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The Weird Gig Podcast

The Weird Gig Podcast

By Kara & Patrick

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a freelance musician? Being on stage? The lights? The magic? The connection to an audience? And then…come the stories. We pull back the curtain and bring to you, stories of gigging musicians. And not just ANY stories, but the weirdest tales, told in story form from personal experiences. Tune in for our exciting new show called, The Weird Gig Podcast, hosted by musicians, Kara Kesselring & Patrick Williams. Artist interviews and of course music! Come for the stories, stay for the weird.
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Monster Dance Grooves with Vance & Pat

The Weird Gig PodcastMar 15, 2021

Jon Berger- In the Mood for Bossa Nova
Apr 26, 202131:05
Episode #12 Taylor Peckham- "Are Some Gigs Beyond Saving?"

Episode #12 Taylor Peckham- "Are Some Gigs Beyond Saving?"

We’re celebrating our 12 episode of the season with my special guest, music director and pianist Taylor Peckham.

On today's episode, we talk about becoming friends on the Broadway show, Jersey Boys.

Taylor and I discuss a weird gig about chairs. Yes, you heard right. Songs about chairs.

His weird gig trip to Budapest, Hungary,

And the “pinch me moment” of working on music in NY with Alex Lacamoire.

But first, Taylor’s tells his weirdest gig story titled...

“Are some gigs beyond saving?”

Taylor’s original song "Get Funk’d" is the underscoring music for this episode. Performed by Taylor, along with Jacob Chidester on guitar, John De Simini on sax.


Taylor is a music director, arranger, producer & keyboardist originally from San Diego. Whether playing keys for a backyard wedding or conducting orchestras on Broadway, Taylor has been lucky enough to build a career spanning pretty much every kind of music project imaginable. Now settled back in San Diego, Taylor is splitting his professional time between a new career in tech and various music projects.

The Weird Gig Podcast song is performed by Patrick Williams, Vance Okraszewski, and Kara Kesselring

“Please be advised that this broadcast is intended to include a fair report or summary of commentary by one or more independent content providers. Any opinion expressed during this broadcast does not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else involved in conducting or presenting these interviews.”

Apr 19, 202134:57
Episode #11 The Rifleman

Episode #11 The Rifleman

On today’s show, I sit down with Bill Overton. Bill is a woodwind player as well as guitarist and vocalist. In addition to playing jazz and big band gigs in both New York and Chicago over the years, Bill was also a music educator. His latest recording is called “Only Love Can Do That, released in 2018.

Bill and I talk about Gilbert Godfrey, solo saxophone gigs, and a love for Jimmy Webb’s music.

But first, sit back and enjoy Bill’s weirdest gig story. I’m calling it The Rifleman.

Underscoring music on episode #11

The Theme song from The Rifleman TV show

Johnny Crawford- Your nose is gonna Grow

Glen Campbell sings Jimmy Webb- Sun Shower

Bill Overton- Rainy Night in Georgia (written by Tony Joe White) 

Bill Overton's Youtube channel

Apr 12, 202130:29
Episode #10 Ashley Hamer- Aliens landed on New Years Eve

Episode #10 Ashley Hamer- Aliens landed on New Years Eve

Today’s guest is the host of the Discovery Science podcast Curiosity Daily, Ms. Ashley Hamer! In addition to podcasting, Ashley is a professional tenor sax player playing jazz, pop, and funk.

On today’s show, Ashley and I talk about Bill Nye the science guy, and all things podcaster,

If she could have lunch with anyone living or dead, who would it be? 

and whoa, it’s weird being a lady on the music scene!

But first, Ashley tells the tale of her space themed, weirdest gig. I’ll title this story…Alien’s landed on New Year’s Eve.

You can find out more about Ashley on our website!

Apr 05, 202132:10
Istvan & The Hot Dog Party

Istvan & The Hot Dog Party

Istvan is a long time member of the dynamic alternative music scene and a fantastic singer/songwriter as well as a clever children’s music artist.

He has a new podcast for kids and families called Istvan’s imaginary podcast.

We’ll talk more about it as well as the release of his upcoming original kids album called Evie the Queen of the Insects but first, Istvan tells the tale of his weirdest experience on a gig. The title of this story is: The Hot Dog Party. 

Istvan was in an alternative band called Woo Woo Stick.  

Find out more about Istvan on his Youtube page:


Mar 29, 202134:29
Just Give The Band Free Drinks
Mar 22, 202134:37
Monster Dance Grooves with Vance & Pat

Monster Dance Grooves with Vance & Pat

On today’s episode Vance and Patrick sit down together to reminisce about playing in the hottest Chicago 90’s cover band together.

Later in the show..

