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Katy Calls BS

Katy Calls BS

By Katy Miller | Miller Social

Katy Miller is a course creation coach and social media strategist with over 15 years of experience in education and business. After spending six years in the networking marketing industry, she decided to start her own business helping entrepreneurs stand out on social media. It quickly became overwhelming and she burned out, twice. If you, like Katy, are tired of the overwhelming amount of information we have access to these days and are confused about where to even begin, you’re in the right place! Katy is on a mission to breakdown the BS in life, business and motherhood in a no BS way.
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Katy Calls BS w/ Allison about Reels

Katy Calls BSNov 18, 2022

The challenge of the start-up phase of business
Nov 27, 202333:55
Being Flawthentic on Social
Nov 20, 202352:37
What is entitled pricing?
Nov 13, 202322:03
The BS of Social Media "Rules"
Nov 06, 202352:54
You don't have to "do it all"
Oct 30, 202342:17
Should you have a course or a membership?
Oct 23, 202334:23
BS of creating your community
Oct 02, 202345:52
The BS of Client Gifting and what you really should do instead
Sep 25, 202344:07
All the online business BS

All the online business BS

Emma and I cover a ton of different pieces of the online business space clearing up plenty of BS along the way. Her experience as an engagement specialist brings a different perspective to social media and online business because she and her team are constantly in other accounts. They see the ins and outs of all the things online.

Emma says: So many people are full of shit. The lack of transparency blows me away. I am grateful that we're starting to see old bro marketing tactics die out, but again and again I have people come to me saying they were brutally burned by some of the most well-known players in the game and felt like they were set up to fail. It's just not that hard to freaking communicate and show receipts. 

At the end of the day, we all started our businesses for some form of freedom. Yet so many people are struggling behind closed doors. We can't keep putting on these shiny happy faces or else we WILL set ourselves up to fail.

Emma Barrera (she/her) is the Founder & CEO of Right Hand Glam, The Engagement Agency, which supports scaling entrepreneurs in increasing brand awareness, organically growing their following, and converting conversations to cash. Over the past three years, Emma has scaled to a multi-six figure agency with a full-time employee and six contractors. She has been a TEDx and HOBY speaker, and has served over 250 clients and 100 students through DFY services, mentorship, and her program, The Engagement Academy, which gives service providers the tools, tech, and tenacity to add engagement to their product suite!

Connect with Emma:

IG: @righthandglam


So many people need it, yet most don't understand it. I fully pull back the curtain with this program, absolutely no gatekeeping (another BS issue I see ALL the time).

IG: ⁠@themillersocial⁠

W: ⁠⁠

Join the Social Squad:⁠ An online monthly membership + inspiring community for small business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

(PS: I love this group for social media support, this is my affiliate link!)

Sep 18, 202354:05
The BS of Social Media

The BS of Social Media

Ready for a social media refresh? Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed trying to run a business AND take care of social media marketing.

Y'all know I love to talk about all the BS on social media. This week we are talking to Laurie from Elevate Marketing Strategy.

We talk about what to focus on and what to avoid doing on social. Plus she shares lots of tips and tricks to maximize your efforts because all of us are busy.

A must listen if you are feeling overwhelmed by it all and need a reset.

Laurie utilizes more than two decades of expertise in digital strategy, content creation, and social media. She builds sustainable and measurable marketing programs for nonprofits, independent schools, and small businesses. Laurie is a results-driven and creative thinker skilled at building and innovating on ideas, programs, and teams, and is passionate about driving measurable results through key account marketing approaches to build awareness and brand loyalty. She holds a M.B.A. from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City and a B.S. from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Find Laurie here:

IG: @elevatemarketingstrategy


Connect with Katy:

IG: ⁠@themillersocial⁠

W: ⁠⁠

Need more social media help? Check out the Social Squad Society.

Join the Social Squad:⁠ An online monthly membership + inspiring community for small business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

(PS: I love this group for social media support, this is my affiliate link!)

Sep 11, 202345:60
The BS of Instagram Hustle
Sep 05, 202339:40
The real truth about business and my life
Aug 28, 202338:36
Is a course really passive income?
Feb 27, 202319:25
Let’s talk launching on social
Feb 20, 202323:47
What course creators won't tell you
Feb 13, 202326:18
The Biggest Mistakes with Course Development
Feb 06, 202319:31
Why you shouldn't pick your course type first
Jan 30, 202326:26
Revisiting the BS of experts and gurus
Jan 23, 202316:50
10 BS Things on Social to Give Up in 2023
Dec 16, 202223:50
Katy Calls BS on the coaching industry with Faith

Katy Calls BS on the coaching industry with Faith

Have you been frustrated by the coaching industry? Today we are diving into the difference between a coach, consultant and mentor. We also discuss this largely unregulated industry and how to navigate investing in a coach that works for you. 

My guest, Faith Burtamekh, is  the founder and visionary behind Faith Marie & Co. She has 20+ years of coaching experience and just a few more than that of life experience. Her friends like to refer to her as a former teacher and principal turned serial entrepreneur. 

Faith’s clients are creative entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by their own great ideas, struggle to execute their plans and want a simple system for scaling their business more sustainably. So they stop feeling bogged down and scattered, and finally feel confident and achieve their goals. 

