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100 Word Anime

100 Word Anime

By Karandi James

Let's talk all things anime. Whether it is a top 5 list of favourites, reviewing a series, or discussion and analysis of anime tropes, plots and characters, Karandi wants to start the conversation.
Karandi James is the author of and since 2016 has been writing about anime related content. Now she's turning her written words into podcasts to connect with her readers.
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Solo Leveling Vol 1 Audiobook Review

100 Word AnimeJul 06, 2021

Solo Leveling Vol 1 Audiobook Review

Solo Leveling Vol 1 Audiobook Review

I received a review copy of Solo Leveling Vol 1 as an audiobook. You can read the review on my blog or listen to the podcast.

Solo Leveling Audiobook information:

Author: Chugong 

Narrator: Ki Hong Lee 

Publisher: Yen Audio

Availability: see Hatchette Audio

Jul 06, 202104:31
Top 5 Amazing Supporting Characters In Magical Girl Anime

Top 5 Amazing Supporting Characters In Magical Girl Anime

There are a lot of magical girl anime out there and some amazing protagonists that get shimmering transformations and attack sequences. However in this post I want to look at some of the supporting characters who may or may not also be magical girls but are certainly not granted main-character plot immunity. These are memorable characters who really help elevate the story and potentially the actual protagonist to heights they may not have reached had this character not been around. I did limit myself to one supporting character per show so while I could potentially just have found five awesome supporting characters from Sailor Moon, I have limited myself to just the one. 

Available as a post on the blog:

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