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By Kabir Qurban

Most of the things I say in this podcasts are reminders to myself. I find that the best way to hold myself accountable to my actions, is to share my thoughts and intentions with the world.

These are blogs that I write, and quickly spit into the microphone.
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What's wrong?

JokabirFeb 06, 2022

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

This episode briefly speaks on decision making and the concept and making the "right" choice.

Feb 06, 202202:24


Free will in a determined world.

On the third day of the new year, we start to slip on the promises we have made to ourselves. How quick are we to give up on our own resolutions. This world has such a crazy dynamic to it, that it almost distracts us from everything we stand for.

Yes, this world has dug a pit that it wants you to call a "path to success", but deep down you are aware that the life they have prescribed unto you is not what you want. The world has its twists and turns, and unfortunately it couldn’t care less about whether or not you fit into the puzzle. Therefore, you should strive and continue with your own passions.

How weak would we be if we broke our resolutions and never tried again until the coming year. Everyday we are free to make resolutions, everyday you are free to work towards your goals. They always tell you that you are free to choose life you want to live; what they don’t tell you is that you are not free from the consequences of said choice. They have glamourized the materialistic consumer lifestyle where the weekdays pay for the weekends.

When you give up your choice and succumb to the machine that strives to abolish individual freedoms through their secular ideologies, you are left with the consequences. I personally am afraid of the direction the world is going. I have worked with youth in schools and at community centres and I see the changes that take place in our society. Kids have never had so much external influence, and we as adults need to do everything we can to uphold the sanctity of individual choice.

I will not go on about the many things that are wrong with this world, but I will say that I’m sure you’re aware of some. We have to realize that it is not too late to reclaim what was never theirs. You are either consciously working towards your own goals, or unconsciously serving someone else's.

Choose wisely.

Jan 03, 202202:21


Accountability is the standard to which you place your promises on.

I believe there are three types of promises that exist.

The promises we make to one another. Our credibility is based on what we have fulfilled in life, partly meaning that a person who keeps their word has shown that they are credible. This is not to say that we shouldn’t make promises to one another, but rather to uphold the sanctity of honour. We should strive to do as much as we can, and be aware of what we can guarantee.

Another type of promise we make in our day, are the promises we make to ourselves. The silent intentions we make in our minds upon any beginning, these are the promises you make to yourself. It is more important to uphold these types of contracts, so that you can rely on yourself. I have learnt that besides from your family, there is no one you can fully rely on. You should be comfortable when making tough decisions, as it is our everyday actions that will become the tough part.

This last category should apply to everyone, but some may not believe in it. These are the promises we make to our Lord. I use the term Lord in this sense rather than God, because we owe him like we do to our land-lords. On these lands we roam, desecrating the forests and allowing our society to fall apart; but how often do we give in return. These subtle promises we make to the divine, asking for forgiveness and offering change. How often do we change? When we beg for success, only to turn a blind eye to our brothers around the world who are living our past realities.

The promise you make your God once you believe in him can either grant you eternal freedom or relentless suffering. These are the promises we must uphold on the highest of standards.

Be well my friends.

And do your best,

then try some more.

Hopefully next time,

will be better than before.

Salam :)

Dec 21, 202102:44
What should we do now?

What should we do now?

I often find myself scrambling at the end of a mission. I made this post as a reflection, in hopes of sharing some wisdom from what I learned after crossing a finish line.

Dec 14, 202102:41