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The Hello MaximizHer Podcast

The Hello MaximizHer Podcast

By Kara Barker

Thought-provoking topics and discussions intended to uplift, encourage and motivate women from all walks of life. Join Life Coach Kara Barker along with other special guests for a time of inspiration and empowHERment.
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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Lacey MacLeod

The Hello MaximizHer Podcast Nov 30, 2023

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Lacey MacLeod

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Lacey MacLeod

It hides in the shadows of our insecurities, shaming us with lies about our inadequacy. It even convinces us that we are not good enough that you don’t belong.

This fear —that you don’t belong, that you’re not good enough, that somehow you tricked the admissions office, your employer, or your spouse, into choosing you, and that sooner or later they’re going to figure it out has a name.

It’s called Imposter Syndrome.

On this Thursday’s episode of The Hello MaximizHer podcast I invite Lacey MacLeod founder and CEO of Talent Uplifted to discuss a common struggle that many women deal with throughout one’s career and even life - imposter syndrome.

If not properly addressed imposter syndrome has the potential of manifesting itself in just about any part of one’s life causing havoc and never at the ideal time!

If you ever felt like you don’t belong or more specifically, wondered if you were included, accepted, or invited, by mistake; this episode is for you!
Nov 30, 202301:13:36
The Power of Affirmations & Gratitude w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

The Power of Affirmations & Gratitude w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Gratitude is a powerful force that has the ability to transform one’s mindset and enhance one’s overall well-being.

As you begin to prepare your “giving of thanks” meal we want you to slip away and take an intentional pause for about 30 minutes and tune into this week’s episode of The Hello MaximizHER podcast with Kara.

During this solo episode, Kara encourages the listeners to find the “bright spots”, in this season to develop a heart of gratitude. Even in the mist of disappointment, grief and sadness one can still find glimmers of hope, joy and optimism.

As you incorporate positive affirmations into one’s daily life, one will start to notice a shift in one’s mindset. Cultivating gratitude is a daily practice that can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

So, let’s embrace the power of gratitude and transform our mindset for the better. Seize your blessings, hold them close to your heart and don’t let pettiness and the small stuff distract you from the bigger, more important aspects of your life.

Nov 23, 202330:37
The Takeover w/ Lonnie Barker

The Takeover w/ Lonnie Barker

Hey MaximizHers!
Are you ready for a pod takeover? Kara's husband Lonnie invades the podcast to give us a little insight on our host Kara and will also discuss life's ups and downs, the challenges of setbacks, lessons from losses, the complexities of parenthood and more. This is a totally spontaneous conversation with a twist. Let’s make some noise for videographer, entrepreneur, producer, Lonnie Barker!
Nov 16, 202301:02:39
The Power of the Pitch w/ Kim Kaufman

The Power of the Pitch w/ Kim Kaufman

When you think about a story, what comes to mind? Perhaps an enjoyable summer read or maybe even a fable or fairytale. But a story doesn’t have to be confined to fiction. In fact, we tell stories every single day. How we see the past, how we envision the future – those are stories. How we convey a message, how we describe a product or service – those are stories as well. A pitch, a presentation, a plea — all stories. In today’s episode we bring on Kim Kaufman public relations strategist, journalist, writer and nationally recognized storyteller, writer and Toastmaster to share some truths about the power the pitch and how to be an effective storyteller. Kim shares with listeners one of the biggest elements of developing one’s story is knowing and understanding one’s audience through research by finding out what moves them, what’s important to them and what’s critical and crucial for them to take action. Storyteller is about strategy. If done well and done correctly, the power of a great story can have a massive effect on the audience and define you as an influencer. It can inspire, enliven and create instant rapport. It can move an audience to take action and it can change lives. For more information about Kim or to book her for an event please check out her website at 🔔SUBSCRIBE TODAY to The Hello MaximizHer podcast & UPDATE your notifications so you won’t miss out on any new drop! This entire season is powHERful and we’re coming right out of the gate boldly and unapologetically! #powerofthepitch #thehellomaximizherpodcast #storyteller #empoweringwomen Kim Presents
Nov 09, 202301:24:23
The Power of Courage w/ Tiffany Crawford

The Power of Courage w/ Tiffany Crawford

Rain came, wind blew, my house was built on you….. lyrics from Maverick City Music Firm Foundation. 🎶🎶🎵
Bravery is rarely convenient. The price tag is usually higher than we’re comfortable paying. When we walk through different seasons or hardships in life, it can feel like God is silent. It can feel like you are seeking, praying, and asking but are being met with a lack of answers and action. However, when we truly seek Him through scripture, we are told time and again that no matter how we feel, no matter what is happening around us, He is with us. He is working providently in all things to accomplish His plans and purposes.

We take a slight detour and have a women’s bible study and spirit-led conversation with Tiffany Crawford with Right Now Media.

With all of the uncertainty that life has to offer, there is one thing that we can always rely on. We will never be abandoned by God’s love, His watchful eye over us, and His desire to walk with us throughout this life on Earth until we meet Him in Heaven.

If you are walking through a season like this today, take a moment to root yourself in this everlasting truth — if you’re a Christ believer His promises tells us that he will never leave you- (Deuteronomy 31:6).

If you are not feeling strong or courageous today, by the end of this conversation , you will see that in Christ, you have everything you need to stand strong and courageous!

