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Community Rewatching 101

Community Rewatching 101

By Justin Olivetti

A bi-weekly rewatch podcast going through six seasons (and maybe a movie!) of NBC's Community. With your hosts Justin, Heather, Thomas, and Al.
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Hit me with your genie bottle (S2E18)

Community Rewatching 101May 15, 2023

Hit me with your genie bottle (S2E18)
May 15, 202301:10:35
The political showdown of the century (S2E17)
May 01, 202359:32
Screaming rainbow (S2E16)
Apr 12, 202301:03:34
Taco briefcase (S2E15)
Mar 29, 202301:09:44
Tabletop therapy (S2E14)
Mar 18, 202301:04:41
I love you drugs (S2E13)
Mar 01, 202301:05:34
Have loofah, will travel (webisodes)
Feb 01, 202301:06:22
River fingers (S2E12)
Jan 19, 202301:03:33
Christmas pterodactyl (S2E11)
Jan 04, 202355:46
Farscape fan club (S2E10)
Dec 14, 202258:22
Welcome to Fluffy Town (S2E9)
Dec 01, 202201:05:60
Puppies on parade (S2E8)
Nov 18, 202201:03:27
The World's Whisper (S2E7)
Nov 10, 202201:06:10
It's Thriller Night (S2E6)
Oct 21, 202201:02:40
Ski lift ninja (S2E5) with Community movie announcement
Oct 05, 202201:03:04
11 herbs and space experience (S2E4)
Sep 22, 202201:10:43
Ghost eaters (S2E3)
Aug 31, 202201:05:01
Hand holes and hat clubs (S2E2)
Aug 11, 202257:04
High on our own drama (S2E1)
Jul 27, 202255:08
Season 1 outtakes and bloopers
Jul 14, 202246:49
Season one wrap-up
Jun 23, 202201:08:57
Vngwe Mackadangdang Jr (S1E25)
Jun 09, 202257:55
What about Chang? (S1E24)
May 27, 202201:02:43
Paintballs really, really hurt (S1E23)

Paintballs really, really hurt (S1E23)

When the ultimate prize rears its head, the paintballs come flying in this landmark episode of Community. Join Al, Thomas, and Justin for a look back at S1E23's "Modern Warfare" with all of the sordid and frank discussion that TV professors will never tell you. Lurid! Shocking! Painty!

May 12, 202201:22:25
Winona Ryder knits! (S1E22)
Apr 21, 202201:00:36
Chicken run (S1E21)
Apr 05, 202257:00
April Fools Grinches (S1E20)

April Fools Grinches (S1E20)

When a spat of heightened shinanigans hits Greendale's campus, an unlikely buddy cop team-up forms, a frog is murdered in the prime of its life, and a cereal mascot is unfairly referenced. Join the Community Rewatching 101 crew for a look back at S1E20's "Science of Illusion" (even if we STILL don't know what that title means in this context)!

Mar 25, 202257:26
Ghostbursts (S1E19)
Mar 09, 202259:18
Switch Hitter (S1E18)
Feb 24, 202201:03:29
Vampires playing pool (S1E17)
Feb 09, 202201:04:42
Where's the beef? (S1E16)
Jan 26, 202201:04:00
Community Rewatching 101: Monkeyshines at the Picture Show (S1E15)

Community Rewatching 101: Monkeyshines at the Picture Show (S1E15)

The Community Rewatching 101 crew navigate another semi-normal day in the life of Greendale, with a bizarre love triangle, bad movie riffing, and all sorts of waggling eyebrows. Are we elated at the return of Vaughn? What do we think of Troy's wooing technique? And is awkward Britta always the best Britta?

Jan 12, 202201:01:53
Community Rewatching 101: Breakaway clothing

Community Rewatching 101: Breakaway clothing

The full foursome is back to tackle Season 1 Episode 14, "Interpretive Dance." Thomas becomes Timmy, Al dances the Cabbage Patch, Heather analyzes relationships, and Justin spends a small fortune on breakaway clothing. Oddly enough, this becomes one of the most criticized episodes of the first season to date!

