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Karl Buys Houses

Karl Buys Houses

By Karl

Tucson AZ Realtor® /Broker/Investor. I answer the most common real estate questions you have! Topical real estate news and analysis from a real estate investor and REO Broker with 25 years experience! Follow on Instagram @KarlBuysHouses or visit my websites at or !
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What it REALLY Costs To Sell Your Home In Tucson!

Karl Buys Houses Dec 19, 2019

How To Price Your Home To Sell In 2021
Mar 22, 202142:50
SHOULD You Fix Your Home Before Selling In 2021??
Mar 16, 202116:07
5 House Buying Tips For 2021 You Will Probably Ignore
Mar 15, 202121:35
9 Ways Forbearance Ends
Mar 11, 202119:01
5 Tips For Negotiating In A Hot Sellers Market!
Mar 10, 202125:55
A Cure For Coronavirus WON'T Cure The Economy

A Cure For Coronavirus WON'T Cure The Economy

Will A Covid 19 Vaccine Work?

I'm no doctor, and thus, I don't know much about vaccines nor curing diseases.  However, I am a Real Estate Broker and Investor with a different viewpoint.  Unlike the cheery, "Everything is going to be okay!" type of podcast.. today's podcast will share with you the hard truths that you must face as a homebuyer, or a homeowner.  

Big changes are coming to the real estate market as we know it.  Who prepares.. wins.

BTW.. Contains 1 (one) cussword.. sorry.. I got "in the moment."

#realestate #homebuying #homeselling 

Jul 22, 202023:24
Should I Buy A House Now?

Should I Buy A House Now?

Should You Buy A House Now... Or Wait?

Is this a good time to buy a house?   A lot of people have been asking me this.. and as a professional homebuyer, I spend a lot of time thinking about this! My advice might surprise you! 

Instead of taking a "salesperson" approach.. I share with you the pros and cons of buying property right now.. and ultimately some tips on how to ensure you don't overpay for property in the future! 

If this was worth your time, please share with someone you care about!

#realestate #homebuying #housing

Jul 20, 202017:47
How Eviction Moratoriums Hurt The Economy

How Eviction Moratoriums Hurt The Economy

Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoriums

Currently, Arizona is but one of many other States that are facing a resurgence of Covid-19.  In it's wake, Governor Doug Ducey extended the Eviction Moratorium from July 25th to October 31st to avoid the literal tsunami of evictions and foreclosures that potentially could come. Many other states have passed similar ordinances.  In today's podcast, I will take the unpopular position of saying that they will hurt the economy.. and shouldn't be done.  

I'd love to hear your two cents! 

Hit me up in the comments below! 

#eviction #moratorium #landlord 

Jul 17, 202029:45
The ULTIMATE Guide To Lose Money When Buying A House
Jun 19, 202029:04
The Coming Housing Apocalypse

The Coming Housing Apocalypse

Twenty Four Years

That's not easy to do in the real estate business.. yet.. I've been in the business long enough to see a few things.  You don't need to have a "crystal ball" to recognize the "pieces of the jigsaw puzzle" come together.  

In today's episode, I'm interviewed by Rodrigo Afanador of and we dive deeply into the real estate market, the effects of Federal Intervention, and the coming housing crisis that will eclipse the #GreatRecession ...

It's not all doom and gloom!  For those looking to get into the REO business, or real estate Investors, or potential Homebuyers or Homesellers, this is valuable information that I desperately want you to hear!

Visit my website at for more!

#recession #2020 #housing

Jun 11, 202001:21:02
What To Do If Losing Your Home?
Jun 09, 202021:25
The Top 5 Questions For Real Estate In 2020
Jun 03, 202033:22
Jerome Powell And His "Rumanian Money Box"

Jerome Powell And His "Rumanian Money Box"

Who Can Out Con a Con? 

One of the greatest con men of all time Victor Lustig came to notoriety early in the 20th century by selling amongst other things.. the Eiffel Tower... twice.  Another one of his infamous cons was the "Rumanian Money Box." 

