nice touch by very original in the way he approached it. Another thing about the narrator/MC is that he is VERY attentive to the details of other people, body cues, language cues, intonations, he is just soooo sharp. It’s super cool. If you have high standards, this book will suit you, because nothing escapes this man.

So! What IS this awesome book about? Glad you asked. “The Best Laid Plans” is about a special agent that is infiltrated on a possible terrorist group on England in order to feed information and try to stop them with the help of the national security agencies. This same agent has to keep his cover at all times as a gay ex-military and deal with the missions he is handed in order to gain the trust of the leader of the group, Ryan Watson, and figure out what he is really intending to do next. The problem arises when on a mission, he get’s side-tracked because there is an incident happening and he decides to help out a woman that was being assaulted by two men, a decision that may just compromised the whole operation because this terrorist group is just the tip of the iceberg.

Full Review Here.

Book Score: 8.7/10 Get your copy on Amazon USUKCA // Follow Russell on Twitter
Nov 04, 202106:03
"Destination: North Pole - 5000Km by Bicycle" by Gary Wietgrefe

"Destination: North Pole - 5000Km by Bicycle" by Gary Wietgrefe

Here we have a book with an interesting premise: A 65 year old man, goes on a crazy journey from Pierre, US , to the freaking NORTH POLE! With a bike! No, no, not a motorcycle, a BICYCLE! And here’s the best part of it: this isn’t fiction. It’s a travelogue.

YES! That is right, this book is about the journey of Gary W. Wietgrefe written by he himself, as he bicycled his way from the USA to the North Pole, on a 10 year old bicycle, in 40 FREAKING DAYS! He wrote it all, he catalogued it all and now, in this book he lets us know the adventures, in humorous detail, that he had while pushing his way to one of the poles of the Earth, enduring the harshness of weather, without distractions, no music, no earphones, no laptop, just he himself, his supplies – with his lovely wife as back support team-  and nature and it’s grace and dangers on the way, along some dangerous and speeding drivers. How AMAZING IS that?

This is something that 25 year-old daredevils would never think about doing, and if they did, it would be waaay too extreme for them, but here we have a 65 year old man, doing it like a boss, without safety nets, without guarantees, back-ups, guns or anything like it, facing a 5000 Kilometre journey, against the wilderness and risking his life at every spin of the wheel! Welcome to “ Destination: North Pole – 5000 Km by Bicycle ” by Gary W. Wietgrefe, this is its review.

From the introduction, we get a clear idea of the narrative of the author, finding it pleasing and enticing enough to make the readers wonder and imagine things for themselves, although there are pictures on the book, and give the reader the sense of adventure that one would get in a fantasy book, so, by the end of it, we are pretty relaxed and confident that this will be a good read and a valuable one indeed.

Read Full Review Here 

Book Score: 9.4/10

Grab your copy on Amazon // Barnes&Noble

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"Healthy Dividends" by Tricia Silverman

"Healthy Dividends" by Tricia Silverman

Health is one of the most talked about subjects at any point in time on a society, and ironically the most ignored subject when it comes to personal decisions.

Let us be honest, we ALL could eat better, and we can all eat better food, we can all improve our diets and we can all live longer, healthier lives. But why don’t we all do it? THAT’S the question. I mean, we all want to live past the 100 years, and we all know that this is possible, there are many live examples of this, thousands, so it’s not far-fetched. We all want to live without worrying about hospital bills, cancers, and all those nasty and expensive diseases, and we all know how easy it is to change a little ingredient here and there, so WHY don’t we do it? After reading this amazing book, I figured the answer to that: we don’t have the right motivation to do it. Crazy? Let me explain:

You see, fast-food is easy to acquire, it’s cheap on our pockets, but in the end it costs us our lives. Yet, just the deliciousness of those fatty, tasty meals, is enough to motivate us to continue eating. So here’s the question I have for you: What if every label of fast-food, every single package of fast-food came with the amount of hours, or days, that is taking away from your life? Would you eat it still? Exactly! What does this has to do with this AMAZING book by Tricia Silverman? It’s exactly the opposite! You see, the genius behind this book is that Tricia Silverman was able to CLEARLY show the dividends of eating healthy food by concretely relating it on how much longer, and better we can live! THAT’S WHY we love this book! And THAT’s why we are sure that this book will make you realize how important your daily diet is, and here’s the trick, Tricia Silverman doesn’t go all wandery and vague on what you should or shouldn’t eat, she ACTUALLY tells the difference that each element on your diet affects you and your body, and yes, you will stop eating lots of salt and realize how important it is to put waaaay more vegetables on your diets, and yes, you will start looking twice at those burgers and cereals.

Read the Full review Here 

Book score: 9.6/10

Get your copy on Amazon // Author page // SCWFit 

Oct 25, 202107:07
"Larougo" By Anna J Walner

"Larougo" By Anna J Walner

FINALLY we get to read the second book of this AMAZING and romantic series about vampires and “werewolves”, of the AMAZING, Anna J Walner. OK. On the review of the first book, we told you guys that Garkain had best-selling potential and should become a best-seller. Well then, we were ABSOLUTELY correct, because Garkain, not long after we published that review, actually became an Amazon Best-selling book on its category! Yes! That’s correct, Garkain is an Amazon Best-selling book. Yes. And yes, you want to read the review and get yourself the first book before you read this one. Hehehe.


Anna J Walner starts off the book with a lightning fast and effective recap of everything that happened in the previous book and “just like that” we are back into the present book, back into the series that is rolling off with the current events and the current worries of the couple, Amelia and Roan. It’s subtle and effective. Why are we putting this into relevance? Because, it takes some good amount of skill to do a recap that keeps the reader interested, doesn’t spoil the book, makes the reading of the current book feel like a stand-alone while relaying all the information needed in order for the reader to continue without having to worry. It’s impressive indeed. Love it!

The romance scenes and dynamics are top tier, specially between Amelia and Roan, as they flawlessly blend into a unit as couple and you can just feel the love they have for each other, and that lights up the novel a lot allowing Anna J Walner space to use this “lighting” in her favour when she wants to make the novel darker, which is something very smart on her part and very well thought.