Be encouraged, Beloved.
Enjoy today’s conversation.
Also check out this YouVersion reading plan this week! Join me in reading Hello Beautiful:
Nov 02, 202301:19:24
Creative EmpowHERment w/ Kenya Carter

Creative EmpowHERment w/ Kenya Carter

Creativity is, inarguably, at the root of every successful business, personal brand, or professional endeavor.

Yet creating something from nothing isn't simple. It’s takes a whole lot of inspiration, perspective, patience, motivation, and an open mindset to fully unleash and unlock one’s creativity with faith.

On today’s episode we invite Kenya Carter CEO, fashion designer and owner of K.Nicole boutique to share with listeners her artistic journey through fashion, design and entrepreneurship. As a creative Kenya has learned to be bold and courageous through her design which has proven that when creativity is unrestrained, it creates an atmosphere of imagination, energy, synergy and strength.

For more information about Kenya and to support her design campaign please contact her at!
Let’s support her creative vision together.
Oct 26, 202301:07:47
The Power of Your Voice w/ The Voice Finalist Valarie Harding

The Power of Your Voice w/ The Voice Finalist Valarie Harding

Our human voice is a truly amazing instrument.
We produce a range of incredibly nuanced sounds that are capable of conveying meaning, emotion, and subtle cues to others. There’s nothing I love to do more in this world than to turn on a beautiful song and get lost in the melody.

The power of one’s voice has the ability to can change things. Think about it, a single song at a wedding can get everyone jumping to their feet, a praise and worship song can change an atmosphere, a lullaby can comfort an infant, a song listen to on your commute can influence driving habits and even at a sporting event, a song can ignite everyone clapping together in unison.

On today’s episode of The Hello MaximizHer podcast we invite the talented Season 22 NBC “The Voice” participant Valarie Harding to share how she found victory in using one’s voice. Valarie Harding participated in the knockout battle rounds of NBC’s “The Voice” and was selected to move forward by the one and only multi-award singer and songwriter John Legend. During this episode Valarie shares her experience of being devoted and tenacious in going after her dreams. She encourages listeners to be confident and committed when pursuing one’s dreams.

Real talk — Life doesn’t always go as planned, but that’s the beauty of it. Don’t give up! Go for it! Write the book! Apply for the job! Audition for the play or better yet for the show! Fuel yourself up with your intense dedication, devotion and passion for your dream and make it happen.

It’s time to turn up the voices of victory and turn down the voices of defeat and fear.
Oct 19, 202301:00:40
Real Estate and Resiliency w/ Kim Grayson
Oct 12, 202301:06:31
Own Your Coins w/ Anyiesa Johnson
Oct 05, 202301:34:36
Sisterhood & Motherhood w/ Katherine Bracy and Nuceka Chatman

Sisterhood & Motherhood w/ Katherine Bracy and Nuceka Chatman

It’s a season finale y’all!

As we wrap up Season 3 of the FearLess Women’s series of The Hello MaximizHer podcast, we invite the one and only OG, that is the “original gal” my Mom Katherine Bracy and my Sister Nuceka Bracy- Chatman to share with listeners their brave story.

During this engaging and enlightening conversation we discuss everything from spending summers as a child on our grandparents farm, raising children, fashion, self-care practices, racism and biases in the South, and overcoming one’s fears by exercizing faith with boldness and confidence.

Friends may come and go, but the love and support of a mother or sister is unshakable.

We’re talking about authentic sisterhood in this final episode in this series.

Women who speak life into you when you feel like you have no life to give.

Women who show up for you when you’re in the trenches and need a prayer warrior.

Women who are advocates to help you remember one’s self worth and value.

Women who love you unconditionally.

Sisterhood is powerHerful!

Jun 08, 202301:33:26
Unshaken, Unbossed & Unbothered w/ Kalyn Romaine

Unshaken, Unbossed & Unbothered w/ Kalyn Romaine

Y’all she’s baaack, she dropped her last name but she’s still the same. Our favorite multipotentialite, Kayln Romaine Founder of Dream Forward Consulting is back on the show to chat it up, drop some more gems and reignite the fire she started last year. Kalyn Romaine, Founder of Dream Forward Consulting and Coaching Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach. Dream Forward Consulting is a Black woman-owned, boutique consulting firm specializing in People & Culture (HR) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consulting. During this episode Kalyn gives listeners a glimpse into this new vibe she’s on which is full of bravery, gratitude, perseverance and self-love. As she puts it, “I just appreciate the totality of my humanity.” She encourages listeners to wait on one’s creativity by creating intentional spaces to hone one’s craft while remaining unapologetic in one’s beliefs and purpose. We learn in this episode that one of the biggest ways to become fully “unbothered” is to stop trying to please everyone. Why? Because it’s a total waste of one’s valuable time and it’s a huge purpose derailer. Becoming unshaken, unbossed and unbothered is about owning one’s power in the face of injustice, daring to rise up despite the obstacles unfairly presented before you, leveraging one’s voice when silence is comfortable and easy, knowing one’s worth and value, and just doing it afraid despite fear. I invite you to “boss up” up with me by not lowering the standard, standing firm in your boundaries, operating in your God-given purpose and power and maximizing your impact and influence. I’m telling you now. Expect your mind to be blown from this real and unfiltered conversation on “bossing up.”
May 18, 202301:31:29
FearLESS Warrior: Cancer, Courage & Christ w/ Kelly Bever

FearLESS Warrior: Cancer, Courage & Christ w/ Kelly Bever

I Hate Cancer!