What is Vance’s recurring music anxiety dream?

Also a famous pentagon gig and Vance talking about the ear worm that is our Weird Gig Podcast Theme song.

Vance's awesome arrangement of the Dave Matthew's song Satellite performed with Chicago musician, Dan Myers.  

Mar 15, 202134:07
Episode #6 Mitch Towne and The Bluesmasters

Episode #6 Mitch Towne and The Bluesmasters

Mitch Towne is Omaha's premiere Hammond organist for R&B, funk, blues, and jazz.  Mitch tells his weird gig story about a strange "pick up band".  We also chat about almost awesome gigs, the University of Iowa, podcasts, anxiety dreams, and the best homemade wedding gift.  

Underscoring music by Mitch Towne's trios live at The Jewell in Omaha, NE. 

Songs:  Eighty One & OGD Road

Mar 08, 202135:06
Episode #5 Spoons on Bells with Jeremy Kahn

Episode #5 Spoons on Bells with Jeremy Kahn

Jeremy Kahn is one of Chicago’s busiest pianists, dividing his time between jazz venues, pit orchestras, and recording and teaching studios. 

Chicago pianist Jeremy Kahn's story takes improvising to a new level.  He also talks disasters in a theater pit, Donny Osmond, and pandemic creativity.

Mar 01, 202128:29
Episode #4 featuring Robin Lukas "Phantom of the Opera"

Episode #4 featuring Robin Lukas "Phantom of the Opera"

Robin's tales include a strange story of a very private party, a tragic casino gig and cruise ship life.

More about Robin....

Transplanted to rural WI, I commute and perform in my native Chicago(when there's not a pandemic raging...).

A working musician since 1987. Pianist and vocalist, solo or with ensemble.

Up until his untimely death in 2004, legendary Chicago Jazz bassist, Thomas Kini and I collaborated, performing together.

Employed as a Cruise-ship pianist for 15+years compelled me to learn even more about Jazz history through performing Musical Tribute Sets honoring: The Gershwin's; Cole Porter; Elton John; Burt Bacharach; Frank Sinatra; The Carpenters and Nat King Cole.

As a youth, I studied Classical Piano at American Conservatory of Music and Jazz as an adult with, Chicago based Skip Green.

Stylistically I look to George Gershwin's rules of composition as a guide: “melodic, nothing neutral, utter simplicity and directness.” A favorite quote from Nadia Boulanger is: “ Your music can never be more or less than you are as a human being.”Herbie Hancock: “ If you have the strength to keep trusting yourself, you'll be OK.”

Influences: Manfredo Fest, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, Carmen McRae..

Earning a living playing “customer service” music at local Chicago venues ( Drake, Pump Room, 95th Signature Room) I've “kept my creative toe in the water” composing originals.

My fifth release, Good New Days (2020) Danceable poetic Jazzy Sophisti-pop originals..... Music that lives near my heart.

All songs on Good New Days I composed to encourage myself...... Good new day means: “today is tomorrow's good old day so it's a good new day.... reminding me to appreciate the moment.”

Feb 22, 202124:18
Weird Gig Podcast promo

Weird Gig Podcast promo

Pianist/Vocalist Kara Kesselring & Bassist Patrick Williams are Chicago based freelance musicians.  They have performed the weirdest gigs with talented colleagues. Stories include outlandish costumes, nudity, and strange client board room decisions.  They are excited to bring you into the lives of working musicians to hear the tales of the bandstand.  

Feb 11, 202100:37


Kara & Patrick sit down with musicians Scott Anderson and Zoey Witz to discuss playing music at the weirdest wedding gig.   Zoey and Scott describe their reoccurring anxiety dreams, meeting Paul Giamatti in the Green Mill bathroom,  and creativity during the past months of hibernation.  
Feb 10, 202135:19
Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Episode #3 Tales from NYC bassist Frank Canino.  Frank tells stories of playing bass with the band Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Cornell Dupree and touring stories.  Other weird Frank stories include Bill Clinton, Ozzy Osborne and yoga.  All underscore music is from Frank Canino.  Songs include: I'm an Indian, I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby, and Oz.  You can learn more about Frank at

Feb 09, 202133:38
Tap, Tap, Tap

Tap, Tap, Tap

The Weird Gig Podcast is excited to launch the first episode with Chicago actor & vocalist, Anne Sheridan Smith.  Anne tells her story of her experiences performing on Navy Pier with the singing group, The Pier Players.  

Kara sits down with Anne to learn more about what creative projects Anne has percolating and they share a speed round of funny stories. 

We also hear more about her vocal group, Foiled Again, and hear a song from the their album Blanket of Winter. 

Feb 09, 202134:25