Read the full written review here

Book score: 9.2/10

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"Blood Mark" by JP McLean

"Blood Mark" by JP McLean

JP McLean is definitely one of our favourite writers of romance, not only for her amazing ability to create intriguing and complex stories that challenge us readers, but because of her skill when it comes to narrative and character creation, structuring realistic dynamics between the characters, which always give them a more realistic, solid and palpable feel, and this time is no different with this great title: Blood Mark.

Before we start off with this review though, we invite you to check her previous book reviewed by us, that is one of the most original paranormal books that we have this year, with some serious dark  humor, Secret Sky.

So, Blood Mark. Here we have our main character, Jane Walker, trying to live a normal, inconspicuous life, only to find that at every turn, her past comes back to her and her irremovable blood red marks remind her on how they can be a hindrance to everything she calls normal or sane. Then there are the dreams that show her bits of reality, another person’s reality and experiences in a third-person perspective, these inescapable, paralyzing dreams that cling to her everyday, growing stronger and more vivid in details and sensation while letting her know nothing about what she needs to do about them, or any other clue that will help her help these people, or herself.

She starts to dream about a psychic yard, a woman called Rebbeca, that is taken there and apparently has visions about people as well, and a doctor that is still trying to understand her as a patient thinking that the visions are not real, and yet, a bigger question looms: What does this Doctor have to do with our main character?

Read the full Written Review  

Book score: 8.5/10

Get your book on Author Page //Amazon // Kobo // Booktopia

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"In The Key of Nira Ghani" by Natasha Deen

"In The Key of Nira Ghani" by Natasha Deen

One of the greatest things an author can make in order to connect with the reader is to tell the truth, and Natasha Deen does exactly that, by showing a “watered down” reality when it comes to the discrimination, emotional bullying of “Brown” girls in school driven by ignorance, narcissism and white-privilege, and how it affects them both emotionally and academically, while also, letting us know that many times, this is but a reflection of the perception of people towards themselves and their own worth and Natasha Deen does so in a non-violent, hilarious and well put narrative filled with sarcasm, and nuggets of wisdom in each page.

The humour is EXCEPTIONAL all the way and it only gets better as the book progresses, stealing hard and long laughters and amused eye-rolls from us readers with the abundant and witty remarks that sometimes boarder the dramatic and many times touch the hyperbole standards.

“But the sandwich squishes in my mouth. Mom hasn’t figured out the correct ratio of mayo to tuna. It’s either dry enough to use as a desiccant or so wet, I think it could bring the fish back to life.”

It’s fantastic to read this book.

The emotional display of anxiety and sometimes despair on our main character as she is facing the “white-dominated” environment of school and the feeling of isolation and unimportance is palpable and very well portrait by the author, and that’s important because it allows us to better understand these situations and grow in compassion and alliance towards the struggles of other “Brown” girls and people, allowing us to check ourselves and the consequences of our behaviours towards other people in general.

We have been talking about “brown” girls, but our main character is, and this is a very interesting fact, Guyanese! YES! She is Guyanese, and that onto itself reveals a lot and makes this book very interesting into itself, adding a layer of diversity and taking off a layer of the expected story. I mean, how many times do you read about the Guyanese culture and their people? Super cool.

Read the Full review here 

Book Score: 9.0/10

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"Qurbaan - A Poet's Liberation" by Zaira Pirzada

"Qurbaan - A Poet's Liberation" by Zaira Pirzada

” I am:
The beginning of every end.
The evolution of revolutions in becoming.
I am matter borne from matter:
The universe in every breathe; “

With power, confidence and grit, we are introduce to the first words of Zaira Pirzada that are simply beautiful and motivating, on the first poem “The Magnificent”, and our eyes are openly and abundantly gifted with the beauty of her words and wording. Rhymes that make us appreciate ourselves a little more, telling us that even though we may not feel great about ourselves we will always be miracles of nature, in Nature.

Zaira Pirzada has a way of reinforcing her meanings on the rhymes, stressing the imagery and the gravity of the meaning that is so graceful, so beautiful that it leaves you curious to why the choosing of words, to the point that we, readers have to read again those same little lines in order to appreciate those same lines once again, simply because of their beauty and witty structure, it’s very impressive indeed.

Breath-taking poems with EXCELLENT verses created with such tenderness that we get the sense that IF we read it wrong, we might scrap and break the poem, if that makes sense.

As we read, we are blown away by the sheer genius of Zaira when it comes to convey beauty, be it light or dark in so few lines!

“Longing drew by twilight an illusion in my bed:
lost desires haunting me ever yet
always teasing and fleeting by day,

This is poetry written by a very experienced hand, no doubt, because in order to convey so much in so few words is a skill that only the best writers can do with such ease, and I have to take my hat off to Zaira Pirzada on this book. AMAZING!

Read the Full review here 

Book Score: 8.9/10

Get this AMAZING book on Amazon US  – CA  – AU// Barnes and Noble // Google Books // Kobo // Booktopia

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"Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss" by Kevin and Connor Garret

"Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss" by Kevin and Connor Garret

From the dedication, we can already feel the magic that awaits us in the book, and it hold an exciting promise of discovery which pulls us to continue reading the book at once, nice touch there, and the book starts off GREAT with powerful lessons that hit us full force with their depth and practicality, which sells us immediately towards the rest of the book and makes an AMAZING first impression. VERY well done.

The lessons keep coming and coming, simple lessons that enrich us and clear our minds with their poignant messages and truths in this AMAZING tale about a young man that is forced to ask the help of a witch that sends him on a voyage with a crow in order to be able to save his dad, but things aren’t as simple as they seem and it may be dangerous to trust a witch filled with darkness in her heart.

Although this a short and magical tale, Spellbound Under The Spanish Moss, is empowering to the core and I love how the authors use the soft narrative to deliver the plot while almost caressing us with the utter beauty of words. I cannot express how beautiful this book is! You feel LOVED and understood, you feel powerful and motivated, you feel like there is someone looking over you and pushing you. THIS IS AMAZING!

