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Light Above Solitude

Light Above Solitude

By Kalia VQ

Light Above Solitude illuminates your path to self-discovery and growth on a soul level through mindset, holistic health, intentional living, and the exploration of elements and tools used in modern spirituality.

This is a podcast for the womxn who doesn’t feel safe to be completely authentic. I am here to tell you, you were born to stand out. I am ready to guide you out of solitude and into the light of hope, love, and freedom.

New episodes drop every Tuesday at 5 am Pacific. Connect with me at
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3 quick and easy ways to create Mindfulness Moments during busy and stressful days

Light Above SolitudeMar 30, 2021

4 quick tips to avoid overwhelm when coming out of the COVID-19 shadow period

4 quick tips to avoid overwhelm when coming out of the COVID-19 shadow period

#044: Each week the world seems to be opening up more and more around me. I have personally been feeling a need to slow down and take inventory of what is serving my soul's intentions and what is not. Today I want to share four quick tips to help you avoid overwhelm as we navigate into our new normal. I will also share a reading from the book Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell. 

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Jul 20, 202120:51
Animal and child soul connections with Urmi Raval

Animal and child soul connections with Urmi Raval

#043: **WARNING: This episode may contain triggering content.** The bond between a child and their pets is truly an irreplaceable connection that seems to stick with one for a lifetime. But do the animals in our early years mold our current lives and reality? Today I have a good friend, Urmi Raval, on the show to explore our thoughts around childhood pets. She is currently considering adopting a dog or two into her family and we dive into some of our own childhood stories and experiences. 

Please check out and follow Urmi's podcast, Eternal Paradigm:

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