In today's podcast, we will talk about Victor Lustig's run in with the law, and an angry Texas Sheriff over this box.. and what it means for you as a homeowner, homebuyer, and real estate agent.  

Valuable lessons to be learned about avoiding being "conned!"

Visit my website at !

#financialcrime #Finance #Economics #housing #realestate 

May 29, 202014:51
Why Is Wrong

Why Is Wrong


That's the only way I can describe it.  In today's podcast, I will share with you why I believe is wrong in their assessment to "Forget About Recessionary Real Estate Bargains: Home Prices Are Still Rising".   

Impact In Arizona

 If you live in Arizona, I will share with you the real cost of Covid-19 and the Legislature's attempts to re-open our State and the terrible costs we've incurred.  As a suggestion for repairing our State, I make suggestions regarding #Gold and the #10thAmendment   

#realestate #realtor #housingbubble

May 28, 202019:53
How To Buy Bank Foreclosures And Short Sales
May 27, 202035:46
How To Understand The Housing Market In 2020

How To Understand The Housing Market In 2020

Uncertain times! 

In today's podcast, I will share with you a detailed way to understand the market gyrations in the housing market as well as the stock market.  I'm not a pilot.. but I know a plane isn't supposed to land in a tree.  Although I am not an economist.. I recognize when there is a problem.  Today, I will explain why the real estate market is getting "multiple offers" and "higher prices" on existing homes for sale... and why that won't last. 

Don't Think Only "One Dimensionally" 

The truth of the matter is, even a tree can look beautiful and healthy on the outside... meanwhile... rot has taken over the root... and it's decaying and dead inside.  Such it is with our housing market.  Invest a few minutes and understand why the best deals are still to come. 

#realestate #housing #economics

May 21, 202036:24
Why Negative Interest Rates Will Kill The Housing Market

Why Negative Interest Rates Will Kill The Housing Market

Negative Interest Rates? 

No, I'm not talking about negative interest rates on your home.. no... In today's podcast, I will talk with you about the devastating effects that a negative Federal Funds rate has on your home.  If you are a Realtor®, Homeowner, or potential home purchaser.. make sure you know the effects of negative interest rates on what you possibly may consider to be your biggest asset.... Your home.

#negativeinterest #economics #housing

May 20, 202030:06
**REVISED!!!** 2020 Housing Market Forecast From

**REVISED!!!** 2020 Housing Market Forecast From

The Revised Market Forecast Is Out..

 In today's podcast, I will share with you the REVISED 2020 Housing Market Forecast and predictions from  

 It's Good To Be Right 

I've been saying this for some time now... and back in February, when I warned of this.. I heard endless complaints and naysayers...  Now.. If they would tell the entire story.. I think we would be closer to the truth.. but for now.. this is progress! 

 Visit my website at KarlBuysHouses if you wouldn't mind.. check it out!  

#tucson #realestate #housing

May 18, 202026:11
The Real Estate Market During The Great Depression.. and Today...

The Real Estate Market During The Great Depression.. and Today...

What Was The Real Estate Market Like During The Great Depression? 

In today's podcast, I share with you a conversation that I have been having all morning long with my family, friends, and then to top it all off... a listener from my YouTube Channel (SellMoreHomesNow) called in with a similar question... This sparked in my head.. maybe YOU might have this same questions!   Long story short, big shout out to Christopher and Ken Franks from Minnesota for helping add clarity to this murky issue of if this is a good time to buy.. and if so.. how. I've got a lot of respect for Ken Franks.. he has over 45 years experience in the real estate game.. and if you ever need a good agent, He and His son are good people to know.   

Are We Heading There Now? 

In today's podcast, I will attempt to answer this difficult and complex question by addressing some of the known real estate market factors in 1929-1934... you will hear shocking similarities between then.. and now.  If we go there again.. is simply a question of who gets elected. Not to get political about this.. but monetary policy and fiscal policy have a direct effect on the real world dollars you pay.. or how insolvent the currency will get.  

 Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Home In 2020?

Again.. a complicated question.. but the purpose of today's podcast is to illuminate a quickly fading thought.  That freedom is more valuable than tyranny.. and that if we are to survive economically.. there are difficult choices that need to be made quickly.   Hopefully, after you've heard the facts of the arguments.. you will come to a decision that is good for you and your family! Thanks again to Ken and Chris for reaching out and being willing to share their thoughts! 

Be sure to check out my website at! 

#TheGreatDepression #Economy #Finance

May 16, 202017:22
Should You Buy A House Now.. Or Wait?
May 15, 202032:29
Our BS Housing Market

Our BS Housing Market

I'm Calling BS!

In today's Podcast, I steal a theme from Chris Iron's Podcast @QuothTheRaven and a speech called "Our Bullshit Economy".  

While I'm not qualified to speak on the Economy as he is.. I am qualified to speak about the Housing Market.  

In today's short podcast to begin the occasional theme here on KarlBuysHouses Podcast.. I will share with you three tips that Chris gave, and how you can apply them to your housing situation to ensure you do what's best for you and your family in the months, and years to come.  

#housing #economy #Tucson

May 12, 202008:34
6 Things You Must Do BEFORE The Economy Collapses
May 02, 202027:23
Why Your Home Is Worth 20 Percent Less Than You Think...

Why Your Home Is Worth 20 Percent Less Than You Think...

I Know You're Angry...

 However, it doesn't change the fact that your home is worth 20% less than you think it is.  The only saving grace is that NOBODY knows it yet.. except you and I.   

In today's podcast, I will answer a listener's question about whether or not he should buy a home during the #Covid19 pandemic.. my answer is sure to infuriate every Realtor® you know.. And will probably result in me getting reported to the Tucson Association of Realtors®... again... 

I don't care.  It isn't about me.. this is about you, and you making realistic plans for your homes.. before the music stops.

 #REO #Foreclosure #Tucson

May 01, 202030:34
How Much Will Coronavirus Affect Home Prices?

How Much Will Coronavirus Affect Home Prices?

Prepare For Disappointment

 In today's post, I will discuss a popular question amongst homeowners.  How much will the Coronavirus affect home prices?  Particularly in Tucson?  I will share with you the latest data from the National Association of Realtors, as well as the Tucson MLS and we will discuss how these events will undoubtedly affect your home value.  

#tucson #NAR #Homevalue

Apr 29, 202022:11
Raise Taxes.. Or File Bankruptcy?

Raise Taxes.. Or File Bankruptcy?

What Would YOU Do?

Believe it or not.. this could be a very real decision that your Governor will have to make in the near future.  With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell advising that States should declare bankruptcy instead of expecting Federal aid... more Governors will have more power and more decisions to make than ever before.   How will this affect you? 

If you aren't a pensioner.. or a bond holder.., you might be tempted to think this won't affect you.  But in today's podcast, I will share with you the four things that Governor Ducey COULD do.. (or any Governor for that matter) if it came down to raising taxes.. or filing bankruptcy!

 #Bankruptcy #Arizona #Covid19

Apr 23, 202017:52
The Housing IQ Test

The Housing IQ Test

Think You Are Pretty Smart In Housing? 

It's not that hard to be a Realtor®.. In fact it takes just a little common sense.   But if that is the case.. then why do so many Real Estate Agents seem to miss basic questions when it comes to housing and real estate?  

I don't mean to say this with disrespect.. but honestly.. I've been getting frustrated with my peers over what seems to be basic questions. 

In today's episode, I will share with you a 6 question (true or false so it's easy!) test to see how much aptitude you have for the Real Estate Game!  

#realestate #home #IQtest

Apr 16, 202010:53
The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression

The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression

A Startling Headline.. 