The chapters short, intense, gripping and full of soul, the imagery is solid, colourful and detailed, and I have to admit that this is one of best books I’ve read on the subject of magical things and fantasy, and the adventures and humour is always a bonus.

Kids will love this, adults will love this, teens will love this because this is soooo well written.

Read the Full review here 

Book Score: 9.2/10

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Oct 25, 202104:10
The World is a Pyramid Scheme
Oct 15, 202104:51
The Cheesy Milk Conspiracy
Oct 09, 202104:37
Stealing Away by Kevin Revolinski

Stealing Away by Kevin Revolinski

The book starts off great, with a little bit of humour and sarcasm on the first story, with a very good progression and implications.

The dry humour and sarcasm is definitely a GREAT trait of this book, Kevin Revolinski should get the award for the most sarcastic writer in the planet. It’s just flawless, and the way it makes you want to read the story while listening some jazz on the background is something very nice. You don’t get in this day and age, many writers with this “non-challans“, better yet, totally uninterested vibe of narrative. It’s very cool, and the fact that Kevin Revolinski could keep the reading experience light and amusing, slightly gripping,  is impressive.

The first story, Stealing Away, is about two youngsters that run away from their houses, Bony and Clyde* style, and try to survive by making petty crimes. What’s interesting about this story is that it shows a LOT of the reality of most americans live and it’s not passed on the media. They both lived under financially struggling parents, with low education, one of them lived with a single parent after a “run-for-it” from the house, and both apparently didn’t have much of an education. So, here we have two youngsters, distressed by lack of money, and leaving a track of crimes on their wake while naively hanging to the certainty that everything will be fine.

There’s so much skill in the writings of Kevin that one can only notice if paid very close attention, like when he says: “There was anger, sure, but it faltered like a fluorescent bulb flickering as it couldn’t hold the light. I saw anxiety and fear in the darkness between”, I mean, HOLY MONOPOLY, THAT, is something that takes a lot to get right. Breath-taking! Stealing away, the short story, is very emotional on the sense of family and the despair of slowly losing those who you love, or growing up to realize that they aren’t the heroes, you thought they were, in a sense, yet, in the end, realizing that you should’ve listened to them, because life isn’t as easy as they thought it would be

The diversity and reach of these stories are amazing both in wide as in depth. Stories about bullies and dealing with them, the power of preparedness, the cost of silly mistakes and harshness and the power of regret, all of it told in a cool, dark, straight-up and almost lyrical style of this amazing writer that is Kevin Revolinski.

Full Review Here

Book Score: 8.6/10 Get your book on: Amazon // B&N  // Apple // Kobo Author sites: Kevin Revolinski // The Mad Traveller
Oct 07, 202108:18
The House of The Moon - Donna D. Conrad

The House of The Moon - Donna D. Conrad

Sex, drugs and more sex and some more drugs. This is the starting point of this memoir as Donna D. Conrad tells us her experiences throughout the sixties on her early teens, narrated in a objective manner with very well detailed acts that lacked responsibility, or care, on her part, where her choices led her, many times into deep trouble.

From chapter one, we can see that there was a lot going on. She was young, and with sexual instincts running high, looking for adventure and thrills but most of all, a way out of the hell she was living in for most of her life because, apparently, the sixties were much wilder than we think.

The tick-to-tack narrative of Donna D. Conrad helps lot in the reading, as memories are told in a “this is all you need to know for now” manner, light, humorous, sometimes dry and factual and always to the point, and gives the book a pleasant casual atmosphere while we learn about her upbringing with the violent father that beat up her drunk mother, her need to be protected from danger, which created the lack of belief in her own actions/choices. Domestic violence is something that marks the book, and we as reader can see the effects, on the long run, on the kids that see that as they are growing up, something that many parents don’t even consider.

This is a great example of a book, because it lets young girls see the power of choosing, depending and not taking responsibility, and the consequences of it and actually choosing a better path, as the author did, in order to get to where they want to get, and have the life they dream to have.

.... Full review here

Cover score: 9.3/10 Book score: 8.8/10 Get this amazing book on Amazon// Booktopia // AbeBooks // Author Page
Oct 01, 202107:51
The Freedom Broker - K. J. Howe

The Freedom Broker - K. J. Howe

It doesn’t matter how many accolades a book or author might have, the reader knows at once on the first words, how good a book may, or may not be, and the first words of the Freedom Broker by K. J. Howe are gripping! You start off reading about Thea Paris, in the middle of a jungle, in Nigeria, that must survive this mission if she want’s to go home, because there would be no way of turning back, or being found by anyone. It’s do it, or die forgotten. All of this, told skilfully in less than 50 words, now you tell me: how amazing is that?

So, we have Thea Paris, a hardcore, highly intelligent woman that is the best in releasing and saving high-profile hostages, with some badass military training and a focus of steel as our main character, and we follow her as she executes her missions and tries to keep up the pace of her demanding job while keeping her sanity with her while dealing with Riff, her “friend” that is a highly trained soldier and has been with her family since they both were kids. Although they clearly love each other, they have several problems in regards of following orders and understanding each other.

So, Thea Paris also happens to be the daughter of one of the biggest oil magnates in the planet, and her father, being a very diligent and rigid man likes to get his way and follow through, but things go array when she tries to meet him in his sixtieth birthday.

The interesting thing is that, in the oil game, apparently there is a lot of back-stabbing and cutthroat is a usual thing to do to rivals, partners and even your own boss, so, after what happened with her father, anyone and everyone was under high scrutiny, given that at the time, there was a big oil discovery in a region of Africa, and everyone wanted a piece of it. Add that to the fact that the kidnapping and trafficking of people and the distribution of guns were increasing in the same regions, there was surely a clear connection between the two factors, but the question remains: “Who is pulling the strings?” and above all “Who exactly would win the most with the death of Thea’s father, and why did they try to contact her?”

