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Path to Print

Path to Print

By Kate Marope

Path to Print is a fiction editing podcast hosted by romance developmental and line editor Kate Marope to showcase the many paths authors take to publishing. Writing is often a solitary process riddled with self-doubt, mental flailing, and frustration when the characters won't do what you want, so Kate created a podcast with big-nibling-who's-been-through-this energy to help authors feel less alone in their journey to print.

Whether it's improving accessibility via the shorter, informative "blogisodes" or diving deep into the process and meaning with guests, Path to Print has your back!
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5 Ways You Can Handle an Age Gap Romance in Your Book

Path to PrintJan 23, 2023

5 Ways You Can Handle an Age Gap Romance in Your Book
Jan 23, 202310:03
What is an Age Gap Anyway? | #MaropeTakeover Part 1
Jun 04, 202201:06:13
Sample Pages Q&A | #ListenerQueries with Latoya C. Smith
Apr 02, 202201:30:24
The Value of an Opening Chapters Assessment
Mar 30, 202215:26
Delivering on the Back Cover Copy | #MsMatched with Silvana Reyes
Mar 20, 202201:08:16
The Epic Opener to Netflix’s Vincenzo
Mar 14, 202222:26
Voice & the Self-Editing Process | #LessonsLearned with RM Virtues
Mar 06, 202201:33:06
Matching the Premise of Your Book to its Setup
Mar 03, 202213:28
Impactful & Memorable Setups | #EditorTalk with Ali Williams
Feb 12, 202201:29:54
Using a Character Sketch to Identify Character Moments
Feb 11, 202213:11
Unapologetic & Rooted Characters | #LifeLike with Jadesola James
Feb 02, 202201:17:23
Ways to Identify If & Why Your Setup Doesn't Hook
Jan 17, 202214:36
The Opening Character Moment | #ConvosOnCraft with Mary Calmes
Jan 15, 202201:09:17
2022 Q1 Anticipated Releases
Jan 03, 202230:50