And yes, I know hate is a strong word! Well I mean it!

There is nothing lovable about cancer cells, nothing joyful about malignant tumors, and definitely nothing fun about surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and the rest.

Life is freaking hard. We are all doing hard things every day – we love and lose; we forge and end friendships; battle addiction, illness, and loneliness; care for children and parents; struggle in our jobs, our marriages, our divorces - yet there are some of us who take hard things on like a warrior!

On today’s episode, we invite Kelly Bever, retired State Farm Insurance Company executive and cancer survivor to share with listeners how she faced stage 4 uterine cancer- head-on while leaning in on her faith.

Kelly had grand retirement plans and never would of imagined that her plans would be instantly altered when she became aware of her cancer diagnosis. Once the shock subsided, Kelly was left with two choices — she could remain in denial and let cancer win or she could lean on her faith and fight like a boss! She chose the later.

Kelly shares with listeners, that God has purpose in this pain and she is not going to stop her relentlessly quest to discover God’s purpose and plan for her life after the diagnosis. Not everything is good, but God is always working for our good in everything.

Being brave is in Kelly’s DNA.

This conversation will pull on your heart strings for sure! Friends, grab a few tissues, I’m sure you’re going to need it!

May 11, 202301:16:44
Jesus + Therapy w/ Licensed Professional Counselor Shanaci Cook

Jesus + Therapy w/ Licensed Professional Counselor Shanaci Cook

Jesus + Therapy. You can rock with both of them because it’s okay to love Jesus with your mind, body and soul and still seek professional therapy.

Quite frankly, the concept of Christians getting therapy shouldn't be a big deal but for some, it is. Sometimes it is said that "If Jesus is enough, then we don't need therapy." but what if therapy is a gift from Jesus?

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite Shanaci Cook, Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of SC Counseling Center to the pod to discuss some of the stigmas associated with seeking therapy

Shanaci specializes in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), to help guide couples, teens, and individuals to work through the struggles they face day to day and from their past.

No one is immune from life’s difficulties, yet many people are reluctant to talk about mental health or seek professional help when they are struggling.

People of faith who are battling issues such as anxiety, depression, life changes, stress, or relationship problems may suffer in silence, believing things will get better if only their faith was stronger, they prayed more, or they had more self-discipline. The stigma about needing to seek help is all too real.

But truth be told— the very fact that one is seeking professional help for mental health difficulties is an act of faith. If you are religious and interested in seeing a therapist, know faith and therapy are not mutually exclusive.

God created you and works through you, so working with a therapist to know yourself better is another path to becoming closer to him.

If you need someone to walk side by side in this current season of difficulty consider LPC Shanaci Cook with SC Counseling Center at 469-502-6873 or

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, or thoughts of suicide, there are resources available to help: If you are in immediate crisis, call 911 If you or anyone you know is having thoughts about suicide, call 988 the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

You don’t have to figure it out alone.

May 04, 202354:29
Fearlessly Speaking w/ Minda Harts

Fearlessly Speaking w/ Minda Harts

Hey y’all! Did you miss us?! We took a few deep cleansing breaths because we had to prepare y’all for this first time ever guest on the pod!

Todays featured guest is…..drum rolls please, Minda Harts, founder of The Memo LLC, a premiere career development platform for women of color.

Minda Harts is the bestselling and award-winning author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table as well as Right Within: How to Heal from Racial Trauma in the Workplace, and her first YA book, You Are More Than Magic. She is a highly sought-after speaker and thought-leader, frequently presenting on the topics of advancing women of color, leadership, diversity, and management at companies like Nike, Google, JP Morgan, Aspen Ideas Festival, Dreamforce, The Atlantic Festival, Forbes Inclusion in The Workplace, and DraftKings to name a few.

Truth be told —
Equitable workplaces cannot thrive without inclusive practices and systems, diverse leaders, equal opportunities and fair pay — and the process of creating them can’t start without acknowledging the need for change.

Being “the only can be lonely”, and we know the higher the altitude in the climb up the proverbial ladder the less representation is there. Representation matters at all levels but especially for those who have secured a seat at the “big kids” table.

During today’s episode, Minda shares insights on how women of color can boldly leverage one’s voice, secure the seat at the table while being brave in one’s truth.
Yet, Minda tells listeners don’t just stop at securing a seat. Once you pulled up your chair to the table use your voice.

MaximizHers, this is an unfiltered and straight up conversation and we know for many the struggle is still real. But here’s a proclamation, it’s time to flip the script begin to move differently! The struggle is real but it doesn’t have to take you out.

Y’all this episode can not be just for you!

Share it with your allies, champions, squad, co-workers and definitely your bosses! You’re gonna learn something today!

Please Rate, Review, and Subscribe to the podcast to always hear the latest conversation from your favorite MaximizHer!
Apr 27, 202301:03:21
Dust Settles; Queens Don't w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Dust Settles; Queens Don't w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Look around you – are you living the life you’ve always wanted?
Settling is a comfortable alternative to stepping out on faith and doing it anyway regardless of one’s fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of vulnerability and even fear of loneliness.