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her  husband and daughter, and their dog, Moonee. Faith is obsessed with all things buffalo plaid, personal development, and office supplies. I love a good fine point gel pen and a fancy notebook.

What you should know about her: She loves simple systems and routines because they’re one of the fastest ways to get yourself out of a rut and into a new habit. Faith has spent years honing her coaching skills and developing her active listening. So, you know you’re in good hands! But more than that, she has a huge heart for her clients. 

Faith loves nothing more than helping a stressed out, overworked, yet ambitious woman to redefine success and their belief in themselves, so that they disrupt and dominate their industry,make a bigger impact with using the skills they’ve mastered, and get paid top dollar for the value they deliver.

Connect with Faith:


IG: @faithmarieco

Your host, Katy Miller, is a social media strategist and course coach helping you create money making course and strategic social media plans. 

Connect with Katy:


IG: @themillersocial

Dec 09, 202240:22
Katy Calls BS on Not Paying Yourself with Jen Paterson
Dec 02, 202235:42
Katy Calls BS w/ Allison about Reels
Nov 18, 202252:33
Katy Calls BS on Sexy Sales Funnels with Kathy Stowell
Nov 04, 202234:07
Katy Calls BS with Natalia Gaitan
Oct 28, 202232:40
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Oct 21, 202226:33
Katy Calls BS with Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa
Oct 14, 202237:18
Katy Calls BS with Amanda Chamberlain

Katy Calls BS with Amanda Chamberlain

Amanda is a teacher consultant with over 9 years of experience as a teacher in 3 different countries. She is using her experiences and training to help overwhelmed teachers with planning, behavior and balance. 

Today she is calling BS on teacher training and how teacher training rarely prepares you for a classroom. Teachers learn an incredible amount with on the job training as they struggle to figure out their teaching style, maintain boundaries and learn how to teach everything.

You can find Amanda on Instagram @theonlineteacherconsultant 

She is offering listeners information for The Teacher Project - work towards your goals. Whether it be lesson planning, work-life balance, behavior management, communicating with parents and fellow colleagues or a mixture. Offering a 50% discount on working with me. Usually $3000USD. 3 months with access to me 1:1 plus all the content and resources within "The Teacher Project Hub." 

As she mentions in the show, her resources serve you and also your students.

Be sure to give us a review or 5 stars and share on social media tagging Katy @themillersocial

Oct 07, 202237:05
Katy Calls BS is Back!

Katy Calls BS is Back!

So we took a little break after some intense burn out and the summer off. We're ready to tackle all kinds of topics this season with special guests in different industries. 

Let's kick things off with Katy's story about burn out, where we've been and the BS about the coaching industry.

If you are loving our podcast, please leave us a review or stars! Tag us when you listen so we can share the love on our page. You can always find Katy online @themillersocial on IG or

Sep 30, 202215:16
BS of work/life balance and summer schedules

BS of work/life balance and summer schedules

In this episode, we talk about the work/life balance and what happens as our schedule changes over the summer. My kids are almost out of school and my day will look so much different. We wake up later, they want snacks all day and we have adventures to take on. So what does that mean for work? Listen to what I do and how I approach summer.

Be sure to let me know you are listening! Tag me in stories or DM me @themillersocial on IG Tell me your top work from home tip during the summer.

May 20, 202217:12
BS About Follows, Follows Loops and Vanity Metrics

BS About Follows, Follows Loops and Vanity Metrics

In this episode we dive deep into the hot topic of followers. We all want to grow our accounts on social but making sure we have the right followers is key. Join me as we breakdown follow loops, follow trains and why this may be hurting your business. Be sure to let me know you are listening!

Follow Katy for more social media strategies and course tips @themillersocial on IG.

May 06, 202216:03
BS of the hustle culture

BS of the hustle culture

In this episode we take a look at the hustle culture and Katy's experience in network marketing. We also dive into creating a business that is not focused on hustle but on what you actually want from your business. If you are tired of the hustle badge in business, listen to this episode. 

Be sure to follow Katy on social, IG @themillersocial

Apr 29, 202216:18
Real talk about Reels

Real talk about Reels

In this episode we dive into all the information out there surrounding Reels, how often to post them, and how they can help your business. All information is based on personal experience growing my own account and client accounts using Reels. No dancing required! We cover to dos and don'ts and of course I give you some practical ways to use them for your business.

You can follow Katy on Instagram @themillersocial

Apr 22, 202217:54
The BS of Social Media Basics

The BS of Social Media Basics

In this episode, we dive into who, what, where, when, why and how of social media basics. I know there is a lot of conflicting information about this so let’s bust the BS together. I’m breaking down what to do that makes sense for you. Be sure to like, follow and review the podcast.

You can follow Katy @themillersocial on IG!

Apr 15, 202218:45
The BS about social media "experts"

The BS about social media "experts"

Katy Calls BS is a podcast about BS in different industries and what to do about it. In this episode, we dive into some real talk about IG "experts" and "gurus." This is my opinion about social media "experts" and what you should do instead. As always, I will share what the BS is and then give you solutions to the problem.

Follow me on IG @themillersocial. And be sure to tune in to the next episode!

Apr 08, 202216:15