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(Don't) Quit Your Day Job

(Don't) Quit Your Day Job

By Paul Neil

Did you move to LA in the 80's to make it on Sunset Strip? There are many stories about making music for a living. Sometimes you need a day job and sometimes you play the worst gig. Let's talk about the stuff that happened with people who have "made it" or "come close" or played to a dog in an otherwise empty room. There are funny and enlightening stories out there, so I started a podcast to tell these stories.
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Episode 178 with Black Guy Fawkes: I Am Making This Music For Me And Me Only

(Don't) Quit Your Day JobJun 01, 2023

Episode 178 with Black Guy Fawkes: I Am Making This Music For Me And Me Only
Jun 01, 202330:22
Episode 177 with Knox Colby (Enforced): Everyone Just Likes Music And Wants To Have a Good Time
May 25, 202332:23
Episode 176 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar, The Cruzados): I Am Just Not a Hat Guy; Hats Look Stupid On Me
May 18, 202332:10
Episode 175 with Ryan Foster (Slightly Fuzzed): That Would Be Ideal, To Grow With The Scene
May 11, 202333:19
Episode 174 with HIM (Sermon): My True Aim Is To Make Extreme Musical Ideas Accessible
May 04, 202333:19
Episode 173 with Dave Shelton (author, voice actor): I'm Like One Step Above a Trash Can Half The Time
Apr 27, 202330:22
Episode 172 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar, The Cruzados): I Have Basically Been a Replacement Guitar Player My Whole Career
Apr 20, 202335:35
Episode 171 with Mike Jacobs (On The Cinder): Let’s Just Be Three People In a Punk Rock Band
Apr 13, 202335:17
Episode 170 with Michael Treetop Voss (Doping the Void, Feed LA): Obviously It Was a Joerg Frauendiener Idea, He Has All The Good Ideas
Apr 06, 202338:36
Episode 169 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): Can You Buy The Food Because You Get All The Money
Mar 23, 202334:25
Episode 168 with Paul & Emily Slayton (Skeleton Key Brewery): We Couldn’t Be More Thankful for the Way the Community Came to Support Us
Mar 16, 202333:54
Episode 167 with Patrick Schober (Monster Riff): Stoner Rock Is Just What Happens When You Give Punks a Bunch of Weed
Mar 09, 202331:44
Episode 166 with Monty Colvin (Galactic Cowboys): The Same Guy That Signed Us To Geffen Also Signed Nirvana
Mar 02, 202331:20
Episode 165 with Elmer Maurits (Distant): It’s Like Metallica But Lower and a Lot More Screaming
Feb 23, 202330:19
Episode 164 with Matt Sullivan (Title Holder): I’m Sad To Say That I’m Addicted To Scrolling Through TikTok
Feb 16, 202333:24
Episode 163 with Danny Attack: Touring Was Everything That I Wanted To Do
Feb 09, 202334:46
Episode 162 with Abby Malczon (Slippery Rock University): Maybe I’ll Do a Show That Involves Science Somehow
Feb 02, 202333:02
Episode 161 with Ken Haas (Reverend Guitars): Yes, It Is Cool To Be Around Guitars All Day
Jan 26, 202339:44
Episode 160 with Niilo Sevänen (Insomnium): The Music Is Not For The Mainstream, Not For The Radio
Jan 19, 202330:59
Episode 159 with Rick Girt (The Sneaky Heat Missiles): There Is a Point To It, But It's Not a Very Good One
Jan 12, 202331:44
Episode 158 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): The Dumber You Are, The More Famous You're Going To Be
Jan 05, 202339:12
Episode 157 with Trev Allen (The Struggling Artist Podcast): There Is a Very Cold and Hard Life in New England
Dec 29, 202230:33
Episode 156 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): The Key Is Making Sure The Audience Is a Part of The Show
Dec 22, 202230:17
Episode 155 with Vacant Skies: First of All, I Like Fighting With These Guys
Dec 15, 202236:27
Episode 154 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): I Was a Working Musician Trying To Become a Rock Star
Dec 01, 202232:44
Episode 153 with Rob Huddleston (Ann Beretta): You Would Just Make Calls And Book Shows
Nov 17, 202240:32
Episode 152 with Vincent Tweten of Phobophilic: This Is Like What a Real Band Does
Nov 10, 202233:59
Episode 151 with Daniel "Chewy" Mongrain (Voivod): Music Is a Science Because You Are Dealing With Waves
Nov 03, 202235:26
Episode 150 with Charlie Thornton (Radar): Music Can Suck But It Can Also Be Cool Sometimes
Oct 27, 202237:26
Episode 149 with Scott Pasch (DCxPC Live): Just Making Sure That I Document What I See On The Scene
Oct 24, 202232:13
Episode 148 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): I Say Yes To Everything
Oct 20, 202236:09
Episode 147 with Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves, Ralph Champagne): Can I Make a Great Record, That Is What I Cared About
Oct 13, 202233:41
Episode 146 with Marc Brown (Founder of Byta): You End Up Working With Loads of People You Don’t Like
Oct 06, 202240:59
Episode 145 with RATH (RATH & the Wise Guys): I Have My Own Delusions of Grandeur
Oct 03, 202233:39
Episode 144 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar): I Assume Everybody Thinks I’m Nobody And That’s OK With Me
Sep 29, 202235:00
Episode 143 with Rob Courtney (Little Elephant Custom Vinyl): Every Pressed Record Starts as a Lathe Cut
Sep 22, 202235:43
Episode 142 with Mark Tremalgia (Little Caesar) & Alec (AJ) Blume: All Guitar Players are Judging In Our Heads
Sep 15, 202237:32
Episode 141 with Time Nave (TAKAT, Overmountain Sound): I’m Like a Hippie and a Redneck Put Together
Sep 08, 202232:29
Episode 140 with Jonathan Kent (This Is Just a Record Label): My Wife Is Sick Of Me Talking About Music
Sep 01, 202236:53
Episode 139 with Mike Jacobs (On The Cinder): We Just Couldn’t Get Our Goo Goo Dolls Set Together
Aug 25, 202233:44
Episode 138 with Marcos Mena (Standards): The Industry of Crisis Management and T-Shirt Sales
Aug 18, 202230:08
Episode 137 with Mark Tremalgia: Ugh, Don Cheadle Hates Me
Aug 11, 202236:24
Episode 136 with Shahab Zargari (Geykido Comet Records): Devote Your Time and Do The Grunt Work
Aug 08, 202233:50
Episode 135 with Rachel Blume (Rebel Chef): I Feel Like Maybe We Should Be Stressed, But We're Not
Aug 04, 202231:12
Episode 134 with Athena Athens (Little Lost Girl Media): I Wanted a Really Cool Discogs Catalogue to Leave Behind
Jul 28, 202231:09
Episode 133 with Bree Myers (Allegedly Records): I Ask My Kids What They Are Listening To And It's Garbage
Jul 21, 202227:49
Episode 132 with Pathos and Logos: Retain As Much Self Agency For As Long As You Can
Jul 14, 202233:22
Episode 131 with Nik Nocturnal (artist and content creator): I Was Supposed To Be An Accountant
Jul 07, 202237:11
Episode 130 with John Grove (Coffee With Lions): It's Not a Good Business Model But Who Cares

Episode 130 with John Grove (Coffee With Lions): It's Not a Good Business Model But Who Cares

In this episode, John Grove of Coffee With Lions talks about coming up with band names, star