Are you actively working toward that life? If not, you’re settling. It may sound harsh, but that’s the honest truth. And to live a passionate, purposeful life you must learn how to never settle for less.

During this episode, Life Coach Kara encourages the ladies to take their rightful place back upon one’s throne and stop settling for less than one’s personal best.
Too many people settle for a job they don’t love, don’t work toward becoming free of financial fear or give up on goals they set for themselves, like exercising more or mastering a new skill. They fear rejection, being alone or being vulnerable, and settle for relationships with no spark, no true connection.

If you are not living up to your greatest potential in any area of your life, you’re settling.

You deserve peace of mind, you deserve all the laughter…..

You are one of a kind, you deserve happy ever after…….

Whether you're looking for a boost of self-confidence or just need a reminder that you deserve the best and not settle this week’s episode will resonate with you.

You have the power to choose your own path and to create the life you want for yourself, and you deserve to have the best that life has to offer.
You deserve better… Remember that, Queen!

Don’t forget to tag your favorite sister, daughter, co-worker and girlfriend to remind her of her worth and value too!

Let’s goooooo ladies!!
Mar 23, 202323:19
Becoming Your Personal Best w/ Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist Tami Mitchell

Becoming Your Personal Best w/ Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist Tami Mitchell

Our personal best. It’s a state of excellence many of us strive for — often with disappointing results. You know who you are – but do you know who you could be? On today’s episode I bring on an old buddy my first college roommate from the University of Oklahoma Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist and Educator Tami Mitchell to share some winning strategies to help anyone become one’s personal best— mind• body & soul. Tami shares with listeners that it’s simple— it starts with making a personal commitment to do whatever it takes; which means more than just showing up, more than trying, more than wishing it were so. It means choosing healthy habits and doing the hard work every single day! Truth be told! Most people want things to be different, but few are willing to do the work that is required to produce breakthrough results that can lead to becoming the best version of oneself! The fact of the matter is most people don't want to work; they just want to be better. They aren't looking to do what is required to get in good physical shape; they just want to look and feel better. They want to win the lottery, but aren't buying a ticket. Our personal best won’t materialize overnight but like anything else it’s worth fighting for. If you’re ready to start living life to its fullest you want to tune in this this episode right here!
Mar 16, 202301:09:39
Fearless and Wonderfully Fit w/ Dr Tanjie Brewer

Fearless and Wonderfully Fit w/ Dr Tanjie Brewer

The category is Fit! That’s right. We’re talkin’ about being fearfully & wonderfully fit! On today’s episode we chat it up with Dr. Tanjie Brewer who’s out here transforming lives through fitness, fashion and food. Dr. Tanjie is the CEO Stylish and Fit a company that focuses on total Wellness and Transformation. She is also a known certified nutritionist, a certified personal trainer, motivational speaker and the author of Serving You Life: Recipes That Make Your Tastebuds Dance, and Your Body, Too. Gone are the days when body consciousness is rooted in outward appearance. It's time to do the inner work and become more spiritually in shape, so that God can do a work in you & through you—Amen! Spoiler alert: Dr Tanjie is sharing some of her favorite ingredients in some of her most famous signature dishes, so you all need to TAP IN, because this episode is HIGH ENERGY! This podcast is sponsored by EmpowHer Life Consulting for Women.
Mar 09, 202301:00:47
Fearless Sisterhood: Dreaming Bigger w/ special guest Carlisha Bradley

Fearless Sisterhood: Dreaming Bigger w/ special guest Carlisha Bradley

Dream Bigger! Calling all achievers, dreamers, go-getters, change agents, this episode is for you.

In this week's episode of The Hello MaximizHer Podcast we bring in a special guest Carlisha Bradley, award-winning executive, education advocate, best-selling author and founder and CEO of of Women Empowering Nations (WEN) and Amplify for Women.

Many women are being told to stay realistic, stop dreaming and get "their heads out of clouds," play safe and don't take chances. As a result, the challenges of achieving one’s dreams can appear so difficult and unrealistic that one loses drive and faith.

With poise and purpose, Carlisha shares some simple truths about how to manifest one’s dreams and dream big.

This conversation is relevant and purposeful to today’s realities for many women who are ready to launch but are struggling to get out of the gate because of fear.

This episode will inspire all women to push for greatness and follow one’s dreams with steadfast resilience because when we boldly execute our dreams we empower the next generation of women to be just as bold in their pursuits.
To all incredible women who strive for excellence, don’t forget to dream!
Mar 02, 202301:03:28
Hey Fearless Black Woman! w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Hey Fearless Black Woman! w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Hey Fearless Black Woman!
This episode drops at the intersection of Black History and Women’s History month. During this episode, Life Coach Kara Barker takes the opportunity to celebrate the women who continue to change the energy of the room upon entry and the world itself.