But more than that are the dire predictions made by the International Monetary Fund in their blogpost by the same name.  In today's post, I will share with you a harrowing report by the IMF that states what we all intuitively know.  That the economy as we know it.. has changed. 

#recession #Tucson #Housingbubble2

Apr 14, 202037:38
Home Sales Are LOST Not Deferred!

Home Sales Are LOST Not Deferred!

Why Am I So Certain? 

Well.. One reason is because Lawrence Yun has stated that "Home sales will decline this spring season because of unique economic and social consequences resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, but much of the activity looks to reappear later in the year. Home prices will remain stable because of a pandemic-induced reduction in inventory coupled with less immediate concerns over foreclosures

Every time I hear Lawrence Yun say "things are going to be fine... " I start reaching for my wallet. Another reason is Chase Bank's decision to raise their lending requirements to a score of 700 with 20% down.  This is a bellweather event. In today's episode, I will share with you a counter opinon to the National Association of Realtor's position. 

 #tucson #realestate #home #NAR

Apr 13, 202020:05
Covid19 Mortgage Deferral

Covid19 Mortgage Deferral

Having Difficulty With Your Bank? 

In today's podcast, I will share with you a recent NPR Article about how many struggling homeowners are facing difficulty with their bank when trying to get mortgage deferral or forbearance.   Additionally, I will share with you a recent Intragency Statement on Loan Modification from the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, the Consumer FInancial Protection Board and others which gives specific information to your lender to "act right" or else!  

If you have to get Mortgage Forbearance or Deferral because of Covid19, then you need to hear this message to make sure they don't screw you over!!!  

#mortgage #CARES #deferral

Apr 08, 202026:19
Real Estate Roundup 04-07-2020

Real Estate Roundup 04-07-2020

Are You One Of the Few???
There aren't too many people who really get into real estate news and current events. I admit.. I am a bit of a Real Estate Nerd. I enjoy looking at the real estate news and talking about how that will affect the market. In today's post, I will talk about some of the following topics!

The Pentagon Proposes To Cut HALF the A-10 squadron and personnel in Tucson
Ginne Mae proposes to "Takeover" the servicing of mortgages.. adding BILLIONS of dollars of debt and responsibility
VA Loans get quoted 14.5% because nobody wants to do them???
Deleveraging.. and how it's affecting the American consumer..
and much much more!

Let me know if you enjoyed today's show!
#tucson #DavisMonthanAFB #RealEstateNews
Apr 07, 202044:55
The 5 Causes Of The Great Depression & Are We Headed There?

The 5 Causes Of The Great Depression & Are We Headed There?

The Stock Market Crash Of 1929
Contrary to popular opinion, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 was not the sole cause of one of the greatest collapses of Western economy. In fact, there were many causes.. but today, I will share with you what historians and economists generally agree were the causes of this massive depression.
We will talk about how this relates to 2008, and why the Great Depression of 2020 will be different (and worse) than 2008.
Preparedness is key!
#GreatDepression #GreatRecession #KarlBuysHouses
Apr 06, 202025:59
6 Reasons Why Real Estate WON'T "Boom" After Coronavirus

6 Reasons Why Real Estate WON'T "Boom" After Coronavirus

Will Real Estate "Boom" After Coronavirus?
In a recent article on Fox Business.. entitled "Real estate will boom once coronavirus threat is gone -- Go ahead, put your house on the market" Rogers Healy (Rogers Healy and Associates) stated that after Coronavirus.. "People will be lined up at the doors of those homes they have obsessed over for months."
I emphatically disagree.
So much so, that I'd like to give you six reasons why I feel the real estate market won't "BOOM" After Coronavirus.
Listen in as I discuss 6 reasons why I think we are headed for a depression... and the 6 reasons why my competitors will say "everything is fine!"
What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments section or leave me a message!
#tucson #realestate #depression #2020
Apr 05, 202021:55
Is Mortgage Forebearance A Good Idea?

Is Mortgage Forebearance A Good Idea?