Dec 29, 202101:02:31
Webisodes feat. Dan Harmon

Webisodes feat. Dan Harmon

It's time for a mid-season 1 break for the Community Rewatching 101 gang! Al and Justin kick back with a series of five very early webisodes about the weirdness of Greendale Community College and starring none other than series creator Dan Harmon. It's actually way funnier than you'd think!

Dec 15, 202144:30
Chang can never die (S1E13)

Chang can never die (S1E13)

He’s Senor Chang, and he cannot be killed. This is the life lesson imparted to the crew of Community Rewatching 101, who would all love to be as immortal and well-loved as this great Spanish teacher. As they investigate, er, Season 1’s “Investigative Journalism,” the topic of abrupt change in a sitcom environment comes to the forefront. And no, nobody likes Buddy.

Dec 01, 202158:30
We're going to Applebees! (S1E12)

We're going to Applebees! (S1E12)

The first Christmas at Greendale is an odd one for both the study group and our Community Rewatching 101 crew. Fights, guilt trips, Winter Doodles, and Forrest Whittaker glares abound -- not to mention an unusual approach to discussing various religions on TV -- as we talk about Episode 12, “Comparative Religion.”

Nov 18, 202101:02:19
Community Rewatching 101: Reverse Porky’s (S1E11)

Community Rewatching 101: Reverse Porky’s (S1E11)

Could it get any more uncomfortable in the room? That’s what the Community Rewatching 101 team will discover as they sit down to have “The Talk” about Season 1’s “The Politics of Human Sexuality.” Fortunately, they have a never-ending supply of U.S. Presidents and Australian Prime Ministers as substitute references for human anatomy.

Nov 02, 202101:03:24
Community Rewatching 101: Here's brownies! (S1E10)

Community Rewatching 101: Here's brownies! (S1E10)

The Community Rewatching 101 crew is at full strength as they charge into a manic episode full of dalmations, rats, brownies, Irish folk singers, tigers, handsome hobos, Jack Nicholson, and deep conspiracy theories about what happened to Señor Chang’s wife.

Oct 19, 202101:06:59
Community Rewatching 101: Robot debater (S1E9)
Oct 06, 202101:05:29
Community Rewatching 101: Special drink (S1E8)
Sep 21, 202101:02:54
Community Rewatching 101: Incognito Mode (S1E7)
Sep 07, 202101:02:31
Community Rewatching 101: Stall ball (S1E6)

Community Rewatching 101: Stall ball (S1E6)

What truth lurks behind the doors of the women’s restroom? Who is about to emerge from a bush to ruin Jeff’s day? Why did Greendale invent the most terrifying mascot ever? And where is Al? Find out all these and more as the CR101 crew covers “Football, feminism, and you.”

Aug 25, 202101:05:43
Community Rewatching 101: Throbbing cosmic wombs (S1E5)

Community Rewatching 101: Throbbing cosmic wombs (S1E5)

Greendale needs a theme song, Britta's the key subject of the Trial of the Century, Abed may be an alien, and the CR101 crew has no idea how to make sense of any of this weirdness! They'll petition the spirit of Luis Guzmán to lend his aid as they push further into season one. Luis, save us!

Aug 11, 202154:51
Community Rewatching 101: Panda pants (S1E4)
Jul 27, 202101:00:51
Community Rewatching 101: Carpe diem! (S1E3)
Jul 13, 202156:56
Community Rewatching 101: El Tigre Chino (S1E2)
Jun 29, 202101:05:05
Community Rewatching 101: Steve the pencil (S1E1)

Community Rewatching 101: Steve the pencil (S1E1)

Bugs fixed, brains full, and mouths primed to spout off, the Community Rewatching 101 study group heads into their very first episode: Season 1's Pilot! With a whole lot of "pilot weirdness," this episode serves up a great deal of discussion on character introductions, the Battle Study Room, the truth about community college bells, and, of course, Steve the pencil.

Jun 15, 202158:08
Community Rewatching 101: The pilot!
May 27, 202145:28