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Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

By Katie IndiCrow

Fusing soul care and stories about life on our changing planet. Tune in for astrology reports. Stick around for in depth chats about metaphysics, society, and self-development. Sometimes a talk-show, sometimes a sacred experience. Always about celebrating the mystical side. Content created by social anthropologist comme psychopomp, Katie IndiCrow.

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Pluto Power 2022 Astrology Special

Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st CenturyJan 14, 2022

December 2023 Astrology Report: Oh, the Possibilities
Nov 30, 202327:48
The Energy Wall Stopping You From Making Positive Steps
Nov 22, 202326:53
Guided Music Meditation: Bringing Love into Your Path
Nov 18, 202349:27
Planet Earth is in Rapid Healing: Reality Shift in Progress

Planet Earth is in Rapid Healing: Reality Shift in Progress

Nov 08, 202328:55
October Astrology Report: Bringing New Balance into Masculine and Feminine Energy Strands
Oct 01, 202341:22
How 5g and EMFs Impact Our Bodies & Ways to Repair
Sep 12, 202329:24
September 2023 Astrology Report: Embracing Spirituality (Again)

September 2023 Astrology Report: Embracing Spirituality (Again)

We have finally made it to the part of the human story where those of us who were thought of as being 'less than' because of our bodies and/or spiritual orientation are getting validation! Spirituality, soul, and esoteric knowledge are being brought into focus as valuable, again. No longer are we considered 'woo-woo' for talking about energy or the planets. Rather, the 'scientific' world that once placed our knowledge as secondary is even gaining interest. It is also a space where people are en-masse feeling the wave of planetary awakening that began last season.

This shift in thought is a marked difference from our reality these past 300 or so odd years. *YAY*!*

Key Planets Discussed in the Report

1: Lunar occultation of Neptune

3: Venus goes direct

4: Jupiter goes retrograde

13: Pallas enters Libra*, Vesta enters Cancer

14: New Moon in Virgo

15: Ceres enters Scorpio, Mercury direct (ceres- scorpio (pluto) -mercury to me suggests a transition in the flow)

22: Mercury greatest elongation East & dichotomy

23: Sun enters Libra, EQUINOX, Mercury @highest position in the sky & perihelion

29: Full moon in Aries

The big themes:

  • Highlight: conversation around Libra, Virgo and the various representations of 'feminine' energy that they represent. -The concept of binary opposition as a mode of thought and how that has conditioned us to place spiritual knowledge as 'secondary' -Rethinking the hierarchy of knowledge and social organization that most of us came to knowing in.
  • Spiritual justice + a return of the principle of the Order of Creation.
  • Valuing of the hearth and the spiritual caretakers of our society
  • Inner awakening and self-connection without shame

Self-Connection Materials

Receive Your Soul with Affirmations and Meditation ( To email me:

To support this project:

Aug 30, 202341:40
Releasing Negative Spiritual Influence & Energetic Manipulation
Aug 05, 202324:55
5 Reasons We Feel Discomfort on the Spiritual Path

5 Reasons We Feel Discomfort on the Spiritual Path

When you are on the spiritual path, things are supposed to feel great, right? Everything is rainbows and butterflies and gets better so long as you walk toward yourself, right?

Well, not exactly.

You see, there are parts of the spiritual journey that can be filled with sadness, pain, feeling confused, and as though no matter how hard we work, we cannot seem to get out of feeling this way. There is a variety of  reasons that this can happen (and it is not all that you are experiencing a dark night of the soul). This is a list of 5 reasons why people commonly feel discomfort on the path.

Reason 1: You have hit a depth within yourself that has a lot of unprocessed emotion and energy. This is one that means that you are doing a great job.

Reason 2: You are working with a tool that is not the right vibration for you. This is more common than people might think.

Reason 3: You have cords and connections to people, places, and things that are draining you.

Reason 4: You have been working with teachers that are not looking out for your best interests.

Reason 5: You are not listening to your soul or there is something going on that your soul would really like you to become aware of that you are 'missing'.

Auric Field Clinic: **Clinic is on at a discount for the next week:

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection - FULL ONLINE COURSE:

To request private support

Via an EarthFlow 30-minute energy alignment session or a 30-60 minute soul healing session please email me at EarthFlow is great for getting into that higher harmonic, coherent connection point. Come and relax for 30 minutes of streamed energy. The more advanced soul healing sessions are there for people who want to chat it out and go deep. (These happen online and can be done from anywhere you are in the world.)

Jun 28, 202328:42
Solstice Special: Suggestions for Powerful Connection
Jun 15, 202324:03
June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos and Each Other

June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos and Each Other

The powerful message of this season is that we are re-working connections to the planets and thus inviting their more high harmonic influence into our lives. The last few seasons we have moved through the ‘toning’ phase and are now moving into intentional embodiment of a more pure and clear connection to the energy that makes up our solar system (and Universe). This is the type of experience that has the potential to fundamentally change how we experience ourselves and our cosmic connection for the rest of our lives.

One of the things you are going to notice as we go through this and the next two to three seasons is that we are coming back to themes we have been working on and seeing them a little differently.

We have a node switch that brings Aries (Mars) to the North node and Libra (Venus) to the South.

We also have solstice and unique configurations of Pluto coming about.

As we make our way through these next 3 months the name of the game is: sparking that higher harmonic, more clear and friendly feeling path. The worst truly is over (planetary alignment wise). Now it is up to us to re-connect to the planets and each other and keep it moving.

All links are neatly available in the written report

1) For Earth Flow: EarthFlow: Energy Alignment + Attunements – Crow Medicine (

2) For the written astrology report (on my website): (coming soon)

3) To say thanks for the report: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. (

4) To become a monthly fan + get early access and exclusive content:

5) To hear the Story of Saturn in Psychopomp Stories- Look for 'Saga of Earth':

6) Extra with extended dates: ⁠June-August Astrology Report: Extended Notes (

Jun 01, 202348:31
April 2023 Astrology Report: Changes Abound

April 2023 Astrology Report: Changes Abound

April is a month that started off in the midst of great change.

If you feel like everything is moving and some of it makes no sense, you are not alone. We are indeed in the midst of a great shake-up. We are moving from one astrological age into the next and directly experiencing the social, political, and relational changes that come along with a world order being re-thought. There are moments that we know are powerful and important for cosmic healing that simultaneously seem to come with what feels like just more challenges for us. It can be frustrating to know that so much ‘good’ is happening astrologically and to still be meeting the wall of unjust systems or unfair treatment ourselves. I know from personal experience.

When we are pushing the wall of a system, when we are here to ground a fresh frequency, when we are architects of life and light, it is not always easy. We are here, united by the condition that we are living together through this. These are the times where recognizing the strength of our community, recognizing the impact of our kindness and acknowledgement, and really walk the talk to one another by treating each other with dignity makes a world of difference. It also has the power to make our worlds different.

In this astrology report, I address how far we have come. I acknowledge the transitory nature of this moment. I talk about the importance of remembering to plant seeds for your present and future throughout it. There are ways to keep ourselves from getting swept away in the crazy tide of everything that is dissolving. We are here, now, and we will stay strong through this.

Do you love these reports? Please consider supporting them for $3, $5, or $7 a month:

1) For the full written article outlining all points:

2) To request private work email Life-Path and Personal Support Consultations – Crow Medicine (

Apr 03, 202336:50
What Happens as Teens + Young Adults Develop Energetically

What Happens as Teens + Young Adults Develop Energetically

What do Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Percy Jackson, and half of the cast of X-Men the original cartoon have in common? They are all tweens and teens who are in the process of discovering + figuring out their 'extra' abilities. Guess what? There really is something to this. Young people develop their intuitive senses and begin receiving more of their soul power around puberty. This is not just for movies. Because we do not talk about it, we often leave the young people in our lives vulnerable to spiritual entities who hunt and attempt to gain power over them through astral manipulation and false promises. **This does not just happen to young people. I also see this happening to adults.**

In this instalment, I take you on a little journey into the world of waking up an energy body and soul senses and describe how and why that can make us a bit of a target for beings, energies, and experiences that are low vibrational and can get us into trouble. Told from the perspective of teenage Katie, I talk about my own experiences when 2 dark psychopomps tried to influence me. I tell you honestly about how they approached me and the trouble their presence eventually got me into in the real world (the only I EVER had in my whole life).

You may recognize parts of your own journey. You may hear me talk about something that your child is experiencing. This is entirely the point of me doing this. We have to protect ourselves and the kids. Knowledge is power.

*This is a story that is told as a story, which is a little different than this podcast typically is. Sometimes, a story helps us see how what is being discussed may be present in our lives more than just an informational podcast.*

This is a cross-post with my other podcast. To hear my other psychopomp stories, you may just type 'psychopomp stories' into your search bar on spotify or by clicking here: Psychopomp Stories | Podcast on Spotify

If you listen on Apple, you are already on Esoteric Earth Channel. Check the other podcast linked to it for 'psychopomp stories'.

