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(Don't) Quit Your Day Job

(Don't) Quit Your Day Job

By Paul Neil

Did you move to LA in the 80's to make it on Sunset Strip? There are many stories about making music for a living. Sometimes you need a day job and sometimes you play the worst gig. Let's talk about the stuff that happened with people who have "made it" or "come close" or played to a dog in an otherwise empty room. There are funny and enlightening stories out there, so I started a podcast to tell these stories.
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Episode 74 with Gerry LaFemina: Let's Face It, Every Punk Venture Is Not For Profit

(Don't) Quit Your Day JobOct 04, 2021

Episode 199 with Jon Ryan Sugimoto: Telling These Stories Is a Form of Freedom So I Don't Have To Be Interesting In a Room
Nov 30, 202333:10
Episode 198 with Jacknife Powerbombs: I Don't Think That Was Ever Anybody's Dream
Nov 17, 202334:04
Episode 197 with Steve Cee (RATH & the Wise Guys): I Am Not Interested Enough To Learn The Trends and Be Cheesy
Nov 09, 202329:54
Episode 196 with John Grove (Coffee With Lions): Yeah We've Talked a Lot and Haven't Figured Out Anything
Nov 02, 202334:27
Episode 195 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar, The Cruzados): And Master of None Is An Understatement
Oct 19, 202331:55
Episode 194 with Aki McCullough (Dreamwell): We Play The Songs Hundreds of Times Before We Record Them
Oct 12, 202332:10
Episode 193 with Bree Myers (Allegedly Records): I Look Like the Barbie Version of Danny DeVito
Sep 28, 202328:10
Episode 192 with Hans Gruber and the Die Hards: I'm Always Trying to Impress My Teenage Self
Sep 21, 202339:48
Episode 191 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar, The Cruzados): In Defense Of...Hair Metal; I Remember Getting There and Everyone Was Dressed The Same
Sep 14, 202330:52
Episode 190 with Chuck Veri (iNCO FIdO): In Defense of...The Origin of Ska; I Don't Know Man, They're Pretty Similar to Me
Sep 07, 202314:49
Episode 189 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar, The Cruzados): I Can Remember the Shred War During Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing"
Aug 31, 202335:33
Episode 188 with Rick Girt (The Sneaky Heat Missiles): In Defense of...Hans Gruber and the Die Hards
Aug 17, 202314:46
Episode 187 with Dave Simonich (Signs of the Swarm): Definitely a Pittsburgh Band, Forged in the Rust
Aug 10, 202336:02
Episode 186 with Chris Urriola: Message to Myself; Yo, Play Shows
Aug 03, 202330:21
Episode 185 with Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD): I Have Always Had a Vision Since The Beginning And I Wanted to Attain It
Jul 20, 202328:14
Episode 184 with Neil Rubenstein: I'd Rather Just Get The Parking Ticket
Jul 13, 202340:31
Episode 183 with Charlie Thornton (Radar): In Defense of LOCAL H
Jul 06, 202320:13
Episode 182 with Jason Bieler: It's Like I Have These Really Strange Radio Stations In My Head
Jun 29, 202330:55
Episode 181 with Matt Morris (Fire Sale): Whenever I Hear "Supergroup", I Think of Those Guys