In the next 20 minutes, we discuss the self prescribed struggle of being “everyone’s all” and how it impacts one’s wellbeing. Self love is about acknowledging the fact that you can’t do everything, you’re not super powerful nor omnipresent. That job has already been taken!
When you're self-absorbed, you're fuelled by a need to control; when you're self-loving, you're fuelled by an appreciation of your worth, and that of others.
This is a wake up call for all of my fellow leadHers, entrepreneuHERs, maximizhers, elevatHers to encourage you to take an intentional break from the “climb and grind” to remove one’s cape and just chill for a moment.
Feb 23, 202323:10
Fearless Relationships with Special Guest Lonnie Barker

Fearless Relationships with Special Guest Lonnie Barker

Let's face it: being in love is not always easy. With its magnified highs and lows, love is unpredictable and never what we expect – so much so that we might be tempted to cower in fear. But if we approach love fearlessly we can have relationships that can last.

During this special Valentine’s Day REALationships crossover episode, we bring on a special guest, Lonnie Barker ( aka Kara’s hubby) to discuss ways couples can conquer the world together fearlessly.

In the great words of “apostle” Ne-yo (LOL) you may be a movement by yourself, but if you’re in a “fearless relationship” you’re a force when you’re together!

This authentic and real conversation is infused with love, laughter and transparency.
You don’t want to miss it!
Feb 14, 202344:43
Fearless LeadHer: Seize The Moment w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Fearless LeadHer: Seize The Moment w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Believe or not, you have the power to make a difference in your life with the simplest of actions! Making the most of the time you have right now is always a smart decision.

But here’s the real kicker: you don’t necessarily have to seize an entire day in order to make a difference in your life. You just have to seize the moment.

Sometimes all it takes is to….

💫Utilize your “Yes” and “No” more intentionally.

💫Get clarity on what is important in your life.

💫Invest in you and create space for growth.
💫Face your fears head on.

During this week’s episode Life Coach Kara Barker shares five“leader shifts” that are necessary to maximize and seize the moment!
Now, press PLAY to find out! This show is brought to you by EmpowHer Consulting LLC.
Feb 09, 202328:11
Fearless Sisterhood w/ special guest Life Coach & Motivator Sherry Jones

Fearless Sisterhood w/ special guest Life Coach & Motivator Sherry Jones

Tell a friend, to tell a friend…

We have a new guest this week on this week’s episode of The Hello MaximizHer!!

There’s something to be said about a woman who restricts her focus to only be on the Lord. Ya know?

I don’t know about you but I love listening or watching a good series or episode that provides practical tools that can help me and others elevate one’s thinking and perspective.

In this week’s episode, “Fearless Sisterhood” we bring on co-host Life Coach Sherry Jones to share some encouragement to those who may be stuck in the personal decision making cycle.

Maybe you’re running away from something, running towards something or just running. This episode will help you make the pivot you need to move towards the purpose you were destined for!

As a young girl, Sherry tells listeners that she struggled with low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity and unworthiness and didn’t understand the gifts, talents, power, and anointing that God deposited within.

It wasn’t until she discovered the truth about who she was and began to speak life over herself. She now coins herself as a speak life coach and has made speaking life as a lifestyle.
This episode will help you make the pivot you need to move towards the purpose you were destined for!
Feb 02, 202356:39
LeadHERship: Change! Do Hard Things First w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

LeadHERship: Change! Do Hard Things First w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Did you know discomfort is a catalyst for growth? It makes you yearn for something more. It forces you to change, stretch, and adapt. Change is hard and most of us are resistant toward change. However a good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. Change is inevitable. Sometimes change comes at you hard and fast, and other times it's a gradual shift. There can be a significant transformation from one major event, or over time, you realize things have evolved. These changes can be positive and necessary, or less than ideal at the time—but there's almost always a silver lining. During this episode, Kara shares five winning strategies to inspire change adoption in one’s work environment.
Jan 26, 202321:08
Life’s Intersections w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

Life’s Intersections w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

How many of you have come to that uncomfortable and awkward intersection in your life where you feel like the next move you make will either clearly define your future, reshape it, or destroy it?

Every life intersection brings its share of lessons if we take the opportunity not to blow through them but with intentionality we stop, look, ask and walk it out from a place of knowledge and truth.

During this week’s episode, Life Coach Kara Barker shares an interesting analogy of rolling dice and taking chances.

You don’t have to be an gamer to get something out of this message! 😃
Jan 19, 202329:11
New Year, Same You w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

New Year, Same You w/ Life Coach Kara Barker

During this episode, New Year Same You Author of Breakthroughs & Bless You’s 100 Day Devotional Journal and Life Coach Kara Barker encourages listeners to skip making those short-term or quick fix New Year's resolutions but instead setting intentional strategic goals with grace. Truth be told, only 9% of people actually keep the resolutions they set for themselves with most quitting before the end of January. If you’re constantly tracking, reflecting, re-prioritizing, adjusting, and strategizing to keep any of your resolutions you might be going about it the wrong way. This can become problematic when you're doing it from a place of pressure or obligation -- when you feel like you have to set a New Year's resolution to hop on the bandwagon like everyone else. If there was ever a year to give yourself a break, it's this year. But if you're itching to make some type of change or adopt a "fresh start" mentality in the New Year, Kara suggests starting small.
Jan 12, 202319:03
Amplified Allyship—Brave and Beyond with Sarah Alter, President and CEO of NextUp

Amplified Allyship—Brave and Beyond with Sarah Alter, President and CEO of NextUp