Mortgage Forebearance
With Covid-19 threatening the livelihoods of millions of Americans, a topic of discussion that is coming more an more prevalent is the issue of Mortgage Forebearance.
While many people are able to Google the definition of "Mortgage Forebearance".. it doesn't answer the important question of "Is Mortgage Forebearance a good idea?"

In today's post, I will take 15 minutes to share with you the various ways banks will offer to allow you to repay this forebearance.. and some practical tips to discern whether or not it is a wise course of action for you and your family!
#forebearance #mortgagedebt #Tucson
Apr 05, 202016:16
What Is It Like To Go Through A Short Sale?

What Is It Like To Go Through A Short Sale?

Does The Thought of A Short Sale Scare You? 

I've been blessed with a unique vantage point.  As a Real Estate Broker, I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of Tucson families sell their homes using a short sale.  As a Realtor who represented some of America's biggest banks and debt servicers like Ocwen, OneWest, and DeutscheBank as an REO Agent, I've seen the devastation of foreclosure visited on families who were caught unawares by the market.   Also, as a homeowner who has had to go through the process of going through a short sale.   God has indeed seen fit to bless me to know how to answer these, and other important questions you might have about the short sale process...  Is a Short Sale A Good Idea?  How Long Does It Take For A Short Sale To Go Through?  How Much Should A Buyer Offer On A Short Sale?  What Does A Short Sale Mean For A Buyer? These questions, plus my experiences as an investor who has bought short sales, a seller who has sold a home using a short sale, a Realtor who has completed short sales and more all inside today's episode! 

 #tucson #shortsale #KarlBuysHouses

Apr 03, 202046:24
Alternatives To A Rent Strike

Alternatives To A Rent Strike

Rent Strike?
With some politicians (AOC) advocating "Rent Strikes" across major metropolitan cities, the Covid-19 saga takes a dangerous turn. Listen in to today's podcast for resources as well as ideas to avoid a rent strike!
#Tucson #CancelRent #RentStrike
Apr 02, 202021:30
Top Real Estate Stories 04-01-2020

Top Real Estate Stories 04-01-2020

Today's Top Stories!
Today, I thought I would take a look at the news headlines for real estate and record a few thoughts. Listen in as I share with you how Tucson has taken over a #1 spot.. Why fewer people are looking at your home, and why the mortgage industry is splitting in two. All the news you need to know, in 20 minutes!
#tucson #realestate #news
Apr 01, 202021:48
3 Signs The Housing Market Is Collapsing

3 Signs The Housing Market Is Collapsing

Did you say Housing Market COLLAPSING????
Yes... I sure did. I know that isn't what most Realtors (and certainly few Real Estate Brokers) will tell you. However, today, I would like to look past the encouraging news that we've seen on February's numbers, and expose the reasons why it is "wishful thinking" to think that the housing market will "snap back" in 30-60 or even 90 days.
Learn the three reasons why this market is collapsing, and how you can benefit by it!
#tucson #realestate #housingmarket
Mar 31, 202018:15
Should You Buy A House During Coronavirus?

Should You Buy A House During Coronavirus?

Today, I answer a question that seems to be on everyone's mind... should you buy a house during a coronavirus pandemic?  I will examine this issue from not only a Buyer perspective, but the deeper issues behind mortgage forebearance, and the toll it will have on our economy.  In short, if you can wait, wait.. there's going to be better deals on the horizon!  

See this article and more information including links at

#coronavirus #realestate #tucson

Mar 30, 202024:26
10 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast During Coronavirus

10 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast During Coronavirus

Lots Of Showings But No Offers? 

In today's podcast, I will answer a question from a local Tucsonan who has moved to Show Low and needs to sell their home.  However, they've had their home listed since December, and there are lots of showings, but no offers.  What advice would I give to a situation like this?

In today's podcast, I answer two basic questions. 