Business interests, family interests, dangerous and lethal love affairs, sexual tension, double identities, bonds to be mend and bonds to be torn, emotional contradiction and twisted motives driven by trauma and the want to be admired, that ironically cause the destruction that one is looked down upon for and tightly kept secrets and lines that run dangerously close, all of it told a narrative that is as exquisite that is just as exquisite as the story itself, Freedom Broker is an adventure of a book.

..... Full Review here.

Cover Score: 9.2/10 Book Score: 8.7/10 Get this EXCELLENT Thriller on Amazon // Barnes&Noble // Author Site

Oct 01, 202107:23
The Line Is Drawn by Jocie McKade

The Line Is Drawn by Jocie McKade

First impressions are essential and this book starts off with a bang, blood, and murder – “MOE SHERIDAN, Esq., fell to the floor unleashing an agonizing scream. His perfectly knotted bow tie sagged to one side and a quickly growing bloom of crimson blood covered his finely tailored shirt.”

Well, hell yeah! With all the initial confusion, blood, bullets flying and all questions raised in less than 2 paragraphs, we know that this is going to be an excellent book! When the humour kicks in we are already having a blast and it takes less than a page for us to be introduced with the comedic ability of Jocie McKade with her funny exaggerations , like:

“Jacqueline crawled slowly around the desk. Lifting her well-manicured fingers, she used only the palms of her hands. Her butt was way too high, her head was sticking up like a watermelon, and each time she moved forward a gold bracelet banged against the wood floor, or the ridiculously pointed toes of her designer heels chattered like a stapler. Obviously, she didn’t crawl very much.”

This book is our type of jam. Badass female protagonists with guns, conspiracy spy theories, humour and thriller, ohhhh yeaaahhh.

The humour is on-point, the characters reactions to the conversation are really realistic, the mystery is instantly gripping, as so many questions are raised so fast, and things develop without a hint of what we will find next. *claps* Jocie McKade is an excellent writer, no doubt whatsoever on this. Excellently done.

Ok, I’ll tell you this: I’ve never read a book that is so… casual yet intriguing as this one, it’s like this book was written by a highly experienced person with the spirit of playful child, it’s just… FUN to read! Like, this book is really fun! You will laugh a lot while reading this and having a generally good time throughout the book, I mean, who else, but Jocie McKade would write : “I love you more’n chocolate and peanut butter.” and how can someone not crack up reading this? Excellent stuff right here. I love this book so much.

....Full Review Here.

Cover Score: 7.7/10 Book Score: 8.8/10 Get your copy on Amazon // CozyMysteries //Smashwords // Author Page
Sep 28, 202104:33
Grolar by Throsten Nesch

Grolar by Throsten Nesch

The book has a slow start that lets you, the reader get comfortable and even bored on purpose. A casual pace, almost like a lazy stroll on the beach with words that start building up as the story moves forward.
In this story, we have a quite peculiar bear-like beast, to which we don’t know how to exactly describe at first, but we know that it is bulky, big, compact, fast and powerful, a Grolar, and we discover on the first thriller scene, that is the second scene of the book, how lethal it is, as well as how powerful and thrilling the narrative of Thorsten Nesch is. And the book gets rolling.

So we have Jon, a normal hardworking man, out of his luck due to the financial crisis, facing severe tension on his relationship and overall life, and after an incident on his way to work on the gold prospecting site with his family, we get the feeling that we will be witnessing a horror spectacle in the woods.

This book feels like you are watching a movie, which is really cool, and the simple narrative used by Thorsten Nesch, allows the imagery to be adapted by each person that reads the book while keeping it stable enough so the details are general for everyone when they need to be. Nicely done

A very interesting thing here is that, the Grolar, our main character, that is a bear, a monster bear, is described in primal ways of behaviour and thought. It’s very interesting to see how Thorsten Nesch describes the moods, tactics and perceptions of the beast. The way it walks, its intentions, and even the plans he makes before killing. It’s something new, this beasty “first impressions”.

As the story progresses and we get to the goings of it, we start taking notice that Thorsten Nesch did dedicate a good amount of time in the dialogue, that although might seem simple, it reveals how can short-talk be the sign of a dying marriage. There is a lot of tension between Jon and his wife, although he is trying to do his best everyday, and keep his family fed, his kid safe. We also notice that the tension is also due to the expectations of the part of the wife of marrying a man that “makes it” someday, and that wants that man to make it now, as she becomes tired of the man she supposedly loves.  

.... Full Review Here

Cover Score: 7.5/10
Book Score: 8.3/10 Get your copy on Amazon // Audible // Google // Bol *german* // Author page
Sep 28, 202104:44
How "Hugs = Assault"" on Twitter
Sep 23, 202113:23
Money Plain and Simple by Steven J Spence

Money Plain and Simple by Steven J Spence

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” —Henry Ford (1863-1947), Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Money. A very delicate, and many times a controversial topic that brings fiery discussions and many times, lawsuits, but it doesn’t have to be so dramatic, right? Yes. So let us talk about it on this very short and straight-forward looking book called: “Money. Plain and Simple : What the Institutions and the Elite doesn’t want you to know” by Steven J. Spence.

Before we start this review though, we assure you that the person reviewing this book is well-roundly educated in most topics concerning money, investments, and related, so stand assured that we have the capacity to discern the truth and efficiency of this title with unbiased, sceptical and logical eyes.  Another thing we want to tell you is that, you, dear readers, can and should take your own conclusions on the words of Steven J Spencer, after reading and testing what he is saying by further research, so, to the review.

The author knows how to sell. That’s for sure, as the title itself invites you to read more and know which secrets that are being kept from you, making you ask questions like: What does the elite doesn’t want me to know? Is there really a conspiracy on keeping me financially un-educated? Why does he say this with such certainty?

Steven J Spencer, just like most of us, started off clueless about the financial systems and money, and the purpose of this book is to educate you, to share the lessons he learned, his own views and findings about it. Mind that. This isn’t a get-rich-quick book, nor a book will “show you the secret”, it is to teach you and guide you.