To request my expertise:

My book "Soul Compass" goes a long way to giving you the tools to hear your own soul and learn how to discern what is good or bad for yourself: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (

Energy Pillar (also in 'Soul Compass') is great for any age and has a powerful energy body grounding and repair component: Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine (

Teens and tweens study my material often. Either with my guidance, a parent, or on their own. They are capable of this. Often, more than adults are in my experience.

Apr 01, 202330:40
March Astrology pt 2: A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself
Mar 19, 202315:30
March 2023 Astrology Report pt 1 : Seeing the Path Through Intensity

March 2023 Astrology Report pt 1 : Seeing the Path Through Intensity

March is such a powerful month that it gets a two-part astrology report. It is intense, it is fast moving, it is heart expanding, it is world changing. March is a lot. I admit the intesity and am also ready to celebrate.

The first part of the month is going to feel very different than the second. This report covers March 1- March 18. Come back for part 2.

The main themes of this month include:

-The Venus and Jupiter conjunction represents an important moment in the harmonic shift we have been working on and the transition into Aquarius. This represents the integration of Creator energy and the healing of the great wound that we ALL experienced when Mother and Father were attacked in the previous epoch. (For more check out 'rekindling the feminine flame' podcast)

-We are also seeing justice. Finally. On so many things. Completion where we have been waiting for it. Vindication. People who have been working hard are breathing. Myself included. 

-There is also the idea of overcoming the inner walls and realizing where we have been limiting ourselves, all along. Small changes and being willing to overcome these patterns is part of our path to freedom.

- Meeting physical discomfort because of solar energy 

-Meeting personal discomfort as we see inner truths that may be not as nice. It is ok, we will get through it!

-Connection to creativity and inspiration. Feeling inspired and being able to go full power at our projects, goals, and lives. 

Main Planets

March 1: Mercury enters Pisces

March 2**: Venus and Jupiter conjunction, conjunction of Mercury and Saturn

March 7: Full moon in Virgo, Saturn enters Pisces

March 9: Make a wish

March 15: Neptune Solar Conjunction

March 16: Venus enters Taurus

March 17: Mercury superior solar conjunction


all episodes available here: Esoteric Earth

Additional Materials

For energy pillar and learning opportunities:

Get Grounded:

I also have a lot of great materials built up in this podcast and over at my blog:


Feb 26, 202326:27
Turkey Earthquake pt. 2: the Energy Behind Ignored Safety

Turkey Earthquake pt. 2: the Energy Behind Ignored Safety

I have been busy at it as a psychopomp supporting the 40,000 plus souls who made their crossing during the Turkey and Syria earthquake and since. In part 1, I talked about being called in to this. If you recall, I had a very happy sound to my voice about a gate being closed. Since the earthquake has happened, it has come out that building codes were being ignored in the region. This created a space where not only did this real world disaster impact as many people as it did, but it also put these people in real spiritual danger as they made their crossing. 

In this part 2 of the story, I tell you a little bit more about the metaphysics behind what happened with that gate slam, as well as what could have happened. Going into psi-fi detail, I talk about an interaction I had with a great horned being just a few days before and how they tried to rip open a door to the Universe. Guess what? They tried to use this incident and the ignored safety protocols (aka greed) as a gateway to harvest souls.

Not on my watch.

This is a conversation about how the metaphysical and real world interact. This is an example of how people who are in power have a spiritual responsibility to keep themselves in check. It is also an example of what we can SO EASILY fix when we become aware of energy again.

admittedly, it sounds like science fiction. 

If you are a space holder and you feel inspired to start getting yourself in your most high vibe, high integrity space shoot me an email at Maybe I can help you get yourself sorted out.

To hear my psychopomp stories:

Links to all providers and episodes:

Feb 17, 202317:26
Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It

Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It

We are stealth energy ninjas who are able to detect all sorts of things, including whether we are in danger or not. Stated honestly, there are moments in life where we may encounter a nefarious entity, negative energy depression, or person with ill will and negative intent against us. These situations do have real life impacts, like 'energy bleeds' that cause fights with loved ones, confusion, and panics. This is why identifying and dealing with them matters. Though I do not often speak like this here, this is my specialty as a psychopomp. If you ever wanted to know a little more about how to detect and eliminate threat, this is a great one to listen to!


The key here is knowledge, and so for the first half of the podcast, we identify some of the key signals that the soul and body will send us to let us know something untoward is happening. This includes going into fight or flight response, having anxiety reactions, feeling energy drains, and falling out of love with something we used to adore. It can also include unexpected lashouts, having unprovoked disagreements, and otherwise acting out of character for no define-able reason are all indications something may be 'up'.

These are also all signs of something that we often recognize as medical. In moments where the medical definitions do not apply and especially when we are doing all that we are supposed to in order to maintain our baseline, it is highly appropriate to ask: IS THERE SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL GOING ON HERE? 

Figuring out how to read our own signs is key here. I call this discernment. Discernment means being able to identify a state of being and recognizing where it is coming from. Once we do that, we are then able to proactively do whatever we have to do in order to get ourselves feeling good again. 

Knowledge is power. As such, I also talk about ways that you are able to work with simple energy and lifestyle maneuvers to keep yourself and your loved ones out of the line of negative energetic fire. Being able to read our signals is one. Recognizing where 'weird' energy is coming from and learning how to isolate it is another. Tune in to hear the rest!

Materials Referenced

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: The title says it all. To buy yours and read more:

This is a quick link list taking you to Energy Pillar and Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection. The former is a great place to start if you are seeking to get a solid grounding. The latter comes with a digital copy of Soul Compass AND is a deluxe learning version of how to work through all the steps and components. Great for a nerd or somebody ready to go deep but also likes guidance. Grounding in Self-Connection: New Opportunities – Crow Medicine (

Psychopomp Stories:

Feb 13, 202325:40
When Earth Moves Energy Shifts: The Turkey Earthquake

When Earth Moves Energy Shifts: The Turkey Earthquake

The last 24 hours we have seen a major planetary occurrence that is significant in the telling of the story of the planet. On February 6, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that impacted Turkey and Syria. As you know, Earthquakes and Volcanoes have the ability to 'tone' the planet. When they sing, we all feel it. The Turkey-Syria Earthquake has had a huge impact. Today, I come forward to talk about it.


In my life as a psychopomp, one of my jobs is to pay attention to Earth events. In the case of yesterday, it was to answer the call of the 5000 plus souls who made their transition as a result of the Turkey/Siria earthquake. I tell this story with their blessing. In the process of attending to those souls, I was shown very clearly that this region was holding onto remnants of 'harder harmonic' energy.  An old castle that sat upon a mound used for 6,000 years was crumbled. After going in to it to do recon for souls, I can tell you. This was a very good thing.

As the Earth shifted during the Earthquake, there were more sacred sites destroyed. This created a clearing and a ripple that made its way all the way to Buffalo, New York. Did you know that Buffalo, New York, and the site of this Earthquake is on a direct line to one another? Well, they are. And guess what? That was (is) part of it.

Remember a few months ago when I told you about the Cave of the Evil spirits and the energy that was trapped there? Well. It was connected to this Turkey-Syria line. Last week, as the Mars alignments happened we had significant and positive resolution on 'Mars' issues. We had more of that with this Earthquake, which represented a cosmic door slam, right through that line.

For Part 2:

To check out the video

I mentioned a youtube video by a person called In2ThinAir. You can check them out here: TURKEY Earthquake Power Caused BUFFALO New York To Shake! UPDATE - YouTube

To hear 'Cave of the Evil Spirit' (this is a bit of a different format than my other psychopomp stories channel. I am going to retell it again, there.)

Calling Your Soul In: I Receive Myself I Believe in Myself Meditation - YouTube

Learning with Katie: Meditation to Receive Yourself – Crow Medicine (

Feb 07, 202316:32
February 2023 Astrology Report: Rediscovering Miracles

February 2023 Astrology Report: Rediscovering Miracles

Welcome to February 2023. This is a month (and phase) where many people are going to be having soul sparking, soul awakening, positive self-connection experiences. After what has felt like a few years 'on pause', there has been a huge movement at the gates. People were frozen for a little while as we went through what felt like an energy winter. The ice is thawing, the roads are connecting, and people are once again resuming that powerful process of becoming.

Real life opportunities to experience and be a human, to experience and be souls, to grow and to change are becoming more available again. People are feeling more ready for them. The big huge comet fly by coming up on February 1, solar flares, and the planets that these reports are about are helping to shake things up. We ARE moving from one age to the next. We ARE healing from a big thing. This is a month where we get to experience the softness and the miracle. Look up and look within. 

The theme for conversation this month is bringing in the various threads of ourselves and learning how to act as this new whole. How do you know your soul is activating or making its way to expressing itself in a new way? Listen to the report to hear. February is all about grounding in self-love, self-efficacy, and bringing ourselves into new forms of expression. Can it be scary to feel the emotions that come with this? Absolutely. It takes courage to feel. But we are ready and we can do this. This is part of learning and reconnecting the mystery and miracle of who we are as well as the mystery and miracle that is life in this Universe. We have miracles happening all around us. It is up to each person if they choose to recognize and be inspired by them or not.