1.  What makes a home sell fast? 

2.  What strategy would you give to sell your home fast during a Coronavirus outbreak? 

In today's podcast, I will share with you 4 reasons why a home sells, and a specific 10 point plan to get your property under contract quickly.. without lowering the price!  

See This Article at

#Coronavirus #realestate #Tucson

Mar 28, 202056:30
How to Price Your Home to Attract the Highest Offers During A Pandemic

How to Price Your Home to Attract the Highest Offers During A Pandemic

Are you trying to figure out how to price your home during #Covid19? There are people even today who are putting their unwanted homes up for sale during this time. In today's podcast, I will share 8 tips on how to price your home to sell during the #Coronavirus outbreak!
If this podcast was helpful to you, then please like, rate, and subscribe!
#Tucson #realestate #KarlBuysHouses
Mar 27, 202043:06
A Deflationary Spiral? You're In One!!
Mar 25, 202036:16
Is This The End of iBuyers?

Is This The End of iBuyers?

Today, iBuying giant Opendoor and their partner Redfin announced that they will suspend purchasing of homes in during the #Coronavirus outbreak. Will #Zillow follow suit? How does this impact local investors as well as homeowners who are looking for a fast and easy sale in troubling and uncertain times? I will discuss this, and other important #realestate news in today's episode of #KarlBuysHouses
Follow me!
Insta @KarlBuysHouses
Facebook @KarlBuysHouses
Twitter @Karlkrealtor
#Podcast #Tucson #realestate #coronavirusrealestate
Mar 21, 202026:59
Should You Sell Your House During A Recession?

Should You Sell Your House During A Recession?

Are you thinking about selling your home soon but are concerned about a recession? In today's podcast, I will share with you an article from reviewing the 5 things we should think about when selling a house during a recession. I will review this article with you, and give you some local input and information from 23 years as a licensed REO Broker and Investor!
For more information and other articles, visit!
#recession #tucson #realestate
Mar 18, 202028:12
5 Secrets Real Estate Investors Use To Sell Fast In Tucson

5 Secrets Real Estate Investors Use To Sell Fast In Tucson

Do you need to sell a house fast in Tucson? Listing it with a local real estate agent can take months. In some cases, the house may not sell at all. You won’t find many investors who hire agents to help them sell fast. Investors know that in order to sell a house fast in Tucson, different strategies need to be implemented. Below, we offer a few tips to help you sell your house fast in Tucson no matter the condition, situation, or location! 

See this Article at

  #tucson #homes #realestate 

Mar 16, 202006:17
Is Tucson Affordable?
Mar 06, 202006:32
Housing Market Feels CoronaVirus Effects

Housing Market Feels CoronaVirus Effects

In today’s livestream on YouTube, I shared three stories that I felt were somewhat related and could be helpful for you if you are watching the news as I am. The impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still not fully understood. However, the implications of a wide spread, contagious disease are now reaching the housing market.

Also, I will cover a story about how a Shark Tank Judge just got scammed for nearly $400,000 and how it could happen to you, if you don’t take the proper precautions!

Join me now for a 20 minute disucssion of these issues!

See this article at

#CoronaVirus #COVID19 #HousingIssues

Mar 05, 202022:53
Real Estate Scams and Seizures!!

Real Estate Scams and Seizures!!

In today's post, I talk with you about a recent real estate scam that was uncovered and successfully stopped here in Arizona. I discuss with you the cases, as well as the warning signs that were obvious, yet avoided.
Then we will turn our attention to the 33 MILLION Home shortage we have in America, as well as how it relates to Tucson, and finally a new law in California is threatening to seize vacant properties after 90 days! Learn how this real estate seizure is beyond theft!
#housingissues #ScamAlert #home
Mar 04, 202029:38
How To Sell Your Home Fast During CoronaVirus (Covid-19)
Mar 03, 202032:00
What Happens When A Listing Expires?
Mar 02, 202036:08
Cheap Fixer Upper Homes For Sale in Tucson!
Feb 27, 202025:42