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Make Ideas Reality

Make Ideas Reality

By Justin White

This podcast is dedicated to everyday creative hero's (making their ideas reality) I hope to inspire you with stories, give you courage to leave your comfort zone, think big and be the bad-ass creator you were meant to be.
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Jennifer Bower ( J. Bower Engraving )

Make Ideas RealityMay 29, 2020

Maker to Astronaut - Nima Shahinian
Oct 24, 202247:44
Balancing Ambition - Arendal Leather Co. (Marius Bodvin)
Sep 21, 202201:00:23
Work Less, Live More - The Swedish Maker
Aug 02, 202258:12
Innovation = Staying Relevant - Barnaby Dixon
Jul 05, 202251:55
Pushing through hard times - Steinar Caspari (Spotlight)

Pushing through hard times - Steinar Caspari (Spotlight)

Pushing through hard times takes a certain type of gumption. Steinar Caspari a professional graffiti artist shares with us here in this spotlight episode his journey of working a day job and painting 500 portraits having never painted a portrait before. 


Jun 17, 202214:47
Making Dreams into Products - Giaco Whatever

Making Dreams into Products - Giaco Whatever

My guest today Giacomo Di Muro otherwise known as “Giaco Whatever” Knows a thing or two about pushing through those barriers that seem to stop most of us developing and selling a product. He seems to not only push through but smash through those barriers. Well.... at least leap over them like Super Mario. Giaco has pioneered his way into product design and manufacturing from his humble beginnings, as a maker on YouTube channel Giaco Whatever. Today we delve into the way he sees the world and how that has shaped the way he approaches his work. Giaco shares with us what has been critical to his success We dig deep into how he turns an idea into reality such as the maker knife And we hear about his newest Kickstarter project NOSHORTCUTS Giaco Links: YouTube: Website: Instagram: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:

May 31, 202201:16:59
Tools Are Overrated - Andy Birkey (Spotlight)
May 13, 202206:22
The Maker Pilgrimage - Kristin & Justin
May 05, 202253:11
Maker Fluency - Andy Birkey (Spotlight)
Apr 18, 202212:13
Embrace Your Inner Nerd - Nerdforge

Embrace Your Inner Nerd - Nerdforge

Embracing the inner nerd is philosophy, my guests today Martina and Hansi from Nerdforge seem to have adopted.  In this episode Martina and Hansi share with us their origin story, Nerdforge comic book No.1 They talk about de-weaponizing the word nerd.  Embracing who you are and letting go of what others think We get an insight into how they separate work and relationship.  You’ll hear how they turn their nerdy ideas into reality. To finish we hear what the future could hold for nerdforge. Martina and Hansi have grown their youtube channel pretty quickly using this philosophy of embracing your inner nerd. So some great lessons to be learnt   Hope you enjoy. Nerdforge Links: Justin White (Garage Avenger) website: Instagram: YouTube: Patreon:
Apr 05, 202253:05
Importance of Play (Spotlight) - Hans Meier
Mar 16, 202215:49
Boost Engagement - Matthew Dicks
Mar 01, 202201:25:05
Thinking Big - Paul Jackman
Feb 01, 202201:06:54
Kinetic Art - Ivan Iler
Jan 04, 202201:05:47
Hobby to Business - Ethan Abramson
Nov 30, 202101:02:55
A Makers Superpower is...? - Mike Troxel

A Makers Superpower is...? - Mike Troxel

How a Maker can Change the World!

In a society that seems to feel ever more distant and unengaging. Where you mostly hide behind a screen even when socializing. You hardly know your neighbors and cultural events are not favored over watching the squid game on Netflix. It all seems a little grim, but we as makers have the power to change this.

Though it sometimes brings us down with self-doubt and a healthy dose of impostor syndrome, making is an incredible anti-depressant. It is cathartic. It is addictive. It traps us in a spiral of positive thinking that can only ever create a good people. For those engaged in the maker community this is clearly evident. And Who better to change the world but us.

Today we are going to talking with Mike Troxel about his experiences of using his creativity to impact his local community.

We deep dive into his story

He shares with us some of his projects and the impact they had.

We talk about why you as a maker are one of the most important assets to your local community.

And Mike suggests some ways you as a little maker in your little workshop can make an impact and engage others to change the world.

If you’ve wanted to make an impact and engage others to change the world. Then I hope this episode will inspire you to take action.

Mike Troxel:



Justin White (Garage Avenger)




Nov 02, 202101:04:32
Advice is Dangerous! - Justin Wood

Advice is Dangerous! - Justin Wood

Stop Listening To Peoples Advice. They’re not helping you.

Everybody’s got something to say about what you do. People you know, people you love, people you hate. Even people you’ve never met. They all want tell you what to do, what to think, what is right or wrong. How to be better, live your life, and further your career. But… no one knows what’s best for you because they are not you. and you should really stop listening to them.

In this podcast My guest Mark Justin from Justin Wood is going to discuss why life became amazing when he stopped listening to others.

He talks about: The impact others had on his decisions in school and as a young adulthood that led to a Life of insufferable anxiety in a high paid IT career.

He then talks about the how he dug himself out of that situation and took the steps towards working with something that truly made him happy …. Woodworking

If you have been given bad advice in the past. Or felt you never had the support of friends or family This episode I hope will give you an understanding where that bad advice or lack of support came from. And how to analyze advice in the future to ensure you make the right decisions for you.

Heaps to unpack in this episode so lets get into the show.