Another key theme: moving beyond the opposition of material and metaphysical, rational and irrational, dominant and subordinate forms of knowledge and oppression. It is changing. We are part of conceptualizing that new integrated world where we recognize complementarity.


The Planets and Asteroids of this Month

1: Fly by of a comet we have not 'seen' since 50, 000 years ago

5: Full moon in Leo

7: Vesta in Aries, Jupiter semi-sextile true node, Moon at aphelion

11: Conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, Mercury enters Aquarius

15: Conjunction of Venus and Neptune, Mercury at aphelion

16: Pallas goes direct, Saturn solar conjunction

18: Sun enters Pisces, moon at perihelion, conjunction of Moon + Mercury

20: New Moon in Pisces, Venus into Aries

26: Jupiter quintile Pluto

27: Close approach + Lunar occultation Moon and Mars

Support Materials

I mentioned 'Energy Pillar' and my other projects that are useful to grounding the soul and body connection. Check them out in more detail here: 

To listen to Psychopomp Stories:

To buymeacoffee and say 'thanks for the podcasts':

To hear more from Jerome Headley "Krystalline Living' (he is also on spotify and apple)

My book 'Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection':

Jan 29, 202336:17
Psychopomp Stories: The Adventure Continues
Jan 23, 202304:08
Message of Reassurance for Tough Moments

Message of Reassurance for Tough Moments

A message of reassurance for those experiencing challenging moment in life, emotion, and energy. 

Have you been walking the healing path and hit a moment that feels like a break down, explosion, or quick-sand? Do not give up. You are very likely at a major moment in your personal transformation. Stay the course. You are doing a great job. Have strength and conviction in your vision and keep walking. You WILL get there.


One of the great mysteries that people encounter on their journey is this little thing where things seem to get very difficult just as we are doing well. This is especially the case, it seems, when we are moving through certain planetary configurations (like we are right now). It can be confusing to hear people raving about the great potential whilst feeling like you are hitting a brick wall yourself. This is a little message for anyone who would like to hear a few words on why energy gets hard in 'good' moments (or when we are on the 'healing' path) and some reassurance to keep moving through it.

Finding yourself tested to the depths of family and friendship? This is all part of it. You are not alone.

Additional Materials

This entire podcast is built around the idea of supporting positive self-connection. Scroll through past episodes for materials and be sure to listen to the monthly astrology reports as they come out. There is always a personal pathway suggestion.

My book, "Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection": Crow Medicine (

For my website with lifestyle and personal support materials to bring into your path:

Meditation to connect to the love harmonic (and thus, help tune yourself into that better head and energy space): Meditation for Self Love - YouTube

Jan 17, 202321:42
January 2023 Astrology Report: A Fork in the Road

January 2023 Astrology Report: A Fork in the Road

January is a month with a great range of potential to learn, gain, and achieve. With powerful Marsian, Taurus, Aries present in one range of alignments and Venus, Saturn and the Moon in another, this is going to be all about integration and launching off. The first four days of the month were so powerful, I even had to wait on this full report as I focused in ceremony (hope you got the mini). Have you having a montage of your life whilst also being simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated? This is part of the physical experience of living through a harmonic shift.


 Picking up with a bang *just like this month did* I open this report talking about the Pluto and Venus conjunction, the Earth meeting perihelion, and how the solar energy from flares and geo-magnetic shifting is creating a palpable energy experience. We have started something beautiful, with solstice. This is a transformation. This is a transition. This month (and the next two) are a fork in the road.

Choice points and decision making are highlighted this month. With conjunctions of Saturn and Venus, Pluto solar conjunction, Mars, Uranus AND Mercury all going direct, there is going to be much forward movement. Especially taken in the context of a month where Taurus, Aries, Marsian energy is being highlighted. This is a time for action. Pluto conjunction, the incoming energy of Neptune for February, and the influence of the feminine aspects of Saturn are powerful for self-discovery and creativity. This is going to feel like a lot because it is.

Some people are going to absolutely thrive in this. If you are in the former category, congratulations and have fun. Make art and music. Write. Enjoy the acceleration. Others may well find themselves experiencing something of an existential crisis. If you are in the latter category, do what you are able to get yourself into a positive mindset. Hike, read, explore. Meet yourself but also remember to come up for air. This is meant to be more pleasant than not and there are things you are able to do to get yourself there. 


This month, many people may be feeling the inspiration to make positive self-connection. My website and this podcast are both all about that. I mentioned a number of materials you may like to work with to power your journey. They are:

Meditation to connect to love harmonic (a great place to start): Meditation for Self Love - YouTube

30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge: Crow Medicine (

Buy a copy of my book 'Soul Compass' and come vibe out over at my website: Crow Medicine ( 

Crow Medicine Self-Development Podcasts: Spotify – Crow Medicine Energy Management and Lifestyle Podcasts

Jan 05, 202340:22
The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites, Pre-Colonial Civilizations, and Their Impact Today

The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites, Pre-Colonial Civilizations, and Their Impact Today

This podcast is a deep dive on the sacred story of the land we call USA. This, along with the article that accompanies it bring together threads of what we do not often hear but that are important to understanding a) what is so special and unique about it as well as b) some of the challenges we face here as a result of some of these unattended to metaphysical matters.  

This year, we have been celebrating USA Pluto return. A big part of my work has been to identify energetic factors that were influencing the land, not necessarily only as it became USA, but also, before that. 

In my journeys I have discovered that the rich story pre-settlement has a huge bearing on our energetic context today. Energy does not act in a vacuum. What came before intermingles with what exists today.  What came before is part of why it feels so high stakes here, today. Part of why the land can be energetically confusing is that we are disciplined to think of the time around colonial encounter and post, but not as much the thousands of years prior. All of it comes together to form a very interesting part of the story, which is why I come forward to tell it today. 

Not from America? You will still probably find this interesting. Things like how civilizations overlap, the way that sacred sites maintain energy, and what happens when they fall out of care apply to the entire planet. This is an overview and a scope of some information that you will be able to apply to your local energy system. 

I am releasing this podcast today, the last day of the Pluto Return, as a summary and report to you. My community. May it empower you. 

To get a copy of "Soul Compass":

(and be sure to check out the 30 day challenge as some vibe raising information and inspiration).  For the long notes and written article: (being published. Check back in a few hours.)

 To 'buymeacoffee':

 To make a private gift: *USD: 

Subscribe to my email list: Crow Medicine (

Dec 28, 202239:33
2022 End of year Astrology + Solstice Special: Celebrating Universal Love

2022 End of year Astrology + Solstice Special: Celebrating Universal Love

This is a special astrology report that serves a dual purpose: to celebrate December solstice as well as to shout out our powerful planetary alignments that we are about to move through as the wrap up of 2022. I said it once and I will say it again. We are in the midst of a sparking moment in our Universe to its higher harmonic potential. Did you happen to notice the 32 M-flares we had on December 14-16? That was a sign. 

Our solstice window is opened and all this glorious energy is doing its planetary and personal alignment thing.  This Solstice and Yearly transformation wrap up have a double power in that they represent the 'completion' of many cycles of work and healing for the planet. You have heard me talk about them all year. The solstice through January window brings us to an apex moment in our journey.  Enjoy and celebrate it!

 One of the most powerful parts of 2022 that I highlight in this installment is the strength that it taught us we had. Month by month, opportunity by opportunity, we faced the harder harmonics of the human energy spectrum and guess what? We found the love and we created a path through it all. This podcast celebrates that in ways that we were not allowed to even as recently as January 2022.  

A second powerful lesson was just how powerfully aligned the planets and our social worlds are. Did you happen to notice that a good many of the major alignments that we celebrated in the podcast brought with it steps to freedom, truth, and change? That is not a coincidence. Rather, it is a sign things are going very well. Tune in to hear a little bit about where solstices and Equinoxes have played an important role in this. (Shout out to Ireland as our lead example.) 

This instalment is a conversation about the uniqueness of this year, a commemoration of our journey through it, and suggestions on how to make the most out of the powerful transformative capacity of the current energy spectrum as we move through solstice. 

Key Alignments this Pocket 

December 20: Jupiter into Aries

 December 21: Solstice, sun into Capricorn Mercury at Greatest East 

December 23: New Moon December 24: Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury at Dichotomy, and Conjunction of Moon and Mercury

 December 25: Venus at Aphelion 

December 26: Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Saturn

 December 28: More USA Pluto return for us in that space. 

December 29: Conjunction of Venus and Mercury, Moon and Jupiter and Mercury goes retrograde. 

