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Just Allergy Things

Just Allergy Things

By Just Allergy Things

We are a teen-led podcast with all the information you need to know about food allergies. Our mission at Just Allergy Things is to share our experience with food allergies and give advice, comfort, and support to those who have food allergies or those who want to learn more about the cause.
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#9: Preparing for College with Food Allergies

Just Allergy ThingsAug 22, 2022

#9: Preparing for College with Food Allergies
Aug 22, 202228:01
#8: Traveling with Food Allergies
Aug 01, 202229:47
#7: Over 200 Food Allergies & Intolerances: The Allergy Chef
Nov 10, 202101:02:41
#6: Back to School with Food Allergies
Aug 23, 202139:58
#5: Surviving Anaphylaxis

#5: Surviving Anaphylaxis

In this episode, Dana chats with Melody about everything anaphylaxis. Throughout the episode, you hear about Melody’s firsthand experiences with anaphylaxis. We cover everything from what anaphylactic shock feels like to the recovery process after it occurs. The episode especially emphasizes the physical and emotional components that occur before, during, and after anaphylaxis. We also talk about what it is like when receiving an autoinjector shot.

Please note that we are not experts, and this episode is based on personal experiences.

Aug 02, 202132:03
#4: Summer and Food Allergies
Jul 04, 202134:52
#3: Talking All Things Food Allergy Awareness Featuring Arjin

#3: Talking All Things Food Allergy Awareness Featuring Arjin

In this episode, Dana chats with Arjin and Melody about all things food allergy awareness. Arjin explains why he started the Instagram awareness campaign, Food AllerG Stories, and the positive impacts it has had. The episode goes on to examine our experiences with food allergy awareness in our communities and beyond. We also discuss what should be done to make others aware of the severity of food allergies.

Jun 28, 202150:14
#2: Get to Know Us!

#2: Get to Know Us!

In this episode, meet some of the amazing team members at the Just Allergy Magazine! Dana talks with Melody, Lauren, Lindsay, and Emily to discuss our personal experiences with food allergies. We cover a variety of topics, from when we were diagnosed with food allergies, to friends with food allergies, to our favorite allergy-friendly foods. We also discuss our experiences with allergic reactions.

Jun 22, 202132:52
#1: Just Allergy Things Teaser

#1: Just Allergy Things Teaser

Welcome to the Just Allergy Things Podcast. Stick around as we continue our mission of spreading food allergy awareness!

Jun 04, 202101:05