.... Full review here

Book Score: 9.1/10 Get your book at Barnes&Noble // Kobo // Amazon
Sep 21, 202106:58
“Passages – Death, Dementia, And Everything In Between” by H M GOODEN

“Passages – Death, Dementia, And Everything In Between” by H M GOODEN

The foreword, written by the author, H. M. Gooden, is something beautiful, and gives the starting note of what promises to be an emotional literary journey for us readers, and we become sure that, by the end of this same journey we will see aspects of life that we might have ignored or not known to this date.

Before we start though, I want to point out that the writer is, a medic/nurse with decades of experience and that she has written this book to honor lost patients, which is something interesting to read, because it’s not everyday that we read or even hear about the real experiences of medics when it comes to their patients and how they see the whole process, so, this is a very rare type of book.

The book is a collection of short stories and poetry. But these short stories aren’t made up, but tellings of experiences passed on to the reader in a fiction-like manner with H. M. Gooden’s light, soft narrative. As per the poems, you can also feel the softness, the love, the lightness of the mood through the pen of H. M. Gooden. It’s something delightful and emotional. This book is so pure, so full of love that is shown word by word, it’s amazing.

.... Full review here

Book Score: 8.8/10 Get your copy at Your Favourite Store // Author’s Site // Author’s Page
Sep 21, 202104:57
Four by MJ Preston

Four by MJ Preston

he second part of the BEST Crime Thriller reviewed on our site so far this year, HIGHWAYMAN, is finally here and it’s named “Four”.

OK. For those who haven’t read the book, or the review of HIGHWAYMAN by MJ Preston, you can, and should check it out before we kick off this review. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. XD

So! “Four” by MJ Preston. The book starts off with an intriguing citation of a mass-murderer which catches our attention and make our juices start to flow, because, as we have seen from the previous novel, which was bloody amazing, literally, those first words, set the tone of the entire book and have a influence on how the book plays out. It’s a like a hint of what is about to happen, yet, we know, oh so well, that we won’t know things until we know, because… Lots of plot twists!

In the first chapters, MJ Preston does something very cool. He recaps, but he doesn’t just recap, he tells the story from a hidden angle from the point of transition of main characters on the side of the FBI agents. Why are we mentioning this? Well, it is simple: one of the biggest reasons why series are destroyed, is the fact that some authors don’t recap a little on the previous book. But, is there a need to do it? Well, if every single reader bought all the books in a series at once, and if all book series were published at once, well, there would be no need whatsoever to recap, but given that this is real life…

So MJ Preston re-tells the story, part of it, and adds details that he purposely left unmentioned in the previous book, bringing forward a WHOLE new perspective to the book itself, as if we were reading a whole new story of scenes that we briefly read about on the first book, Highwayman, and THAT’S super clever! 

Full review here. 

Cover Score: 9.3/10 Book Score: 8.7/10 Get your copy at Author’s Site// Google Play // Amazon// Book Depository //

Sep 16, 202106:40
Complete Darkness - COMIC VERSION - By Matt Adcock

Complete Darkness - COMIC VERSION - By Matt Adcock

Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock is one of the coolest Sci-fi books we have reviewed on Scribble’s Worth, and you can read why we have are telling you this on the review of this awesome title.

So, in the review of the book, we told you that the imagery that the narration conjures is akin to a comic book, well, maybe that’s because this story will have a comic book version!  And we are HYPER excited for the other chapters to come, not only because the story is insanely original, with one of the best dry and sarcastic humor narratives you will find, but also, because it has lots of potential!

IF you like to read manga, like I do, and if you love old-school style comics with that sharp style, then this comic series will be something you will want to have on your hands.

The story is about the coming of the “Day of Carnage” that was promised around thousand years ago, apparently by the Devil himself, and such footage has been discovered in a futuristic version of London! Now, we have covered all of these details on the book review and on the podcast review, so we will not repeat ourselves. We’ll talk about the freaking coolartwork, that is hand-drawn, yes, this comic is done by hand, by Karl Brown! I will take some time and acknowledge the mad skill of Karl Brown on this, specially for the character designs, with a super highlight to the Villain’s costume that is FIIIIIIREEEE!

Ok, you might have seen comics that are done by big groups and famous artists, and are used to well-funded comic issues, but here’s the thing that has caught our attention: This is made by one man only, in a style that is almost being forgotten. This is old-school, we are talking 90’s and early 2000’s style of comic, and for one guy to reach this level of detail and accuracy on the strikes, the depth of the shadows, the contrast and the vibrancy of each frame, making it pop out of the paper and actually feel consistent… MAN! That’s something that you have to take your hat off to. DAMN. That’s dedication right, there, and that makes this comic VERY special.

Full review here

You’ll find more news and info on the Author’s site, or on his Twitter.

Grab your version of the comic on the Author’s site!

Cover Score: 9.3/10 Artwork: 9.5/10 Comic Score: 9.0/10
Sep 16, 202115:01
WIDE for the Win By Mark Leslie

WIDE for the Win By Mark Leslie

The first cool fact about this book is the narrative. Narrative? Wait, this isn’t fiction, why are we talking about narrative? LOL, because….  the way Mark explains things, in a very friendly, conversational and light manner, makes this book captivating at once. I mean, who would ever think in reading the glossary? YES! You will read the Glossary, because… the way Mark explains the terms, you will not only get the definition, but you will get insights into how things work instantly! It’s super fun and I would never thought that one day I’d do this.

Yes, don’t skip the glossary because it has MANY terms, that are used around the publishing and writing world that newbie writers, and even experienced writers don’t have a proper clue of what they are really about, and that is crucial and a big advantage in the game. Thank you Mark.

Mark’s conversational narrative will keep you, not only informed, but entertained and engaged on reading this book, because, as you will notice, this isn’t fiction, so boredom is a huge problem, yeah. You will LAUGH while learning, which is something really, really cool and rather effective when it comes to marketing, because if I found this book on a store and read a few pages, I’d buy it without second thoughts, mind that.

THIS is how you should write a marketing book, proving, once again, that Mark can teach you to get the job done when it comes to increasing your sales. Excellent!

Something that you want to know, right off the batch, is that “WIDE for the win” shouldn’t be seen as a “one-read-and-go” book. No. This is a guide, a manual of a type of mindset and approach when it comes to selling and marketing your books, this is a book that will “follow and guide your journey” on the WIDE spectrum of things.