We’ve all heard the myth that women don’t support each other—but it’s not true. Women can be powerful allies at work for other women. Climbing the proverbial ladder and breaking through the glass ceiling in the workplace has never been easy for women, especially minorities and women of color however the landscape has begun to shift with women occupying senior level roles and taking up space in the C-suite.
As we wrap up Season 2 of the Brave and Bold Women’s series of The Hello MaximizHer podcast, we invite Sarah Alter president and CEO of NextUp, a nonprofit learning, leadership, and advocacy organization. Alters discusses how she embraces the role of an ally by taking continuous, intentional and relentless actions to amplify, promote and support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all people. She encourages leaders to look across one’s executive boards, leadership teams and corporate environments to see if your organization has layers of inclusion and multi-dimensions of diversity and if there is an imbalance then you have work to do.
We have the power to rewrite the script for ourselves and we rise by lifting each others.
May 12, 202248:55
Brave But Afraid with Life Coach Kara Barker

Brave But Afraid with Life Coach Kara Barker

Did you know the real magic happens when you get outside of your comfort zone? Now I’m not talking about any razzle dazzle. I’m talking about the real power that comes from within when you finally decide not to lean on your own understanding but fully TRUST GOD. On this week’s episode of The Hello MaximizHer Podcast Kara takes an intentional detour to define her own BRAVE. Truth be told— there are so many people who live in fear. Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. Fear of death. Fear of life. Fear of living out their nightmares. Fear of saying No. Fear of saying Yes. And most damaging fear of taking a leap of faith and living on purpose. During this week’s episode Life Coach Kara Barker shares how she defines being BRAVE and 5 ways one can exude bravery. She reminds listeners that being BRAVE isn’t something that happens when you’re not scared anymore or when you no longer hear the whispers of fear or doubt but when you finally learn how to turn down the frequency of uncertainty, doubts, fears, lies and untruths and turn up the voice of The Holy Spirit and begin hearing the real truth. Now is the time to move in faith and BE BRAVE & DO IT AFRAID!
Apr 28, 202217:57
Being Redeemed: A Heart for Teaching with Aromi Knox

Being Redeemed: A Heart for Teaching with Aromi Knox

How often do you mess up?
Life is far from perfect and I mess up and fail GOD daily.
However, here’s how His love is full of grace, love and redemption: there is no one too sinful to be loved by GOD. There is no one is too broken to be REDEEMED! Hallelujah!
The issue isn’t the amount of sin in a person; it’s the amount of grace God can give a person. The question isn’t about how broken a person is; it’s about how mighty God is.
On today’s episode of The Hello Maximizer Podcast with we have an unscripted conversation with Bible Teacher and Founder of Righteously Redeemed Aromi Knox. In this season of singleness, Aromi shares spiritual lessons she has learned along the way about who she was in Christ and how to give oneself grace when life presents its share of setbacks and oppositions. Aromi inspires listeners to be encouraged in truth because it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you have done in your past or present, or who you used to be; GOD can redeem, refinish, renew, restore and revitalize your soul! The issue isn’t the amount of sin in a person; it’s the amount of unlimited grace GOD can give a person. The question isn’t about how broken a person is; it’s about how mighty GOD is.
Tune into this week’s episode to hear more about GOD’s redemptive love.✝️
Apr 21, 202254:50
Being Healthy: Mind, Body, Soul and Wellness with Celebrity Wellness Expert Dr. Basheerah Ahmand

Being Healthy: Mind, Body, Soul and Wellness with Celebrity Wellness Expert Dr. Basheerah Ahmand

This week's episode features Celebrity Wellness Expert, Entrepreneur, Founder of Be A Warrior fitness apparel and Director of Steve Harvey Global Dr. Basheerah Ahmad. As a wellness guru on any given day, Basheerah Ahmad may be doing squats with Carrie Underwood, lifting weights with Vivica Fox, or tossing a medicine ball with Steve Harvey. Basheerah has been featured as a recurring Fitness Expert on NBC-Universal’s Radius, Dr. Phil, ‘The Doctors’, VH1's Hollywood's Hottest Bodies, America Now, The Daily Share and The Today Show and The National Body Challenge on the Discovery Channel.
During this episode Dr. Ahmad addresses the “love-hate” relationship many women over 30 experience and how one can incorporate some conditioning techniques to get you back to full wellness. Basheerah shares priceless wisdom about the trifecta - mind, body and soul to coexist and work together as a team. She shares with listeners that whether one is accomplishing a fitness goal, realizing untapped potential, or seeking the connections to take your plan from concept to realization, one must change one’s mindset and set realistic goals while giving oneself grace. There’s more to wellness than just fitting into those skinny jeans stashed in the back of your closet. And it’s not just about high-impact, sweat-inducing exercise, either. It’s about incorporating intentional movements into your routine like strength training, cycling or yoga, to enhance your overall health- mind, body and soul. Your life shouldn’t revolve around hitting a magic number on the scale. What truly matters is accepting oneself for who you are while continuing to evolve and move towards the best version of yourself.
For more information about Basheerah, go to

Apr 14, 202247:39
Being Courageous: The Confident and Humble Woman with Christie Allen

