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The Little Psychic Podcast with June Mac

The Little Psychic Podcast with June Mac

By June Mac

Hello! I’m June Mac a psychic expansion teacher and intuition mentor here to show you how capable you are of tapping into your own infinite intuitive abilities!!

We all have the ability to be a Little Psychic.

This is the podcast with easy to understand, fun and down to earth spiritual learning, which awakens in YOU the power we all hold within.

Little psychic, I hope to ignite, nurture and drive your own psychic expansion!

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8: Energy healing with Lyndy Jewell

The Little Psychic Podcast with June MacJul 07, 2022

17: Starting your soul led business with Shannon the intuitive guide
Aug 29, 202359:45
16: Pregnant and Awakened?
Aug 22, 202358:56
15: Energy and aura clearing meditation
Jul 08, 202316:07
14: Learn to clear your energy with Kayla (Fearless Sunflowers)

14: Learn to clear your energy with Kayla (Fearless Sunflowers)

This episode is dedicated to the Empaths and energy sensitive out there! And there’s a lot of you!! So many of you can feel anxious, down, stressed and sometimes even depressed without realizing that energy hygiene is such an important part of our overall wellbeing. Just like we take care of our physical body every single day, our energy body needs the same daily cleansing. Kayla (from Fearless Sunflowers) and I discuss all our favorite and easy ways to take care of our etheric body.

By adding in some of these simple practices daily, you’re going to be amazed at the overall difference in your mood, motivation health and wellbeing! We hope you find this useful! xxx ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --If you love this episode, please share and subscribe! Find me at: ⁠Home| June Mac⁠⁠⁠⁠June Mac -YouTube⁠⁠Free Facebook community⁠  •Work with me •Tickets to Awaken Psychic senses in person workshop July 9th⁠The Little Psychic beginner's course⁠⁠1:1 Psychic mentoring⁠⁠The Little Psychic School membership⁠

  • Find Kayla Pickering- Self-Love Empowerment coach and metaphysical healing practitioner from Fearless Sunflowers over on

Instagram and via her website
•Podcast audio mastering and original intro music by ⁠Matt Mastery

Jun 27, 202353:46
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Jun 20, 202324:59
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Jun 12, 202354:45
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Nov 03, 202235:14
10: Boundaries with spirit
Sep 12, 202253:04
9: Reincarnation
Jul 30, 202258:22
8: Energy healing with Lyndy Jewell
Jul 07, 202237:28
7: The magic of intuition
Jun 25, 202249:44
6: My Dad in spirit and our ongoing connection
Jun 04, 202252:26
5: Psychic YOU! Getting to know your own abilities
May 21, 202247:13
4: Who are your spirit guides?
May 05, 202249:25
3: Psychic myths and misconceptions explained
Apr 21, 202249:09
2: Turning psychic- How did I get here? - My story Part 2
Apr 13, 202245:37
1: Turning psychic- How did I get here? – My story Part 1
Mar 22, 202235:47