The main objective of this book, it seems, is to show writers that there is MORE than just Amazon when it comes to publishing, that there are other outlets, many times better than Amazon when it comes to individual tastes, because, let’s face it writers, the competition in there is just too brutal and needless. This, and to also help those who are on Amazon to thrive with their books, which is super nice!

Given that I, personally, read many “teaching” books, I can confirm the veracity of the effectiveness of Mark’s approach due to the objective, detached and quasi-scientific approach of transmitting the knowledge that he has, without closing, or narrowing the scope of possible thoughts of the reader, or, in plain-speak, letting the reader take conclusions for himself while presenting his own views. This is very nice, and respectful from Mark, making this book even more effective in delivering its message.


Full review here. 

Writer Resource score: 9.7/10 Buy it on - Your Favourite Store // Author Page
Sep 12, 202111:59
Complete Darkness By Matt Adcock

Complete Darkness By Matt Adcock

The book doesn’t even start and we already love it because the disclaimer goes like:

“This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental or an act of God.” - Matt Adcock

HA!!!! That’s how you keep it original! HA!!

So, in an over-polluted, over-populated, over-heated planet called Earth, in a not so far away future, we have L2, a  “replica” of London filled with tech, air toxins and regulations of all sorts from a government that is led by an authoritative, extremely shady figure that is as cold as ice caps. This leader, Razour, is… nefarious, mean and quite charming as it seems, not afraid and quite contempt when using brutal force to get his means, or just have fun given that he commands the military forces in a highly policed society.

Cleric20, our main character, is a regular – ex-military – , ordinary citizen of L2 city, that is just trying to live his life and forget his loved one that is no more while getting drunk and laid almost everyday with the always present companion bot, GiX, that is kind of the soul of the book.

Things start rolling off great, and everything is just dandy, until, a few scientists find the “footage” of the prophecy of “The Day of Carnage”, promised on ancient biblical times, more than a thousand years back. Such footage, is enough to doom all that have seen it, bringing death, or better saying: annihilation to all that might be related to such incident, that is sent directly from the high members of the World government, but the question is: Why?

The narrative of Matt Adcock is inviting and the author can create many types of imagery simultaneously which is very nice. Although there is lots of tech-lingo, the author is careful enough to explain each term that might present itself too complicated for one to understand, while others are instantly recognizable to the reader.

Humour is something that you won’t miss here, and there’s the deliberate use of profanity – not excessively present- which is something good, given that the book promises to defy convention and create shock. Violence and gore are taken as a walk in a park as the writer doesn’t shy away from describing vivid scenes of rolling heads, cut throats, energy shields that shatter bodies completely and much more from the very beginning.


Full Review Here. 

Book Score: 8.2/10 Get your book at Amazon UK // Amazon // Waterstones Store
Sep 12, 202104:33
Texas Dead By William Gensburger

Texas Dead By William Gensburger

In a town in Texas called Corpus Christi, Detective Mackenzie, known as Maxie, starts investigating a murder of an investment advisor that seems totally random, because of the way he was murdered. Things start off becoming even stranger because it seems that the victim is a normal, very nice guy that didn’t have enemies at all, although being quite successful in his business with his best-friend. Maxie, the lead detective, and our main character, is the best homicide detective around and quite a successful woman full of style and confidence.

As things progress we readers find out that maybe, just maybe, this has nothing to do with the victim, but the question is: how? How do things connect? Because all we have to go with is the fact that gang members are being killed, there’s a very known investment advisor dead, the victim, his office was ransacked and there’s a shady guy watching everyone very close by. This gives us many possibilities to wander and wonder, making the book progression interesting and the following scenes eagerly expected.

Curtis, the victim, turns out to be the cousin of an old-style homicide reporter with persistence and will, and after the case is opened, both the main character and Devin, the reporter, start cooperating to solve this murder spree, that promises to quickly turn into a lethal pursuit against the criminals behind this, but this is way bigger than it looks.

The stability of William’s Gensburger narrative is something that we have to praise, because not many authors can “keep up” with their own narratives, that is, without swaying or deviating from the story. In this book, we readers can feel that the writer was focused on the story while writing. The consistent, pleasant, fast paced narrative on this book, is well used as the author keeps things light when he needs to and tells all that we need to know in order to be intrigued and focused on the happenings. Characters were introduced sharply and briefly, as if there was an info box on each character, which is very cool, and the dynamics between them is either stated, or demonstrated in the same fast and informative manner. Very nice.

Full review Here

Book Score: 8.3/10 Get your copy on Amazon // Barns&Noble //Apple Books // Google Books // Goodreads Check out the author’s page for more curious books

Aug 28, 202105:48
Little Owl By Lauri Shoenfeld

Little Owl By Lauri Shoenfeld

Adeline suffers from Anxiety and PTSD, yet is trying to find peace and be a good mother to her two daughters and a good wife while trying to not be affected by her traumatic past.

Available at Amazon

It’s all good and well, until her instincts tell her that she is in danger, and her eldest daughter confirms that with worries of them being watched by a strange man, having nightmares that keep her awake for nights, and it doesn’t take long before the book “starts” and the pent-up anxiety is released full-burst into chilling and weird scenes promised with the suspense filled narrative of Lauri Schoenfeld.

It’s something beautiful, the way the author tells us the little details about what the characters do, their thoughts, the way they pause and all the little motions that gives us time to envision what is actually happening and how each character is reacting to the world, allowing us to accept the invitations to pay more attention to the story and to be drawn to it from the beginning.

The author gives off statements that are familiar with a lot of people such as : “Adaline was so tired of being told by other people how to feel. That she somehow didn’t know her own body, heart, and mind”, allowing readers to connect with Adeline and the novel itself. Nice touch.

As characters are put into display such as the cute Eliza, increasing the grip of this book on the reader, we start to get enough information to start constructing the psych of the main character without effort as the info is given to us in small comments and reactions, showing the prowess of Lauri Schoenfeld in making things move seamlessly on the background.