To Tune into Love with the Exercise I created for us and for the written version of the report: 

To support this podcast Buy Me a Coffee: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. ( Private gift:

 Visit my website: Https:// 

Buy My Book Soul Compass: Crow Medicine (

Dec 19, 202239:40
Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum for Everyone

Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum for Everyone

This is a podcast about rekindling respect for the feminine energy flame that lives on this planet (as Earth) as well as in each and every one of us.  If you are a man or do not identify as woman, do not turn away. What I say here affects us all. The term 'feminine' can be a misnomer in that it does not just mean 'woman' as it has been conflated to in popular use. It also means esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual, emotions, believing in the sentience of Earth, and respecting plants.

 In the case of this podcast, I talk about the energy strand iteration of femininity, its value for world success, and I celebrate being at a turning point in its integration. This is a chat about rekindling respect for feminine energy with an honest look at what happened to get us to this place.

 Summary: What gets coded feminine is not just 'female' things. Rather, as I explain in this podcast, what we call 'masculine and feminine' is influenced by a form of social order and state-craft that we call the Patriarchy. Within this order, matters like advanced metaphysics, taking care of soul wounds, things like cultural education, anything related to the house, but also, entire groups of people like 'natives' who had Earth based beliefs were considered as less than. Women and those of us working in what has been called 'feminine energy' were the subjects of an outright attack, we did have our lifeways devalued, and our ability to care for the Earth was hurt. This had such a negative impact on our Earth and this Universe that we almost lost everything. 

Is this because Creator thinks that women are inferior? Absolutely not. Creator has a masculine and a feminine form (among many others) and they view one another as equal. They work together in dynamic co-operation, supporting all forms of the true Universal energy spectrum in one another. This was political. This was about power. This was and still is about spiritual control through social order and a bleeding of these interests into institutions through the bodies and actions of people. In this case, a lot of (but not exclusively) men for a very long time did and still do work to actively suppress us spiritually and politically. People who live in the woman role or feminine role in households and workplaces (and energy sphere) are also heavily burdened through the process of social reproduction. This is something we are working through as a society right now as society right now. This is part of the major imbalance in our social, economic, and political structures. Today, I work with it in energy form.

Is there any way to summarize this without bringing up words that are going to make people think I am an angry woman? Not really, and I know that means that a lot of people will not bother to listen. We ignore what we perceive may be hard to hear. But guess what? Despite these words we are trained to ignore, this is a message of hope and love and it is what some of us really need to hear.

 Topics covered: The story of Creation of our Universe and how we wound up with Mother and Father as dominant energy threads in our Universe. A short discussion on linguistics and the framing of language and thought into 'masculine and feminine' and how we, as people, work within that. A consideration of why and how the feminine energy strands and ways of life got targeted throughout history. To share the point, I work with ethnographic examples focusing on England (and the colonial empire whose ways of government were structured in line with this system) and North America.

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The Veil of Social Media (new info added)

The Veil of Social Media (new info added)

Social media makes up part of the energy of our lives because it is through 'it' that we do many things including: making meaning, expressing opinions, gathering information, and as a vehicle for communication. Many people out there go to social media as a primary source of information gathering, to express their creative and personal opinions, and to find role models and inspiration. As we often hear remarked, social media often 'only shows the good things' or certain things. This is indeed often the case. It is not always because creators are vapid or one dimensional. Rather, it is because these systems are set up to support communication in this way. The systems have a veil.

As a person who once made their career through social media, I have experienced first-hand the limitations on what we are able to communicate, to whom, and how. This is not about the political things as you may be thinking. This is about topics like soul freedom and conversations about proactive ways to deal with depression.

In this podcast, I talk about the veil and how we can make ourselves aware of it to foster empowered social media usership.


Starting off with the excitement that was learning about FB for the first time, I talk about how novel and important social media information sharing has been in many of our lives.  Social media in a place that does not really exist but 'does', that has an impact on our everyday lives. It is a place we go to in order to speak our minds, find information, and meet people from all around the world.

This is a great thing.

What can be less great is that the social media scapes we engage with are changing in a way that we do not always know how to track or understand as users. One layer of it is content management. Another is through creation of categories and what happens when we get put into them algorithmically. Though we may continue on as users without recognizing things have changed, they have. We are seeing a more and more sanitized version of reality. It is important that people are aware of this. This has a major impact on what type of information we get circulated, how, and also, what it is that we ever get to see in the first place. Ever meet 'the wall' of energy when you put something a little different out there and wonder what it is? That is you feeling that technology, friend. It is indeed a wall of energy.

Knowledge is power. I believe in grounding in positive action.

We wrap up this podcast where it began. Social media is a part of life. Sense making is a part of life. Information gathering is a part of life. Identity making is a part of life. As we learn more and more about the changing capabilities and benefits and risks of participating in platforms, we are able to bring in practices to ensure we ARE receiving that enrichment that we go to creators and social media for.

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Dec 04, 202244:17
December 2022 Astrology Report: Bright Horizons

December 2022 Astrology Report: Bright Horizons

December 2022 is a month of transition, transformation, and knowing the power of metaphysics. While it may seem that the world is falling down around us, things in the Universe are indeed going well. Earth has entered into the solstice window, we are currently in the process of shifting out some serious negative energy that was weighing us all down, and we are at a point where the new and different is apparent. While it may be tempting to fall into hysterics and deep concern because of factors like what is becoming increasingly apparent through the Balenciaga campaign, it is important that these threads are being rendered visible AND that people are outraged. As I say in the report, this represents old energy that has to be ousted. We were going to hell in a hand basket at one point, yes. Now, we have definitely started to smash our way out of it. That was what 2022 was all about. 

Trust the energy and the path of the planets as the guide. Things are going very well from a cosmic perspective. We focus on this for the report.

December through March is a powerful moment to focus on building what is important to YOU into your life. We have entered a phase of human experience where we are no longer chained by these old weights. We are more free and in a different way, now. Though the flash bang of the weird being exposed is a powerful scene to behold, even more inspiring is what is happening inside, these months. This is our opportunity to redefine ourselves. To ask ourselves what type of humans we would like to be. This is exciting.

As we wrap up November, we find ourselves working through the remnants of Era of Sagittarius energy (late 1440-1620). We will be moving through Era of Capricorn in December. Tune in to hear the specifics of those time-frames and their impact on the human energy spectrum.

Key Dates Discussed

The Eras mentioned above

Late November: 28, 29, 30: Close approach and conjunction of Saturn and then Mars at its closest point to Earth that it will be for 2 years. 

December 1: Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Jupiter

December 3: Neptune goes direct in Pisces

December 5: Lunar occultation and close approach of moon and Uranus

December 6: Moon at Aphelion, Mercury goes into Capricorn

December 7: Full Moon (Gemini), Close approach and lunar occultation of Mars

December 8: Mars at Opposition

December 9: Venus enters Capricorn

December 11: Moon at apogee

December 12: Celebrating the grounding of galactic peace ceremony from 2018.

December 20: Jupiter enters Aries*******

December 21: Solstice as well as Mercury at Greatest east, sun in Capricorn

December 23: New Moon and at Perihelion

December 24: Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury at Dichotomy, Moon and Mercury conjunction

December 25: Venus aphelion

December 26: Conjunction and close approach of moon and Saturn

December 29: Conjunction of Venus and Mercury, Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter, Mercury goes retrograde

As I say in the report, this is a month of new beginnings as well as big time wrap up. Make sure you plant your seeds.

If you cannot see live links, come to my blog for all of this!

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30 Day Vibe Up Challenge: Join In
Nov 21, 202220:12
November 2022 Astrology Report: Eclipse into Integration

November 2022 Astrology Report: Eclipse into Integration

November kicks off with a Saturn Close Approach and Conjunction. Who are we kidding? Right now through November 8th, the major players are the solar eclipse in Scorpio (October 25) to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (November 8) that just so happens to coincide with a close approach and lunar occultation of Uranus as well as a Mercury at superior solar conjunction. Not to mention, the very next day Uranus is at opposition. This sets the stage for a harmonization + integration party. Paired with November 9, for the first part of this month we are walking ourselves toward (and through) what will set the tone of major transformation.

Key Dates Discussed:

The Eclipse series of October 25 - November 8th gets its own section that features Eris, Vesta, and Fornax.

November 1: Conjunction + Close approach Saturn

November 4: Close approach + conjunction Jupiter

November 8: Total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, Close approach of moon and Uranus and lunar occultation of Uranus, Mercury superior solar conjunction

November 9: Uranus at Opposition

November 11: Close approach + conjunction of Moon and Mars

November 16: Venus enters Sag

November 19: Mercury at Aphelion

November 22: Sun enters Sag

November 23: Jupiter goes direct (in Pisces), New Noon in Sag

November 25: Moon at Perihelion and perigree

November 28: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn

November 29: Close approach of Moon and Saturn

November 30: ****Mars is closest to the Earth that it will be for two years.**** Mars is very bright and highly influential because of this

As I say in the report, if you have been noticing things feeling kind of standstillish, you are not alone. Great news is that what we walk away from November with is going to be significantly different than how we began it. Finding the space of peace in self-connection and wellness is a valuable way to find your best path through it.

I will be here, telling stories and offering insight through it.

I also am playing around with positive self-connection through my blog, 'Crow Medicine' and my baby youtube channel that is the same name as this podcast, Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century.