Being Courageous: The Confident and Humble Woman with Christie Allen

On this week’s episode we engage in a casual conversation with Technical Sourcer Christie Allen to share some practical advice about being a confident woman when making career moves and experiencing life transitions. We take a deep dive into discussing how women can remain humble while standing firm in one’s convictions when communicating one’s non-negotiables and learn how to be effective in networking and presenting oneself for opportunities and making sure there are meaningful. There will always be reasons why you think you can’t take the next step — you don’t have the time, money, etc. But having a career you’re proud of, that inspires you and keeps you on your toes and that makes every day better is worth it. You’re worth it.
Throughout this conversation, it is my hope that listeners will recognize that being a confident woman is like adding little sprinkles of glitter over our self esteem to remind the world that we can do great things if we first believe in ourselves.
Apr 07, 202236:37
Being Well: Faith, Mental Health and Wellness with Licensed Professional Counselor Tori Dixon
Mar 31, 202246:54
Being Empowered: Brave, Empowered & Taking Strategic Risks with Kalyn Wilson

Being Empowered: Brave, Empowered & Taking Strategic Risks with Kalyn Wilson

Being a woman in corporate America comes with its fair share of challenges, often facing gender discrimination and bias in the workplace. But, if you're a Black woman, or woman of color, these gender-based challenges are often compounded by obstacles of racism, biases and inequities making it even harder to navigate your way to the top.  In this week's episode features my favorite empowHered friend and colleague, doctoral candidate Kalyn Wilson, CEO and Founder of Dream Forward Consulting and Coaching. Dream Forward Consulting is a Black woman-owned, boutique consulting firm specializing in People & Culture (HR) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consulting. During this episode, we don’t hold anything back and nothing is left on the table from addressing corporate “hazing” by the OBG’s aka Other Black Girls from making intentional and strategic risks, self-advocacy and career perseveration and making blind- faith career moves by remaining flat-footed in your own convictions and truth. With wit and candor, Kalyn exposures some “ugly truths” that limit women of color from gaining a seat at the table and the mental tax in proving one’s value and worth. Expect in this conversation straight and unfiltered talk on how to navigate networking, office politics, and money, while staying true to one’s authentic self!
Mar 24, 202249:18
Being Fearless: Young, Gifted and Brave featuring Brittany Beasley of Beautiful Blessings, LLC

Being Fearless: Young, Gifted and Brave featuring Brittany Beasley of Beautiful Blessings, LLC

This week we take our show on the road to Muskogee, Oklahoma where we have a fun and engaging conversation with young entrepreneur and business mogul Brittany Renee Beasley of Beautiful Blessings. During this week’s episode Brittany drops gem after gem about being brave as a young entrepreneur by using the art of being courageous when taking the path less traveled and keeping one’s faith centered on God. Brittany shares with listeners the importance of discovering one’s purpose, pursuing it with full passion and living unapologetically for the glory of God.
This is a Gen Y Takeover!
Mar 17, 202232:44
Being True to You: Discovering Your Why with Lacey MacLeod

Being True to You: Discovering Your Why with Lacey MacLeod

In this episode of The Hello MaximizHer Podcast, we invite Lacey MacLeod CEO of Talent Uplifted to share her winning coaching techniques and leadership performance strategies she uses with clients and teams to promote confidence, drive results and increase clarity around one’s purpose. Throughout this episode, you will immediately feel connected to Lacey’s energy and passion to help individuals and teams identify who they want to become and what they want to be known for. Lacey leverages a practical coaching style which incorporates the use of asking intentional questions to assist clients and teams in discovering their why, establishing a vision statement and identifying areas of opportunities. Grab a pen and notebook because you will leave this conversation with some game changing tips and invaluable insights that you can incorporate today!
Mar 10, 202248:15
Being Unshakable: Advocacy and Authenticity w/Sue Ann Hong CEO of Center of Asian Pacific Women

Being Unshakable: Advocacy and Authenticity w/Sue Ann Hong CEO of Center of Asian Pacific Women

In this week's episode we invite Sue Ann Hong, President and CEO of Center of Asian Pacific American Women and former senior leader at a Fortune 50 organization to share leadership insights and perspectives on allyship, advocacy and sponsorship. Sue Ann shares with listeners the power of leveraging one’s voice, being courageous and having confidence in knowing that one’s voice is invaluable. Sue Ann also boldly and unapologetically shares the necessity of sponsorship and stewardship required for higher levels of advancement for women of color to progress through executive and leadership pipelines and how organizations can become more intentional with retention strategies to assist with retaining top high-potential women. During the conversation Sue Ann shares a personal AAPI hate encounter that was unsettling and how she remained unshakable in the moment by taking a bold stand and she encouraged listeners how they can also be bold and stand in the gap for our Asian American Pacific Islander brothers and sisters when one sees or hears bias, discrimination and systematic racism actions, behaviors and practices.
This is such a rich dialogue that will elevate one’s thinking around advocacy and allyship.
Mar 03, 202259:16
Being Bold: Leadership Presence & Taking Risks w/ Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah

Being Bold: Leadership Presence & Taking Risks w/ Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah

In this of The Hello MaximizHer episode, we discuss leadership presence and being brave in the workplace with our special guest Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah CEO of TMJ Consulting. Dr Tara is an accomplished executive director, award winning author and international speaker that exudes leadership confidence and presence. During this episode we dive into a powerful discussion on what it takes to be bold in the workplace, how to negotiate your worth and the necessity of taking risks by doing somethings fearlessly. It is only when we do something unexpected that we create a movement or legacy. Dr Tara shares with listeners that boldness starts with giving yourself permission to go into situations where you don’t know how to respond but you do it anyway.
Feb 24, 202231:37
Being Brave: Starting Something New w/ Salange Shepard

Being Brave: Starting Something New w/ Salange Shepard

This week's episode features special guest Salange Shepard, an entrepreneur and influencer as well as the founder and CEO of BraveHer and Digne Collection. Her brand symbolizes an everyday woman who recognizes her intrinsic worth and isn't afraid to let the world know.