One thing that is intriguing and makes readers pay attention is the way the writer “lets us know” how the mind of someone with severe anxiety works, specially when cause by a trauma and abuse, by showing all the lingering doubts and all the “holding back” in order not to cause conflict because they are seen by others as fragile and not “being able to distinguish their own reality”, no matter how right they can be, something that we need to read more of. This speaks even louder when that person turns out to be your life partner.

Full review here

Book Score: 8.3/10 Get your copy at Amazon // Barnes & Noble // Goodreads
Aug 27, 202107:02
Lipstick Asylum By Nzondi

Lipstick Asylum By Nzondi

 Eldá Nani Kama
“For since death came through the first woman, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a woman.”

From the cover, we can assume that women will play a major role on this, be it good or bad, but from that intro, we find out that it’s pretty much the bad side, which may be kind of good depending on the events of the story, but the intro does push us forwards to reading the book. Nice touch Nzondi.

The Author doesn’t waste time in putting the reader on the tip of toes as the story starts off running with a:

“I think she just broke my back. I tried to move but couldn’t. Breathing slow and labored, I stared into the undead woman’s eyes that dripped an ominous glare down onto my helpless body.Maybe if I hadn’t gotten dreamy eyes for this really cute guy (I mean jerk), the weight of the human race wouldn’t be sitting on my shoulders. I would’ve easily given my life so my best friend, Jess, wouldn’t die.Too late.”

And by the end of the chapter one, I can tell you that THAT is one of the coolest intro’s of a book. There are so many things to answer that you want to know the book right there and then. THAT’S how you do it! Oh yes, this book is going to be good, and we know it because the descriptive ability of Nzondi, the author, is as solid as rock, and possesses the ability to create questions on us readers that linger in our minds without needing to tell much. Impressive.

On Chapter 2 we meet, probably our main character and we like her in less than 5 sentences. She does her thing, that’s raising the dead, you know, nothing unusual there, and has a badass attitude. PLUS, the main character is a BLACK WOMAN! And black women ARE fierce as hell.  Ohhhhh yeah! It was about time!

Let me tell you somemting, you can feel all the BLACKNESS and all the attittude on the main character! Like, FOR REAL! Ok. You might not be understanding why I’m so hyped about this aspect, but let me ask you this: “How many Black characters you’ve read felt… Black?” THAT’S WHY I’M HYPED. YOU FEEL IT, it’s THERE! The attitude, the sarcasm, the questioning, the defying manner of a Black women that is natural  and just flows yet makes you feel threatened because if you don’t behave yourself you are going to end up with a fist on your mouth. THAT! OH GOD YES! YES!

Full Review here

Final score: 9.4/10 Get your book at Amazon
Aug 23, 202110:49
Year Of The Slut By Jennifer Lieberman

Year Of The Slut By Jennifer Lieberman

A bold title, a VERY bold title indeed. “The Year of the What? // The year of the Slut” is a powerful statement into itself, given that it is aimed to shock the reader into curiosity and awareness, something that it does effectively.

THANKFULLY, we at Scribble’s Worth are pro-shock, pro-women, pro-indie, pro-diversity and inclusion of all and are not hindered by profanity, no matter the amount of it in a book, as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of the writing, and although erotica/smut is a little bit off for us, we dared to give a try on this book to see if it would deliver the shock-value that the title implies, and it paid-off because this is one of the best books of the year, and it shows.

So, off we start and for first impressions, we give it a 10/10 because it’s funny, as the title page, goes like: “Year of the what? – A true story… kinda”  ha! Now we know that we’ll get humour from Jennifer Lieberman, and not long after that we get a “Who da fuck is Candice?” and we love it already! Not because there’s profanity per say, but because the author has the guts to use it liberally and off the start of the book.

Why are we valuing that? You ask?

Because, if you are going to tell the truth, or something of value, you have to be willing to ruffle feathers, and rock boats, even if that means being misunderstood, and Jennifer Lieberman starts off her book with surfing waves and right off the batch, which means that, we assume, she wanted to separate her readers right away and here’s how: if you are the type of person that gets easily offended and can’t handle simple words such as “fuck”, “slut”, or “pussy”, then this book is not the book for you and you won’t waste your time reading it. IF, however, you are open-minded enough to actually read these words often and are the type of reader that is receptive to the open themes such as sexuality and profanity, then this book will suit you. 

Full Written Review here

Book Score: 9.0/10

Get your copy on Amazon // Goodreads // Author page

Aug 17, 202113:31
The Warfighter By Craig DiLouie

The Warfighter By Craig DiLouie

When I received a review request for this book, I almost screamed my lungs out, because Craig DiLouie is one of our favourite authors of all time, and this series is one of the many series that we want to review completely. I guess dreams do come true.

There were HIGH expectations for this book, because the first book, The Aviator, shot itself right up the top 5 books of the year, and it’s STILL there, because it’s THAT hard to beat and THAT good, and if you have read it, you will totally agree with us. If you haven’t read, take a moment and read our review of that AMAZING book.

So Very high expectations were due to this book, but it only took 2 paragraphs of the book, the first two paragraphs of the book to prove, once again, that Craig DiLouie is one of THE BEST writers out there, period. HOLY MOLLY, talk about an introduction:

“Let me tell you something about war, Ms. Carter: There is always a sequel.Humans will return to war again and again regardless of its cost. Because the cost doesn’t matter, only who pays and who benefits. Those who benefit most have power and money, while those who pay the most have only love and pride. ”

– Jack Knapp

Like, who wouldn’t want to read a book written like this? Who wouldn’t become instantly gripped by curiosity to know more, and the sheer tone of the introduction…. *takes a deep breath* my god! THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!

And not to mention that there are many characters that are still in the novel, specially Firecraker, ohhh this book is HEAVEN!!!!


Read the Full review Here

Final Score: 9.0/10 Get your Copy on Amazon // Goodreads // Author Page // AudioBook Other Books By Craig DiLouieThe Aviator

Aug 12, 202117:01
My Fatal Futility Shellshock By Neil Hemfrey

My Fatal Futility Shellshock By Neil Hemfrey

My Fatal Futility Shellshock by N J M Hemfrey is positively one the THE BEST Sci-fi books I’ve EVER read in my life, and certainly THE BEST Sci-fi book I’ll read this year.

