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C'est La Vie with Katie Pratt

C'est La Vie with Katie Pratt

By C'est La Vie with Katie

Since we've all got a story, why not share them? C'est La Vie is a podcast based in Paris about young people from around the world and what its like navigating life as a migrant. Whether the guest is someone new to the city, trying to make their way, or someone who has lived in Paris and has become acclimated to French culture, everyone can find a way to relate to the topic. And there are some really interesting people on the show, so have a listen!
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Parisian Comedy

C'est La Vie with Katie PrattDec 31, 2020

Finding Your Place

Finding Your Place

Today, Katie is joined by Ainsley, a New Zealander who has spent much of her life living and traveling overseas. Her passion for travel and crossing cultural boundaries has lead her to over 40 different countries, many of which she has lived in, most of which she has documented on camera and in writing. Learn about some of her travels and adventures through the episode, and reach out to her here:

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May 19, 202143:40
Boneshakers in Paris

Boneshakers in Paris

Loved by visitors and locals alike, Boneshakers brings handmade doughnuts and delicious coffees to the people of Paris. But what came before this popular shop? Meet Amanda, founder of Boneshakers and lover of Paris. Hear in this episode what brought her to create the first doughnut shop in France. 

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Apr 21, 202145:44
Au Pair in Paris?

Au Pair in Paris?

Katie is so excited to welcome Edwina to the podcast today! They talk about all the things, ranging from Eating Disorders and moving to a different country with different eating habits, how being an Au Pair forced her to create a community and what it is like constantly growing and developing. It is a great conversation! Don't forget to follow @aupairohparis and @myparispodcast, and subscribe to C'est La Vie with Katie Pratt on all available podcasting platforms.

Feb 17, 202149:35
Multicultural in Your Home Country
Feb 10, 202155:49
My Life Living Abroad

My Life Living Abroad

Today, Katie welcomes Chloe from onto the podcast! They talk all things about being a migrant: what it's like moving from a small town in England to a big city, the friends you lose and make along the way and how France felt like home from the moment she moved there.

If you want to learn more about Chloe, visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @mylifelivingabroad. And don't forget to follow and subscribe to C'est La Vie with Katie Pratt!

Feb 03, 202150:21
Making Your Own Home

Making Your Own Home

Katie is excited to welcome Cristina from @passportcris to the podcast this week! Take a listen as the two explore what it's like growing up in different cultures and then finding a way to create your own in your new home country. Hear what brought her to Paris and how she said, 'this is home.' 

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Jan 27, 202141:15
Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Katie is excited to welcome Jone Pan to the podcast this week! Take a listen to hear about Jone's journey to Paris, the careers she's had along the way and why Paris is where she calls home.  The story of a migrant is always interesting, but as a first-generation American herself, she has learned to combine all her experiences and cultures into the life she wants. 

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Jan 20, 202147:34
The Chronicles of Paris

The Chronicles of Paris

So this is a different episode, one where the tables are turned and Katie is interviewed by her good friend Cliona, who had been a guest on the podcast earlier! They spend time talking about the last 2 years in Paris for Katie, what she learned and experienced, how her time was unique and how she grew because of it. This episode is a culmination of Katie's time in Paris, which came to an end after her Masters completion. Listen to hear where the podcast will go, transitioning to be more inclusive to the Migrant's story worldwide. But Paris will always be a part of the story. Don't forget to follow the podcast on @myparispodcast to learn more.

Jan 08, 202101:11:52
Parisian Comedy
Dec 31, 202046:42
Namaste in Paris

Namaste in Paris

Katie is so excited to welcome Benjamin onto the podcast today to talk all about Yoga and Paris. Take a listen to what brought him to Paris and how his yoga practice has developed throughout his travels, and what yoga in Paris looks like for him. There wasn't enough time to explore all of his story or travels, but if you want to learn more and be a part of one of his classes, check out his website here: 

Dec 20, 202041:43
The Truth Behind Wellness
Dec 12, 202047:45
Antiques of Paris
Dec 05, 202041:18
The Reunion Part 2

The Reunion Part 2

Join us for Part 2 of the Reunion episode! As a continuation of the last episode, we get right into talking about Emily in Paris, the show every expat is talking about, and what our thoughts of it are. Sam and Alejandra also delve into what they miss about Paris and how their life is different a year later. Enjoy the episode!
Nov 22, 202042:22
The Reunion Part 1

