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Just The Good Parts

Just The Good Parts

By Matt Woods

Bite-size learnings from battle-tested books to help you level-up your life and career.
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The 11 Most Interesting Books I Read in 2019

Just The Good PartsFeb 18, 2020

The 11 Most Interesting Books I Read in 2019
Feb 18, 202024:30
3 Uncommon Ways to Discover Incredible Book Recommendations
Feb 10, 202007:37
Why Did I Start a Podcast About Books I'm Reading?
Feb 03, 202003:40
Why Shockingly Effective Leaders Embrace Constant Gentle Pressure
Dec 28, 201908:34
The Secret to Building a Massive Audience for Free

The Secret to Building a Massive Audience for Free

Building an audience of raving fans is a secret advantage to get hired at your dream job or launch your next project. But how do you get started?

As it turns out, there's a simple, proven formula any creator can use to earn the attention of lifelong fans by building things you're passionate about and sharing what you know.

I'll boil down the big ideas you need to succeed in this talk and provide a treasure trove of examples to provide a strong start in your journey to build an audience that lasts.
Dec 11, 201915:09
The Best Book on Startup Marketing: Traction

The Best Book on Startup Marketing: Traction

One primary factor separates new businesses with explosive growth from gut-wrenching failures: Traction. In this episode, I unpack one of the best books I've read on startup marketing with John Mosesman. ## Topics We'll Cover: - What's the Bullseye Process and why's it different than the alternatives? - What are the 3 traction and phases and where do most people typically get tripped up? - What channels are you the MOST biased toward (positively and negatively) and why? - Why is it so hard to split your time 50/50 between marketing and building (and who's doing this well?) ## Links & Resources Book Notes: Just The Good Parts Book Summaries on YouTube: Just The Good Parts on Instagram: Matt Woods on Twitter: John Mosesman on Twitter: John Mosesman's Blog: Super Thinking: Gabriel Weinberg on Twitter: Justin Mares on Twitter:
Oct 14, 201944:41