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To hear my story: Psychopomp Stories: How I became me pt 1: Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp (pt1) by Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

My story pt 2: Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp pt 2 by Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

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Hocus Pocus 2: Magical Lessons for Life (review)

Hocus Pocus 2: Magical Lessons for Life (review)

Hocus Pocus 2 has finally been released. After almost 30 (eek) years, we finally get to see the Sanderson Sisters back in action. They did not disappoint. Hocus Pocus 2 is a delightful sequel that fuses powerful allegory about how magic and energy works and lessons to take on board for real life practicing (and non-practicing) people alike. Films are powerful teachers. When we watch them, we are brought into worlds and topics that we do not often think about. Being a person who lives very much in the world of 'Halloween' as part of my everyday life, I deliver this podcast/film review of 'Hocus Pocus 2' from a magical point of view.
Top 5 Magic Lessons for Life from Hocus Pocus 2
*Spoiler alert in the podcast episode but not this summary, which is kept with few details for that specific intention. I do not want to ruin the surprise for anyone.
1) If there is a cultural story, tradition or myth about the danger of a place or a practice, listen to it. If you do not, some form of evil may arise and try to take over the earth, or at the very least, your town.
2) Souls are a valuable commodity. Take care of yours. There is a reason trying to take your soul is a theme in so many movies.
3) Oldschool tools like smudge and salt work. Even against very powerful magic.
4) Sacred objects have sentience******
5) Friends and enemies are not always who you think they will be. Not all witches are like the Sanderson sisters and mean you harm. Not all people who show themselves to be your allies 'are'. Discernment over who a person is and what their intentions are is important. (Do not just give out your trust, but do not cast all people who do energy work negatively).

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Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we start off into a whole new adventure: psychopomp stories. Remember in June I said I went on a crazy journey and that I would tell the story? Well. Today is the day and this is the podcast.  

In this podcast, we cover:

"Closing a gate to hell in (and near) Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls."

Segment 1: What a psychopomp is, what our role is, and why we are necessary. We help with birth, death, and when souls make major transitions. I specifically am usually engaged in some form of soul moving, making sure people get where they need to go in safety and doing things like what I talk about in this story.

Segment 2: How I found myself at a gate to hell in New York. This includes how this gate was created and a little bit of what brought me there. This story includes the two layers of history: 1) the legend of the cave of the evil spirit and 2) the battle of Pontiac aka Battle of Devil's Hole.

Segment 3: An invitation to ask any questions you might have and a shout out to come study with me. (If you have any questions, you can type em right into the spotify segment. Not there? Come to my blog , email me at, or visit me on my socials @katieindicrow and @crowmedicinekatie or FB: Crow Medicine with Katie.)

This is a rich podcast that tells the story of astrology, the land, an example of how the history of a space creates and imprint, and why it is important that we become conscious that all this exists!

*October 12-15: 2 day flash sale 30% off school wide. Apply code 30me at checkout in 'coupon' section to avail of this special opportunity.*

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October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically

October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically

Welcome to the October 2022 Astrology Report. Our theme this month is shifting veils. With Samhain and Halloween being such celebrated holidays as well as our astrological alignments, themes of the otherworld, underworld, soul journeys, and being what happens on the 'other side' are at the top of our lips. In this report, I talk about how the astrology of October 2022 is placed to bring us on our very own special journey into and through the veils. With Mercury taking the lead on October 2 as it goes direct and taking a key role the rest of the month (and beyond), this month we have an Eclipse (on the Scorpio/Taurus axis), Pluto goes direct, Venus has a superior solar conjunction.

We are at a unique place in our planetary journey. The last podcast I delivered was about the decade point since 2012. In it, I mentioned that a lot of souls were going to be waking up in a large wave, even bigger than what we experienced then. In this podcast, I talk about how the other world and the underworld are not just for the dead. Rather, many of us have parts of ourselves that are traveling to and through them. October is a month soul sparking and integration is going to be at a high potential BECAUSE of the thinning of the veils. This is an excellent time to dive deep on yourself, your questions, and also, your desires and creations. Pluto and Scorpio in combination with Saturn are bringing forth the grounding of what can be known as 'extreme' emotions. Desire is a powerful thing, as is passion. Learning to bring those into our lives through our creation is a pathway to happiness and success.

Key themes discussed: All of the above plus the power of the Taurus and Scorpio nodal journey, how souls journey (and ways to recognize if yours is on the move), actualization, working with the Eclipse, what is coming up for November and December 2022 and why it is important to ground and prepare now.

Do you have dreams where you are traveling through territory and wonder what those are about? Tune in. I talk about them in the second and third segment. This is very common and is a sign your soul is on the move (ideally, back to you).

Key Alignments Discussed in the Podcast

October 2: Mercury Direct

October 5: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn

October 5: Mercury at Perihelion

October 8: Mercury dichotomy and Greatest West, Pluto Direct, ca of Moon and Jupiter

October 9: Mercury highest altitude and Full Moon (Aries)

October 12: Close Approach Moon and Uranus, Lunar Occultation of Uranus

October 14: Close approach of Moon and Mars

October 15: Conjunction of Moon and Mars

October 22: Venus superior solar conjunction

October 23:  Saturn direct, Venus enters Scorpio

October 25: New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 28: Jupiter goes Retrograde

October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio

Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection Learning Experience:

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Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)

Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)

Did you happen to clock that we are walking into our last quarter before we are at our 10 year December 21, 2012 anniversary? Well, let me inform you. This is where we are at. This September Equinox and December solstice package is going to be a doozy! Doing dual duty with the wrap up of our 2012-2022 test phase AND representing the beginning of another much bigger wave, these two turning of the seasons are worth noting. In this instalment, I get us grounded in remembering what 2012 was about. More importantly, I talk about how our current cosmic moment packs infinitely way more punch than that moment did. You see, back then we got rocked out of a rut. Now, we have had a decade to test things out. As the sun, cosmic rays, and planetary activities naturally meet their connection points, we are about to experience the equivalent of a very large cosmic spark. (If you ask Venus, it has already begun.)

Final Quarter Before Decade 2012 Celebration (1-18:00 timestamp)

We are just around the corner from September Equinox 2022. This is our ‘final quarter’ before we celebrate our 10-year anniversary since 2012. This decade was an important part of the ‘turnover’ phase, during which we moved from solar cycle 24 into 25 and through which we entered the transformation into the Age of Aquarius. Excitingly, the major objectives, themes, and contracts that had been created in relation to the ‘great awakening’ which that moment was meant to represent have mostly played themselves out. These will be months of review, repair, wrapping up, and moving on.  

Just in time for another, larger wave of awakening to come in its place. YAY.

Ultimately, the planet as an energy system and in its pathway of healing is progressing extremely well. In the year 2014, I made my first public appearance to you as Katie IndiCrow. My job then as it is now, is to walk the planet through these changes and to express these messages. In this segment, I talk a bit about the background of what these soul groups and projects were. The highlight points we met the last decade is going to be a 'theme' of what I write and talk about over the next few months. Subscribe, like, 'follow' to hear more.

What to Expect 19:00- 25:00 Time stamp (19-25:00)

Rapid energy change as well as the 'wrap up' and 'start up' that we are going to be experiencing more fully during these next three (plus) months. As I explain in the podcast, the cosmic factors plus the changeover factors that many of us are going to be experiencing will bring about: emotional and soul wound healing, the ability to harness new and different forms of knowledge, re-connection to your creativity, moving beyond a reality stream and into another, and the opportunity to make major energy leaps. 

Preparing to Make the Most of It (Time stamp 25:00- 36:00)

Rapid energy transformation can be fun, invigorating, and inspiring. It can also be confusing, terrifying, and painful. The latter does not have to be the predominant experience, but it tends to be for people who are not prepared. (Even the most prepared will also feel discomfort here and there.) The main difference is that it is not the ongoing state of being and is recognized as something to work through or from as part of moving beyond the limitations of one reality stream or vibration spectrum. My book (Soul Compass) is a powerful learning aid that you can work with to get yourself into tip top form this season (and beyond). Click here for your copy of 'Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection' in book form: New Book Release Announcement – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Visit my blog for a more elaborate version of this write-up!

Sep 14, 202238:12
September Update and Special Announcement

September Update and Special Announcement

Hello, friends! Welcome to September. A month where we finally overcome some of the most harsh energy oppositions that were built into our harmonic system. This month, there is no 'astrology' report proper because I am in the middle of working on components of this in ceremony. This short podcast is to say that and to explain what is happening. In it, I talk about how masculine and feminine energy within us at times has felt like an opposition within ourselves. Embracing ones' spirituality, intuitive gifts, and feeling empowered to create a relationship with the Universe is not always something that has been 'supported' in reality. The legacy of witch-hunts and colonialism remained in our spectrum. This month (and last), significant chunks of what was weighting us down in relation to that are being lifted. That *wall* feeling should be less and less. It is up to you to jump over it. 

