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What Really Matters: Everyday Spirituality

What Really Matters: Everyday Spirituality

By Karen Wyatt

Dr. Karen Wyatt shares the life wisdom she learned from her hospice patients as they faced their last days. Learn how to navigate life's challenges and become your best self in the process as Karen shares what she's learning from day to day on her own journey. You'll discover tools, practices, wisdom, and stories to help you figure out what really matters in your own life.
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Ep. 125 Wisdom of Tao: Suffering and Transformation

What Really Matters: Everyday SpiritualitySep 20, 2023

Ep. 125 Wisdom of Tao: Suffering and Transformation
Sep 20, 202329:25
Ep. 124 How to Develop Intellectual Humility
Sep 13, 202334:30
Ep. 123 The Importance of Humility
Sep 06, 202330:03
Ep. 122 Why Loneliness is Necessary for Spiritual Growth
Aug 30, 202328:16
Ep. 121 Revisiting the Four Agreements
Aug 23, 202327:45
Ep. 120 What Success Means to the Soul
Aug 16, 202327:39
Ep. 119 What Determines Success in Life?
Aug 09, 202324:49
Ep. 118 Finding AWE in Times of Stress
Aug 02, 202319:43
Ep. 117 How to Work Through Deep Resentments
Jul 26, 202326:50
Ep. 116 What is Required for Transformation
Jul 19, 202336:08
Ep. 115 Can People Actually Change?
Jul 12, 202334:18
Ep. 114 Bringing More Kindness to the World
Jun 28, 202332:06
Ep. 113 The Butterfly Principle
Jun 21, 202325:03
Ep. 112 What Does it Mean to be a Good Person?
Jun 07, 202330:54
Ep. 111 Learning to be "Bully-Proof"
May 24, 202330:22
Ep. 110 When Things Get Worse Before They Get Better
May 17, 202321:31
Ep. 109 Self-Compassion During a Time of Illness
May 10, 202321:04
Ep. 108 Reparenting Ourselves After Childhood Trauma

Ep. 108 Reparenting Ourselves After Childhood Trauma

In this episode I share some new insights I've found about the value of "reparenting" ourselves while we are also parenting our own children or grandchildren. This is powerful work that can lead to deep healing. I'm drawing on the work of so go there to check it out. This episode includes:

  • How reparenting might be work that we continue throughout our lives
  • How children and grandchildren can act as mirrors for our own trauma and wounds
  • Five steps of reparenting (according to Shelly Robinson)
  • How being triggered shows us where we need to do some healing and reparenting work
  • Why self-forgiveness is essential for growth and healing

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May 03, 202324:58
Ep. 107 Loneliness and Community on the Spiritual Path
Apr 26, 202324:11
Ep. 106  Feeling Good About Getting Older
Apr 19, 202329:40
Ep. 105  How Can I Feel "Good Enough"?
Apr 12, 202327:52
Ep. 104  Mourning the Wounds and Losses of Childhood
Apr 05, 202331:55
Ep. 103 Healing Childhood Shame
Mar 29, 202332:20
Ep. 102  Tools for Healing Our Trauma
Mar 22, 202331:08
Ep. 101  Healing Our Childhood Trauma
Mar 15, 202330:54
Ep. 100  The Power of Our Connections Through Time and Space
Mar 08, 202320:55
Ep. 99  What Does it Mean to "Find Meaning" in Our Challenges
Feb 22, 202329:14
Ep. 98  Finding Love in All the Hopeless Places
Feb 15, 202330:58
Ep. 97  How to Grow in Wisdom
Feb 08, 202330:35
  Ep. 96  Why We Need More AWE in Our Lives
Feb 07, 202330:60
Ep. 95 How to See Beyond Our Own Perspectives
Jan 25, 202332:08
Ep. 94  Are We Going to Die ... Or Not?
Jan 18, 202330:34
Ep. 93 What is Most Precious to You?
Jan 11, 202330:07
Ep. 92 10 Strategies for Facing Fear
Jan 04, 202330:17
Ep. 91 My Top 10 Transformative Practices in 2022
Dec 21, 202232:09
Ep. 90 How to Rise Above Narcissism
Dec 14, 202230:41
  Ep. 89  What's the Difference Between Belief and Faith?
Dec 07, 202239:32
Ep. 88  What is Toxic Positivity?
Nov 30, 202233:32
Ep. 87  What if the World Doesn't Want My Gifts?
Nov 23, 202221:08
Ep. 86  How to Become More Resilient
Nov 16, 202236:24
Ep. 85  How to Hold On to Love in the Midst of Fear
Nov 09, 202229:04
Ep. 84  What to do About Procrastination
Nov 02, 202223:57
Ep. 83  How to Cope with Failure
Oct 26, 202227:48
Ep. 82 Finding Beauty in Everything

Ep. 82 Finding Beauty in Everything

Today I'm sharing with you a brief little story that focuses on this statement by Confucius: "Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." I hope you'll find hidden beauty somewhere today and every day!

Oct 19, 202216:08
Ep. 81  How to Stop Envying Other People

Ep. 81 How to Stop Envying Other People

I've recently gotten in touch with my own inner feelings of envy, which I've repressed for a long time out of shame and self-judgement. But I do have those feelings at times and in this episode I'll talk about how I'm working through them along with old wounds that have led me to believe I'm not good enough. I've turned to the Greater Good Science Center for some of their recommendations to help me out ( Here are the steps I'm taking to work through these uncomfortable feelings:

  • Admit that they are present.
  • Recognize that it's okay to feel disappointment and pain when things don't work out the way I had hoped.
  • Explore my expectations and attachments to a particular outcome.
  • Cultivate compassion and joy for other people who are succeeding in ways that I am not.
  • Focus on ways that I can grow or change.
  • Be grateful for all that I have.

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Oct 12, 202222:55
Ep. 80  Finding Antidotes to Despair
Oct 05, 202231:43
Ep. 79  How to Prepare for the Worst
Sep 28, 202227:01
Ep. 78 Self-Compassion and Healing Old Grief
Sep 21, 202227:59
Ep. 77  A New View of Anxiety
Sep 14, 202224:26
Ep. 76  Why is Life So Painful?
Sep 07, 202229:28