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Wholesome & Wild / Folláin & Fiáin

Wholesome & Wild / Folláin & Fiáin

By Kathleen O'Hara Farren

Emerging from the Edge is a lifestyle that's Wholesome & Wild in nature. Join Kathleen exploring new ways of being through immersing your senses in stories & songs & walks & talks. Guests share their most enjoyable health tips & newest cultural creations. You are invited to try something new that will enliven your senses. Join me, Kathleen O'Hara Farren as I walk the coast & through the fields describing what I am witnessing. Welcome to the edge of the new emerging culture, a perspective that will assist you become Wholesome & Wild! To Donate & Join the Mailing List
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Aisling Fitzgibbon's new book

Wholesome & Wild / Folláin & FiáinDec 07, 2023

Aisling Fitzgibbon's new book
Dec 07, 202331:16
Cleaning the Well
Jun 22, 202011:05
Aisling & Richie on Living a Wholesome & Wild Life!

Aisling & Richie on Living a Wholesome & Wild Life!

Aisling Fitzgibbon from Aisling's Health School and Richie Ros Singer Songwriter share their perspectives on living a Wholesome and Wild life.  This couple are born entrepreneurs with innovation in every step they take.   Their deep love of health, the natural world and each other make this a most enjoyable conversation.  Richie shares two compositions and the stories of thier inspiration. Aisling too shares some of her top tips and key life experiences (to be elaborated on in her upcoming book, Moving from Fear to Trust). Some themes from this episode: "Nice things, New things, Improving skills, Resist / Refine, Enjoyment, Innovative creations, Problems = signposts, In the flow, Power of music, Connect to the real Worth, value, health, Change the pace & Creating new life!"

The video of this episode is at: is where you'll find the latest episodes of Wholesome & Wild and related content.

Sincere gratitude for all who are donating to this exploration in expressing what is emerging.    Your financial and energetic support is most welcome!  Míle buíochas !

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Jun 22, 202001:02:21
White Butterflies Story
Jun 22, 202008:43
Appreciation for Life!
Jun 22, 202016:01
Trees and Fresh Starts
May 22, 202021:57
Wild Herbs and a New Song
May 22, 202020:59
Feeling at Home as the Greatest Support
May 22, 202022:56
Back Care - Chiropractor & Pilates
May 22, 202027:47
Pondering Podcast Possibilities while Walking

Pondering Podcast Possibilities while Walking

Welcome to have a listen to the process I went through to get this Podcast up and running!  I LOVE to share what I see and sense while out walking and while gardening.  In this episode, we walk by the shore, visit the polytunnel and ponder the invisible benefits in life!  I am happy to host this new Podcast.  Thanks for listening from me Kathleen O'Hara Farren (you're welcome to share this from

May 22, 202021:32
Wholesome & Wild /Folláin & Fiáin - A taste of what is emerging!

Wholesome & Wild /Folláin & Fiáin - A taste of what is emerging!

Eirí Isteach - Awake Inside!  Welcome to listen to this 1st episode with the theme of the back/spine and doing new things... Excerpts from guests can be heard throughout the next 10 minutes - songs, stories, meditation, guided exercise and more - tune in with Lucie of the Light, Yvette from Place of Serenity, Anthony Lavin from Freedom Spinal Health, Jennifer Lavin with Pilates, Roisín Lyle-Collins from the west of Scotland,   Charlotte Roost, Su Hammond and myself, Kathleen with a chat from the garden and a newly sprung song!  Full interviews and chats will be coming here soon!  Keep in touch

Apr 22, 202011:31