One of the things that you are going to naturally feel as we move out this suppressive and repressive parts of our energy strands is the desire to take better care of or get to know more about your soul and your intuition. As opposed to feeling 'at war' or as though this is not something meriting 'attention', more and more people are going to realize: your soul and intuition are assets. Your intuition is a valuable resource to refine.

It is also to excitedly announce that I have just released a brand-new book called "Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection". It is available for purchase now! Click here for the announcement and to get your copy: New Book Release Announcement – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (


You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life.

Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you. Each chapter represents a different pathway to self-connection to pursue!

*Special gift 20% discount code to Elemental Ascension, my favourite andara store.*

Sep 02, 202207:44
A Wave of Cosmic Love
Aug 13, 202214:31
Energy Management for Busy People

Energy Management for Busy People

Busy people of the podcast world: this one goes out to you! Being busy but also knowing that finding more self-care and energy management time is a #1 concern that people have. We know that taking 'time for us' to 'take care of us' is important, yet we lead full lives. With children, businesses, school, sports, and all the great things we do, it can be tough to fit a little 'me' time in. (It can sometimes seem unnecessary when we are living our dreams.)

As many busy people can tell you, there comes a time in many of our lives when being 'booked up' leads us to a point where we feel bogged down. We start getting lethargic. In my own case, I wound up experiencing migraines and extreme IBS. This leads to burnout, falling out of love with our lives, and eventually, turning to podcasts like this to help ourselves figure out how to fix it. This rock bottom is totally avoidable. If you have not reached one yet: good job! Taking steps to manage your energy will keep you from having that experience. If you are there or have been there, you know exactly what I mean. 

This is something that is very common. Even people who are living their dream can get energetically exhausted. If this is you, do not feel ashamed of yourself. You are not alone. You can heal. Energy management, once you take into the factors that I talk about in this podcast like what we carry with us from one meeting to the next, or when we get back home, it becomes rather easy to take care of.

In this podcast, I share some of my best energy management strategies for 'busy people'. I promise, you will not hear me tell you to take a day off. Rather, in this installment, I talk about the importance of finding ways to work within what you do have.

1) Identifying what you require to feel nurtured, nourished, and loved 

2) Working with bookends 

3) Creating an oasis of peace (and using it)

and *4* which is throughout) Finding high impact moments where you are able to layer the things that work for you.

As I share throughout, one of the key concepts for energy management, in particular for energy sensitive 'busy' people, is to find things that work with your schedule and responsibilities. Keeping an ongoing flow or regular self-connection and alignment moments for self-healing is something that helps us stay our best. In each of the segments, I suggest how to do that. 

Study with Me:

Auric Field Clinic:

Breathe, Ground, Connect:

Resources: I mentioned that I host a blog. At that blog, I share energy management techniques and articles. You may visit and check out a list of recent articles at

'Feeling Ungrounded:

Processing Emotions and Energy: Processing Emotions and Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Deliberately staying away from advice you probably heard before, I work to share unique tools and tips that will help you enrich and enjoy your life!

Thanks for tuning in!

Katie IndiCrow

Aug 02, 202227:13
Calling New Energy Into Your Path

Calling New Energy Into Your Path

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

In this Crow Medicine music special, we call forth fresh energy by working with the concept 'highest harmonic path' and the song 'Bliss' by Solicit. This one brings you through an exercise that you can do to actively and consistently raise your vibration. Have you ever felt 'stuck' energetically, or wondered how you could more effectively work with all this 'new' energy you hear me talk about? If so, this one will be of particular interest to you. Tune in, vibe up, and listen to an amazing song as part of your highest harmonic energy calling and pathway building exercise. This is a fun one that also packs a powerful punch.

Featuring the song 'Bliss' by Solicit and the harmonics method that I designed and teach at my school, IndiCrow Academy.

These are times of rapid energetic change. As I say in the intro, working with 'harmonics' and the concept of calling in your highest helps get you through those 'stuck' moments and into the fresh and new. Tune in for more details on how that works.

At the end of the exercise, I mentioned a number of resources. They are:

5 signs you are experiencing rapid energy change: Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Why We 'Feel' So Much: Why We Feel Start Feeling (and Feel More) Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

and something I am VERY excited about: Auric Field Clinic (this is the brand new learning opportunity. It is on 'early bird' discount for another day after this post: .

Thanks for stopping in for some Crow Medicine!

You can find me on my socials as @crowmedicinekatie, @katieindicrow on insta; Crow Medicine with Katie on FB, and of course, my blog

Jul 24, 202219:24
Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth

Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth

Late December 2021 into mid 2022 has been an especially poignant phase for initiations and experiences that are in the harder harmonic of a Pluto experience. Beginning on solstice, punctuated with a volcanic ring, a node switch, conjunctions with Mars, Venus, and Mercury, Pluto has led us on quite the journey into the depths. Depths of ourselves, our societies, and in my case, the Universe. (I talked about all of that in pt.1: Pluto Planetary Power 2022 – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century ( As we move toward July 20 and Pluto at opposition, I come with good news. We are at a moment of birth.

Do you feel that freshness and like something good is finally here? You are not crazy. It really is. This podcast celebrates it!

In this podcast, I cover over a little bit about the grounding of all of this. What has that meant in real life terms? That many of us have encountered questions about our rights, autonomy, and freedom. The big stuff. We got to see where we (and others) sit. Most importantly, in that visibility, we got to sift. We saw things. We had experiences that may have felt quite sad and 'dark'. If you felt like that was a lot, it was. Big picture, this helps us prepare for seeing, doing, and expressing things in a more clear and pure harmonic.

We are moving forward and the harmonic shift IS in effect. Well done everyone. We made it through ALL OF THAT.

Ever wonder why I disappeared from the public? In this one, you get the story. Short answer: for ceremony and specifically, what I talk about in here.

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Jul 18, 202220:05
5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts

5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts

What is an energy shift?  In a personal sense, an energy shift is a change in the way that your body holds, relates to, or hums vibrationally. Here are five signs you may be having them AND three of the main reasons why they happen.

5 Signs a Rapid Energy Shift is Happening

1) You feel tired and sluggish with a ‘cozy’ undertone. The couch is your best friend. You can rest for several days, like a cozy bear in a den.

2) You feel things moving in your body in places and ways that you are not used to. This includes above your head, beneath your feet, in your stomach, or in your chest area. This could be a knocking, tapping, feeling like a tingling or a tickle, :  This is often accompanied by ‘the sweats’ or ‘being very cold all of a sudden’.

3) You feel like your brain has turned to mush. *This is not ‘all day’ or all the time. Rather, just for ‘periods’ of a day, or if going through a major transformation, perhaps a two-day period.*

4) You are ‘wide awake’ in the middle of the night. Particularly around 3-5 am.

5) You are experiencing a montage of memories.

Why do these happen?

Because this is a podcast, we keep the discussion to three main points:

1) Natural changes as a result of what the planet is doing. The sun and solar energy; rapid shifts in barometric pressure; thunderstorms; these are all capable of creating change in the charge of the particles in our environment and bodies. One of the things that I was most inspired by early on in my journey was realizing how much I ‘felt’ major earthquakes and solar flares.

2) Getting physically healthy and taking care of your physical body.  This creates space for your soul (which is an actual alive part of you) to be more happily present on this Earth. When you take care of your body, it feels good to be in it. Sounds simple but those trips to the gym or choice to do more smoothies can create major impacts.

3) Because of your spiritual activities and choices you have made and active work you are doing on yourself and your energy body. When you make choices to raise your vibration, heal soul wounds, integrate your soul and body relationship, participate in self-actualization activities, or call forth a new pathway, it works. Especially if you sail through your personal choice points and initiations when they come to you.

What Does This Mean?

In short, that there is something in your energy body, physical body, or soul experience that is being ‘tickled’ or touched by frequency that is making it ripple. This creates space for more integrated soul body expression, soul healing, sensory expansion and being able to ‘hear’ your environment better with your senses, being more ‘in tune’ with the Universe or Earth. This is a sign that you are improving your vibration, energetic integration, and that new parts are sparking (or parts that are ‘old’ are being sparked anew’). In the case of point 1, it means you are tuned into cosmic frequency. That is pretty neat. Parts 2 and 3 it demonstrates you are doing a great job with your personal path to improvement. Keep it up.

Jul 12, 202229:19
USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Land

USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Land

USA is having its Pluto Return. That means that we are in the process of revisiting the energetic and foundational underpinnings of the creation of this country that we call home. As a person who takes care of the land here, I talk about some of the lessons that I have learned as we have moved through first Saturn Square Uranus and then into the Pluto Return, this year. This is part of the journey we are on together, friends. Tune in and hear my little part of the story.

Key highlights in this conversation is the unique position we are in right now, as we heal our Mars in Aries energy thread collectively throughout the USA. Yes, we are seeing problems. This is what is supposed to be happening. As we see them, it is our job to hold the light. Some of the stories that I tell in relation to what we are healing are in relation to the creation of USA that brought with it heavy warfare that marked the land. So too was there a dislocation of caretakers of the land that had lived on it for 10,000 or so odd years prior. The land here, at times, has spoken to me about its unhappiness as a result of that treatment. I share these stories, today. 