It’s big, it’s intriguing, it has humour, sarcasm and tech with a suitable narrative and an approach to futuristic materials that actually makes you envision the future, and you will not have to wait much until the first battle takes place with all its might and imagery! It’s VERY COOL.

Although the book is packed with words, the simple narrative does  help us forget about those 500+ pages and actually read and enjoy the story through it, as it steadily and smoothly develops.

This is an indie book that feels like it was published by a top tier literary house!

There are several elements when it comes to imagery here that we must take notice. First, it’s the animalistic fusion of beasty and human figures, which evoke many things and as intended, give that Asian-like, more accurately, Japanese-like atmosphere, especially after the combo with words written how they would be pronounced in Japanese, which is always a nice touch indeed. The second thing that we notice, or have to notice is how these same images make us understand each character that has it, given that it will mark some of their personalities and roles. It’s something well-put by Neil J M Hemfrey.

(...) Full review -

Final score: 8.8/10 Do Get your copy TODAY! Author page // Amazon // Goodreads

Aug 11, 202111:49
A Season in Lights By Gregory E. Phillips

A Season in Lights By Gregory E. Phillips

"A nice and promising opening that leads to an even more interesting development as the we are told the story of an, unorthodox , Broadway aspiring ballet dancer called Cammie, that dares to follow her dreams although everything that would and could keep her down, going through the ruffs and edges of the competitive New York City.

Between two timelines, 2019 and 1980, the story goes back and forth between Cammie, the dancer, and Tom, the pianist, each story telling how each of them started out in New York, their struggles and their learning experiences.

A Season in Lights” talks about art, artists and the professional performing world, the cruel realities of Broadway and New York performing plays, but in a way that encapsulates everything on the world of art. It shows how difficult it is to stay relevant on the world of arts, no matter how good, and the almost impossibility of becoming a legend, or even being noticed for long. It talks and shows us clearly about the desires of an artist towards its chosen craft and how can life get in the way of dreams, either through our choices, the choices of others and family.

In this “fine tuned” book, you will find that the narrative is simple, professional, as light and mannered as it should be, a narrative that blends very well to the atmosphere of New York. It allows and invites room for imagination, as the author tells this story with subtle suspense and poise, leaving little gifts here and there that literally make the whole book bigger than the sum of its parts, without messing with the delicate nature of this piece of writing. 

(...)" - Full written review here

Get your book at Amazon // Goodreads // Apple Books // Barnes & Noble // Author’s site
Jul 21, 202109:16
Never Never By Liz Butcher (Book review)

Never Never By Liz Butcher (Book review)

Have you ever read, seen, or even felt like something was too good to be true, or just too good to be... good, and then it hits you: you are reading/seeing a horror scene? Yeah... Welcome to “Never Never” by Liz Butcher.

This is a dark fantasy, criminal, detective type novel and I can put a dash below the word thriller, because as sure as hell the author knows how to scare us and keep us on our toes while imagining all the eerie possibilities EVEN before the actual “detective work” starts out. “Never Never” is creepy as hell, and although there are lots of non-creepy detective police work and interactions, the creepiness doesn’t go away from the background, nor does the anxiety behind all of it all. It’s amazing! Creepy, yetamazing that a writer can actually keep us thrilledthroughout the entire novel, no matter how light the scene, and one can only blame those first 6 chapters.

Another thing that we have  to state is that Liz Butcher, (quite a name for an horror writer by the way) almost bordered to the GENIUS  when she combined several elements that made us, the readers, emotionally involved in the story at once, not only by first scaring the hell out of our wits through the main character’s experiences, then by taking a piece of everybody’s childhood and putting into this haunting piece of story, BUT, by completing the circle by making the case closely related to our main character. I haven’t read much of the Brother’s Grim stories but I’m sure they would be somewhat written like this. Very nice.


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Garkain By Anna J Walner

Garkain By Anna J Walner

Written review -

"An intriguing and mysterious entrance that explains just enough to invite us to turn to the next page, and then the next, lifting a smile on our faces as we join the dots, but at the same time, giving us even more mysteries to keep looking for their answers. That’s how you do it and Anna J Walner has done it VERY VERY well.

By the end of the first chapter, we are hit with the stakes: There is something wrong with “The Colony”, and our main character has within her the power to change things. Yet she doesn’t have a clue of what, or who, she really is, and why, and things start to get VERY interesting! A perfect start for a very promising book!

Garkain is about vampires, and although we are not much fans of the long-toothed characters, we actually liked this book immensely due to the great narrative abilities of the author. It’s an amusing, pleasurable and comfy experience to read Garkain as we don’t have to think much, and when we do, we are caught off-guard and out of our depths of expectations here because of the approach that Anna J Walner chose to the plot.

The nuances of the interactions of the characters and how they react to each other reveals  more than the author could have said straight out about them, which adds to the whole experience of reading Garkain. Anna J Walner leaves little details here and there and repeats them in order to make sure that we are at par with the intentions and the plot that starts to get more complex as things advance in a smooth escalating progression as timelines are switched, going from present to past and them from memories to present always with insinuations of the future, which adds to the whole thriller and suspense thing.

Another thing that we did appreciate is the fact that the author didn’t rush in telling the story to us nor in developing the plot or explained the characters at once, which showed skill and control over the writing process and the plot itself, this added trust to us readers on knowing that we were well taken care of and we were facing a neatly written book. This and the non-challans  attitude of narrative increased our relaxation and trust towards the reading session, very well done by Anna J Walner.

The light and dark atmosphere of the writing creates a good contrast of the overall scenarios and set the stage for possible sudden shifts on that come in further in this book. We were smoothly made acquaintance to new environments without even realizing as we progressed with the main character towards her transformations and experiences, and we could understand, with the main character, what were “The Colony”, her abandonment and the “Unbounding” all about, which is SUPER amazing to read.

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