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The Mom First Entrepreneur

The Mom First Entrepreneur

By Kat McLead

"The Mom First Entrepreneur" by Kat McLead is dedicated to helping you learn how to make money with your own high purpose, high pleasure business that allows you to stay Mom first.

Are you overwhelmed? Stuck in a business that isn't profitable? Searching for purpose and a pleasurable life? In this podcast we will cover the strategies you need to start your own business. We will also cover mindset, clientele, pinpointing your perfect niche, and more! You will find clarity and leave feeling invigorated and inspired. For more information on how to work with me, check out :)
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Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 4

The Mom First EntrepreneurOct 16, 2020

Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 4

Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 4

The last meaty part of pinpointing your niche is crafting your right offer so your clients yell "YAY!" and PAY!

If you're not signing clients, that means that your offer isn't right.  Tie together your skills, gifts and talents with an audience you have access to, that is able and willing to pay you.  Your asking price needs to guarantee high profit for the time spent, to deliver a transformation for your clients.  

Your offer needs to speak to your ideal client's pain points, using their own words - not just what you think they need!  If they don't want what you are trying to sell, they're not going to buy it.  With the right offer, clients will be thrilled to start working with you.

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Oct 16, 202023:29
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 3
Oct 02, 202014:58
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 2

Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 2

In part 2 of my Pinpoint Your Niche challenge, we tackle the next important part: how are you going to find your clients?

Your ideal client has to meet some specific criteria.  You need to have access to this audience, you have to want to work with this audience, they have to need what you offer, and they have to be able to pay you.  If they don't meet all of these criteria, then you aren't going to be successful.  If they aren't able and willing to pay, they won't hire you!

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Sep 26, 202006:38
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 1

Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 1

If you are already in my Facebook group (Mom First Entrepreneurs: Building Businesses for Profit, Purpose and Pleasure), this is Day 1 from the challenge I ran last week to help you pinpoint your niche and build a profitable, purposeful, pleasurable business.

Today's focus is on profit.  It's super important that your business idea is actually profitable.  Don't get sucked into the typical mom traps of online low-profit businesses, spending time and money learning new skills, and assuming that you have nothing to offer.  The right business idea won't magically appear - you have to take inventory of your skills and talents and then lock those into a profitable niche.  

Don't get confused though - passion+confidence doesn't necessarily equal profit!  What good is a business idea that doesn't make money?  On the other hand, if you're too broad with your idea, it's way harder to connect with the people who are willing to pay you.

Your assignment: talk to the people close to you and make a list of your talents, skills, and gifts.  That's all!  Talk soon!

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Sep 19, 202026:00
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The 4 Key Steps to Pinpointing Your Perfect Business for a Busy Mom
Apr 21, 202026:26
Pinpoint your perfect business by avoiding these 3 Common "Mom Traps"

Pinpoint your perfect business by avoiding these 3 Common "Mom Traps"

Pinpoint your perfect business with me, Kat McLead.  We are going to go deep into the four key steps for having a successful business as a busy mom.

You're in the right place if you're a mom that's been stuck on your perfect business idea and you are tired of months, if not years, going by with zero to show for it. Maybe you feel like more and more a part of you is just sinking down and missing. You've tried copying what you see working for others, but it has not been working for you. And you've tried all the lame online clarity exercises with zero results.

I'm going to show you exactly how to pinpoint your perfect business idea using my profit and purpose framework. That way you can have a successful business you've been longing for without learning any new skills. Yes, with the existing skills that you currently have. I've seen it time and time again, and you have the skills necessary for a high profit, high purpose, high pleasure business. 

You'll learn the three main mistakes that so many moms make that derail their entrepreneurial dreams, and you are going to avoid them so that you don't make these mistakes. Most likely, you've already made one of them. And that's okay. You'll learn exactly what to do. 

And at the end of the training, I'm going to share with you how you can build your own high profit, high purpose business with a simple step by step framework designed to be complete in 15 minutes a day. In this training, you will learn the four key steps of pinpointing your perfect high profit, high purpose business for you, a busy mom.

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Apr 21, 202024:23
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 4
Apr 14, 202012:38
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 3
Apr 09, 202019:10
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge Part 2
Apr 07, 202013:43
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 1

Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 1


Part 1

To participate in this challenge and win a 1:1 coaching session with me, join my Facebook Group!

I don't want you learning anything new. We're going to take your existing skills, talents and gifts, and turn that into a high profit business that you feel purposeful and pleasurable doing.

If you're going to create your business from the ground up, make sure that you're on track for your vision. So today, pinpointing your niche, we're going to go into your skills, gifts and talents. And I want to make a note that this is really different than traits. I have found that clients will first start off with a list of traits, or they've done some clarity exercise based on traits, and I do not believe in them. I've had many clients come to me after failed clarity exercises, had them doing businesses that were never ever going to be profitable. Profit comes first. And then we need to build upon that. So we're going to go deep into your skills, gifts and talents. 

People are not going to hire you to be dependable. Now they're going to hire you to solve a problem for them. That's why I want you to go into your skills and skills are anything that you've gained from your job, your job experience, your life experience, things that you know how to do that you learned from your mom, your best friend, whatever - those are your skills.

 It's got to be profitable, purposeful and pleasurable.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Apr 03, 202015:53
Pleasure Isn't Selfish, It's Necessary

Pleasure Isn't Selfish, It's Necessary

Pleasure: how to do business with pleasure and why this is so important, especially now.

Pleasure is an important and often forgotten about element of a successful business. A successful business must have profit, purpose, and pleasure to be sustainable.