The third segment of the podcast is a little food for thought on what we can do as part of holding the light here, in USA. This is a powerful and lively land that we get to call home. We also get to the be the ones to usher it through these changes. Tough job, but we are ready. Part of it is bringing awareness, self- discipline, and focus to each day.

Article on USA Pluto Return that tells the first parts of the story (this podcast is part 2): USA Pluto Return 2022 – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century ( This also links you to my blog.

July Astrology Report: July Astrology Report: The Great Dissolve – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Announcement of Study U.S. Department of the Interior Releases Historic Report on Federal Indian Boarding Schools | NCAI

"Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report":

*****BRAND NEW MARS PRESENTATION AND PACKAGE MENTIONED IN THE REPORT IS RELEASED: Improving Your Mars Energy Experience – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Breathe, Ground, Connect: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (

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Jul 04, 202232:05
July 2022 Astrology Report: The Great Dissolve

July 2022 Astrology Report: The Great Dissolve

Welcome to the Great Dissolve. July is a month where we go in deep on emotional integration. Kicking things off with a parade of planets (happening from solstice through the end of June), we move into July with a Cancer New Moon. Have you been feeling deep and stagnant energy coming to the forefront to be moved out of your field? That, my friends, is a sign that you are experiencing the release of the outdated archetypes of energy and/or are also benefitting from this natural phase of healing that our solar system has brought us to. This is exciting, albeit intense.

Mars and the Aries archetype take center stage, all month. A strong dissolving of the old archetype of Aries energy and its imprint on the Marsian archetype ‘chord’ that was struck is ongoing. You may feel it.  We have been doing this all year along with the Uranus lunar occultations in Aries. It will continue happening. The pocket between June 21 and July 22 is especially powerful for healing these wounds within. The double lunar occultation of Mars and Uranus (one happening each month) is a powerful bookend. This is something that is akin to an energetic gift to humanity. Admittedly, as I type this my brain feels like it is falling out. This is what a dissolve is. Empty the mind and join in on the ride. 

Excitingly, we are bringing in a new phase of planetary experiences and relations. This is a story that takes center stage, once again this month.

The strength of emotion and the potential of healing and lunar connection this month is strong. The moon is the parade leader, gently bringing us through each planet. 

Healing, when it is this deep, can be uncomfortable. Give yourself lots of time outdoors and in peace to experience and move through the energy. Come back for more on that in future podcasts! (Or head to this article about processing: The Power of Processing and Its Importance to Our Well-Being – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Highlights of the month (not all discussed but summarized for the nerds):

The 'parade of planets' that began on June 21, 2022.

June 28: New Moon in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde

July 3: USA Pluto Return

July 4: Earth at Aphelion

July 5: Mars enters Taurus, Mercury goes into Cancer

July 10: Mercury at Perihelion

July 13: Full Moon in Capricorn

July 16: Mercury solar Conjunction

July 17: Venus into Cancer

July 19: Mercury into Leo

July 20: Pluto opposition

July 21: Lunar occultation and Close Approach of Mars*******

July 22: Lunar occult and close approach with Uranus in Aries*****

July 28: New Moon in Leo and Jupiter Retrograde

July 29: Conjunction Moon and Mercury

*****BRAND NEW MARS PACKAGE MENTIONED IN THE REPORT IS RELEASED: Improving Your Mars Energy Experience – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (******

For more specific details on the alignments of this season and where they fit into our big picture of human transformation:

Seasonal Astrology Report: Mars in Aries and Jupiter: Seasonal Astrology Special: Mars, Aries, and Jupiter – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Find me at my blog: Links to my school and all my written projects are there!

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Why We Start Feeling (and Feel So Much) Energy

Why We Start Feeling (and Feel So Much) Energy

Have you ever wondered why it is it that we are able to live with energy all around us and never be 'bothered by' or 'notice it' and then one day, BAM. We feel like it is 'everywhere' and we can feel 'everything'?  Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like all you feel is 'everyone else' when you go to big venue events, even though you used to love them before? Have you ever wondered why people seem to start feeling energy so much, or differently, as we move through our expansion process? Almost like you get new layers to your sensory perception as you go?

Going beyond the simple answer of you are empathic or energy sensitive, in this little podcast, I talk about each of these experiences within the context of answering the question: Why Do We Feel So Much (More) Energy?

'Feeling everything' or starting to 'feel more' than you previously did is a sign that your soul and energy body are connecting to receive more messages about your environment and that you are able to physically experience them in your body. What you are 'picking up' or 'sensing' has to do with who you are and where you are located. A lot of the discomfort and confusion that accompany being energy sensitive and waking up different parts of the sensory system comes from not giving ourselves the opportunity to recognize just how much we really do pick up from around us and thus, do not help ourselves filter it. We get hyperstimulated and overwhelmed.

It does not have to be this way.

As our skills or our ability to 'hear' our environments expands, we do best with giving ourselves spaces to adjust, ground, and set our skills. In this 14-minute podcast, I talk a little bit about the technical aspects of how our energy bodies expand, what it is that we start picking up, and how we are able to tune our sensitivities to be something we actually enjoy experiencing.  Once we are able to figure out that we are feeling things in astral, physical, and emotional space and that our senses are bringing us information, things start to get less confusing.

Being energy sensitive and having expanding senses can be a lot to adjust to. The good news? Once you realize that you can train your energy body to 'hear' certain messages and disregard others and once you tune to a harmonic that works for you, life gets easier. This is the point where your energy senses are fun and you get to play with it.

Like this topic? Stay tuned! I will be back with more on this topic as we celebrate 'Mars and Jupiter in Aries' all season long. 

You may also like this little video and written post about why energy sensitive people feel worn down post gym. It also has to do with the auric field: Why Energy Sensitives Feel Tired Post Workout – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

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For More on Your Auric Field and Access to Auric Field 'Clinic': https://crow-medicine/2022/7/13/how-auric-fields-work

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Jun 15, 202215:32
June 2022 Astrology Report: Test Driving Integrated Frequencies

June 2022 Astrology Report: Test Driving Integrated Frequencies

Welcome back to Crow Medicine. In the month of June we get the express pleasure of integrating and test driving Venusian and Marsian based energy through the framework of highlighted Aries. June is a month of integration and figuring out how to bring what we used to experience as 'opposite' energies into a more comfortable conversation with one another. This month is about learning to be assertive but not aggressive, healing the Aries archetype, and connecting to grounded Marsian forms of creativity. We are grounding our dreams, our metaphysical worlds are meeting the material realm, and things are happening.

Spectrum wise, we have successfully opened up a higher harmonic Maris in Aries experience. Jupiter, the big integrator planet, will be powering our journey with Mars and gets the highlight spot on Solstice. This, along with the May 24 Mars into Aries and May 28/29 Jupiter and Mars close approach and conjunctions marked the seasonal turnover into our next phase of the journey. This month, July, and August we will be focusing on grounding the 'masculine' with the 'feminine' and removing the limitations that we have felt in either (or both) forms. The lesson is integration and, as I talk about in this report, that can sometimes feel messy.

Key words: Boundaries, self-expression, personal safety, grounded experience, getting things done, 'keep on trucking' and finding the strength to achieve your goals.

Key alignments that I cover in this report

June 3: Mercury goes direct

June 4: Saturn goes retrograde

June 11: Venus conjunct Uranus

June 21: Solstice with Jupiter, Mars at Perihelion and Sun into Cancer

June 22: Mercury dichotomy, Lunar occultation of Mars, Venus enters Gemini

June 24: Close approach of Moon and Uranus, Lunar occultation of Uranus

June 25: Jupiter square True Node

June 28: Neptune goes retrograde, New Moon in Cancer

The higher and harder harmonics are in each moment. It is up to us how we wear, respond to, and react in this energy. As I give in the running example throughout, you can either show up to the boat measuring contest and waste your energy or you can keep it moving and doing the thing that is probably more important that you were doing. We may run into people living in the other archetypes or the harder harmonics. That does not mean we have to 'meet' them there.

Additional Materials:

This is a master post that leads you to a) the Mars and Jupiter seasonal astrology report, b) the two spotify music meditations, and c) my seasonal learning opportunities: Mars + Jupiter Cosmic Kickstart – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Love my style and wish you could hear a little more direct guidance through the season? I have a learning opportunity happening. Access at your own speed. Get videos and inspiration a la Katie. "In the Flow" registration is open until June 10: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (

See you later on this month!

Anyone wishing to send in a show topic request, to ask a question, or to suggest a 'mood' you would like me to do a meditation or podcast about can dm me on instagram or via email at

Looking forward to a Powerful season of Mars, Aries, and Jupiter with you!

