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Whine & Wine

Whine & Wine

By Jyl Barlow

Whine & Wine, hosted by Jyl Barlow and Kathy Crowley is the perfect spot to unwind with two new friends. Well, WE aren't new friends. We're old friends. Well, not old in the aging sense - we're only ... well, age isn't really that important, is it? Whine & Wine is the perfect spot to unwind with two of your new best friends. Whine & Wine is a podcast about sharing nothing which, as we women know, means sharing everything all at once. Whine & Wine is not about solving problems. It's about somehow making them worse while laughing very inappropriately in the process.
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Whine & WineApr 25, 2023

Figuring out Female Friendships

Figuring out Female Friendships

Welcome to Whine & Wine

Why do female friendships often seem to take so much work? Are we doing this to ourselves with incorrect assumptions, over-scheduling, or putting too much weight on social media? Or, are we just expecting too much from each other?

If there is one thing that all women have in common, it is having to fight each and every day for something. Turning on each other in the midst of that fight is, well, not great.


What if we lifted each other up? What if we stopped examining our interactions with a magnifying glass?

We also chat about boundaries, permission to say "no," growth via accountability, and getting back to in-person moments.

Kathy's Thought for the Episode: You can straighten another woman's crown without telling everyone.

Take a trip down relationship lane with us on this episode of Whine & Whine.

Spoiler alert: This is an epiphany-free podcast.

Shout out to our Nonsor, Pampered Chef! Your three-in-one fly swatter circa a decade ago is still going strong! So strong that we'd like it re-introduced to your catalog. Please and thank you. Make sure you tweet @pamperedchef to get this beast back in production!

Can’t get enough of us? Well, you’re one of very few.

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May 17, 202339:23
A Podcast in Progress
Apr 25, 202339:16