The Reunion Part 1

Katie is so excited to bring two of her favorite (former) Parisians back to the podcast! Alejandra and Sam, whom you may recognize from one of the first episodes Katie released, are back to talk about their one year anniversary of moving back to their perspective countries. Take a listen as they reflect on how different life is now and how they feel about Paris one year later.
Nov 17, 202053:19
All You Knead to Know in Paris
Nov 08, 202039:50
Picking Up the Pieces
Nov 01, 202043:15
The Man Behind Holybelly
Oct 24, 202046:56
Pastry in Paris
Oct 17, 202040:17
Entrée To Black Paris
Oct 11, 202035:03
Paris Update
Oct 04, 202040:01
Knowing When to Start Over

Knowing When to Start Over

Katie welcomes Denise Wilson from Eat Paris Travel to the podcast today as they talk all things starting new. The challenges of moving to a new country after a long distance relationship may have prepared her for some of the difficulties that came with working in Paris, but at one point she knew it was time to start over. Learn about the journey and what gave her the confidence for the decision on the podcast.
Sep 25, 202039:50
It's Time to Vote
Sep 18, 202025:09
La Vie in Paris

La Vie in Paris

Krystal Kenney, host of the podcast La Vie Creative, joins Katie in talking all things living in Paris and how this pandemic has shifted her creativity from photography to writing and podcasting. She was a great guest and has an incredible story, listen here and find her on instagram @missparisphoto
Aug 30, 202036:11
Cups And Dishes with Wafa
Jul 10, 202051:53
Barre Necessities in Quarantine
May 17, 202037:14
My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Please welcome a special quarantine guest, my best friend Maud! I'm living with her in the Netherlands, and we talk about our 8-year friendship and the lessons that we've learned along the way.
Apr 05, 202043:41
Everything Happens for a Riesling
Mar 15, 202039:50
Third Times a Charm
Mar 08, 202029:32
Tour of History

Tour of History

Katie is excited to welcome Alex to the studio, talking all things history and tour. His passion for French culture and history started young, and it's developed into working for My Private Paris and helping others experience the best tours in Paris. And he's creating his own dark historical tours at the moment, and you don't want to miss all that he has to say. Listen here!
Mar 01, 202034:02
Soul of Paris
Feb 16, 202043:08
Inside the Fashion Industry
Feb 09, 202040:20
Her Private Paris
Feb 02, 202034:12
Community in Paris

Community in Paris

Katie is incredibly excited to welcome Alfio Lococo into the studio today, where their interview goes from learning languages to what it's like being neighbors in Paris. Take a listen to hear Alfio's various voices and about his venture into stand-up comedy.
Jan 19, 202043:53
Passion for Travel
Jan 14, 202042:12
Adjusting to Life Abroad
Dec 29, 201947:51
Overcoming Hard Times

Overcoming Hard Times

Katie is excited to welcome Rebecca into the studio! They talk about going through incredibly difficult experiences while living away from their home country, and the lessons they learned along the way. A trigger warning: they talk about abortion, so if you're completely uncomfortable with that, it may be best to skip past this episode. But otherwise, please listen with an open mind and heart, and hear Rebecca tell her story.
Dec 22, 201939:34
How to Adult in France

How to Adult in France

Katie is happy to welcome Julia into the studio! They talk about the difficulty of transitioning from a student to a working adult, and how the challenges increase when you're in a foreign country. They talk about logistics of becoming a worker in France, and the benefits of having a network of support.
Dec 15, 201946:02
Life Outside of the Bubble
Dec 08, 201954:50
A Visit From Home
Nov 30, 201951:56
Life on a Budget
Nov 22, 201949:56
Learning to Try Again
Nov 16, 201944:59
The Business of Acting in France
Nov 09, 201954:08
Introduction to C'est La Vie

Introduction to C'est La Vie

Welcome to C'est La Vie! I'm so glad you're interested in this show and what it's about! I created this podcast after a summer in Paris, when I was recovering from surgery and trying to find people to connect with. With a job at World Radio Paris lined up, it seemed like the perfect excuse to start a podcast to meet new people. And here we are!
Nov 07, 201902:17
Away from Home

Away from Home

Life in Paris can be hard to navigate, and these two au pairs reflect on their time in the City of Lights. We talk about how the definition of home has changed once they moved abroad, and how they've changed while living here. We also have some tips for newcomers to any city, but specifically Paris. Listen to their interview!
Nov 01, 201901:03:38
The List
Oct 26, 201954:22
The Idealization of Paris
Oct 16, 201953:02
Navigating the Medical System

Navigating the Medical System

So...let's get into it. In this episode, Katie and Preston talk about what it's like navigating an unfamiliar medical system away from home. From cancer to MRIs to major surgeries, learn first hand how the US and France are vastly different in their medical approaches.
Oct 16, 201901:11:40