Jun 01, 202241:01
Music Meditation: Powering You with Jupiter and Mars
May 30, 202214:56
Season 3 Crow Medicine Trailer: What to Expect this Season

Season 3 Crow Medicine Trailer: What to Expect this Season

Welcome back to Season 3 of Crow Medicine. This season is all about Mars, Jupiter, and working through our Aries archetype to bring power into our personal expression. Key words are: self expression, acceptance, and material experience. This is all about learning more about the fun parts of living on planet earth, self-acceptance, and bringing metaphysical concepts into material practice.

Check out this seasonal trailer to hear what season 3 is all about. I am excited to get to ground all the ideas I had while in ceremonial focus in these creative projects this season. In cosmic flow, I am at a new part of rubber meets the road too. Yay!

All materials listed below are accessible through this blog post: Mars + Jupiter Cosmic Kickstart – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

Seasonal Astrology Report: 

Released for May 28/29 Jupiter and Mars conjunctions, this one celebrates their journey this season as our key guiding planets. Tune into hear about Uranus lunar occultation journey through Aries, solstice, and the power of embodying these planets. Hear about the higher and harder harmonic aspects and how to manouver them.

Introducing: Meditation Moments on Spotify

I am a huge advocate of energy management through meditation and self-connection. This is a big part of the reason why I started up 'Crow Medicine' podcast. To play music and have some no pressure fun with people. The Crow Medicine music meditation moments are a new creative idea that is being added onto the Crow Medicine Music Journeys family. In the last few seasons, you learned a little bit about the how and why of the theory behind the practice. Now, we play with it. As opposed to being longer in duration, the Music Meditations will be one to three songs in length along with a breath and focus exercise led by me. They will be of different genres including classic rock, house, techno, ambient, hip hop, r&b, soul, disco, and whatever else comes up as inspiration. Some of them will be to tune to a planet, some to find inspiration, others to just rock out with yourself. 

I have recorded a 2 pack as part of my own Mars and Jupiter jump off. You can find those on spotify at 'Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century' (if you are not already there) or on the master post linked above.

(I teach a unique form of energy management at my school. Getting into the flow with music is a small taste of what we do. Check out' Breathe, Ground, Connect' linked above if you would like to come learn about this in more depth.) 

Solstice Ceremony:

We will be back for a music ceremony this season. Spotify premium listeners. You formed the bedrock of my listening community and were the very first people to stand behind this podcast. This season, I am bringing it back to our roots and we are going to kick it up dancing style just like we did at the outset. I have been song selecting for you. Come back for more on that!

I like to rotate from video ceremonies to music ceremony throughout the seasons. If you would like something more grounded, 'In the Flow' is there for that! Check that out in the master blog post.

Big love and happy season!!!!

Katie IndiCrow

May 30, 202206:59
Music Meditation: Just Breathe

Music Meditation: Just Breathe

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Take 6 minutes to power your day with breath, sound, and focus. A Crow Medicine Music Meditation featuring the song "Just Breathe" by Telepopmusik.*This one is great for finding power on 'those mornings'. As the song says, "Just believe, just breathe'*.

*This is a brand-new concept for season three born out of the longer Crow Medicine Music Journeys. Check out 'Why Catching a Vibe Works and the Healing Power of Doing it With Music"*. I will be doing different genres of music to go along with different moods inspired by what is going on with the planets. I chose this song, today, because I know it has been 'one of those times' for a lot of people. Just keep going. You will get there.

Visit me at my blog Crow MedicineSpirituality for the 21st Century ( for more mindful living and energy management tools like this. 

Got any 'moods' you would like me to make a meditation for? Drop me a suggestion on Instagram. While you are there, check out this wave video I made that goes along with the song. It is soooo peaceful

May 28, 202211:24
Experiencing Powerful Emotions

Experiencing Powerful Emotions

Emotions. We all have them. Many of us try to manage them. But where do they come from and why do some of us feel them in ways that can feel almost uncontrollable?

In this podcast, I get into the truth of what it can be like to feel and experience big emotions. Taking it from an energy informed perspective, I identify emotions as powerful messages from the soul. Sometimes warnings, others information sources about self and other, often keys to our own healing, our 'feelings' are an important part of the voice of our soul. You feel a lot? That is your soul talking. LISTEN!

The big takeaway point here is that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Having big emotions can be an enriching and nourishing part of life.As we discuss, the problem many of us experience with emotions is that we are taught to ignore and repress them. To judge self and other for having them. Guess what? That kind of repression can lead to explosions and lash outs. This in turn winds us into situations where one winds up destroying the very relationship, activity, or experience they were feeling so passionately about.

Key things we can all do? Learn to form healthy self-communication habits where we evaluate our state-of-being. Regular outlets of self-expression through writing or physical exercise can help with grounding. Learning to hear the message in your emotions is a key suggestion that I make in this podcast. (Come back for more installments where I will examine other facets of emotions as energy.)

Additional Resources:

As I say in the podcast, caring powerfully about something is a good sign. It only gets destructive when have not yet figured out how to discern the message in our emotions and to positively direct the energy they represent. Learning how to experience and appreciate them as that supports emotional intelligibility and personal energy management. This is something I care a lot about. Here are some resources to support your journey (stay tuned for more):

Forming Positive Emotional Connections (spotify music journey personal ceremony): Music + Ceremony Journey: Calling in Positive Emotional Connections – Crow Medicine: (

Though I did not speak about it in this podcast, another reason that we experience major emotions is that we are not grounding our energy. This is a brand new article from my blog about getting grounded: Feeling Ungrounded: How to Identify if You are Ungrounded and Ways to Fix It – Crow Medicine: (

Breathe, Ground, Connect: Basics of Energy Management: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (

Do you have any energy related questions you would like me to address in a podcast? Let me know! I would love your suggestions. 

*I know I asked you to place them in my spotify q and a spot. The host company seems to have taken that down probably to do with other controversial things happening on this platform. Please visit me at my instagram or websites to submit an idea for the show. I truly would love to hear what is driving your curiousity out there!*


Katie IndiCrow

CrowMedicineKatie (Instagram):

May 26, 202227:46
Astrology Special: Season of Mars, Jupiter and Aries

Astrology Special: Season of Mars, Jupiter and Aries

Mars entered Aries on May 24, 2022. You may have felt it. That, friends, was the kickstarter of our next season of growth. Along with Mars entering Aries, we also have a Mars and Jupiter conjunction on May 29, solstice action with both again, and a beautiful procession of lunar occultations of Uranus as highlights of the season. The significance? We are powering our get up and go engines. We are healing wounds from the age of Aries as well as what we have experienced living in the archetypes. Most importantly? This is the season where a lot of hard work that has been going on 'behind the scenes' or in your 'inner world' begins to kick off. We just have to be ready and able to work with ourselves and our environments to achieve our dreams. The potential for exponential personal growth is there.

Tune in for an astrology seasonal special covering all of the above and more. Hear about the higher and harder harmonics of the Mars and Aries lesson spectrum that we are experiencing now but have truly been working through all year. As we shift the seasons, so to do we naturally adjust our focus. This one is all about power, physical experience, grounding our path, and finding ways to express powerful emotions in ways that are not destructive to ourselves and others. 

Join me for 'In the Flow'. Click here for more information and to register now: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (

Ready to heal up your auric field and get yourself grounded as I described in the video? Breathe, Ground, Connect teaches you how to do it all in an easy and accessible format: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management (

Thanks for tuning in!

See you in June for our monthly astrology report.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

May 26, 202220:29
Music Journey: Fantastic Voyage
May 05, 202244:51
May Astrology Report: Life 2.0

May Astrology Report: Life 2.0

**Full Release**The theme of this month is Living 2.0.  May into June (and through the whole next season), we are all about moving into action. This is a graduation moment for the planet as well as for us. The veil on human excellence is shifting. The notion that we have the ability to shape our lives more powerfully, as well as actually enjoy them, is coming to center stage. Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and the planetary alignments of this month are all about seeing your true spark. (In fact, we get an entire phase of this.) Already know you are great? Good news. There is potential for this to start paying off in new and different ways. Are you ready?

This is an optimistic moment and it leads to more of them. We do have to be strong enough to switch from defense to offense and to adjust into a new flow where things work, people are appreciative, and we feel healthy in our bodies while we live here. I genuinely feel excited about May as well as Solstice and the season shaping up through. This is a respite. This is a reward. This is something different. This is new. This is good. Press play on Crow Medicine “May Astrology Report: Living 2.0”  and hear what I have to stay about it.

Key words: Higher harmonics: intuitive development, clear self-connection, focused inspiration, creativity, meeting objectives, beneficial interactions, finding solutions, completing long-term projects, renewed vision, adventure, personal excellence, body love, physical expression.

Harder harmonics: disbelief in self, lack of awareness of the impact of ones’ actions, feeling like there is ‘no time’, finding limits, tough choices that have been long avoided, limits and limitations, anger and volatile expression, spiritual manipulation, and what happens when we do not hold ourselves (and others) accountable.

Click here for the detailed written version of this report, including a date summary listed neatly: May 2022 Astrology Report: Life 2.0 – Crow Medicine: (

May 03, 202252:01