It actually makes you more money the more pleasure you put into your business because people can feel that. And who do you want to do business with?

Mar 31, 202016:05
Bonus Visualization

Bonus Visualization

Use this meditative visualization often to re-align yourself to your goals and bring yourself a sense of peace in these troubled times.

Mar 30, 202010:47
Be Courageous, Not Flawless

Be Courageous, Not Flawless

It is more important than ever that we, as moms, stand in our expertise and serve those around us.  As important as it is, don't let perfectionism get in the way!  Be big, be courageous, be bold, and don't try to be flawless!

Mar 26, 202014:50
Transforming Your Negative Emotions For Success
Mar 24, 202014:34
What You Can Control
Mar 19, 202014:02
The "F Word" - Failure and How To Reach Success

The "F Word" - Failure and How To Reach Success

Failure can look like this to people: You've bought a few courses, you've maybe even used a coach or two coaches or more, and you have not gotten to where you want to be in business. And you feel like you are a failure and that maybe owning a business, a successful business, is not possible for you. I feel you! I have conversations with women who feel this way on a regular basis and I want to assure you that you are not alone!

Mar 17, 202024:48
Make Money by Signing Clients

Make Money by Signing Clients

You want your offer to be so compelling to your target audience that they are eager and happy to pay for your services. This leads to raving fans, a thriving and fulfilling business and of course, profit! So how do you know you have the right offer? You'll know when clients are coming to you and asking to work with you. 

Mar 12, 202016:07
Command Your Premium Profit

Command Your Premium Profit

It seems like human instinct to undersell yourself.  So why do we do this? The easy answer, the most common answer, is fear and doubt that no one will buy from us if we charge too much.

Bottom line: fear and doubt keeps us from commanding our premium product. The truth is, you want to position yourself as the high-end offering. You want successful clients that want to hire successful people.

Mar 10, 202008:59
Instant Access To Future Clients

Instant Access To Future Clients

Standard business advice teaches you to find clients.  In today's episode, we are going to discover how to have instant access to your future ideal clients RIGHT NOW!

Mar 05, 202005:41
What's My Bloody Purpose??

What's My Bloody Purpose??

What's my bloody purpose? Let's dive into that on today's episode. When you don't know what your purpose is or you feel like you're not living a life of purpose, it feels terrible. I know from my 10-year obsessive search for purpose. While I was making multiple six figures in my fetish business, I felt so un-purposeful. The entire time I was obsessed with purpose in finding work that would be of meaning to me: work that I could be proud of. And that's how I am a hundred percent sure that having high profits does not equal happiness or a good life for yourself or your family. It's so important to feel good about the work that you're doing; to feel happy, to feel like you're helping people. Otherwise, even if you're making great profits, it feels overwhelming and it's just unsustainable. It's not sustainable to be doing work that you hate and work that doesn't feel good for you.

Mar 03, 202006:44
Infusing Pleasure Into Your Business

Infusing Pleasure Into Your Business

Welcome to episode 3 of the Mom First Entrepreneur! Today, we are going to talk about pleasure and why pleasure is an essential piece to a sustainable and successful business and how pleasure actually brings in more profits. We've discussed the 3 Ps: profit, purpose, and pleasure and today we're really going to deep dive into this pleasure. I have found with clients that pleasure is low on their radar. It's something that feels indulgent, maybe selfish, and they're just trying to get through the day because you're juggling work and you're juggling kids and the home and pleasure feels like something you long for yet unimportant. And I'm here to really challenge this and invite you to feel more pleasure into your life.

Feb 27, 202008:34
Your Perfect Business Idea

Your Perfect Business Idea

Build your business FASTER by doing LESS Hi fabulous Mom, I know you’re busy and don’t have time to waste…

So, I’m going to be super straight forward and give you the secret straight away.

Starting with a skill, talent, or gift you already have is the best shortcut you can take to starting a business. I mean it!

Instead of starting an online business in blogs, vlogs, content, online marketing, MLM, etc...

That require you to master creating websites, funnels, ad campaigns, writing endless copy, creative designs, making webinars, social media, SEO (if you even know what that is), running challenges, creating freebies, HTML proficient, and more.

All of this shit takes years to learn and put into practice.

Let’s take YouTube. You’ll need 10,000 subscribers BEFORE you can even earn a single penny! So what that means for you is countless hours of filming and editing before you even have the CHANCE to MONETIZE.


But YOU already have the skill/talent/gift necessary to start a rewarding, High Profit Business. Yeah, it’s totally true!

The KEY is to find the intersection of one of your skills/talents/gifts and measure it on the Profitability Index to make sure it will be both FULFILLING and bring in MONEY.

Feb 25, 202007:22
The Riches Are In The Niches

The Riches Are In The Niches

 Hi Mom First Entrepreneurs! Today, I'm going to talk about niching down and why it is so important for entrepreneurial success.  

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the world of BDSM as a professional dominatrix. After 6 months, I hated it and decided to niche down to what I most enjoyed/tolerated. I thought that I would have to get a “normal job” to support myself because my new niche was less than 10% of my dominatrix business.

What happened instead was that my business EXPLODED… And that’s how, at the age of 22, I discovered that the riches are indeed in the niches. I grew to hate that business, shut it down, got my M.A. in Psychology, and as my second year project, chose to help Sex Workers transition out of the Adult Industry.

Since then, I’ve used the same framework I developed then (High Profit High Purpose Framework) to help busy moms start high profit high purpose businesses that allow them to be Mom first.

Feb 21, 202008:38