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By Joseph W Nienstedt

Explore how to get the most out of life through creativity, skill, and self-improvement. I'll be talking with people who have found meaning in their lives by mastering their crafts, overcoming great challenges, or by just being all-around awesome at living life to the fullest. It's about finding passion in the things that you never knew you could be passionate about. From writing a song to running a marathon, or from cooking an amazing meal to painting a masterpiece, discover how seemingly ordinary people are actually quite extraordinary.
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JWN #83: Nora Roy

JWNJul 12, 2021

JWN #83: Nora Roy
Jul 12, 202101:41:51
JWN #82: Travis Maynard
Jul 05, 202101:42:20
JWN #81: Morowa Mosai w/ R Dotta
Jun 07, 202101:33:10
JWN #80: Natasha Nast

JWN #80: Natasha Nast

Natasha Nast is a professional dancer with the Palmetto City Ballet as well as the Unbound Ballet Project. When she’s not performing she also teaches advanced ballet & jazz classes in the Charleston Area. She’s an exceptionally gifted artist with an unforgiving work ethic which has led to a successful career even though she was a late starter by ballet standards. Follow Natasha on Instagram at Find her at Palmetto City Ballet - Get tickets to the Unbound Ballet performance of “It Never Changes To Stop” Friday, May 28, 2021 & Saturday, May 29, 2021 at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
May 24, 202101:41:36
JWN #79: Aaron Utterback of Human Resources
May 10, 202102:12:23
JWN #78: Jordan Igoe
May 03, 202101:31:55
JWN #77: Michelle Tompkins
Apr 19, 202101:47:20
JWN #76: Aggie Flores
Apr 12, 202102:35:32
JWN #75: Dos Bandidos
Apr 05, 202101:52:42
JWN #74: Susannah Elliott
Mar 29, 202101:54:23
JWN #73 - Landon Carter
Mar 22, 202101:35:49
JWN #72: Marissa Sumwalt
Mar 15, 202101:41:42
JWN #71: Kate Ritchie
Mar 08, 202101:13:23
JWN #70: Vik Hart

JWN #70: Vik Hart

Vik Hart is a visual artist who’s current work is primarily based on a fantastical world he created called “Firn”. Vik has found a way to connect with fans by sparking their imaginations through his very unique paintings and drawings using watercolor & ink. You can find out more about Vik’s work here: and follow him on Instagram at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
Mar 01, 202101:38:01
JWN #69: The Nifty (NFT) Show
Feb 27, 202143:09
JWN #68: Madison White
Feb 15, 202101:25:08
JWN #67: Solo Show - Our house is a very, very, very fine little bitch
Feb 12, 202133:25
JWN #66: Brett Nash
Feb 08, 202101:57:17
JWN #65: Solo Show - Music sweet music I wish I could caress
Feb 05, 202128:53
JWN #64: Abby Duran

JWN #64: Abby Duran

Abby Duran is the creative director and founder of, where music and storytelling collide. Abby also provides clients with technical writing services while spending a lot of her time and many talents advocating for North Koreans' rights.

You can check out her website at

You can follow Abby on Instagram at &

Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x

Feb 01, 202101:29:13
JWN #63: Solo Show - The simulation is empty
Jan 29, 202135:50
JWN #62: Amanda Lane Evans
Jan 25, 202101:31:39
JWN #61 Not So Solo Show - In the light you will find the road
Jan 22, 202130:45
JWN #60: Amber Vasquez
Jan 18, 202101:32:45
JWN #59: Solo Show - Now these days are gone & I’m not so self assured
Jan 15, 202135:54
JWN #58: Taylor Czerwinski
Jan 11, 202101:20:40
JWN #57: Solo Show - America I love you but you’re freaking me out.
Jan 08, 202139:53
JWN #56: Shaquille Fontenot
Jan 04, 202101:27:38
JWN #55: Solo Show - This is the trick, forget a terrible year.
Jan 01, 202137:34
JWN #54: Presley Randall of Baby Yaga
Dec 28, 202000:48
JWN #53: Solo Show - Don't mess around with those silly toys.
Dec 25, 202023:39
JWN #52: Chad Dyar
Dec 21, 202001:34:43
JWN #51: Solo Show - Surrender To The Sound
Dec 18, 202037:04
JWN #50: Erel Pilot
Dec 14, 202001:21:21
JWN #49: Solo Show - Never For Money, Always For Love

JWN #49: Solo Show - Never For Money, Always For Love

Margaret Keenan is the first person in the world to receive Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine outside of a trial & I’m using her as my beacon of light for what’s most likely going to be a long cold winter. You can watch her epic jab here:

I recap an eventful weekend including another trail run, a photo shoot that got sexy af, and Femme Fest 2020!

You can check out 29 Red Brick’s Youtube channel here if you dare:

Check out the episode of the JWN Podcast featuring Babe Club at

In the news we discuss Bob Dylan selling out at age 79, John Oliver learning the truth about Julius Pringle, and Facebook possibly getting broken up.

You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x

Dec 11, 202032:00
JWN #48: Bill Wilson
Dec 07, 202001:36:28
JWN #47: Solo Show - Back To The Lake
Dec 04, 202033:53
JWN #46: Patrick Prickett
Nov 30, 202001:30:12
JWN #45: Solo Show - If we make it through December everything's gonna be all right.
Nov 26, 202027:37
JWN #44: Blake Ratliffe
Nov 23, 202001:01:51
JWN #43 Solo Show: Run For Your Life
Nov 20, 202030:07
JWN #42: Chris Smith
Nov 16, 202001:09:46
JWN #41 Solo Show: Tinfoil Hat Territory
Nov 13, 202026:46
JWN #40 Kalyn Oyer
Nov 09, 202001:29:38
JWN #39 Solo Show: Just Another Nervous Wreck
Nov 06, 202041:08
JWN #38 Matt Zutell of Coast Records
Nov 02, 202001:24:44
JWN #37 Solo Show
Oct 30, 202034:15
JWN #36 Emily Heller
Oct 26, 202001:06:18
JWN #35 Solo Show
Oct 23, 202026:25
JWN #34 Pip The Pansy
Oct 19, 202001:44:49