Salange encourages listeners to dig deep, be a little curious and put one’s full confident and faith in God. With this mindset, we can try new things, challenge ourselves, and move on from our failures.
Feb 17, 202249:40
One Word

One Word

Think back over this past year and take some time to thank God for His grace and mercy. This has been a year of miracles and blessings and as we wrap up 2021 and enter into the new year, Kara encourages us to shift our focus on one word. Can a single word change your life for the better? The answer is yes. For the past several years, Kara shares how picking a word to inspire and guide you over the next 12 months, can change one’s life. The goal is to find ONE word that will help inspire you to move with intentionality and purpose. Trust me on this, ONE word from GOD can change things. Kara encourages listeners to ask oneself these three questions: What's in my way? What do I need--not want, but need? What has to go? Trust me on this, one word from God can change your whole life. What will your word be for 2022? Enjoy the last episode of this season and Happy New Beginnings!
Thanks again for your support this year!!
Dec 30, 202113:04


We are now entering into the final stretch of 2021. In this season God is prompting us to step out of our common place of normalcy and move into our next place of destiny. Faith implies unanswered questions. When God says, “Go”, I’ve learned that faith doesn’t always mean all of my questions will be answered. In fact, God is intentional in giving all His children the opportunity to exercise faith. The Lord is saying, "When I move, you move. Just like that...." And wherever the Holy Spirit leads, you follow. When God says, “Go” there will always be reasons to not take that step of faith. There may be financial giants, emotional giants, or even awkward giants, that will need to be handled, but I praise God that He is a giant slayer! So get ready, get set GO!!
Dec 23, 202117:00
Speak Up, Black Girl!

Speak Up, Black Girl!

It is a sad reality in the American workplace that women of color are still underutilized, overlooked and unappreciated. In this inspirational podcast episode Kara discusses the necessity of creating meaningful relationships, the power of mentorship and the necessity of sponsorship for women of color. It is time for women to speak up and be heard while positioning themselves for greatness not only in the corporate arena but in society as a whole. Ladies it’s time for women to speak up and be heard while positioning themselves for greatness not only in the corporate arena but in society as a whole. It’s time to set if off, Black Girls and Speak Up!
Dec 16, 202121:53
Lord, Stretch Me!

Lord, Stretch Me!

Ladies, so many times we find ourselves being pulled or even pushed in so many directions. In the workout gym of life we find ourselves being stretched beyond our comfort zone. This is sometimes purposeful and profitable for our growth and spiritual maturity. In this new episode Kara uncovers how our stretch marks can sometimes be proof that God has allowed us to endure certain setbacks in order to grow and go into our next season of blessing.
Dec 09, 202117:48
Wake Up Sleepwalkers

Wake Up Sleepwalkers

Can you believe we are in the very last month of 2021? There is no time like the present to finish this year strong! We all have dreams. We all have amazing things that we want to accomplish in our lives. Each of us has dreamed as a child to grow up and live a life full of excitement and adventure. Although it may look different to each of us, the fact remains that we all have aspirations to live a meaningful life. In this podcast episode Kara provides 7 tips to wake from your slumber and live a life of passion and purpose. 

Dec 02, 202125:36
Check Yo Self

Check Yo Self

So many times we fall victim to our own demise by refusing to do a "check-up" from the "neck-up." In this podcast episode Kara discusses seven strategies to overcome stinking thinking and how to surround yourself with people who help cultivate an environment of positivity and success. 

Nov 11, 202124:45
It's Demo Day

It's Demo Day

There comes a point in everyone's life when you have to tear down our old mindset in order to rebuild new one. In this episode we dive into some tools and concepts that will help you renovate and reestablish a more solid foundation for your every day life in order to maximize your full potential. 

Nov 04, 202117:50
Woman Come Forth!

Woman Come Forth!

Ladies, in this power-packed episode we dive deeper into our faith walk with uncovering gems that increases our faith and challenges our fears by trusting in God's word and syncing our timing with His timing. "Woman come forth!" It is our invitation to rise from the dead spaces in our lives and resurrect the dormant gifts and talents God has given us to walk in purpose and power. 

Oct 28, 202118:25
Faith It Until You Make It- Part II of Faith Series

Faith It Until You Make It- Part II of Faith Series

In this episode we discuss faith and five ways to utilize your faith in everyday life. God is so much bigger than any fear. Big or small, God is always greater. It's time to activate your faith muscle and seize the moment.
Oct 19, 202120:44
Water Walkers

Water Walkers

In this debut episode of MaximizHER with Kara Barker, we discuss the first of a two part series entitled FAITH. In our first session Kara discusses 7 Principles to help you become a water-walker, crazy faith-filled women on fire in your career, in your marriage or key relationships and in any setting.
Oct 07, 202126:53