Justin Wood:



Oct 05, 202141:54
The stories behind tools - Hand Tool Rescue

The stories behind tools - Hand Tool Rescue

My guest today Eric from Hand Tool Rescue gets his high from delving into the stories of the old and forgotten tools of the world. Digging up patents and talking with collectors from all around the world to understand the story behind the tool.

In this episode Eric shares

- The real reasons why he really loves restoring tools.

- The stories behind finding and attaining those rare tools

- He shares some crazy Patent stories,

- Along with the weird and wonderful people of tool collecting.

-  And we finish up talking about his White whale. The one tool he desires most.

The stories behind the tools!

We are biologically wired to enjoy a good story. That’s often why we love digging up the past and in Eric’s case, digging up the weird and wonderful world of old tools.

From the time cavemen sat around campfires and told stories about a challenging bear hunt or a fishing adventure – stories offered an effective mechanism for knowledge transfer.

From this perspective, the campfire was the social media platform of the day. That congregated all community members to engage in an in-person information exchange. And that’s how communities developed shared identities and culture.

Likes, comments, and shares were all given verbally

As time passed, these campfire stories were transformed into legends that were passed from one generation to the next.

Today, the new campfire is Netflix or YouTube. We use these and other platforms to get entertainment

The power of storytelling whether it’s a movie, political campaign or youtube video, is built on the

timeless three-act story structure:

1) Setting

2) Conflict

3) Resolution

The stories behind the tools are no different And today I’m hoping Eric will share with us some of the stories he as come across when getting his oxytocin high from researching, finding and restoring old tools.


1) What is it about old tools that really gets your rocks off?

2) What is your most treasured tool and what’s the story behind it?

3) Often, some of these tools you are hard to find and attain which adds to their story. What’s the one tool that stands out with regards to finding and attaining it?

4) You do a lot of research especially in weird and wonderful world of patents. Is there a particular patent story that has captivated you and made you want that tool even more?

5) Collecting old things you often have to deal with “special “people with “character” Has there been collector or individual that has captured your imagination with their story?

6) What is your “white whale” tool and what’s its story?


1) What is something people get wrong about you?

2) What is something you like doing that has nothing to do with making or restoring?

3) What project is completely priceless that you could never sell?

4) What does happiness look like?

5) Who should be the next guest on the podcast?

Sep 01, 202101:15:21
Yes = Success - Jimmy Diresta
Aug 03, 202101:21:39
Calculating Risk & Teaching - The Red Smith
Nov 21, 202001:48:36
Networking Power - John Graziano (Graz Makes)
Nov 14, 202001:13:10
Navigating Self Doubt - Bob Clagett (I Like To Make Stuff)
Nov 06, 202001:06:37
Own Your Truth - Kristin and Justin are back
Oct 31, 202001:02:47
Trust Your Gut -Jonathan Jamieson (JJ Leathersmith)
Oct 24, 202001:15:02
Making vs Buying - Grant Alexander ( The Grant Alexander)
Oct 23, 202001:04:15
The Toolbox Excuse - Daniel Jansson (Switch & Lever)
Oct 10, 202001:22:07
Grit - Brett Mcafee (Skull & Spade 13)
Oct 03, 202001:21:47
Take a Risk - Kieran Donnelly (Make Fail Repeat)
Sep 26, 202056:14
Overwhelm - Gus Dixon (Man Cave Makings)
Sep 19, 202001:38:19
Bernie Solo - Works By Solo
Sep 12, 202001:33:03
Justin D. White (Interviewer becomes guest on Because We Make Podcast)
Sep 05, 202001:31:00
My Crazy Morning Routine - Talking with Kristin
Aug 28, 202056:51
Vincent Ferrari & Ethan Carter (Because We Make Podcast)
Aug 22, 202001:21:42
Dan Rees - Zebrano Woodcraft
Aug 15, 202001:14:01
Ollie Allen - Designer / Maker
Aug 08, 202001:36:40
Tony Rouleau - Hillview Wood & Metal

Tony Rouleau - Hillview Wood & Metal

This week I had the absolute pleasure to interview. The kind and talented Tony Rouleau from Hillview Wood and Metal. Hear Tony's journey of how he got into machining and why his tools are so sort after. If you are not familiar with his work I suggest you go straight to Instagram after this episode and drool over the tools that Tony makes. One doesn't often use the word perfect for things made in a basement but Tony's work is an exception. Hope you enjoy.  

Tony Rouleau Links:  

Inspiration Nation Shout out:  

Justin White (Garage Avenger) 




Aug 01, 202001:21:51
Hannes Hagen - The pursuit of perfection
Jul 25, 202001:06:14
Emiel Noorlander - The Practical Engineer
Jul 18, 202056:25
Matt & Jonny Browning (Brothers Make) - Making For Good
Jul 11, 202001:21:34
Kjell Otto "Kjellski" - The Real Godfather
Jul 04, 202001:16:34
Matt Gottesman - Doing the Work is the Shortcut
Jun 27, 202001:17:35
Justin and Kristin - Dealing with Gremlins
Jun 20, 202049:51
Luke & Cilla Smith - PLSmithed
Jun 13, 202001:25:21
Matt Thompson - Thompson Woodworks
Jun 06, 202051:36
Jennifer Bower ( J. Bower Engraving )
May 29, 202001:13:18
Q.Bless (I know what do you but........ What do you do?)
May 23, 202057:35
Evan VanBuhler (

Evan VanBuhler (

Evan VanBuhler  - Online Direct Marketing Specialist for Talks with me about their marketing strategy focused around makers and creatives.  I hope you get something from this episode that might help you in the future, work with a forward thinking company such as  Enjoy

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